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DMT and Ghee #Ayurveda

Views shared by several Ayurveda professionals and non-Ayurveda people in discussion group:
All views shared here are only for knowledge. This information doesn’t have any scientific validation. Various doctors and non-medicos have shared their views and experiences in this discussion. Please do not try any of the suggestions described here, without prior consult from your regular, qualified doctor. Dr. Prerak Shah and no other person is responsible for any unwanted effects, side effects or contra-indications in your health. Thank you.
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Next topic for discussion: DMT and Ghee
Dr. Madhuri Patil: Cows ghee is equated with DMT or spirit molecule..
Ghrut increaess Oujas and Snehbhaav. Satva gun vruddhi. But which
kind of intelligence is related with wholly Satva gun Vruddhi Satya
Budhhi of Charak. Mentioned in Purush Vichay ch. Sha sthan. why
LokPurush Saamya siddhant  knowledge is important.Medha is associated  with Pitta
Pitta is Agni + Jal mahabhut.Sushrut Sha sthan
Agni ~rajo satva bahul
Jal~ tamo satva bahul.Pittadhara kala sa eva majjadhara kala.
Majja Dhaatu.Anything that enhances pitta and majja is Medhya.So all 3 with Satva gun major not just SatyaBuddhi which is wholly Satva ~Aakash ~Satvabahul Sushrut sha.
Croatia Branko Markovic: Very interesting! How do you correlate DMT with ghee? What is amount of ghee for daily consumption?
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Dr. Madhuri Patil Chaudhari: Ghrut. Cows. Increses Satva gun, and
DMT.. does same .. spirituality is Satva gun vruddhi.
Some chemicals short cuts, short trips but if mind is not in control the
trip is not spiritually enlightening but fearful like a nightmare. just 
relationship with Satva Guna vruddhi which is SatChitAanand.
Anandamide is definitely not a Medhya dravya.. just experiences with
different kinds of perceptions.
My point is Medhya dravyas Increase Triguna with Satva more in
control by Rajas and tamas in balance countering each other to perfect
Balance. If Mind is ok. Then Dhi Dhruti and Smruti are perfectly in
balance. Dhi is Buddhi or Wisdom Dhruti is Retention power of mind.
Smruti is Retrival of knowledge  from repisitory of it(Aatma) at most
appropriate Kaal Or Time. Smruti is always in context with Kaal a dravya
among 9.
Dr. Madhuri Patil Chaudhari:
Tryptamine. Dmt connection  with ghrut. Majja dhaatu stores.
Croatia Branko Markovic:  Is it not DMT released by spiritual
experience? Ghee or cow can trigger satva Guna but for higher
experience which DMT is contributed there should be profound
spiritual experience. Intense Dhyana or prayer or just mercy of
almighty. Or your point is that ghee is “opening” possibility for
triggering DMT via satva guna?
Dr. Madhuri Patil Chaudhari: Yes. Thats my hypothesis based on
Ayurveda basic principles related to DravyaGuna vijnaan. And Yogic
Philosophy. And The development of SatyaBuddhi as described in
Charak Samhita SharirSthan 5th chapter on PurushVichay.
Charak S , Sushrut S.. hv already written but  Contextual knowledge we
r yet to decipher on the lines of current scientific researches or thinking. Physiological actions. Due to Charya or Dravyas. Difference is only wrt Time. Short time or long standing.
Croatia Branko Markovic: Very interested! Did you come across any other plant or substance in Ayurveda related to realising DMT? Or better question is: is there any substances which is breaking down DMT? And what other substances accept ghee are possessing DMT?
Student Shail H: What is DMT?
Dr. Madhuri Patil Chaudhari: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/m/pubmed/15780487/#fft
Croatia Branko Markovic: It is also very possible that DMT is closely related with mystical Soma plant
Dr. Madhuri Patil Chaudhari: Not yet fully. Still learning this aspect wrt Spiritual health as per Brihattrayi. Yes. It has been suggested. But extinct now. Yoga is a Charya. Which faciliitates this state of consciousness.
Croatia Branko Markovic: Basically it is spiritual molecule that is releasing spiritual or supernatural experiences.. it is said that is released during death even and do to that people are seeing white lights or some other similar experiences. Please share more of your knowledge and correlation of DMT with yoga and ayurveda. How to increase satva guna and how release DMT? This is very useful to all patient to mental issues and it is very useful to common man as well to people who practice yoga etc
Dr. Madhuri Patil Chaudhari: Will try to put in text my understanding.
Yoga is a Charya or  cheshta best suited for psychological imbalances.
DhiDhairyaAatmadi vijaanam manodosh aushdham param. Ashtang Sangrah 1.49. Meaning Wisdom. Retention of senses or mindfully appropriate conjuction with senses and special knowledge of Aatmaadi (Aatma, Dik, Kaal) is best medicine for Manodosh. Considering this and Majja, pitta (Snehbhav due to Jal mahabhut in pitta)  ghrut ojus simlar dravyas. Vruddhikar and ekikar.  Increase each other and aggregate eachother. Thereby Medhya By Charya or Actions. Trptamines,  precursor to Dmt, Naturally produced by pineal glands as neurotransmitters. Calcification of pineal gland causes disruption in natural production  which may b a cause of depression or Tamas abandance. Tamas is Kashay and katu . Antidote to this is Snigdh Madhur Ghrut to reduce Tamas. Reduction of tamas ~ increase in Rajas... Which if channelised properly in proper direction by Yoga can lead to Satva gun vruddhi. Ghrut is best for pitta majja too therfore best Medhya dravya. Ghrut contains Trptamines too. Now this thinking is based on Basic siddhants of Ayurved. How to proove by current research methodology is still under consideration.
Gary Yuen: Any opinions of some that have tried to identify soma as a mushroom? It's said descriptions lack mention of roots, stems or seeds so some think it is mushroom. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Botanical_identity_of_soma%E2%80%93haoma
DMT has been found in kapikacchu. Maybe some have experiences with that?
Croatia Branko Markovic: Hm was giving large doses of kapikacchu but people didn’t report any super experiences. Maybe it should be taken in some combination to activate DMT? Have one question regarding swarna.. We have colloidal nano gold (around 15nm in size), concentration is 100ppm (100mg per liter). What would be best daily doses? And what do you think about the quality and efficiency of this swarna formulation.
Gary Yuen: I don't know. It seems some cultures smoke it and that might be worth a try.  Does anyone have PDFs of translations by PV Sharma? I could find only Caraka.
Dr. Satish Panda: Soory,not as per charak or sushrut. DMT is something else. Satwa is more more genetic and less acquired. Ghree not directly helpful in enhancing satwa.
वातपित्तविषोन्मादशोषालक्ष्मीज्वरापहम् ||२३१||
सर्वस्नेहोत्तमं शीतं मधुरं रसपाकयोः|
सहस्रवीर्यं विधिभिर्घृतं कर्मसहस्रकृत्||२३२||
योनिकर्णशिरःशूलं घृतं जीर्णमपोहति||२३३||
सर्पींष्यजावि महिषीक्षीरवत् स्वानि निर्दिशेत्|२३४|
Dr. Madhuri Patil: Without Satvsgun vruddhi. How ghrut works in all these conditions. Ksheer Ghrut  abhya also rasayanam. A. S.
Daily use of milk and ghrut is Rasayan.
Dr. Ravibhusan S Sonawale: Yes And anubhav jany dnyan smruti ...So we can acquired by pathan..
Dr. R Prathiban: There can be many foods which may increase satwa guna, so all can be equavated with DMT?
Vd Mahavurya Dasa: Samatva in smriti.bhudhi.medha.oja. Considered satva..(even it's increases)
Dr. Satish Panda: Rasayan aim is getting good qualities of dhatu or tissues. Satwik food can only control the satwik guna which individual carried from birth some extend he or she enhanc this guna by satvriita,yogic kriya,achar rasayan etc.
Dr. Madhuri Patil Chaudhari: Satvs guna.. vruddhikar Food. Except ghrut. I hvnt seen. Rajogun vruddhikar dravyas May mimic  Like  cannabiss. But it is  not a satva gun vruddhikar dravya. Satva Aakashiya dravya (Sushrut) Rajas Vayviya dravyas. Tamas Paarthiv dravys.. Thats why minerals like fe au ag etc are under Process of Amrutikaran b4 they can b used as medicines. Yes Samatva balance of triguna If Medhya effect is to be.
Vd Mahavurya Dasa: As per sanyasopanishad. Tsarva prayatnena ghruthadhinvarjayetu. It's increases satva guna. reaction s From d satkarmas. It's indicates ghrita increases satva.
Dr. Satish Panda: The primary effect of DMT is the experience of intense hallucinations that alter the individual's perception of the world around them. The main effect of DMT is psychological, with intense visual and auditory hallucinations, euphoria, and an altered sense of space, body, and time. Many users describe profound, life-changing experiences such as visiting other worlds, talking with alien entities known as "DMT elves" or "machine elves," and total shifts in the perception of identity and reality.This side effects is not present in satwa guna. So,we can't compare this DMT with satwa guna.
Dr. Ravibhusan S Sonawale: Dugdh ..oja gun samaya Madya ...Oja viparit gun Oja ..stav oja ashrya ...Ref charak madatya chi 24 /34
Dr. Satish Panda: Here because of madatyay,satwa guna decline,to enhance this charak advise to take such food which enhance satwa.
That satwa will enhance which he/she lost because of madatyay.
Dr. Ravibhusan S Sonawale: So food can enhances satava gun ..thats my point sir
Dr. Satish Panda: Rest part satwa will enhance by others spiritual kriya.
Dr. Ravibhusan S Sonawale: Yes agree Dhyan dharna Samadhi Etc are definitely increases satava gun .
Dr. Satish Panda: Yes to some extent, which is lost.
Dr. Ravibhusan S Sonawale: Why lost Because of guna That hampers oja and satva. So madya mans are forbidden for yogi ...
Dr. Satish Panda: Increase in raja and Tama Guna decreases satwa Guna. Madya in yuktikrita is amrit tulya. Madatyay (alcoholism)
is visa tulya.
Dr. Madhuri Patil Chaudhari: The difference is DMT is vikaasi and Vyavayi.  Ghrut is not , sthir and snigdha . Also ghrut is not Sukshma strotogami so Lavan is always recommended with Sneh. But effect on Satva guna which is Aakashiya is more by DMT than by Ghrut. Ghrut induces  Compassion , Anukampa. Jaliya bhava. The variations with DMT experiences are due to the Rajas or tamas etc manas prakruti.
Ghrut too much Causes vyapad too..
In Saam pitta Ghrut is always given which is Siddhha not Achha snehpaan. Rasayan given only after Shodhan. The gradients in  workings of dmt and ghrut. Crudest form and purest form.
What is Samadhi avastha? How 8 siddhis are developed ? If we r to think about Medhya effect. What explains the burtst of creativity of singers and musicians who experiment with such short acting dravyas.?
Modafinil .. OTC drug in India,  For increasing concentration. Many students use at time of exams. Memory booster..
How to explain these kind of  experiences... Definately not Satva gun vruddhi.. But Raj and Tam balancing short term...Medhavi effect.
Yes , same goes for Anna or Aahar  dravya too. Yuktikrut upyog
Dr. Ravibhusan S Sonawale: Ghrit pitta anilhar ras shukra ojasa hitam...
Oja and satva  gun ...Ashrya So ghrita balance or increases Satva gun
Dr. Madhuri Patil Chaudhari: Satvasaarata. How to clinically get it correct. But we observe. Without Satvasasrata.. too. People are intelligent. Or Medhavi.
Vd Mahavurya Dasa:Yes.true.today agriculture depending upon chemicals. Naturally even ghee which produced from HF or hybrid create tamo.
Dr. Ravibhusan S Sonawale: Yes stavaj bhav ,Also important..During conception ...matruj pitruj bhav etc. Thats genetic thing .. So many people are madhavi also Because of jati praskata prakruti  Many things depends for medhavi people ..
Vd. Hardik bhatt: Can we compare ojus...... satva .. DMT..
Dr. Siva Kumar: Bala samskaras also show impacts life long medhya effect on child
Dr. Rachana Mumbai: Garbha Sanskar also has effect on memory and concentration. The most difficult things can be taught in womb
Dr. Madhuri Patil: Very comprehensive, whole topic is covered. Medhya effect on garbha. Wholistic wellbeing.
Gary Yuen: It's stated as such in Caraka, and I think it is true. The presence of atman in an individual makes someone capable of being called a person (purusa), and capable of intelligence, knowledge, memory, and health. To understand karma, of an individual or a culture, I think it is needed to understand all the yugas and that we live in adharma, kali yug. To see rasas and tamas, to understand all things, if one is mistreated, sees a lack of good in the world, to meditate on all things and their cause, brings presence of mind and memory. In Caraka Ci 9.92/93, I think that is the meaning of to everyday perform puja to Siva, and that overcomes any worry of unmada. In the Bhagavata purana, it's said whenever one is walking, sitting, or eating, they see the whole universe. So far, my favorite mantra comes from Manduka Upanisad 1-2, The past, the present, and the future—all that is simply OM; and whatever else that is beyond the three times, that also is simply OM—for this brahman is the Whole. Hari Om. Om-ity-etad-aksharam-idam sarvam, tasyopavyakhyanam bhutam bhavad bhavishyaditi sarvam-omkara eva. Yaccanyat trikalatitam tadapy omkara eva
Dr. V B. Maheshwari: Many theories over it. But in my opinion all these work only when your pronunciation is okay. Bcoz all it works only on vibrations, which is generated in body by the words. By these vibrations, cells gets positive energy and they will work more effectively.
Gary Yuen: Agree sound is very important but pronunciation even if incorrect should have some positive effect. Notice how in English and languages from Northern places that are very hold cave harsh sounds, phonemes, and abrupt stops. I think it is primary word suffixings, their endings, that have the greatest physiological effect. Notice the term Om, but all terms in sanskrit, how they link together, resonate and linger in the body. That should have some effect even if pronunciation is not perfect.
Vd. Jignesh Thakkar: When we are seeing properties of medhya dravya we will find different qualities. Some are shita(cold) like sankhpushpi, yastimadhu, kushmanda etc. While some are usna like vacha,jyotishmati etc. Some are anushna shita like bhrami etc. As per my mind All have different work. Like according to modern science human memory has three stages
1)encoding( process to understand and store in brain)
2)storage(to keep the things in brain for longer time)
3) recall( when necessary make the data available)
When problem is with memory or medha where the problem is in these three stages should be detected ans should be treated accordingly
all medhya is not medhya for all people but drugs should be choosen wisely
Gary Yuen: We are not speaking in Vedic ways. I am curious about as they say the encoding process of memory. Caraka Vi.3.24 describes physical and mental qualities of people during the age of krtayuga, before disease. Those are clues to those with developed minds and bodies. Are there Vedic texts that describe the mental process and might aid in developing memory? Jnana, and jnanasamtana which is described by Abhinvagupta as the suite of cognitions, such as when we say there is a tree in this forest (athāpi śarīrātiriktaṃ, tad api jñānasantānamātram atra vane vṛkṣa iti yathā), is the process of cognition of individual things within the whole (brahma) but there are probably texts that describe how to develop manas, jnana, buddhi, medhya, etc.
Dr. V B. Maheshwari: True saying Every medicine is having different quality and dosha impact. We can't use every drug to every individual.


Compiled by - Dr. Dhruti Kagrana

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