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ADHD (Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder): #ayurvedic view & #ayurveda approach to manage it.

Views shared by several ayurveda professionals and non-ayurveda people in discussion group:
All views shared here are only for knowledge. This information doesn’t have any scientific validation. Various doctors and non-medicos have shared their views and experiences in this discussion. Please do not try any of the suggestions described here, without prior consult from your regular, qualified doctor. Dr. Prerak Shah and no other person is responsible for any unwanted effects, side effects or contra-indications in your health. Thank you.
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Today's topic for discussion: ADHD (Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder): ayurvedic view and ayurvedic approach to manage it.

Vd. Jignesh Thakkar: Sarashwatarist aswagandharist sarashwat churna are good option to treat this disease. In single drug jyotishmati could be also good option short treatment should be antipsychotic and vata samak. It is related to vata dominance...vata has chal (moving) guna when chal guna in body and raja guna in mind increases ADHD happens. In vata prakruti guna ....अल्प केशो कृशो रुक्षो वाचालश्चल मानसः। स्वप्नेशु आकाशचारि च वात प्रकृतिको नरः।।  so chal manasa is Guna of vata. in this type of cases we should control vayu.  Best medicine could be vacha. because it is ushna in guna and antipsychotic. Most contraindicated drug in ADHD is vistinduk because it has chal guna  stimulates nerves and thus we should not use vistinduk containing medicine like vistindukadi vati,navjeevan ras or agnitundi in this type of cases for other causes.

Vd. Mahesh Akani: Adhd: Result is very slow. At night when child is sleeping at that time Auto suggestion & story telling by parents. Manas mitra vatak, sarshwatarisht, ashwagandha, sunth, aatmagupta, Abhyang, shirodhara, nasya r very useful. Above all treatment r vata shamak & Mano balya

Vd. Hardik bhatt: Jatamansi in combination of medhya drugs also a good

Dr Dipak Shirude: Very bad prognosis with aushadh .. Seems some improvement with shirodhara .. I am not satisfied with my treatments given to such cases ..

Drugs like Sutshekhar .. BVC .. Brahmi vati suvarnayukta are looking hopeful sometimes but that is also not permanent resulting .. Frankly speaking .. I cannot decide borders of between ADHD, Down's syndrome, Mental Retardation etc. I have not studied these modern terms .. My study regarding Unmad, Apasmar, Atattvabhinivesh and Various Grahas is yet not completed .. Such patients come to me sometimes but I cannot hold them for a longer period ..

Vd. Pankaj Chhayani: Down is completely different... While ADHD can be boon for many boys.. Michael fleps was suffered from ADHD..I think its not related with any type of prakriti.. I seen a patient with ADHD, initially stage of disease , he was very hyper active. In adolescent he become very calm... Down is chromosomal problem, trisomy of 21 chromosomes… These are some images for differentiate with Down... Yes it is not prakruti related but i told it For interpretation of ADHD as vat disease. ADHD is vikruti...because of vata and rajas guna.

Dr Dipak Shirude: I know some basic things about Down's etc. .. But when a patient of Down's behaves like ADHD or MR .. ?!?! .. Signs and symptoms mix up very much .. That is what I wanted to state ... .. .Study of grahas mentioned in Ayurved will prove beneficial to understand effective treatment of ADHD ...

Vd. Pankaj Chhayani: Down pts are more likely to have ADHD

Birju Acharya:  Shavasan and Meditation. Tratak karma in yogic Shatkarmas can be of great help for children.

Canada Dr. Nitin Shah: ADHD we can consider with excess vata and oil massage, quality good fat in forms of EFA through sesame oil, flex oil, cow's ghee etc. In diet, avoiding over stimulation in life style, time to time matra basti, adaptogenic herbs like tulsi, ashwagandha, Brahmi are beneficial.  And of course, regular practice of pranayama particularly ujjayee and bhramari followed by meditation

Vd. Ami mehta: ADHD is a behavioral - neurological disorder.  According to Ayurveda vata dominant tridoshaja disease of manovaha shrotas. We can use vatakaphahar, medhya, rasayan drugs. Like brahmi, ashwagandha,  tagar, vacha, jatamasi,  guduchi,  triphala,     satavari. Also used abhrak bhasma, vat chintamani ras, smruti Sagar ras, medhya rasayan choorna, kapoor kanchali. Also cow milk shirodhara with medhya drugs give good result.

Canada Dr. Nitin Shah: See the keyword in ADHD is H, which is related with hyperactivity , which is related with excess vata and some time pitta too.
As pitta is predominantly fire and fire always go up and never going down so some time need to be cooled down. So if ADHD with lots of fiery emotions like anger, hate, jealousy etc. Than vata-pitta pacifying protocols

Vd. Bhavesh Thakkar: It is no doubt vata imbalance. Brahmi tailam for head.
Aswagandha, Suvarna muktadi gulika gives results. Asan - pranayam - meditation etc also needed.

Shri Minoo parabia: I think there's some confusion. Down's syndrome is a genetic disorder 21 trisomy as mentioned. ADHD is a psychological issue. I know of schools taking care of such children. Parents also need counselling to handle such kids. Brahmi is just fine and  sufficient. Rest is giving full attention to a child.
Give lots of love and care. Channelize energy to productive activities or hobby.
I think that movie Taarey zamin par, although talks about Dislexia, very much pertains to this too.

Vd. Prerak Shah: I will support Dr. Nitin's comment to consider involvement of pitta dosha in ADHD.

Vd. Bhavesh Thakkar: Yes. Counseling is must. There is an interesting remark about ADHD: Once long back when I was with Dr P K Warrier the Managing Trustee and Chief Physician of Arya Vaidya Sala, Kottakkal. An NRI patient of ADHD visited him, he was a regular patient and was much much better with the medicines. As mentioned my Minoo Parabia ji the kid was attending the school and taking Drs medicines. If I am not mistaking he was given Suvarna Muktadi Gulika Aswagandharistam and Saraswataristam gold along with Shirodhara. But interesting point he made  during discussion was according to Dr PKW ADHD could be a result of vaccination. He is strongly against vaccination. He said many psychological conditions could be a result of vaccination.

Shri Minoo parabia: Very keen observation by Dr.  Warrier. Possible.

Vd. Pankaj Chhayani: Its true, the nature of hyper activity should be channelised

Dr. Bhagyashri Panchal:  In is treated with the love...

Shri Minoo parabia: Pamper the ear lobes daily for 3 minutes with your index finger and a thumb to avoid neurological problems including Alzheimer!

Vd. Ajay Pithiya: Childhood according to ayurveda is stage of kapha which is tama pradhan..  Hyperactivity suggest excess of raja.. Though this is psychological issue, later on physical problems occurs inherited to vata nd yes pitta related too

Vd. Dhruti Kagrana: ADHD -
Dosha:- Tarpaka kapha, Sadhaka pitta, and Prana,Udan & Vyan vayu.
Ayurvedic approach to treat Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder is to enhance the dhi, dhriti and smriti resulting into increased mental coordination.
There are two types of approach to treat the ADHD, which includes herbs that pacifies all types of organs, dhatus and srota of the body.
1.These herbs pacifies the vitiated Vata dosha. These herbs effectively correct the body metabolism and maintain the proper functioning of all organs.
2.The other class of herbs are prescribed for correcting the mental disorder and effectively rejuvenate the brain. They are classified as Medhya Rasayan, which means they provide maximum nutrition to the brain, enhances dhi, dhriti, and smriti and improve coordination among neural complex and various mental factors.
The Ayurvedic approach relies on the mechanism to regulate the mental performances which involves;
*Tikta rasa directing medha (intellect)
*Ushna Virya and Tikshna Guna increases grasping power and perception
*Smaran retrieves Pitta
*Sara Guna improves prerana (motivation)
*Tridosha Shamaka pacifies Vata and regularize the function of mana (heart) and improves attention, working memory and procedural memory

Germany Helga Fuchs: ADHS Need strong routine, food, massage, and soft environment. I only have experience with herbs like brahmi and Bala. Giving body massage with same oils, and it is very important to treat the parents too. Learn them the routine first and to cook food who nutrients the body and mind.
We here in Germany says, if child is sick, treat the mother and father. Both needs good habits to each other and very important, both have to give same advice to the child. Differences creates pressure and conflicts in the child. And child have to learn disziplin. Most important, child have to do some work in family and for family. And maybe all together little things for others. By this way child have the feeling for beeing important and needed. And he can express his energy. And for sure…children need to play and to move. Today most play on computers. No direct training with other in nicely form. Computer very less and no mobil. And adults have to learn that childs are louther and running and crying. Time for running and time with discipline is needed. Same for adults, not so much excentric and good Vata routine and treatments. Shiro too but no Shiro for childs. And shure yoga and pranayama.

Vd. Kinshuk Hirpara:
 (ADHD) is a behavioral disorder of children that comprises perhaps 50% of referrals to child neurologists, behavioral pediatricians, and child psychiatrists. It is characterized by inattention, with increased distractibility and difficulty in sustaining attention, poor impulse control, and decreased self-inhibitory capacity, as well as motor overactivity and motor restlessness.[1,2] The incidence of ADHD in school-going children in the West and India ranges from 5%–10%.[3] Two to four times more boys than girls are affected.[4,5] It often continues into adolescence and adulthood and can cause a lifetime of frustrated dreams and emotional pain. A must read scientific paper on this subject

Germany Helga Fuchs: Thank you very much for this report Vd Kinshuk Hirpara. Wowww, I will discuss it with my doctor friend here. He is Doc of school medicine and sometimes we work together. Maybe we can start some work together for children with ADHS. Only one little problem is given for me. - Shiro for children under 14. Feel not well with them. Why? Yes Shiro well done creat wonders in regulation. But what I see, the common problems in childs with diagnosis ADHS as well as with diagnosis ADS, missing important experiences. As to learn to sitting still, to think how her actions works in the world... And and and. This are needed experiences to have balance. By treating with Shiro, manosha gunas get balanced, yes, but it gives not the missed learning experience. Only the strenght to be more able to comfort others and himself by relaxing. As I understanding second it's only dease of Trigunas. But if one is K prakruti or V prakruti, he is still different in  mind and body movement. One is slow to get but this is not a problem, he only need more time but have it. V is opposition. Fast understanding and fast loosing. But both have natural basics who must be trained. In Shiro, now I am afraid to disturb by manipulating manodhosha, this underlying important process. As in yoga, there is no need for childs to do special work before eight +-; and if we train them with yoga we can harm them. By this we start only with suryanamaskar soft and gayatrimantram, to give strenght to body and mind. And little little training to sitting quiet for short time. So it is nothing put down by outside regulation, no it is worked out by mind and body of the child.
If you do Shiro now and medicine, I miss your advice and information what you do after your successful treatment with Shiro. Maybe we can do it here to.😇. Hope you can clear my conflict. Many childs here in a big need and schoolmedicine only giving strong drugs as Ritalin. Many natural doctors against them and try with homöopathy and natural treatment. Success is given, but slow and parents are tired. Thank you. You should start this project in the west. Childs are our future and must be clear and strong. Yoga program then we build up and change earliest with 16. For not disturbing the natural growing process of dhatu. In yoga and ayurveda we manipulate with nature the nature, due the working process. This is, why so much success is given.
Vd Kinshuk Hirpara. Sorry, another question. In ADHS many adults have problems with her learning and studys, children too. It is so heavy for them to read, because she cannot focus on one word by reading, eyes are seeing all written words in the line. And by this disturbing she mast repead many time to get the meaning in her understanding. I have worked with an adult with a special technical. Paranormal Surgert to help her with ADHS. I do this to find out if there are some possibilities to help in this way. I was working on the eyes to give some input to her  Nervsystem. I use this technic for eyeproblems and for hpd. Her ADHS was getting relaxed, but most success for her was, that she can reading normal. In your study's, do you find any sign for better results in reading, or only in better mental improvements at all. I think this problem shut be solved or be less by Shiro to? As we see in nasya eyesight is getting better, most time. In Marsha and virecan nasya. More in brhman. Yes?

Vd. Neha Dipam Tripathi: Shaaman nasy gives good result in this

Mr. Bunty Gandhi: Came to know so many new things about ADHS.
Dr. Hardik- MD: I also

Vd. Neha Dipam Tripathi: Sthir gun pradhanya hoy + medhya + baly hoy evu drug ane ena thi sidhdha ghrit nu Sevan with milk and also can be used for nasya

Vd. Kinshuk Hirpara: Well, in option to Shirodhara,  I think drops of cow ghee in ears and nose. Also rubbing at foot soles. That will calm his nervous system . As cow ghee has so many tarpana qualities. And in matter of concentration , v hv many medicines like Brahmi and shankhpushpi.  But instead of this I have full trust on brahm Rasayana . Which has amazing results in kids with poor coordination. With all this, adhd kids have to take some councelling sessions.  And we can also teach kids meditation and deep breathing.

Vd. Prerak Shah: Thank you all friends. Let's conclude this topic. I will prepare summery today.

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Views shared by several Ayurveda professionals and non-Ayurveda people in discussion group: Disclaimer: All views shared here are onl...