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Understanding of keloids in Ayurveda

Views shared by several Ayurveda professionals and non-Ayurveda people in discussion group:
All views shared here are only for knowledge. This information doesn’t have any scientific validation. Various doctors and non-medicos have shared their views and experiences in this discussion. Please do not try any of the suggestions described here, without prior consult from your regular, qualified doctor. Dr. Prerak Shah and no other person is responsible for any unwanted effects, side effects or contra-indications in your health. Thank you.
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Next topic for discussion: Understanding of  keloids in Ayurveda
Dr. P S. Desai: Keloid is excessive growth of fibrous tissue after trauma or surgical wound or burns and radiation injury. Pain and itching are main symptoms.
Vd. Pritam Bharat Veer: Keloid kashta sadhya or asadhya
Dr. P S. Desai: Yapya We can manage Can't cure
Vd. Pritam Bharat Veer: Yes we can maintain but can't cure. I was also treating the same 1 yr ago. But of no use. The pt herself faid up of treatment
Dr. P S. Desai: Yes we can give symptomatic relief

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Vd. Pritam Bharat Veer: Mostly on chest , shoulder, cheeks
Dr. P S. Desai: Excision of keloid is controversial But I have done in one patient who have large pedunculated keloid on pubic region After one year follow up its ok till now But it may re occurs
Gary Yuen: Looking at the research, it seems it can be greatly reduced or possibly prevented. Some say they exhibit behavior similar to tumors. There are several studies relating diet and keloid formation. Fat type intake is covered in a few studies, with fat composition in the keloids themselves mentioned. Higher omega-3 intake and lower omega 6 to 3 ratio seems to have some correlation. That means reducing all types of oil, meat and dairy intake and increasing walnuts, flax (uma), and hemp seed. Phytochemicals from plant foods also have a role. One study also covers use of onion on the skin.
Croatia Branko Markovic: In surgery they have heavy book technique. If it on the arm or some place where you can hit it then it is better to try to hit it hard to burst. They say it is better chance like that to heal naturally without recurring, as with surgery it is very often to is painful procedure..
Gary Yuen: Studies on wound healing and skin pigmentation mention amalaki haritaki mandukaparni and tamarind. Even if no one has tried, i think they may help. Lycopene in red foods like tomato and chili is said to be the best known skin antioxidant for protection against sun damage. It goes directly to the skin. That might have an effect. May be also why tomato and chili became widely used in India.
Croatia Branko Markovic: Amalaki I Rasayana doses is working on skin diseases for sure. What about cayenne pepper. Some dr from west use it in treating cancer and other pitta related diseases. And it is specifically cayenne. What is you opinion please? And what abt Virya of it?
Gary Yuen: Capsaicin seems to have several studies showing anti-cancer effects. If keloids share some properties with tumors, it may have some effect. No harm to try it in some amount? If oxidative stress and inflammation have some role in all disorders, possible any antioxidants and anti-inflamatory food and herbs may be beneficial. That is it seems all plants, merely many such as what is now common are less effective than classical foods and herbs.
There is a study of antioxidants of 3100+ foods. Cayenne appears to be better than some chilis but not necessarily best, maybe varying by source, soil quality, country, etc. Within that study, an Amazonian tree sap is no 1, triphala is 2, amalaki 3. 4 is lavanga, other cooking spices also in top 10. Haritaki is possibly the strongest antioxidant out of the 3 in triphala. Maybe worth a try. Khare lists almost 200 herbs used in skin diseases, unknown which are most common.
Dr.Piyush Dodiwadiya: Generally no needs for treatment Only if it pain or other symptoms Or for cosmetic purpose I think surgical excision is the only effective treatment
Ayulink: Even surgery is not permanent solution. It can reoccur.
Dr.Piyush Dodiwadiya: Can we apply kshar?
Dr.Chattwani: Yes, again tendency for Keloid at incision site. Intralesional steroids help to reduce it. Silicon sheet gives some result.
Dr. P S. Desai: No
Dr. Vikas Sharma : Use of shubhra powder as dusting after incision give good result.i am using in 5 patient 100% result no reoccurrence.
Dr Jayesh Patel: Shubhra powder?? Contain??
Dr. Arvind Shahane: Sftika bhasm
Dr Anzil Eramangalath: Any way to get Samudra Phena
Gary Yuen: It may be poorly understood although I would not conclude that something is incurable; we only lack sufficient knowledge. Some studies of the mechanism of how they form:
In the process of healing, some influences are growth factors such as  epidermal growth factor (EGF), insulinlike growth factor (IGF-I), platelet-derived growth factor (PDGF) and transforming growth factor β (TGF-β). Looking a bit at each of them, eating excess meat, fat, dairy, salt, protein, etc. have a large influence on their mechanisms.
It seems anything that helps scar healing may be beneficial. People do report lower incidence with onion (on the keloid), increased omega-3 fat (flax, walnuts), and there is one mention of a vaidya through herbs and diet curing a chest keloid within 2 months.
A protein active as part of the immune response, tumor necrosis factor (TNF) has also been mentioned. I think a principle area of investigation is examination of the immune and inflammatory process, and any factors that influence it. The body will generate such proteins as needed although there are likely many factors that cause abnormality in their process. For TNF, inflammation even the amount from being overweight, a state of constant chronic inflammation, has been implicated, any source of inflammation (potatoes are common), high glycemic foods (refined flour/maida, white rice), etc. have some effect. Turmeric, cloves, rosemary & ginger are said to reduce TNF. While there may be multiple factors, does it seem that excess kapha tends to increase keloid incidence?
Dr. Samir Suneri: I m treating keloids as a kafaj granthi. Recently I m doing treatment of keloid. 1st a fall I did vaman and than vasti. After that I m giving all medicine for kafaj granthi And now pt found result. 1st size of keloid reduced And roughness is also reducing And colour of keloid is also changed with in a month
Dr. Sachin Bali: In Keloid,  of khafa and vaat dosh are vitiated. Agnikarma at the base of keloid helps
Dr.Krishna: i have given shivagutika with gomutra for external gives me good result
Nitin Shah: Pratisharniya apamarga kshara application
Manoj Advaith: Ksharataila application will give good results
Vd Ashvin Gajera: Kafaj granthi.  Agnikarm
Vd Ashish Kumar: मेरे कई मित्रों ने जलौका से किलोइड में सफलता हासिल की है।
Vd.Rahul Doke: We had used following therapy for keloids with some success in reducing the size.A combination of mans pachak & Ras pachak yog, Sukshma triphala  Punarnavastak ghan for intake along with jalouka on the borders for 3-4  months helps to reduce the size to some extent. It was observed that jalouka never attached to the central part of keloid. Dietary restrictions were given as usual.
Compiled by - Dr. Dhruti Kagrana

AyuCafe - Live chat Amlapitta(Acidity)

Views shared by several Ayurveda professionals and non-Ayurveda people in discussion group:


All views shared here are only for knowledge. This information doesn’t have any scientific validation. Various doctors and non-medicos have shared their views and experiences in this discussion. Please do not try any of the suggestions described here, without prior consult from your regular, qualified doctor. Dr. Prerak Shah and no other person is responsible for any unwanted effects, side effects or contra-indications in your health. Thank you.

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AyuCafe - Live chat

Topic of discussion is Amlapitta(Acidity)
Atri Ghosh: Sankha vati lilabhilas maha sankha bati which is useful for amla pitta and in which condition
Ayulink: Basically I would go for Guduchi and Shatavari for the treatment, instead of using ras-bhasma
Dr. Chirag Dobariya: In which form?

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Ayulink: Guduchi satva and shatavari kshir pak
Dr. Sandeep Sharma: Amlapitta,hyper acidity is one of the cause of Vertigo...I saw number of patients having vertigo due to Amlapitta..
Dr. Jigar Joshi: M also, But in my experience sutshekhar also good effective
Dr. Madhura Phadtare: If stress is root cause for amlapitta then  what should be choice of drug ?
Neelamben Chudasma: Apple cider vinegar ( mother)  that’s work for acidity.
Atri Ghosh: bt which is the drug of choice
Dr. Sandeep Sharma: Satavari
Dr Pankaj Joshi: Amalki rasayan + Sutshekhar ras
Vd.Rahul Doke: We usually start with Kamdudha moutik on empty stomach & then follow it with Suvarna Sutshekhar Ras with honey....
Atri Ghosh: and in which sutasekar ras sanka vati and lila vilas shold be given
Croatia Branko Markovic: Renewing mucosal lining as we’ll sever acidity: amalaki+yashtimadhu.
Dr Anzil Eramangalath: Nitya vivechanam  will be Good for Urdhanwanga Amlapitta
Dr. Sachin Bali: Laghu sutshekhar
Neelamben Chudasma: If is root is stress than can we use ashvgandha and for acidity Shatavari
Dr Sandeep Madaan: Vidagdhajirna and amlapitta need to be differentiated. Again urdhva, adho amlapitta. Then discuss the treatment
Dr Anzil Eramangalath: Virechanam
Vd. Ekta D. Patel: Avipatikar churna & kamdudha before meal with ghrit also giving good result.
Ayulink: basic cause of amlapitta must be discussed and then one can decide the line of treatment...this is fundamental rule, but most of the time, we are substituting allopath - modern anta-acids for the fast response. And for that matter I have known many ayu doctors use kamdudha ras and avippatikar churna
Atri Ghosh: how to differentiate
Vd. Sachin Kadlag: Urdhwaga amlapitta choice of drug = praval panchamruta
Adhoga amlapitta = kamdudha
Tiryaka amlapitta = Sutshekara
Dr. Chirag Dobariya: Amlapit and stress is leading cause of BPPV ...I   prefare suvarn sootshekhar and prawal panchamrut
Dr. Sachin Bali: 8pm?
Ayulink: V. Good point doctor. Please elaborate more.
Dr Anzil Eramangalath: Decreased Agni
Vd. Shrinidhi: amlapitta as per meaning in vachaspathya
अम्लपित्त =अम्लाय पित्तम् . रोगभेदे यत्र भुक्तं सर्व्वं  ;
 वस्तुमात्रं पित्तदोषेणाम्लरसतां नीयते तस्मिन् रोगभेदे .
 Here derangement in pitta dosha in turn it will lead to sourness
So my approach would be to prevent further derangement of pitta by  preventing the factors which is causing it and to expell the deranged product out of body
Here to Begin with in literature we find urdwaga and ado amla pitta where in different treatment has to be planned
Usna jala pana is always preferred
Ayulink: we are more familiar with  urdhvag amlapitta, what about adhog amlapitta?
Vd. Sachin Kadlag: In acute or acute over chronic and severe condition for fast control .....after that proper shamana and shodhana according to condition of patient and disease
Atri Ghosh: what is adho gata amla pitta
Dr Jayesh Patel: Satavari ghrut is for urdhvag amlpitt with guduchi satv
Vd. Sachin Kadlag: Guduchi ananata shatavari kshirapaka in krusha patient , with good agni , and niraama pitta
Croatia Branko Markovic: Urdhva Amla Pitta (fire) (Acidity in upper abdomen). Kapha (water) associated with ama (undigested food) is the main cause in this type. One may have vomiting of greenish yellow color and acidic in taste, belching of the taste of food taken, heart burning, burning sensation in soles and feet, anorexia, fever, skin rashes and itching may occur. Adhog Amla Pitta (fire) (Acidity or burning in lower abdomen). Pitta (fire) associated with ama (undigested food) is the main dosha (humor) in this case. One may have burning sensation during defecation, thirst, vertigo, passing slur (unformed stool) of greenish or blackish color, nausea, urticaria, indigestion, sweating and yellowish color of the body.
Vd. Sachin Kadlag: Adhoga amlapitta is mostly kshaar dominant
Dr. Vivek D. Shah: Udumbar fal rasa is very good for hyperclorhaldia...
Dr.Krishna: here due to ajeerana nd adhyashana mainly in amla pitta the sneha usha nd drava guna of pitta increaes case of urdhvaga samana udana vayu afects nd same condition if samna appana gets afects it may cause adoghata..its my opinion
Vd. Shrinidhi: Yasti madhu churna (2 gm) with honey gives good result in amlapitta
Vd. Sachin Kadlag: In tiryaka amlapitta , shirashula is always associated
Dr. Sandeep Sharma: Sir,is there any relations between Amlapitta and sheet pitta..
Ayulink: This is very rare condition. Please let us know more about this
Atri Ghosh: tiryak amlapitta means
Dr Anzil Eramangalath: I think, Virudha ahara is also a cause of amlapitta....., what is others opnion
Dr Jayesh Patel: Sometime we missed diagnosis whether it is amlpitt ot not.....
Vd. Sachin Kadlag: Yashtimadhu churna is always necessary and useful for burning anywhere  in whole GI tract
Ayulink: Both are having pitta disturbance. May be amlapitta can increase the condition of Shitpitta.
Dr. Sandeep Sharma: Is Amlapitta one cause of shitapitaa..??
Croatia Branko Markovic: Quite often can be associated with emotion or mind set as inpatients, anger, nervousness..this is my observation with such people..
Vd. Sachin Kadlag: Tiryaka amlapitta is nothing but Koshta --shakha gati of amlapitta..... due to more apathya sevan
Dr Anzil Eramangalath: If we take Ushna aharam along with Sheetha aharam(juice or anything) it will reduce the Agni.... It may result in Amlapitta
Atri Ghosh: what is the clinical feature
Dr. Arvind Shahane: I have used tab locid of Dr vashishth for udar dah
Croatia Branko Markovic: Best and quickest acting food in this case?
Vd. Sachin Kadlag: amlapitta when goes into shakha but shita rutu , and less heat than along with vata is seen more in shotapitta
Ayulink: Milk and rice
Vd. Kalpesh Makvana: For Sam pitta Laghusut shekhar pr sutshekhar ras, Bhunimbadi kadha And  Niram pitta Kamdudha ras, Udumbar avleh
Ayulink: or ghee
Dr. Sandeep Sharma: I think we have available shatrokta medicine  rather then other drugs
Croatia Branko Markovic: Fresh dates are also good choice
Dr.Krishna: in my experience in use to give avipatti churna with butter milk nd sariva churna with water
Dr Anzil Eramangalath: Dried Ginger and suger candy just before food is effective in amlapitta
Atri Ghosh: it is tell in agni mandya
Vd. Sachin Kadlag: This happens  in chronic amlapitta patient who doesn't follow pathya or hetusevan is continued... then there are other symptoms than regular mainly Shirashula , manyashula , netradaha , hastapadatala aushnya
Ayulink: water with Ushir (Vertiverra zizanioides) is the best remedy for pitta aggravation
Dr. Nehal Shah: Gulkand is also useful
Vd. Sachin Kadlag: Pitta only ushna guna increased than ushir , ananta are  useful
Dr.Krishna: in some pts have nidra vega dharana and ends in amlapitta there shirodhara along kamadugha mukta i use to give..
Ayulink: Is it common to have amlapitta in people having night duty jobs?
Vd. Sachin Kadlag: Dadimaavaleha is useful in children and in patients who have taste problem
Dr Anzil Eramangalath: I also have same experience, Nidra Vega Dharana
Ayulink: I think the food habit - particularly dessert - having sweet food in the last of meal - is the cause of amlapitta.
Vd. Shrinidhi: I use jeerakadyarista in condition's associated with admana and atopa with shoola 20 ml t.i.d with equal quantity of water after meals within 30 min we get appreciation
Dr. Jigar Joshi: Yes.. this is seen practically
Vd. Sachin Kadlag: yes , in night duty and even more in shift duty pattern job patients as food timings , sleeping time , bowel habits are also altered /disturbed on rotation
Croatia Branko Markovic: In eu it is more do to red meat and alcohol..if not that the like Prerak Ji says a lot of sweets in any form..
Vd. Ahmed Savani: *Vidagdha Ajeerna* : There will be acidity, burning sensation in chest, sour belching only due to taking vidagdha meal. (What pt complaints that acidity occur only if consume more punget and sour foods.) While in *Amlapitta*, Amla Guna of Pachak Pitta has got increased due to *Samata* (Clinically patient will complain that acidity remains also when he takes normal light meal or no meal!!) Agreed what are the practical & the most common clinical cause for Amlapitta you experience clinically or in your opinion prevalent more!
Vd. Hardik bhatt: Yes sir, night shift is injerious to health and it disturbs body clock
Vd. Sachin Kadlag: Amlapitta is also shows different presentations in chronic alcoholic patients
Dr. Nehal Shah: I have seen a patient who has started acidity after having milk, or banana,
Vd. Hardik bhatt: That are the symptoms of vidagdhajirna
Ayulink: food habits and irregular life style is the main thing to correct. Black grapes or raisins are also good to eat for instant result
Dr. Nehal Shah: Avipattikar tab or churna and shankhvati gives good results also
Vd. Hardik bhatt: There is a difference that  after eating banana acidity dexreases and vidagdhajirna increases
Ayulink: cloves are also best
Vd. Hardik bhatt: Avipatikarchurn .. main content is cloves.
Vd Ashish Kumar: साम अम्लपित्त की चिकित्सा अलग है और निराम की अलग।
Dr. Jigar Joshi: Which is an imp ingredient of Avipattikar
Dr. Misbah suhana: Raisins can be given as as virechena
Vd. Sachin Kadlag: Virechan is useful in  recurrent adhoga amlapitta
Vd. Kalpesh Makvana: Sarkara
Ayulink: any ghee as shamana sneha is good option
Vd. Hardik bhatt: Black raisins are very useful than others
Ayulink: Does milk really works in acidity?
Dr. Misbah suhana: Followed by kamadugdha, and avuoattukara and laghu suta shekara
Dr. Misbah suhana: Milk with gulkgand bot at room temperature
Ayulink: for me brahmi + ashwagandha + shatavari + Guduchi combination to control stress
Dr. Misbah suhana: Cows milk
Vd. Hardik bhatt: Kushmand is very useful for pitta .. and aaragvadh for pitta virechana
Nimish Oza: સ્વાદિષ્ટ  વિરેચન  ચૂર્ણ  પણ  સારું  કામ  કરે  છેં
Dr. jagveer singh : Amlapitta ke lia yog
Ayulink: kushmand avaleh is known for it. finally mukta pishti, praval pishti are good but they are costly.
Vd. Hardik bhatt: Gulkand is very good formula for sensitive peoole
Ayulink: Mukta bhasma  oor pishti are good but I always doubt for the quality
Nimish Oza: Shankh  bhasma  + amalaki  mix
Dr. jagveer singh: 1.soothsekhar ras125mg, Praval pisti125mg, Avipttikr churna 1gm mukta pisti 100mg. 1×3dose with honey
Ayulink: one more very common ingredient is soda bicarb or sodium bicarbonate or sarjika kshar
Neelamben Chudasma: For acidity we can use rose water too , it’s work
Dr. jagveer singh: Bhoonimbadi khada with 20ml.water
Dr. Arvind Shahane: Shatpatryadi churna
Ayulink: Is there any role of bitter taste to control acidity?
Nimish Oza: Triphala  powder
Vd. Ahmed Savani: What is the differential diagnosis you follow for these types of Amlapitta, How to differentiate first? Agreed, bcoz the viruddha ahara leads to the formation of *Aama* which is associated with the Amlapitta!!
Vd. Sachin Kadlag: I got mixed results
Vd. Ahmed Savani: True it occurs, bcoz it is hard to digest, classical milk is considered as complete meal in itself. Above of all, want to share that consuming milk with bananas (which is more prevalent this days as pre or post workout diet and in some community) is *Viruddha Ahara* and lead to *Ama formation* (which I strongly believe have strong association with Allergies, Auto-immune disorders & infections). I was able to pinpoint this combination more prevalent while taking history in several patients suffering from Allergy!!
Dr. Arvind Shahane: ASFA Pharma Kalyan vatak have good result
Vd. Ahmed Savani: Personal experience & on recommending several patient. Taking cold milk + Isabgol (evening or at bed time) also give a good results!!
Dr. Nehal Shah: Stressful life is also a reason for acidity nowadays.
Neelamben Chudasma: Takhmaria and Sarkara and dry black grape
Ayulink: kalyan vatak is mainly produced with black grapes and haritaki. I am still looking for some more details on adog amlapitta....and tiryak amlapitta. Any clinical relations and informaiton is welcome
Vd. Hardik bhatt: Isabgul is only for stool bulke I think
Vd. Ahmed Savani: Yes this also give instant relief Khavano Soda!
Dr. Arvind Shahane: Yes sir Reference for kalyan vatak  Shushrut sanhita  Vidagdhajirn chikitsa have mentioned
Ayulink: chest burning and sour burps are the main symptoms to call someone is having acidity....are there any more symptoms for us to check in practice?
let me put in other way, is there any other symptoms to diagnose amlapitta?
Does anybody uses Neem svaras to control acidity?
Dr. Nehal Shah: Headache, bitter Vomiting
Vd. Sachin Kadlag: Classical symptom is feeling better after vomiting. but not possible to vomit easily
23046: Today's lifestyle  stress anxiety   suppression of desires ,  all lead to poor digestion. Results in amlpitt. Sutsekhar ras   , satptradi churn arogyavardhini  give good results
Vd. Hardik bhatt: Due to bitter taste need leaves swaras  passifies pitta...
Dr Anzil Eramangalath: In urdhwanga Amlapitta, Cough will be there...., And Constipation also...., Gas problems to
Neelamben Chudasma: I had one patient, when he close his eyes for meditation than he start continue Khata Odkar so it’s acidity right?
Vd. Hardik bhatt: I says that ajirna or vidagdhajirn
Vd. Sachin Kadlag: Moravala is the best choice in stress induced amlapitta in young patient
Ayulink: to differentiate between amlapitta acidity and ajirna is not easy.
Vd Ashish Kumar: क्या सिर्फ दवाओं से ठीक हो जाएगा अम्लपित्त?? या पहले रोग का कारण अवस्था देखना होगी?
Dr Anzil Eramangalath: Vamana and virechana can be done...
Ayulink: thats true...we have discussed a lot today earlier......first thing is find out the cause
Vd Ashish Kumar: हर दवा अच्छी है पर कब कौन सी औषधि उपयोग करना है इस पर चर्चा करने से लाभ होगा
Dr.Krishna: usually in my practices if pt  burning sensation while passing ,watry foul smell  sticky ness of stools usualy i diagnoses as adogha amlapitta
Vd. Sachin Kadlag: ajerrna should be labeled usually in acute conditions  , amlapitta is always chronic or acute over chronic.
Dr. Jigar Joshi: I also have seen symptoms exaggerated by trifala.
23846: Do Gall bladder polyp can cause frequent acidity?
Ayulink: do you mean triphala increases acidity ?
Dr.Chattwani: Do milk help to relieve symptoms of Amal pitta ?
Dr.Krishna: in samatva milk wont help...
Vd Ashish Kumar: त्रिफ़ला किस फॉर्म में दिया,अगर लिक्विड दिया होगा या अनुपान सही नही होगा तब बढ़ सकता है।
Vd. Hardik bhatt: Foul smell, heaviness in abdomen, pain, .. I use sunthi churn with warm water and it helps..
23846: When I use Avipattikar churna, I have burning sensation at my fissure and piles causes bleeding
Vd Ashish Kumar: सिर्फ अविपत्तिकर नही होगा,अन्य दवा भी ली होंगी सर
Ayulink: Many vyapad and other pathology can cause acidity- symptom. But when we are discussing for amlapitta, we have to be careful for it
Dr.Krishna: but in yeshti kshera sadyo vamana wil help
23846: Only Avipattikar churna I have used and stopped and again started to confirm
Vd Ashish Kumar: आम अवस्था मे शुंठी गुणकारी है
Vd. Sachin Kadlag: Avipattikar does induce burning in some patients , specially in ruksha patients
Dr.Krishna: avipaktichurna with butter milk wil work good
Vd. Sachin Kadlag: Solution is to use avipattikar  with yashtimadhu or with ghee
Ayulink: actually buttermilk should not work on curd or yogurt is not good for acidity...
Croatia Branko Markovic: While laying in the bed in the evening on the back, acidity is coming to mouth.
Vd Ashish Kumar: दही से और बढ़ेगा अम्लपित्त,छाछ मिश्री के साथ उपयोग कर सकते है अगर द्रव गुण से अम्लपित्त हुआ हो।
Vd. Sachin Kadlag: yes ,  only butter (नवनीत ) can be used with avipattikar
Vd Ashish Kumar: अति अम्बु पान से भी अम्लपित्त होगा।
23846: I get instant relief if I take Rantac or Eno but not with any of the ayurvedic medicine
Dr. Chirag C. Chauhan: Is there any ras aushadhi cause Acidity Any specific
75500: As per my clinical experience. Classical Vaman is best . Then sadyovaman and lastly luke sallty water inake in kapha kala and then forcely vomit. I think no need of medicine also
Dr. Pulkit Baxi: " KASHAY TIKT MADHURAH PITT MANYE TU KURVATE" Use aahar of KASHAY tikt madhur rashatmak
Dr. Sushant Patil: Lifestyle and regime play important role
Dr.Krishna: rantac is wont give relef just inhibits the proton pump of intestine cells
"Mukta" is also one which control pittj dushti
Compiled by - Dr. Dhruti Kagrana

Ayucafe- Live chat Dental Care- Ayurveda

Views shared by several Ayurveda professionals and non-Ayurveda people in discussion group: Disclaimer: All views shared here are onl...