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Body coolant in summer according to Ayurveda

Views shared by several Ayurveda professionals and non-Ayurveda people in discussion group:
All views shared here are only for knowledge. This information doesn’t have any scientific validation. Various doctors and non-medicos have shared their views and experiences in this discussion. Please do not try any of the suggestions described here, without prior consult from your regular, qualified doctor. Dr. Prerak Shah and no other person is responsible for any unwanted effects, side effects or contra-indications in your health. Thank you.
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Next topic for discussion:  Body coolant in summer according to Ayurveda
Dr. Vivek D. Shah: All Sharbat kalpana, Banafsa preparation, Ushir jal, Udumber juice, Gulkand etc. These all have very good coolant effect can b use in summer.
Vd. Pritam Bharat Veer: Cooling means used to subside pitta dosha , heat produced in side body . According to ayurveda , we can give Dhanyak and Jirak fant or him. Ushirasaw, Chandanasava simply daily intake of water containing ushir which we get in market. Also takra with Dhanyak and Jirak powder.
Vd. Avni Kaneria: Fennel seeds + sarkara sarbat -Dhanyak him
Vd. Pritam Bharat Veer: Avoid katu tikt kashay amla ras. you can give sali shasthik along with khadisakhar. Gulkand sidha dugdha best can be given as Gulkand + milk 1 cup + 1 cup water bring it to boil till 1 cup remains. Cool it and take. Very nice cooling effect I observed personally. Moravala also has good result. Externally you can apply shatdhout ghrut. Daily ghrut paan also useful. Kumari swaras but freshly prepared without adding any preservatives. Pitta increases in ushna gunha so we need pittaghna chikitsa also like praval , mouktik , kamdudha , amruta satwa , ananta.

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Dr. V B. Maheshwari: For body coolant ushir is best. Many market preparation are available in market which contains ushir only like SHEET SUDHA (SDL) .It's a very good coolant for this greeshm ritu. Shadandpanneya is also good for this purpose. It is very good in pitta shaman as well as agni correction. Can we use these coolant in swedadhikya (hyperhydrosis)
Dr. Krishnapriya: Sariva  is also good i think its essence is available in market
Vd. Pritam Bharat Veer: Also we get fresh Durva , coriander leaves of which you can draw swaras by use of mixture grinder. 10 ml BD. Enough. Mainly there is loss of water and electrolytes in the form of sweat. So you have to replace it. You can add khadi shakkar to it.
Dr. Mahendra Sharma: We also suggest sarivasav or usheerasava which r available easily
Dr. V B. Maheshwari: But swedadhikya is a disorder of pitta (I think bhrajak) so only by ushir it can be pacified?
Vd. Pritam Bharat Veer: Also Dadimavleha. I used to tell my pt the recipe of Dadimavleha in the season of dadim. Many of them have prepared and stored. And taking on daily basis.
Dr. Jyoti Ashok: Draksha &daniya hima coolas the body.
Shail H. Bhavsar:
Shadang paniya content: Musta, Purpat, Ushira, Udichhya, Chandan, Nagar (sunthi) also act as coolent . It removes Anorexia , constipation and Jirna Jwara too. Alos use Swami Ayurved Pratisthan Khamgaon made Drakshavleh.
Dr. Piyush Dodiwadiya: Should we use MATKA water or refrigerator water? Because water itself coolent
Vd. Pritam Bharat Veer: Matka water is very good cooling agent. As we all know according to ayurveda things which are kept in refrigerator become ushna guru avasthambhi.
Dr. Madhuri Patil Chaudhari: Coolant are Sadya Santarpaniya dravyas. Kharjuradi manth is best , Charak Samita. Madhur, Amla rastmak but Laghu in attributes. Easily digestible quickly.
Dr. Kalpesh Vani: Takra is ushna then how can we advice takra
Dr. Madhuri Patil Chaudhari: Dadhi is Ushna and  Guru, Takra is not that much Ushna but Laghu.  In Mutrakruccha Chapter in A H Takra with Yavkshar along with other dravyas is mentioned. As a coolant.and as an alkaliser of urine to reduce burning micturition.
Ayulink: Bottle guard vegetable  is my favourite as a coolant  - bottle guard (lauki or dudhi) soup is best
Vd. Hardik bhatt: Aaragvadh-- garmalo is  very good coolent . Because it is pit virehan.  Once in a week . one can feel very cool in summer . Aaragvadh-- flowers gulkand is also very good coolent , Aamra panak kachi Keri no pano is very good .
Dr. Kalpesh Vani: Yavakshar is used for its bhedan karma
Vd. Jignesh Thakkar: Dah prashaman and trushna nigrahan gan can be used in general. In food milk can be used as great coolant for digestive tract. Ushir for skin. Giloy for fever. For hast pad dah cow  ghee can be used as coolant
Dr. Kalpesh Vani: Dadhi and takra has gamitwa towards vrukka so yavakshar and takra are used
Vd. Jignesh Thakkar: In fruit draksha is good . People use more watermelon but it is not cool
Ayulink: Particularly black grapes are more coolant, it is my experience .
Dr. Madhuri Patil Chaudhari: Yes Melons are Guru, so not Santarpaniya.
Vd. Sachin Kadlag: To remain in cool homes in day time and to be under the cool moonlight in the night in summer is part of summer rutucharya
Dr. Shantanandkumar: GRAPES are cool. But now a days using so many chemical to grow fruits especially grapes. So I think using grapes may leads adverse effect with out any beneficial
Gary Yuen: Modern methods of agriculture may have changed benefits. As far as chemicals, soaking in vinegar or 10% salt has been shown to remove up to all pesticides. Would yava be more appropriate than sali? Among sali, sastika? Would mandukaparni as a vegetable be among best? Listed first among cooling vegetables. Still used as such in the south. Greco-roman (Hippocrates*) i think mentions only yava during summer. In parts of south Asia, mandukaparni tea is used. In unani, vamana is used. Is there a reason?
Vd. Dhruti Nirav Bhatt: Amalki sharbat, Parushak(Falsa)+Munna ka+ Sharkara+ Khajur(Dates)  maje Sharbat (Panak).It has coolent effect that is my experience. Bottleguard,Pumpkin, Coconut water,  We can put Ushir in Earthen pot to cool water. Chandan ,Ushir,Rose Petels ,Orange fruit bark make a paste and use as udvartan .
Dr Piyushbhai Prajapati: Dhanyak Him.. In Noon to evening .. Once . Keeps you away from the burning of eyes and foot due to heat.
Dr Piyushbhai Prajapati: Even in this season,Patol as Vegetable is good for food.
Vd. Hardik bhatt: Kushmand-- kolu is very good vegetable in this season.
Dr Jayesh Patel: Sometimes we are using bilva sarbat.
Dr. Rachana Mumbai: I don't know if someone has mentioned this before. Manuka+dhanyak+sof+khadi shaker. Gives very good coolant effect. Those who have excess pitta problem can keep dudhi on foot Or madyantika on foot Or do massage of go ghrt on foot
Dr. Dipa Mehta: Gud, water and chincha also gives coolant effect
Gary Yuen: I don't remember texts mentioning raw food except harmful effects in excess. Perhaps some to induce cooling? Though if it's heavier and requires greater agni, when lower in summer, is there some right amount according to strength of agni?
Dr. Ravibhusan S Sonawale: All him kalpna are very good .
Dr. Vasupradha R: Jalam+ gudam+ shunti powder + karpuram(if necessary)  is traditionally used to  rejuvenate body  This is offered as prasadam for Lord Narasimha. 
Dr. Navneeth Krishnan: Drakshadi kashayam is  good for pitta samana and reduces daha, murcha etc. Amruta shadangam another variant of shadanga where shunti is replaced by Guduchi is also good.
Dr. Piyush Dodiwadiya: Please share your views on TAKRA. Is it usna? Should we use in summer or not Is it coolent? Because in different sthan it mentioned different guna
Dr. Dipa Mehta: Takra when it is prepared with one fourth jala. Rasa - madura, amla, anurasa, kashya, virya ushna, laghu ruksha by sushrut. Most of acharya said takra nishedha kala Grisham rutu
Dr. Vivek D. Shah: There are 5 types of takra hv been described and all 5 have there different properties...may b it is described in bhav prakash...not sure abt referance..
Shail H. Bhavsar: In shastra it is described about takra is ushna. Gujaratis are taking chanchhika which is shita.
Dr. Dipa Mehta: Yes true
Vd. Jignesh Thakkar: Dadhi,tarka,mastu,ghol , udaschit,chacchika are types. Almost all are usna. We have wrong believes towards this that is why we are using it to get will effect
Ayulink: Onion is pitta increasing, but onion juice is indicated for the treatment of sunstroke. Like as a coolant. Why? Any idea?
Vd. Sachin Kadlag: May be in sunstroke drava guna of pitta is decreased  though overrall pitta will be increased but with ushna and tikshna guna  , so onion juice may be acting in sunstroke by increasing drava that is liquid in the body. may be due to its tikshna gandhatva and sukshmatva it may be having faster and deeper  action as expected in treatment of sunstroke.
Dr. Kalpesh Vani: Red onion is pittavardhak and White onion is Pittashamak.
Ayulink: Similarly unripe mango is sour and considered as pitta increasing, but a drink made of unripe mango (baflo or mango panak) is best drink as coolant in the body.
Dr. Vasupradha R: They're in two types Big one n Small one. Do not know about the qualities of big sized onion. Small sized onion is used for treating chiken pox which must a coolant. It's also used in Arshas and male infertily for pitha shamanam.
Dr. Bhavesh Modh: Overall, red onions contain a higher amount of antioxidant compounds. They are higher in total flavonoids than white onions and yellow onions are considered to be in the middle. Red onions contain 415 to 1917 mg of flavonols compared to yellow ones, which only contain 270 to 1187 mg.
One of the most beneficial compounds in red onions is quercetin, which is a polyphenol compound. Quercetin is a powerful compound which is beneficial for scavenging free radicals in the body. Red onions are also richer in anthocyanins which give them the red/purple color. Red onions were found to contain at least 25 different anthocyanins.
 Acc to Ayu red onion  property
 पित्तहृत्  चरक  सू..27 , शोणितपित्तशस्तः  सु. सू. . 46, कफपित्तहरो -  राज निघंटु , कफकृन्नाति पित्तल- भावप्रकाश
use of onion
नासिकास्त्रुते रक्ते  -  . चि .4, रक्तार्शःसु  - . चि .9 so  red onion  is not पित्तवर्धक।
Dr. Kalpesh Vani: Red-- Pittavardhak-raj-tamo guni And White---pittashamak- satva guni
Slovenia Anoop S. Anand: I think Onion and kairi panna are not coolants in real sense in Summers when external heat is high internal body heat (metabolism/jatharagni) decreases from my understanding Sunstroke may be associated with further decrease in jatharagni followed by indigestion and strotorodh..leading to high fever At that time onion with its ushna-teekshnatva..opens up the clogged strotasa and helps dissipate heat and reduce fever Same way i think kairi panna is digestive and carminative so it supports digestion..because it relieves of the digestive upsets associated with may be people call it coolent..
Dr. Bhavesh Modh: सत्व - पित्त , रजस्  - वात, तमः- कफ
Dr. Madhuri Patil Chaudhari: Sushrut differs a bit.sha.sthan 1st chapter.
Satva bahul Aakash, Rajobahul vaayu, SatvaRajobahul Agni, SatvaTamobahul Jal
Tamobahul Prithvi. Panchbhautik constitution of SatvaRajTamo.
Manoj Advaith: Chincha panaka , Dhanyakadi hima, Indrayava pramathya.
Canada Nitin Shah: Bilwa panak and ushirasawa
Dr. Nehal Shah: Falsa panak
Dr Avadhut Mohite: Body Coolants for Beating summer heat can be:
1. Ushirasav 2. Chandanasav 3. Pravaal Pishti 4. Dhanyakadi Heem 5. Gulkanda
Dr. Jigar Joshi: Simply VARIYALI
Vd. Khyati Jariwala: By adding valo,gulab pankhudi,dhanyak, variyaali in dinking water
Vd Raksha Shukla: Raw mango sharbat (bafalo)
Dr Jigar Joshi: Aa amla ras hova chhata kem ? Logic behind ?
Dr. Vishva Joshi: Aam panna
Dr. Nehal Shah: Munnaka panak, Kajur Manth
Vd. nikul patel: Any one have receipe of this?
Vd Limesh Khatri: Aam panna kai rite collent hoi sake? Apakva aam amla che
Dr. Nehal Shah: It's described in bhaishjya vigyan book
Dr. Vishva Joshi: Yes sir,but in summer we mostly prefer aam panna for drink. May be we r adding jira and gud etc so in this process the effect would be beneficial in summer .
Dr. Nehal Shah: Aam panna should be made with Rock sugar and cardamom powder or mint for freshness, then it will be given coolent effect. (Raw mango has first boiled with water and discard the cooked boil water to reduce sourness and tangyness.)
Compiled by - Dr. Dhruti Kagrana

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Uses of Guduchi (Tinospora Corlifoia) #Ayurveda

Views shared by several Ayurveda professionals and non-Ayurveda people in discussion group:
All views shared here are only for knowledge. This information doesn’t have any scientific validation. Various doctors and non-medicos have shared their views and experiences in this discussion. Please do not try any of the suggestions described here, without prior consult from your regular, qualified doctor. Dr. Prerak Shah and no other person is responsible for any unwanted effects, side effects or contra-indications in your health. Thank you.
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Next topic for discussion: Uses of Guduchi (Tinospora Corlifoia)
Dr. Shantanandkumar: Guduchi is Trisha shamak, Useful in fever, Madhumeha, Tridosha.
Dr. Arvind Shahane: Guduchi is asthapan dravya. It work as asthapan karma.
Ayulink: It is powerful immuno-modulator
Vd. Pritam Bharat Veer: Jwarghna Guduchi

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Dr Jayesh Patel: Guduchi swaras use as medhya rasayan....
Vd. Pritam Bharat Veer: Yes Guduchi swaras in Prameh also. It is good Rasayan aushadhi also tridosh shamak can be given in any disease or as rasayan.
Vd. Hardik bhatt: To get swaras from guduchi kand is very hard work. Kwath is easy .. and mostly kwath used. Or churn. Guduchi satv is more powerful drug.
Vd. Pritam Bharat Veer: Amruta kalp Balya.
USA Dr. Anjum: Guduchi Satva is highly beneficial in cancer patient, It detoxifies liver, problems like burning , bleeding , gastritis ,ulcers,It’s anti inflammatory .
Dr. Mrugeshkumar Patel: Guduchi satva is highly effective in burning sensation in feet with cow ghee
Dr Jayesh Patel: So best in UTI
Ayulink: Please mention dose, and / or any specific application method, so that other friends can get more knowledge.
Shail H. Bhavsar: Guduchi swaras or guduchi satwa is used in jwara. Amrutarishta is used in jeerna jwara or visham jwara. Samshamni vati which is made from guduchi satwa is useful in jwara
Dr. Vasupradha R: Which company offers genuine guduchi satwam?
Dr. Arvind Shahane: Doses according to diseases and ages
Dr Mahjabeen: I used both stem n leaves of giloy powder /500 capsule bd. I used in Aneamia, musle wasting,suger,bone defarmity,viral infection,
USA Dr. Anjum: Giloy Satva 1-2 gms with water bd. Amruth arista two tsf mixed with equal guantity of water can be given any time of jwara after food
Vd. Pritam Bharat Veer: “Giloy is a universal herb that helps boost immunity”. It is a powerhouse of antioxidants which fight free-radicals, keep your cells healthy and get rid of diseases. Giloy helps remove toxins, purifies blood, fights bacteria that causes diseases and also combats liver diseases and urinary tract infections. “Giloy is popularly known for its anti-inflammatory benefits and helps reduce respiratory problems like frequent cough, cold, tonsils”.  “Giloy contains anti-inflammatory and anti-arthritic properties that help treat arthritis and its several symptoms. For joint pain, the powder from giloy stem can be boiled with milk and consumed”, It can be used along with ginger to treat rheumatoid arthritis.
Dr. Krishnapriya: Guduchi satwa is used to treat obesity​ and prameha wd ayaskrithy. Its said in dwividhopakramaneeya for apatarpana/langana for sthula
Dr. V B. Maheshwari: Gudchi is very good immunomodulator. It is used as antiviral since a long time by making kada of it.
Dr. Piyush Dodiwadiya: Why people prefers guduchi from nimb tree. Is there any reference of reason?
Dr Mahjabeen: As it is immunomodulator it can be used in thyroid,arthritis. Can be used in auto immune modulator
Vd. Pritam Bharat Veer: Granth says That Guduchi is Shreshth which is on nimb tree. Dont know reason
Dr. Sanjeev Gupta: I use guduchi satva in fever & body ache . 500 mg to 1 gm according to body weight . TDS
Gary Yuen:  Supposidly it's used to help children grow?
Ayulink:  Gorwth comprise many factors. May be as Guduchi takes care of immunity, and plays its role in growth. Some scholars indicates Guduchi as a cellular rejuvenator.
Dr. Kalpesh Vani: Due to Nimba its Titka ras gets enhanced
Vd Jigar Narsana: Guduchi is also beneficial in gout.. arthritic fever me bhi itna hi useful he...
Dr. Pranita Shah: It is said that guduchi partially takes up the gunas of the tree on which it grows. Hence guduchi growing on nimb is beneficial.
Dr. V B. Maheshwari: Amruta gugglu is very good in vata rakta. Only 2 tab BID with Luke warm water gives very good results in vata rakta. Not only guduchi, every one who is taking nutrition from other definitely take gunas from them, just like a baby who is getting feed from his mother. If we take guduchi from a nimb tree, then there will be more tikta rasa and it is very good for pitta shaman as well as good for immune.
Vd. Dhruti Nirav Bhatt: Guduchi has multiple role. I have tremendous result in gout .Swelling To built Immunity ,for rejuvenation therapy it's very effective. In Typhoid fever Guduchi gives good result because of its Pitt shamak role. Shanshamanivati gives very good result in Jirna jwar.
Dr. V B. Maheshwari: It is very bad in taste. Is there any form of Guduchi which can give to children for immune?
Dr. Sanjeev Gupta: Guduchi ghan satva with milk .
Vd. Dhruti Nirav Bhatt: In Back pain,Spinal cord problems, in osteoporosis we can give Tiktkshir Basti
Dr. Satish Panda: Guruchi is tridosha samak. Synonyms is Amrita means Nectar. So,I always used it all the problems when needed some more better result ,but in different proportion. Result are also improved.Try it. The areal roots of Guduchi are so thin yet so strong that, Sushruta used to use this for suturing surgical wounds. This had duel benefits. One was – the thread were very strong so, there was no chance of wound rupture. Second is, Guduchi has potent wound healing property. Hence wound healing used to happen very quickly.
Dr. Navneeth Krishnan: In Bhaishajya ratnavali,use of Guduchi with different combinations have been mentioned like Guduchi swarasa and ghrta useful in vata roga, Guduchi with guda for vibanda, Guduchi with sita for pitta, Guduhci with madhu in Kaphaja roga, Guduchi with Eranda taila in vata rakta, and finally Guduchi with sundi in ama vata
Dr. Bhavesh Modh: गळोसत्व who  one read Gujarati fonts  & understand Gujarati.. click  this link... know about  Guduchi Satv...
Dr. Satish Panda: Guruchi satwa with honey for children.
Croatia Branko Markovic: Guduchi kashaya capsules 5 tid + kaishora guggulu 2 tid give realy quick results in ama vata. After panchakarma it rejuvanate whole body in rasayna doses. I use it up to 15 capsules per day on empty stomach with milk. Medhya rasayana as it uplift mood, makes people happy. For depresion, fatigue.. During menopause with burning symptoms. Skin problems like rash or eczema, urticaria. After or along with chemotherapy or radiation. Best quick immune booster. Better results after virechana.
Dr. Sujata Vaidya: Can it be given to 6 yrs old patient with genetic issue of muscle wasting?
Vd. Pritam Bharat Veer: Amruta kalp. It's good bcz it's Balya also , my son likes it so much. He eats that kalp like sugar.
Dr. V B. Maheshwari: Which pharma?
Dr. Rachana Mumbai: For fever I give amrittotar kashay to my kids in fever. The temperature comes down as like it comes down with crocin. But the taste is pathetic. My elder one takes but other kids does not bcoz of it's taste
Dr. V B. Maheshwari: As guduchi is more in tikta so taste is too much bad. But Amruta satva is good option . With honey it can be given
Vd. Pritam Bharat Veer: Preparation
Dr. Rachana Mumbai: I use ready  Kottakkal Aryavaidya shala. Will definitely try it
Dr Piyushbhai Prajapati: Nasya of Guduchi and Durva mistrit dugdh is given in pregnancy.. everyday or everymonth.. for Detoxification of Uterus and removing heat of Uterus.. so miscarriege will be avoided
Dr. Rachana Mumbai: Something new
Dr. Vivek D. Shah: I use Amrutarishta with sutsekhar ras in all type of *bhram(vertigo)* & also in all type of liver & spleen disorders. Guduchi juice mixed with aloevera juice helps in initial stage of *Jaundice.* Also normalise dysmenorhoea.. *Guduchi* is a multitasking drug if one can use in proper manner as described in various books..
Dr. V B. Maheshwari: Dosage of amrutaristam and soothshakher??
Dr. Vivek D. Shah: Dosage always depends on patient's prakruti,sevearity of disease, cause of disease, agni of  patient etc. So i can not say exact dosage particularly. I just can say minimum dosage 15-20 ml twice or thrice a day in adult patient in initial stage. *Sootsekhar ras* from 2 rati to 4 rati twice or thrice a day...
USA Dr. Anjum: I have used guduchi ghan vati  two tablet twice in allergic rashes , hives , eczema , urticaria rashes , environmental allergies along with aryogyavardini vati two tablet twice has shown very good result . Those patients who are kept on antihistamine and steroid medicine guduchi was used and systematically allopathy medication was weaned out of the system . Tremendous result in kids who are on inhalers guduchi along with sitopaladi powder was given ,twice a day along with honey
Croatia Branko Markovic: How long do you advise use of Guduchi?
USA Dr. Anjum: Depending on condition .
Dr. Sujata Vaidya: Yes
Dr. V B. Maheshwari: We can't extend the life of patient but we can do better quality of life. But with guduchi only it can't b possible. I treated two of patients of DMD with shaktishali pind sweda and results were good.
Vd. Pritam Bharat Veer: Can you tell us the procedure?? Very good idea , i advise to take durava swaras nasya to Garbhini but not heard about the amruta nasyA.
31503: Yes, same here. How Guduchi work in such cases?
Dr. Krishnapriya: Nasya in some month is contraindicated in garbhini rit??
Gary Yuen: Is it an herb that can be often used like amalaki and haritaki? In the ramayana, after the defeat of Ravana, to bring the fallen monkey army back to life, Indra brought down amrita. It's said this is guduchi. Is this true or a later interpolation?
Dr. Sachin Bali: गुडूची: मधूपर्णी, अमृता, छिन्नरुहा, वायस्था, ज्वरारी, रसायनी
Dr. Samir Suneri: Guduchi . I m using this drug in vaatrakta, and to improve Immunity
Germany Hetal Shah: Is it also useful for reducing weight?
Dr. Samir Suneri: Guduchi satva is unique drug for making combination of some drugs
Vd. Khyati Jariwala: I m using diuretic,immuno booster n antipyretic according to prakruti
Dr. Sachin Bali: Stress related symptoms मे गुडूची क्षीरपाक: 25-50ml रसायन काल में देनेसे उपयोग होता दिखाई देता है
Dr. Amrish A Shah: Chronic fever 3tab to 21 tab per day divided dose for 3 to 6 month. Result is Good. Vatrakta me best drug hai
Dr. Samir Suneri: Dose 1 tab TDs or 2bd for vaatrakta and low Immunity
Dr. Vishva Joshi: Once I have use round itchy skin lesion having small small dotts in that lesion and it was on over body.I gave guduchi,sakar,ghee,honey mix all these and make small vati and keep it in freeze bcz it smell like gomutra,take in early morning 4 tab empty stomach,pt take it for 6 month. Result was amazing everything absorbed.and good health for 1 yrs no any seasonal illness.
Compiled by - Dr. Dhruti Kagrana

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Views shared by several Ayurveda professionals and non-Ayurveda people in discussion group: Disclaimer: All views shared here are onl...