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Management of ACUTE CONDITION OF FEVER with #Ayurveda....

Views shared by several ayurveda professionals and non-ayurveda people in discussion group:
All views shared here are only for knowledge. This information doesn’t have any scientific validation. Various doctors and non-medicos have shared their views and experiences in this discussion. Please do not try any of the suggestions described here, without prior consult from your regular, qualified doctor. Dr. Prerak Shah and no other person is responsible for any unwanted effects, side effects or contra-indications in your health. Thank you.

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Next topic for discussion: Management of ACUTE CONDITION OF FEVER with #Ayurveda....
Dr. Ravindra Upadhyay: Tulsi helps in reducing even high grade temp. Sponges soaked in Tulsi swaras diluted with simple cold water when kept over bladder region, and changed frequently, brings down high grade temp, as experienced by me in the case of my son. No allopathic medicines given concurrently at all. Avoid giving milk and preparations of milk during high grade temp.Use of chandrakalaras during Shrad Rutu, in pittaj jawar Or of pitta Constitution, when given with simple water helps a lot. Starvation plays a major role in hyperpyrexia.
Dr. Sujata Vaidya: Grated onion lepa on scalp and sole of feet plus as few spoon juice intake. Juice followed  with haldi, honey and suntha.
Shri Minoo parabia: I am using Calotropis buds. A tribal remedy. The DST sponsored project "development and standardization of.." resulted into the product namely Calomaline, an effective antipyretic and anti malarial. Fever subsides within 20 to 30 minutes. One can just take apical bud with some jaggery. Equally effective.
Vd. Pankaj Chhayani:
Dengue fever- Chandrakala rasa, Sanshamani vati
Fever with RTI- Tribhuvan Kirti rasa
Fever with UTI- Nimbatwaka kwath
Viral fever- Sudarshan Ghana vati
Ayulink: Dose and anupan please.
we use godanti bhasma - 1 gr + guduchi satva 1 gr - with water...and works like paracetamol...dose can be repeated after 1 hour.
Vd. Gurumahantesh: I use tribhuvana kirthi rasa 1 tablet every hour with shunthi swarasa and advice him to take guduchi siddha ushna jala for drinking.
Dr.sarang Patil: Laghusutshekhar 250 mg and Chandrakala Ras 250 with honey repeated after 3 hrs helps in high grade fever also.
Vd. Gurumahantesh: Tribhuvana keerthi helps in vatakaphaja jwara. While as chandrakala helps in pittaja And where as guduchi satva , samshamani helps in vata pittaja. My understanding.
Vd. Pankaj Chhayani: In most of cases of RTI, Vata kapha dominate, while pitta dominates in Dengue.
Vd. Dhruti Nirav Bhatt: Sudarshan Ghanvati 6 hourly, Tribhuvan kirti Rasa twice with Tulsi patra or Tulsi patra swaras in Vat Kaphaj fever. Salt water Sponging on Forehead,Palm and Feet. Mayuphal lep on Brahmarandhra region. Light diet, panchkol frequently.
Vd. Kirti: In chikangunia- Asthisandhigt jwar composition from bhishyjyaratnavli gives best result. I know it's granthokt but gives best result.
Dr. Madhuri Patil Chaudhari: To reduce fever along with Sudarshan ghan vati, Suvarn sutshekhar ras with ginger swaras and trikatu powder.  Kirattikta kashay. Vihaar chikitsa- rubbing cut side of Pumpkin dudhi or red one, bhopala. On palms of hands and soles of feet continuously for 15- 20 mins. Anubhut  temperature came dowm from 102 to 100. Head to be kept cooler when fever present. Juice of onion or dudhi on scalp. Ice packs on head if no sinus congestion.
Dr. Jaya Sambhus: Copper vessel with full of normal water keep on umbilicus , keep it for 5 min n remove, change water n repeat it after 15 min . This is very best in high grade fever and more effective in children.
USA Irene CCA: Does copper has cold properties?
Dr. Rinku Shah: Vettumaran gulika works nicely.
Dr. Uday H. Hanagal: Nidana Parivarjana, Pathya aharavihara sevana,   Amrutarista +  Mustakarista + Parpatakarista in equal quantity with Boiled water gives very good result  in  Acute Fever, fix the dosages according to the condition.
Dr. Jyoti Ashok: Amritarishta+ dashamoolarishta+ vasarishta equal quantity , 2tsf with warm water muhur muhur also helps.
Dr. Arvind Shahane: Sir 3 arishtha's r more expensive for fever.
Dr Jayesh Patel: Amrutashtak kwath with sundarshan ghanvati ghanvati, Amalakyadi churn gives excellent result in acute  fever.
Dr.Ravibhusan S Sonawale: Chandrakala ras 2 BD with Hot water,
Also help to acute fever.
Anoop S. Anand: In Kerala based pharmacies these arishtas are given as loose medicine. i mean the 3 arishtas are mixed and filled in 3 bottles and given to 3 different patients
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Dr. Shantanandkumar: Tepid sponge bath.
Vd. Manhar Prajapati: Trishun gives good result..
Dr. Dipalee Malviya: maha sudarshan ghan vati n tab Liv.52  r also good.
Ayulink: Dose and anupan?
Vd. Piyush Prajapati: I give only sunthi panak or sunthi danyak him to drink . And eat only Khichadi. i get rapid result by only this..mostly fever relieved by this. If not relieved,than Sudarshan or Tribhuvan ..
Germany Stefanie Erb: What does sunthi panak or danyak mean, please?
Dr. P. A. Deshpande: In high fever rectal circulation of chillled  water give instant relief and save brain from damages.  For thus purposes  two rubber or plastic tubes are inserted in anus . From one tube  chilled water is injected by gravity which circulate un colon and drained out by other tube.  The temperature comes down in few minutes.  Sponging with  salt water also helps.
Dr. Shubhanda Gunjal: Mahasudarshan kadhaa gives good results in fever.
Vd. Manhar Prajapati: Plz guide for child trt also how to treat fever...bcz they not take easily medi specially bitter test...
Dr.Piyush Dodiwadiya: In acute condition cold sponging is best at any age cold water enema is also beneficial. Only in rigors one should not do cold sponging persistent fever is harmful to body so one has to reduce down the temperature Then go for yukti praman and think the cause of fever.
Vd. Jignesh Thakkar: Cold water anema is i think against our pathy Please don't mind but I think cold water anema or cold water applied by any mean via rectal root may vitate vata...which is basic principal of Ayurveda.
Vd. Pritam Bharat Veer: Cold sponging can be done and repeated after every 20 min done especially in axillary region, forehead. But it has also limitations as when there is shivering such cases are mostly small children. In such cases what can we do? experts plz guide. I prefer paracetamol suppository. We have very less options for acute fever. Everyone plz reply.
Martina Kobs: Basti is reducing fever very fast.
Stefanie Erb: We do cold compress with eg towels on calfs/ lower leg. Change a few times But not too cold.
Vd.manik Soni: we must admit that we don’t have much options for acute high grade fever. Sponging will reduce any fever within 15 minutes if done properly.
Dr.Mahesh P: If we stop seeing cases with modern spectacles we can find medicine. If we approach with "this disease - that medicine" we will not find 100% result. Then why rasa guna virya vipaka kala desha bala etc etc etc  are explained??? We can find medicine if approach with real Ayurveda.
Vd.manik Soni: Can I have a single example where we can lower temperature within 15-20 minutes of drug administration..
Dr.Mahesh P: There is example of treating malaria in 2-3 days
Dr. Supratim Bir: As the topic raised is very crucial I want to put my words in d forum Jwara occurs due to ama. Other then Kshya anila bhoya krodha kama soka sramodvaba Jwara langhan swedan kaala n javagu is advised. Now aampachan is intended to cure Jwara. That's for why the body temp increases to burn d ama internally. Interference  with hyper thermic state how much intended is my doubt ! Rather intending hypothermia aamapachan should b d priority. Is it ??
Dr.Kale Vishvnath: Can anyone differ action/results between cold water per rectal (i doubt to call it basti), basti of shit(cold) guna dravya, & basti of jwarhar dravya ?
Dr. Supratim Bir: Temperature will settle automatically. Vasti dravya always should b of body temp. Sheeta dravya produce vyapad. As pakvasaya as the seat of vata N sheeta.  Is the quality of vayu so cold water enema will provoke vayu. It's theory . But kindly share if any body got hypo thermic action with this.
Dr.Kale Vishvnath: Though classically aamapachan is important, for aatyayik chikitsa & integrated approach we can think of hypothermia... i think if so, what ayurved advice among above 3 (cold water, shit gun yukta or jwarhar)?
Dr. Supratim Bir: Jwarahara
Dr.Mahesh P: Using cold water sponging is unscientific.
Dr. Supratim Bir: Jwarahara n kafanashak dravyas carry kasaya n tikata gunas.
Vd. Shrinidhi: In acute fever mrityunjaya rasa 250 mg with 2 ml of adraka swarasa will subdue body temperature 1-2 F within 3 hours in addition i add maha sudarshana khada or amritarista 20 ml tid depending on other associated complaints.
Compiled by: Vd. Dhruti Kagrana

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