Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Ayurveda Milk Bath & Beauty Treatments in Indian Spa

In Indian history, we know that Queens in old time, were having bath in a pool filled with milk, rose petals, ayurvedic herbs and sandalwood, saffron etc. for beauty and luster of the skin. Now in modern days, there are Ayurvedic SPAs to cater this need for exclusive people. Some SPAs are having genuine ayurveda doctors with them, who can giude the guests for best diet program, activities and life style suggestions. As beauty come from within, the intyernal detoxification - Panchkarma Treatments are also important with such beauty treatments. Experience such Milk Bath or Spa and Beauty treatments in India is economical, genuine and life time memorable. Share yr views with me. Thanks.

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Winter Panchkarma treatments in India

The Holistic Medical centre, Ahmedabad, India announces the winter session of ayurvedic treatments, Panchkarma treatments, massage treatment and Shirodhara treatment with all 100 % chemical free ayurveda beauty and SPA treatments at Ahmedabad, India from December 2008 to February 2009. Special massage, shirodhara, beauty, Milk bath, Floral bath (like old indian queens) treatment plans has attracted many tourist from UK, Europe and Latin America The Center has in house patient facility and treatments available for major chronic health problems as well.For more information please visit: www.ayulink.com

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