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Use of Asava and Arishta kalpnas in #Ayurveda treatment

Views shared by several Ayurveda professionals and non-Ayurveda people in discussion group:
All views shared here are only for knowledge. This information doesn’t have any scientific validation. Various doctors and non-medicos have shared their views and experiences in this discussion. Please do not try any of the suggestions described here, without prior consult from your regular, qualified doctor. Dr. Prerak Shah and no other person is responsible for any unwanted effects, side effects or contra-indications in your health. Thank you.
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Next topic for discussion: Use of Asava and Arishta kalpnas in #Ayurveda treatment
Dr. Gurumahantesh : Asava is guru in nature , as they don't come in contact with agni. Whereas arishta is laghu.
Dr.Mrugeshkumar patel: Somasav Bronchial asthma chronic productive cough excellent result.
Dr.Bhavini Raja: Can we use asav / arishtas in kushth rog as they are one type of madya preparation ?

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Dr.Mrugeshkumar patel: Old asava is more useful.
Dr.R Prathiban:Yes khadira arishtam, aragwada arishtam are widely used
Dr.Sandeepji:Somasav can help on broncheoectasis ??
Dr.Mrugeshkumar patel: No
Dr.Vasupradha R: Yea, Nimbasavam too
Abhayarishtam, Ayaskruthi, Bhrungarajasavam, Chandanasavam, Dashamularishtam, Partharishtam, Puthikaranjasavam, Puthivalkasavam, Punarnavasavam, Saribadyasavam, Vidangarishtam. Like this many arishtam n asavam can be used in different types of kushtam.
Ayulink: new to know. Can you give more details? which compnay produce it? its uses?
what is the major diff between asava and arishta? Is there any manufacturing process difference or anything else?
if it is sadhya and ashukari (Instant), why it is less in common practice? Except few states of south India, we dont find good quality producers too.
Vd. Pritam veer:Asawa arishta contain self generated alcohol, which dissolves active principles of herbs and spices in it. Hence it is quite safe to use in therapeutics.
Both have very long shelf life.  Older the Asava / Arishta, the better. The potency increases with age. Potency is retained at maximum levels, till a long period of time.
Dr.Mrugeshkumar patel: What is the resion potency increase with age
Vd. Pritam veer:Generally, Asava formulations are prepared without making decoctions and Arishta formulations are prepared making decoctions. However, it is not a universal principle and there are a few exceptions. It's written in our granth as.Gud, ghrut, asawa aristha older are better. Honey also. In Aswas we use only herbs water sugar and other where in aristha we use decoction or क्वाथ of herbs if which we are preparing medicines.
Ayulink: May be because of alcohol prohibition in Gujarat, I find very few Vaidyas prescribing asava and arishta. Most commonly we use dashamularishta, kumaryasav, abhayarishta, lohasav etc.
Vd. Pritam veer:Yes ,I do use very less Aswas aristha , as some pt deny to take these bcz of alcohol content their smell also.
Plz all of you share asawa which you prescribe with their indications. That would be better instead of discussing advantages and disadvantages.
Dr.Vasupradha R:
Vd. Sachin Kadlag:CNS  produces Aaragwadharishta
यद् अपक्व-औषध -अम्बुभ्यां सिद्धं मद्यं आसवः
अरिष्टःक्वाथसिद्धः स्याद् .... ।।    Sharangdhar samhita madhyamkhand 10/2
That why arishta kalpana is more strong (tikshana) as compared to aasava kalpana
Dr.Siva kumar: Coz dy r more concentrated due to decotn.
Vd. Sachin Kadlag:yes, aasava -arishta mainly to be used kapha dominant people or kaphavata dominant people. In pitta dominant people few aasavas like chandaasava /saarivadyasava can be used but in less dose with more water and with precaution
Chitrakasava /kanakasava ... these I use kapha pradhana shwasa kasa  20 ml with equal warm water two times a day after food
Kutajarishta in chirakalin atisaara /pravahika with agnimandya and udar shula
Vidangarishta for krumi specially in children between 12 to 16 years of age 10 ml to 15 ml twice a day for 15 - 30 days
Khadirarishta in kaphapradhana kushtha
Draksharishta or drakshasava  for agnimandya
Dashmularishta for kapha vata pradhana shotha and sandhi shula
Ashwagandharishta as balya (for vitality ) and also apetizer
Dr.Siva kumar: Kanakasava doesn't produce any complications? As it's among sthavara visha
Vd. Sachin Kadlag: I use kanakasava which is prepared by Vaidya ... not noted any complication yet but yes precaution is must
Dr.Siva kumar: Precaution in sense...! Hw- Low doses..
Vd. Sachin Kadlag: Takrarishta no. 1 in grahani and no. 2 in arsha (shushka )
when we give it for first time , we should start with low dose  for first few days and with more water. bahu kapha condition is must for it also we have to stop it or reduce dose when vitiated kapha becomes less
I also use Saraswatarishtam in children above 2 years and in adults also to increase concentration, it also helps in reducing anxiety, nervouseness , it increases apetite to some extent , helps in relieving stress. But here also those who have more heat in body than better to be avoided ...
I also use sometimes Amrutarishta for recurrent jwara conditions and its complications. but all this aasava arishta have to be used for limited period should not be continued ideally for more than 6 weeks ... it should not become habit
They can be stopped as early as from 5 to 7days.... may be continued till 1 month on an average basis ... sometimes upto 6 weeks ...depending upon desired results
Ayulink: Takrarishta, is it easily available?
Dr.Mrugeshkumar patel: Which type of complication seen during amrutarishta, kankasava.
Vd. Sachin Kadlag: In Pune its easily available
Dr. Arvind Sahane: I use dabur dashmoolarishth For incomplete missed abortion ( small part of retained product )
Dr.Vasupradha R: Asava or arishtam n Amla pitham can be used?
Ayulink: I found mostly asava and arishta from Zandu and Sandu good quality.
Dr.Vasupradha R: Sna , dhootpaapeshwar s also good
Dr. Arvind Sahane: I use sandu  But I seen results of dabur dashmoolarishth in incomplete missed abortion more better other Pharma
Vd. Sachin Kadlag:agasti pharmaceuticals and vagbhat pharmaceuticals
Ayulink: some years ago there was a product in the market from a company of Dhaka, was ' Mrut sanjivani sura'. Is it still available? Dr.Navneeth Krishnan: I mainly use arista and asava.cos we are preparing it and compared to other forms of medication it's so cheap for both patients. And at the end of prepration more finished product will be available for us to use.
Ayulink: People in Gujarat, were crazy of it, as they found this sura as best alternate to alcohol.
Dr.Sushant Patil: It's available of AVP i think
Ayulink: Pl brief us for any special asava and arishta products of your own. We will not consider as your marketing.
Dr.Sandeepji:Glass bottles aasavaarist have good effect and plastic bottles have less effective. Is it true????
Dr.Navneeth Krishnan: Few more difficulties are the in preparation of asava and aristam. Cos like after 40/45 day we won't get the desired taste and dark color. It takes time.
Dr.Siva kumar: Grishma is best season right!
Vd. Sachin Kadlag: Not found any major complications but increasing heat, feeling more hungry, burning in abdomen very few times like bhrama are seen (most likely symptoms of hypoglycemia )but not frequent .
Dr.Navneeth Krishnan: Just producing the classical asava and aristam like amrutarista,abhayarista, vasarista, jeerakarista, punarnavasava, khadirarista, balarista, aswagandarista, kumaryasava, dasamoolarista, asokarista, partharista etc. Cos it's so strict here in Kerala about the license.only limited quantities can be produced for a year. And need special license to open the arista bottles and to mix it. And one more thing is there, many times the medicines that we use may not work. Its cos the prepration may be from different references. So we should always see the ingredients and make sure it's the same that we thought off. Example-two abhayarista reference is one amalaki is more than abhaya and in the other one abhaya is more along with some other medicines.
Cos sir I was using sudarsanam tablet of avn and few days back i brought one from bipha. The medicines are different with different references. Then some companies produce shaddharana from susruta and some from vaghbhata reference, and some substitute ativisha by the indication can also differ. This is what I feel
Dr.V.B.Maheshwari: They told us just bcoz there is a reason. Bcoz of alcohol. Just like whisky and other alcoholic products. As the concentration of alcohol increase, potency of medicine will also increase.
Dr.Santanand kumar: Asava & Arista are good as old but why they are using preservative. Mentioned expiry date
Vd. Sachin Kadlag:which company is this? because Sandu and other which we use other companies here. don't shows  preservatives and no expiry also. arishtas  from Sandu also have preservatives  and also few aasavas have found few preservatives  from sandu but no expiry date, but aasava arishtas from cns is not showing preservatives. you are actually in manufacturing . you can guide us on use of preservatives in aasava arishta.
Dr.Navneeth Krishnan: In asava and aristam there is no need of it gets old the Virya and color gets better. So far havnt noted any problem in asava and aristam even after 4/5yrs with out preservatives. But Sir as per my experience so far(  just 1 and half year),qwatha need preservatives.expecially those with Guducci gets damaged easily.
Ayulink: Kwath is a different presentation and different product, that will require preservatives for longer shelf life. My question is for the use of preservatives: is there any effect - good or bad from these preservatives?
Vd. Nehal Shah:What is the dose for children and adult?
Dr.Mahendra Sharma: We use asava arishtam from kottakal and vaidyaratnam oushadhsala. We also use saraswatarishtam for concentration anxiety
Vd. Annop S Anand: Without preservatives may be the alcohol percentage might rise
Dr.Navneeth Krishnan: Good and bad we have to say. Cos good in the sense it can last long I mean the shelf life. Bad in some sense as sodium proply and methyl paraben can reduce the pitta hara effect of medicines. Cos my nose was burning once i smelled proply paraben
Vd. Pritam veer:There are many,which I do use personally at home for my kid, my family as well
Branko Markowic: Benzoate is quite tricky as in eu is very little amount is prohibited while in India much more..Altogether is dangerous as chemical but natural for is ok. Problem is that is many formulas and herbs, metals, minerals are even caring this position deep in the tissues..
Dr.Ravibhusan S Sonawale:Dashmoolarisht , Vidangarisht , Kumari asav etc Very useful in niruha basti also ...
Dr. Vivek D shah: There may b side effects of preservatives...
One study found that i share below...
In 2004, findings from a study published in the "Journal of Applied Toxicology" were released indicating that parabens may play a role in the development of certain types of breast cancer. Specifically, parabens act like estrogen, which may increase the risk of women developing estrogen-positive breast cancer. Researchers conducted tests on 20 different samples of human breast tumors, which revealed parabens to be present in each sample. This study was the first to indicate the seeping of these substances from the outer skin during application to underlying tissue. Additionally, the fact that parabens mimic natural estrogen is of special concern because estrogen can trigger and drive the growth of estrogen-positive breast tumors. These findings do not mean a specific cause-effect relationship exists; much more research is needed to determine the role of parabens.
Vd. Sachin Kadlag:which company?
Vd. Pritam veer:With added preservatives
Dr.Navneeth Krishnan: Actually the preservatives are bad for health. But once we make medicines of our own, we will come across the practical difficulties. Like the stability of medicine is an important thing, if there is no stability, no one will buy it. So finally we have to depend on preservatives
Dipak padia: I am pharmacist; Any medicine you manufacture is having self life. Ayurvedic medicines are natural source of medicine which will get bacterial growth after some time storage. Bacterial growth depends on storage condition and contents of composition of formula. If moisture is more than 2% in final product than medicine shelf life is very less. One has to add preservative to increase shelf life of the medicine. Earlier Ayush Department was not insisting for shelf life, only manufacturing date was mentioned. Now each dosages form has shelf life of two, three or five years depends on the products.
Use of preservatives is safe if used in prescribed dose as mentioned in Pharmacoepia. One has to do stability data before manfacturing and selling the product in market which will give more assurance about the product.
Alcohol it self  inhibits the bacterial growth so in Alcoholic products bacterial growth is not found. It is highly acidic PH. PH more than 4   (between 1 to 4 ) bacteria can not grow. When PH is less than 5 of the product Preservative is must. For Dry Product like, Tablets and Capsules moisture should be less than 2% so Bacetrial grwoth is controlled. Most of the Tablets and capsules Presrevatives are not require.
Dr.Ramesh Natu: Preservatives can have bad effects. Sodium meta bisulfite which is being commonly used in  Indian homes is very toxic if used in excessive quantities.Hydrogen peroxide have toxic effects,self generated alcohol can be good but asava are used as drink then the effects will be similar to liquors. Why Maggie was banned for some time? All preservatives used in the prescribed limits then you will get wonderful results.Otherwise bad for the health.
Dr.V.B.Maheshwari: What about Bhasma kalpana? It is told that Bhasma is not having any expiry date.
Dipak padia: It is purified substance and, 100% dry substance so shelf life is more but it is required to case to case substance after doing stability data. Ideally should not be more than 5 years. After 5 year again to retest it and can be used.
Ayulink: Any specific indication according to age, sex or prakriti to use asava or arishta?
For example for certain age asava is good or for certain prakriti arishta is good  etc
Dr. Hiral Khakhar: If preservatives used in limits then other kalpna like ready swaras can be used for long time?
Ayulink: I think yes,,,,like amla juice or aloe vera juice
Dr. Govind Dakh: Sir can u guide me more about preaervative
Vd. Pritam veer:No, what our granth says, that swaras must be used within 6hrs.
Vd Dipam Tripathi: Available Parma - Multani
21014: What will b effect on body if herbal products are used after expiry date. Can herbal products b harmful post expiry date or they become less potent after their declared shelf life.
Vd. Hardik Bhatta: I think for kastha aushadhi ..there is expire date because it will be less potential after some time which is described in book but not for basma , Ras aushadhi and asav arishtha.
Dr.Mrugeshkumar: why bhasma,ras aushadi has long potential & no need to add preserve ?
Shree Minoo Parabia: Bhasma, all, are oxides, ash. Ash doesn't spoil, unless it is wet.
Dr.Sandeep kumar: Can ashav artist be prescribed to diabetic patients without any caution
Ayulink: I personally allow. Like lodhrasav is very good for diabetic patients.But pt having additional complains then diabetes, and you want to prescribe asava for that other then diabetes complains , you must be careful.
Dr. Jignesh Thakkara: Personally i think svaras should not be used with preservatives
Sachinchndra jayswal: I use amrutarishta in diabetes.
Vd Saneep Ahirkar: Asav n arishta are useful in diabetes.
Vd. Pritam veer:As far as I know my guru used to prescribe faltrikadi kadha and Ayaskruti in prameh. If anyone can explain.
Dr.Sandeep kumar: Many diabetic patients comes with complain of cough for cough they demands liquid syrup. ???
881: Ayaskriti is good medicine found effective in kaphaja pandu clinically I found it very effective in pcod with obesity & raised sugar...
With regard to diabetes i think the stage wether vata, pitta or kapha (late...or early...) matters in using should be careful as gur or ferment preparation are restricted in prameha
Vd Saneep Ahirkar: National seminar on kalpas vd deopujari sir explained that syrups are form made by companies not by acharya bcoz all formulation are having concept of gamitwa...Means reaching capacity of drug upto dhatus specific
881: Just a thought, I personally avoid asava-arista prepation as here in Bengal due to humid weather it ferments turn sour quick...resulting pitta dushti..which is common complain in apaan desh...
Vd Saneep Ahirkar: Yes sir it's one nice thought
Sachinchndra jayswal: Arishta should be given in diluted form after breakfast in DM patients. I never see any complication .
Dr. Sharmila kulkarni:I use Chandanasav n Ushirasav in menorrhagia . I prescribe Kumari Asavam  in puberty  for inducing good ovulatory cycle so normal cycles. This avoids pcod to some extent.
Dr.V.B.Maheshwari: Aasav aarista are sugar base, so if you are prescribing any aasav or arista then you should regular check his/her blood glucose level.
If you wanna prescribe him/her any syrup,  kashyam are good.
503: I prescribe Dashmoolarishta, along with Balant kwath in post natal (after delivery /caeserian section) period
966: Balant kwath. .??
503: Balant kadha is a preparation made specifically for post delivery period. There are 3 balant kwath /kadha preparations available in market
No. 1 is preparation made up of Dashmoolarishta, Draksha, Dhamaki, koshtha, pippali, musta n jatamansi. Should be given for first 10 days after delivery. Mode of action is anti-inflammatory, healing, help in uterine involution (bringing at normal position), anti infective. Balant kadha no. 2 contain mostly stanya janan dravya (galactologue/helps in good breast milk production). Should be given from 11 to 20 days. Balant kwath no. 3 contain Lohasava, Arjunarishta, Ashwagandharishta. Mode of action is Nutritive tonic, reduce backache, appetiser, strengthen genital system. Should be given from 21 to 60 days post delivery
 Dr. Arvind Sahane: I use draksharishth/drakshashav +  amritarishth
To relieve alcohol withdrawing syndrome
966: But after C-section can we use kwath no.1??
Dr. Arvind Sahane: Then after also add ashwagandharishthand any liver tonic preparation
Dr. Sharmila kulkarni: I prefer giving Devdarvyadi kwath with Dashmoolarishta for postnatal period till 3 mnths. As Balantkadha is not available outside Maharashtra...I suppose
Vd. Avni Kaneria: Ashokarishta is good for menorrhagia. Kumari aasav is good for irregular or oligomenorrhea.
Dr. Arvind Sahane: I use sandu Pharma. Available in Surat.
Dr.V.B.Maheshwari: Which pharmacy is providing good quality of aasav aarista? I used dabur but results are not so impressive.
Dr. Hiral Khakhar: I think sandu is good. Zandu also good
Dr. Bhavin Chavda: Can we use bhringrajasava for indralupta??Or result is seen or not????
Dr.Vasupradha R: Dhootpaapeshwar, Avp, Vaidyaratnam are good.
Dr.Navneeth Krishnan: I havnt used Kumaryasa yet. Can you plz explain how kumaryasava works in oligomenorrhoea and irregular periods ?(  while seeing the phalasruti of kumaryasava it states raktapitta,balya and Vrishya )
Dr.Vasupradha R: Abhayarishtam can also be used in oligomenorrhoea
Vd. Pritam veer:I use asawa aristha of sandu , dhoot, vaidya ratnam, sometimes cns. But I gi for sandu as their preparation are available in 200ml bottle.
Otherwise all above are good.I use veertaradyasawa in urinary disorders.
713: kidney stone good Results
Vd. Pritam veer:Not used for kidney stone. Hv used varunadi kadha for kidney stone. Kumari asawa is mainly bhedana in nature along with artavjanan. So it breaks dosh sanghat or dosh vibandh by vayu in garbhashay. As far as I know kumari asawa does harmonal regulation also. So automatically artav production becomes normal. It relieves manas hetu also.
539: We get only kottakal and baidyanath asava aristam here, among that Kottakkal is best till now, wonderful result,Ashoka arista wonderful result in all bleeding disorder , abhaya arista for bleeding piles, harmorroid with other herb, khadiradiarista is very beneficial in all skin diseases ,I am very happy to see satisfying result in psoriasis,eczema etc
Dr.Navneeth Krishnan: Madam my doubt is how it acts in it due to prabava coz its Guna and karmaa are guru, sheeta,brhmana,rasayana,vrushya and raktapitta hara
Vd. Pritam veer:Karma , kumari bhedan. That's what I explained sir, plz read my reply again
757: Actually, it is necessary to know the basic reason (gunas involved) in anartava. Artav is agneya swarup, it is formed from ras (some believe, its from rakta).Ushna guna+mudh vata - this condition will be ideal to think of kumariasava.If the agnimandya exists right from amashaya/yakrit itself, the corrections are required at digestion level first before providing any phyto-estrogens.Kumari is beneficial for yakrit and helps improving pitta strav.
Kumari should not be consumed for long.. many cases of menorrhagia are required to stop daily consumption of kumari juice, even ras tantra saar repeatedly mentions not to take kumariasava for long.
Dr. Dayanand Bothre: I use arvindasav in children who don’t have proper appetite.
Compiled by - Dr. Dhruti Kagrana

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