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Dashamool - as best vata pacifying medicine #Ayurveda

Views shared by several Ayurveda professionals and non-Ayurveda people in discussion group:
All views shared here are only for knowledge. This information doesn’t have any scientific validation. Various doctors and non-medicos have shared their views and experiences in this discussion. Please do not try any of the suggestions described here, without prior consult from your regular, qualified doctor. Dr. Prerak Shah and no other person is responsible for any unwanted effects, side effects or contra-indications in your health. Thank you.
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Dr. P S. Desai: I am using Dashmool kwath post operatively in ano rectal surgery. Which gives better anti inflammatory effect and also reduces pain. When it given Luke warm it also gives purgative effect.
Dr.Sanjeev Gupta: I used Dashmool kwath in Neuropathic pain. Dashmool kwath work as best vatshaman in post partum period. Work very well on Apan area
Vd. Hardik bhatt: Dashmoola is best shothghna...
Dr. Mahendra Sharma: Dashmool i use for post pregnancy , post surgery and for inflammation. It is one of the best medicine for vata and inflammation also...

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Dr. Pranita Shah: What do we get in the market in the name of dashmool??? Roots of ten plants/trees. How many trees are cut down for these roots?? Does the demand-supply match?
Dr. P S. Desai: Not getting all ten contents. Mostly we get Laghu panchmul. As it is easy to get and can cultivate.
Vd. Dhruti Nirav Bhatt: Dashmool Kwath for Vardhaman Haritaki , castor oil for Vatanuloman . I  Using those medicines for Arthritis, Swelling,  Gynaecological promlems. Sunthi ,Ajwain also have good effect. Hingwastak powder with lukewarm water Gives very good results. Rasnasaptak Kwath,Shankhvati have good results
Vd. Sureshbhai Chavda: I used dashmool kwath in  pcod or obesity with unovulation
Shri Minoo parabia: All the ingredients of Dashmoola in Mool form are not available in good quantity. Patla has controversy between two species. Bark of tree species and Panchang of Laghumoola are used. Instead of all ten people compromise with 6 or 7 of them. Even though the results are commendable. From Gujarat medicinal plants board a substantial project of Rs. 6.5 crore was obtained for Dashamoola conservation. I don't the present state of the project. Prishna parni, brihati, and all Guru moola were to be emphasized.
Vd. Pritam Bharat Veer: Dash means 10. Mul means roots. Comprises 5 Bruhatpanchamul + Laghunpanchmul. All these 10 roots are from vataghna aushadhi. Daahamul basti , dashamul kwath dashmul tel , dashmul churn are different preparations of dashmul. Dashmul tel for uttarbasti in infertility cases gives a very good results. Dashmul tel anuwasan basti for PCOD , Vataj yonivyapad , adhodr shul cases and many more related to vaat. Dashmul kwath along with kumari asawa can be given in irregular menses. PCOD cases in shaman chikitsa. For Sarvang vaat prashaman we can do sarvang sneh and Swed with dashmul tel and Swed of bharad . Dashamul is given in pure vataj problems.
Gary Yuen: Is the patala controversy over different species of stereospermum? That and other plants might have relatives in other parts of south Asia that may work as a substitute
Dr. Jyoti Ashok: Dashamoola katutryi kashaya is good in kasa, to remove endometrial thickness, shotha etc. Dashamoolarishta with amrutarishta in fever. Dashamoolarishta with amritarishta & vasarishta in RTI.
Dr. Rachana Mumbai: In shushka kaas I give dashmula kadha tabs for anuloman of vayu
Shri Minoo parabia: Stereosoermum personatum and S.suaveolens , both are used as patla
Dr. Jigar Joshi: Most of its dravyas are Ushnavirya
Vd Ashish Kumar: दशमूल काढ़े को वातज शोथ और सूतिका रोगों में सफल उपयोग किया।
Vd. Rupa Raval: Dashmoola- Combination of Kshudra Pancha Mool Sarivan, Pithvan, Badi Kateri, Choti Kateri and gokharua and Mahat Pancha Mool Bilva, Agnimantha, Shyonak, Kashmari and Patala. Use inflammation, swelling in body. It generally alleviates all the three dosh and is effective especially when Vayu and Kapha are aggravated in excess.
Dr. Bindiya U Shanghvi: Dashmool is also best for rheumatoid arthritis
Dr. Krishnapriya: Dasamoolasritha ksheeram sadya soola nivaranam
Dr. Dhara Trivedi: Also good result in dysmenorrhoea
Dr. Vikas Sharma : Best combination for vatveh nadi shoth. Promote healing of nerve fiber injury
Manoj Advaith: It is also helpful in vibandha(constipation)...
Dr. Vikas Sharma : Help to pacify anxiety state
Niraliben shah: How to use in joint pain?
Ayulink: Dadamula kwath or decoction is available in the market, which can be used for joint pain.
Ayulink: Commerical liquids available in the market are not as effective as raw bhuka. That is also my experience. But patients doesn't want to consult Vaidya and wishes to buy direct from chemist. Chemists sell the products which are giving high profit. Who cares for quality.
Dr. Rajendra Joshi: Which company is better
Ayulink: For liquids? Or Bhuka?
Dr. Nehal Shah: Recently, I found  that now a days Dashmoolarisht is sold as labelled of Herbal wine for thyroid treatment.
Ayulink: Wow. That's a new approach of marketing. We don't know it is good or bad, but new style of marketing...that is sure.
Dr. Nehal Shah: Yes. I was surprised also
Dr Avadhut Mohite: According to Bhaishajya Ratnakar Dashmool is given in Vajikaran Adhikar. Ratnakar says Dashmool is Vaat and Kapha har but Pitta vardhak
Farook Khatri: Dashmoola katutrayam is highly beneficial in nasal congestion
Brazil Anália Meirelles: With basti?
Dr. Dhara Trivedi: No
Dr. Amrish A Shah: Bhuka is best. Bhuka is use Hraday Rog
Compiled by - Dr. Dhruti Kagrana

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