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Kshirpak kalpana and it's uses in Ayurveda.

Views shared by several Ayurveda professionals and non-Ayurveda people in discussion group:
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Next topic for discussion: Kshirpak kalpana and it's uses in Ayurveda.
Ayulink: Can anyone explain abt kshirpak, and it's specific recipe
Dr. Jyoti Ashok: In vataja type of pain like whole body pain , shifting in nature, & people sitting in AC whole day & suffering from pain I advise lashuna kshirapaka.
5 globs of lashuna crushed boiled with equal quantity milk & water. Boiled till kshiravashesha & drink twice a day.  2) in dry cough I advise yashti kshrapaka( 1/2 tsp yashti churna boiled in milk & water)& drink by adding ghee to it.
I have got good results in both .
Dr Anzil Eramangalath: Lashuna ksheerapaka is having rapid effect in reduction off Cholesterol
Shail H. Bhavsar: I have seen some vaidyas giving arjun kshirpak basti in CP.

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Dr. Kalpesh Vani: Pippali or marich kshirpak in Hypothyroidism / shoth as srotoshodhan
 Dr Anzil Eramangalath: Sahasrayoga (typical kerala Ayurveda Book) have big description off Ksheerapaka for nine months off pregnancy time (for safe and healthy delivery)
 Vd. Avni Kaneria: In which type of conditions of hriday roga can give arjun ksheer pak
Dr. Madhuri Patil Chaudhari: Ashwagandha Shatavari Sunth  siddha Ksheerpak.
almost all patients  at Mittal IPD was given for psychological relaxation and deepan , balvardhan. etc.
Dr Anzil Eramangalath: Siddha ksheerapaka?
Dr. R Prathiban: Can anyone say about dosage and frequency for kshirapak?  Any contraindications? Lashuna + kshira isn't virudha combination?
Dr. Kalpesh Vani: Not viruddha as lashun lacks amla ras and hence it's shuddhi is in Takra
Dr. R Prathiban: It is virya viruddha combination. Lasuna kshirapaka is explained in gulma, in that specific condition of that disease this combination of lashuna and ksheera was necessary
Dr. Pritam Veer: Powder drug 1 Part Milk 8 Times drug Water 4 times milk sugar for taste
1.Take Milk and water in pan and boil it.
2. then add kalk( Paste) of powdered drug who's ksheerpak has to be made in above mixture of water and milk.
3. Boil whole mixture. 
4.  when only milk remains in mixture switch off the flame.
5. Allow to cool naturally.
6. Filter mixture and add sugar and administer.
My guru used to give Lashun Ksheerpak for Acute pain in Abdomen. Quick results. Dr. Maheshbhai Maysore: Also in Diseases where Kapha obstructing vata. Improves circulation very effectively
Dr. Pritam Veer: In ancient times also either people don't know science very well but our grandparents are used to give Lashun Ksheerpak for  Vaataj Kaas. Arjun ksheerpak can be used in cardiac disorder.yes Vaataj glum - Pain in Abdomen.
Vd. Gurumahantesh: But can anybody specify. Which cardiac disorder, Vataja, pittaja, kaphaja hrudroga
Dr. Pritam Veer: Antianginal (stable angina pectoris), Antiatherogenic, Anti-ischemic, Antioxidant, Cardioprotective, Hypolipidemic
Dr. R Prathiban: Veerya of ksheera is sita, veerya of lashuna is usna - it is virya viruddha, so only i posted the question of dosage and frequency of kshirapak
Dr Anzil Eramangalath: While we use Lashuna Ksheerapaka, we will Fry little quantity off lashuna with out oil...., And then we will prepare ksheerapaka
Dr. Pritam Veer: Lashun Panch Rasatmak without Amla Ras so no virudhha
Dr. R Prathiban: Sir virya viruddha is based on virya i.e. sita or usna not about rasa of dravya
Dr Anzil Eramangalath: Fry Lashuna in mriduvagni, and make it into paste. And make ksheerapaka
Dr. Pritam Veer: Lashun Ksheerpak I have prepared simply by adding half crushed garlic in milk.
Dr. Madhuri Patil Chaudhari: yes. Aardrak ksheerpaak for deepan paachan
Croatia Branko Markovic: Could you write in more detail please?
Vd. Dhruti Kagrana: Kshirpaka  - where milk is media of extraction of active principles of the drug to extract water soluble and fat soluble contents.
In sharngdhara samhita mentioned: Kshiraavshesham tatpittam shulamamodbhavam jayet Means kshirpaka is helpful for Aama & Shula
Panchmulapakva kshir(Laghu panchmul)  - Useful in Jirna Jawar, Shwash, Kasa, Shirahshula, Parshwshula & Pinas.
Panchkola kshirpaka - Shita updrav chikitsa
Vd. Hardik bhatt, Idar: With lashun kshirpak one pt.'s CRP downs .....
Ayulink: Garlic and milk are viruddh as a basic rule. But there are exceptions. Lahsun kshirpak is a special recipe, it is not just mixing both dravya. A special recipe for specific purpose described in classical books and found very effective since hundreds of years. It is not considered as Viruddh - incompatible. I would like to know more about marichi kshirpak. Shatavari kshirpak is good galactogauge - increase milk production during breast feeding. This is very commonly prescribed by ayurvedic gynecologist.
Vd. Sachin Kadlag: Similarly I use ksheerpaak of Shatavari Ananta Amruta combination  mainly in jirna jwara avastha (after 21 days ) where pitta vata are still dominated with dhatukshaya , daurbalya condition.
Dr. Navneeth Krishnan: Is ksheera paak and ksheera kashaya the same thing??
Dr. Pritam Veer: Can understand Amruta for Jirn jwar but what about Shatavari ananta why? Can you explain Also tell me dose and duration of Ksheerpak
Dr. Ravibhusan S Sonawale: In hriday gat vat asnshumati siddha kshirpak ..
Dr. Vishva Joshi: For chronic low grade fever our guru k.v.nath given ti one pt who had low grade fever since 1 month or more severe weakness and wt adv to take black mari kshirpak two times a day and no other think he was taking. after that gradually intake started and pt fever goes away,
31503: For IUGR treatment Shatavari n Ashwagandha siddha kshirpak
 Vd. Sachin Kadlag: Shatavari is bruhan , guru , so this question comes in mind but it also has tikta rasa , vatapittaghnata , and gives bala which is required after jirna jwara. ananta is also jwaraghna ( one of the content in raktapachak that is satat jwara kwatha charak chikitsa 3/ 198-199)  all I use samapramana for 80 ml of milk 80 ml water and each amruta ananta shatavari churna each in range of minimum  2.5 gm to 5  gm as per desired.. boil it till milk remains filter it and add sitopala (khadishakkar ) if required
Vd. Vipul Patil: Satavari is not content of rakatpachak
Vd. Sachin Kadlag: yes, I am talking of Ananta (that is Sariva ) not Shatavari
Shatavari is use as balya
Dr Jayesh Patel: Panchkol ksheerpaak uses in agnimadhy & Sometimes uses in Jvar.
Dr. Hiral Khakhar: Ashwagandha ksheerpak is useful to reduce stress, induce good sleep,strengths body n increases libido..
Dr. V B. Maheshwari: I tried this and get very good results in anxiety related problem. Same arjun ksheerpaka is also very good for hrudya dorbalya. For lahsun ksheerpaka what should be dose of ksheerpaka and  duration of medicine?
Dr. Bhavini Raja: Is lasun kseerpak useful in aamvat condition?
Dr. V B. Maheshwari: Powder drug 1 Part
Milk 8 Times drug
Water 4 times milk
1.Take Milk and water in pan and boil it.
2. then add kalk( Paste) of powdered drug who's ksheerpak has to be made in above mixture of water and milk.
3. Boil whole mixture. 
4.  when only milk remains in mixture switch off the flame.
5. Allow to cool naturally.
6. Filter mixture and administer.
Dr Piyushbhai Prajapati: Bhallatak xirpaak is used in aamvaat.
Vd Rameshwar Dhanaji: Tiktakshirbasti is mainly used for asthijanit vyadhi. Can we use tikta sidha milk at apankaal with the same effect??
Vd Raksha Shukla: I have got good results of Arjun kshurpak on high blood pressure
Croatia Branko Markovic: Did anyone try with yashtimadhu?
Dr Piyushbhai Prajapati: My Guruji uses. Take one fourth bhallatak. Not processed. Then take 10 gm rice;100ml water and 100ml milk. burn total water.. then take out that bhallatak seed.. and add 3-5 gm cow ghee and drink it. For OA..
Vd Raksha Shukla: I have also got good results of jivanti,+shatavari kshirpak for lactation
 Dr. Siva Kumar: Bhallatak ksiri paka is also indicated in kushta? Jimutaka ksiri paka.
 Vd Tushar Trivedi: One more method of Kshirapaka is mentioned in classics:
First,  Mix Drug and water and make decoction. Then this decoction add in milk and Boil until decoction burns and only milk remains.
Dr. Sharmila Kulkarni: I believe Ksheerpaka is used when you want to reduce Tikshnatva in that particular drug.  eg.Rason kshirpak. Vardhaman pippali yog. Which work wonders in Lower Respiratory Tract problem s like Chronic Asthma,,ILD,etc. I have been using it in patients esp kids for Chronic bronchitis n bronchiectasis. I use Shatavari Kshirpak  for Second n third trimester pregnancy to avoid IUGR along with Masanumasik kashay. I have seen LVEF ie left ventricular ejection factor raised with Arjun Kshirpak .I ,myself was a patient of Cardiomegaly but no cardiomyopathy Was treated with the same by my husband Dr Suyog
Vd. Dhruti Nirav Bhatt: Arjun Kshirpak is also useful in heart problems. Shatavari,Yastimadhu,Brahmi Kshirpak is useful in Pregnancy and has good results. Lahsun Kshirpak mention in Kashyap sanhita it's really good
Dr. Sharmila Kulkarni: Bhallatak kshirpak is used in patients of RA Also in chronic cases of Psoriasis. Picchabasti ...Prepared with Mocharas by Kshirpak vidhi is very useful in Ulcerative colitis. It was Vaidya Lata shastri' s patha. I will strongly recommend it to you all as the results are jawdropping. It is used in CA of Oesophagus also.
Dr. Jaya Sambhus: Arjun kshirpak works better with bala in 3:1 proportion .  Arjun is vatkar when used as single herb , bala balance it. Sariva kshirpak used in 6th month of anc to increase complexion. Ashok + bala kshirpak works in hormonal imbalance. Vataj hrudrog salvan  kshirpak.
Dr Piyushbhai Prajapati: No  Just do 1/4 by knife. In winter,or in other season unriped and uncut
Dr. Bhavini Raja: Arjun 3 part n bala 1 part?
Vd. Sureshbhai Chavda: Ashwagandha and Arjuna, both have potent cardioprotective properties. Ashwagandha Arjuna Ksheer Pak is beneficial for patients with any kind of heart diseases. It provides strength to the heart muscles and improves pumping capacity of the heart. In addition to these benefits, it also improves overall health and reduces generalized weakness in the body. 
Dr. Amrish A Shah: All ksheer pak is Good
Dr. Pritam Veer: yes  but I have one question why we don't use ksheerpak Kaplan in our day to day practices?? We use asawa Arishta mostly than ksheerpak.
Vd Limesh Khatri: Bcz its not easy to use in present fastest life. Peoples are not agree to prepare at home.We needs to give them easy to use and practical approach products
Ayulink: Yes. That's my question too
Vd Limesh Khatri: Xir pak prepration dont have long self life
Dr. Pritam Veer: yes but their karmuktwa is more than asawas. i.e.we are unable to convince our pt
Vd Limesh Khatri: Personally I am using it in my of my Garbhasankar patient. Through preparing them mentally.Especially in case of complicated pragnancy.. do not provide any alternate of xirpaak prepration.Generally yastadi xir paak
Dr. R Prathiban: Due to non availability of readymade kshirapak, always fresh preparations needed
Vd Limesh Khatri: Chandan+ yastimadhu + shatavari xir pak. Madhur gan aushadhi xir paak. All mansanumasik aushadhi xir paak. Xir pak has 24hrs selflife only.
Dr. R Prathiban: That too depends on milk sources sir
Vd Limesh Khatri: For more longer self life we are conver milk in to dahdhi than butter and than Ghrita
Dr. Anita Phadatare: 
 1. Body pain which is shifting in nature also pain which is arises due to sitting in ac for whole day
2. Useful in Vataj kas
3. Useful in acute abdominal pain
4. Useful in gulm
5. CRP level get decrease
B. Yashtimadhu Kshirpak
Good results seen in dry cough
C. Arjun kshirpak basti usefull in CP
d. Pippali or march kshirpak
Useful in hypothyroidism & shoth
e. Ashwagandha Shatavari Shunthi siddha kshirpak 
Psychological relaxation reduces stress anxiety.usefull for dipan ,balvardhan
f. Arjun Kshirpak
Useful in all types of  hrudrog
g. Arjun +Bala 3:1 combination
Is more useful in hrudrog.
h. Laghupanchamul kshirpak
Useful in shwas, kas, shirshool,jirn jwar, pinas ,parshwshool.
I. Panchakol kshirpak
Useful in Agnimandya,jwsr,Arsh
J. Shatavari kshirpak
Increase milk production
K. Sariva kshirpak
Used to increase complexion of new born given during 6 th month anc
l.Jivanti + Shatavari kshirpak 
Good results seen in increasing lactation
M. Shatavari + Anant+ Amruta kshirpak 
Usefull in jirn jwar
N.Marich kshirpak
Useful in chronic fever weight loss weakness 
O.shatavari + ashwagandha sidhha kshirpak 
Useful in IUGR
P.Ashoka +Bala kshirpak 
Works in hormonal imbalance
Q.Mocharas pichhabasti made by Kshirpak Vidhi 
Very good results in Ulcerative colitis
R. Ashwagandha + Arjun kshirpak 
Useful in any kind of heart disease, improve overall health and weakness 
S.Bhallatak kshirpak  
1/4 bhallatak +10 gram rice + 100 ml water+ 100 ml milk. Boil & reduced to 100 ml.
Used in amavat , chronic cases of psoriasis,CA oesophagus.
Dr. R Prathiban: Nowadays source of milk is questionable, will pausteutized milk have same effect as other milks, whether there is difference in medicinal effect if aja kshira, gow kshira, mahisha kshira etc used in kshira pak?
Vd Limesh Khatri: Use My approach always to be practical.. what ever  type avilable in your you can use. But the best option in general is cow milk some as per different indications of ayurveda. So explain to patient further next upto patient. Our work is to guide and make aware to patient
Dr. Pritam Veer: can we discuss dose and duration practically prescribed ? means how much Raw material should be taken.
Ayulink: And I would like to know the logic of kshirpak also.
Gary Yuen: That is also my question. Reading about it, I think it would a similar effect though pasteurized milk would have other negative health effects. I believe it is the milk fat, as fat has been shown to help increase absorption even in food. Some studies suggest it's the milk casein (protein) that helps protect ingredients and make them available for digestion. If it is mainly the fat, maybe water and ghee would work as well.
For the mechanism of why kshirapak works, another study uses vidari and suggests it's possibly the isoflavones. It also mentions soya has a similar effect so soymilk may work though I don't think any comparison has been done.
Dr. Vasupradha R: And also it has been noted that the pregnancy complications like eclampsia, etc are almost nil with the gokshura ksheerapakam
Dr. Kalpesh Vani: Shatavari and Gokshur kshirpak in mutragat raktasrav
 Dr. Shantanandkumar: Yes I am using  it is giving good result and maintenance bp
Mr. Jayesh patel: We can prepare freeze dried kshir pak in powder form and the is packed in 5 gram sachet so one can use is everyday easily. Dried powder retains 100 % properties. We have done trials with patients and found to be equally effective.
Dr. V B. Maheshwari: So how should we prepare that type of ksheerpaka or is it available in market?
Mr. Jayesh patel: Not available in market. It is custom made. Can be used for 2 years. Period of usage can be prescribed by a  doctor. Self life is 2 yrs. It is prepared in bulk say 10 kg. 50 kg. Than dried. Dried powder may be 15% to 20% of of the condensed milk preparation. The advantage is one does not have to prepare it everyday. We did it for ayurveda practitioner and he successfully used for his patients.
Compiled by - Dr. Dhruti Kagrana

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