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Excessive salivation or less salivation in adults / senior citizens....#ayurvedic approach

Views shared by several ayurveda professionals and non-ayurveda people in discussion group:
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Today's topic for discussion: Excessive salivation or less salivation in adults / senior citizens.

Vd. Dhruti Kagrana: Excessive or less salivation:-
Dosha:- mainly prana vayu and bodhaka kapha
Gandush and Nasya is beneficial.
Secretion of saliva is under control of the autonomic nervous system, which controls both the volume and type of saliva secreted so, Basti is also helpful.

Vd. Bhavesh Thakkar: ~* Excessive salivation 
Dosha - Kapha, vayu Dushya – rasa……..Krumi could also be a reason. 
~* Less salivation 
Dosa : Pitta, vata Dushya Ras
Ama pachana drugs along with digestives like vidanga will be helpful in excessive salivation
Less salivation - Madhura guna dravyas should be used.

Vd. Mahesh Akani: Sunth- vishva bhesaj : Madhur vipak & grahi guna. 
By grahi guna it's uses in excessive salivation & by madhur vipak it's uses in less salivation. Yes....anupana will change
Also excess..saliva is due to Krimi, Ajirna, udavarta, kaf prakop, aamdosh
& less saliva..is due to vata prakop, Dhatu kshaya
In both condition treatment is different but sunthi - vishwa is common, anupan is different. As Sunth + haldi (turmeric) in excess..saliva, Sunth + gud (jaggary) +ghee in less saliva

Vd. Pankaj Chhayani: Dry mouth( decrease salivation) is seen in sjogren disease... There are many pts of sjogren...so its necessary to rule out sjogren...in sjogren, Salivary and lacrimal both glands are Dysfunctional. Xerostomia(dry mouth) and Kerato conjunctivitis (sicca)are seen.. sjogren is autoimmune disease, dry mouth also can be seen in other autoimmune disease like RA, SLE, Sclero derma etc... I have seen a pt who used to drink 8 to 10 litre water due to dry mouth(lack of salivation). Pts got very much relief by Shadanga paniya. Other one pt also got  90% relief within 1 month. There are lot of pts with problems of Dry mouth(xero stomia) and dry eye(kerato conjunctivitis sicca) ... There are sjogren club in many cities for help to these types of pts.. There is sjogren club in Paldi- ahmedabad...
I always correlate auto immune disease with ama.  Symptoms of aama-- स्रोतोरोघ बलभ्रंश गौरव अनिलमूढता... Here what's mean by bala bhransh? Bhransh means corrupt.. Here bala( immunity) is working but its corrupted. ( same as politicians work a lot but for corruption and become harmful for country)..
Here bala is corrupted and work against own body tissue..so bala bhransh means corrupted immunity , corrupted immunity also seen in auto immune diseases... Other word is Anila mudhata( अनिल मूढता) ..Mudha means direction less(can't understand what to do)....it seems same as corrupted... By these two words , we can take autoimmune as Ama.. So i think whenever there is lack of salivation due to auto immunity ,first we must do treatment of Ama and after achieving niram condition , vata alleviating treatment should be done...

Vd. Kinshuk Hirpara: Excess salivation also can be caused by GERD reflux disease . So have to give patients abhayadi ghan vati. If no any other complaints then excess salivation . Also herbal dhumrapana suggested…Some seizure medicines such as Klonopin (clonazepam)…….Schizophrenia medicine called clozapine (Clozaril, Fazaclo ODT)…..Salagen (pilocarpine), used to treat dry mouth in people who have radiation therapy……..These medicines also causes excess salivation

Dr.Pulastya Vora : Excessive salivation may be due to continuous stimulation of salivary glands by way of pan or tobacco chewing or  an masala chewing. Less of secretion may be due to ageing of salivary glands; anticholinergic side effect of various drug therapies; excessive loss of water due to diuretic therapy. It can also be hereditary. Oral ulceration can also be a cause to sooth the lesion. Less secretion can also be due to hypothyroidism. Attificial saliva is available in foreign countries.

Vd. Hardik bhatt: Salivary gland stone , hypo and hyperthyroidism blood pressure medicines are also disturbing salivary secrations. Panchvalkal kwath , yastimadhu kwath with sfatika churn are useful for gandush and kaval .

Shri Minoo parabia: For excessive I prefer Acacia- akakia. It is sold by unanis. Babul fruits are crushed and kept under the strong sun light for the considerable period and powdered. Akakia is strong astringent. Gargling helps. For saliva deficit Arogyavardhini or sanjivani is fine.

Dr. Hardik- MD: In krimi rog also present excessive salvation in children. In excessive salvation we can not give katu rasa pradhan dravyas because their property is increase slavation so we have to use kashay and tikat aushadha like must a, ushir, puga fala, nagavalli……If we think about dravya's  vipaka and virya then it's not work properly because dravya will start it's action first with rasa.

Dr Dipak Shirude: Excess salivation is termed as Hrillas in Ayurved texts .. 
A good knowledge and experiences about this are already shared .. 
I wish to add something ..
Kapha prakop is the basic thing in this symptom while predisposing factors are the badly contaminated environment .. Dust particles . bad odour . mind disturbing scenes . abnormal temperature fluctuations .. These things stimulate the salivation and if not spitted out, it finally get added to the basic kapha-prakop. 
Vaman . virchan . basti . shodhan nasya play important role this regard. 
Chausashti pippali or vardhaman pippali rasayan is also worth. 
Daily mild and safe laxative like gandharva haritaki also helps to control the udaan vayu action .. Yet the tendency in some kapha constitution (prakriti) remains .. 
Clean and slight cool environment is better to avoid excess salivation and further spitting ..Less salivation in sr citizens .. So many situations present this symptom .. 
In general, involvement of pitta and vat as well as kaphaksay is considered .. 

While treating these patients, I keep in mind the line of treatment of Trishna and also Rasayan Chikitsa ..

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