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Frozen shoulder or shoulder pain and restricted movements....#ayurvedic approach...

Views shared by several ayurveda professionals and non-ayurveda people in discussion group:
All views shared here are only for knowledge. This information doesn’t have any scientific validation. Various doctors and non-medicos have shared their views and experiences in this discussion. Please do not try any of the suggestions described here, without prior consult from your regular, qualified doctor. Dr. Prerak Shah and no other person is responsible for any unwanted effects, side effects or contra-indications in your health. Thank you.
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Next topic for discussion:  Frozen shoulder or shoulder pain and restricted movements....#ayurvedic approach...
Dr. Mahavir Patil: "avabahuk"
Dr. Prerak Shah: Yes...Frozen shoulder is known as 'avabahuk' in ayurveda...
Dr. J. T. Contractor Herbal Therapist: Aqua therapy gives optimum results,hot water fomentation for 20 minutes on painful part & on spinal cord scull to tail,twice daily, wipe off with towel, gentle massage with pre-heated til oil made with jaifal (nutmeg) extract
Dr. Mahavir Patil: why jaifal (nutmeg)...
Dr. J. T. Contractor Herbal Therapist: Small pieces of Jaifal to be boiled in pure til oil until jaifal turn brown black, filter it to store in glass bottle, jaifal & til oil releases muscle fibers with hot water fomentation.
Dr. Mahavir Patil: but jaiphal is "stambhak". i want to know, by which gunna ,it act as musle relaxtant?
Dr. Madhuri Patil Chaudhari: I have used only Jaiphal with Dry Ginger (lepana) for migrain and trauma-induced headaches with good results.  In Avbahuk ? May be because it is vedanasthapak-  reducing pain related to nerves
Supra19: Dr. Can u plz tell me how, how much and when to take jaifal and ginger…For migrain
Dr. Madhuri Patil Chaudhari: A tsp.of both powders mixed with warm water. Applied when warm. Or Pishtan ( making paste) by rubbing in circles 1/2 cms piece on Sahan ( patla type marbale or granite stone) with very little and warm water. It is for extetnal application on forehead everyday @bedtime.
 Vd. Kundan Gadhavi: in frozen shoulder upanah gives verygood both  diabetic or non frozen shoulder is most commonly seen in pt with diabetes
 Vd.vimalben Anand: Agnikarma shows good results in avabahuk….Nasya therapy can be done in avabahuk with any vatshamak oil…. Siravedh raktamokshana is also indicated in avabahuk, and if the posture of patient is incorrect, then first try to correct the posture by the yoga with the proper breathing
Dr. Prerak Shah: "pain and restriction of shoulder movement" leaves many questions:   Is it bone related? Joint related? Muscle related? Ligament related? Or neurology related? Is it due to degeneration? Due to postural problem? Due to trauma? Or injury? For how long Pain remains? Constant or only with the movements? Is it associated with inflammation or not? Is it referred pain or not? Does pain radiates from shoulder to any part or organ? Or does pain radiates from any part to shoulder?  If I suggest massage and if the condition is aamavata or trauma - fracture etc, then it will increase and can be more serious condition.
Dr. Dipak shirude: I have experience of some patients presenting as frozen shoulder but finally diagnosed cardiac illness ( blockages ) and got relieved after successful treatment of heart.
 Vd. Jayesh Thakkar: Frozen Shoulder or Avabahuka can be due to Diabetes, cervical disease, shoulder injury, even shoulder surgery or other causes...common symptoms are pain-stiffness, decrease motion of per scenario we see...cala guna kshaya...manda, stabdha guna any treatment which is vata-kapha hara & usna and is as per nidaan/cause helps……In my clinical experience have found lepa or potli seka with usna dravya helpful. Simple poultice of yellow sarso (pilli rai) have found to be very useful & economical in our apaan desa of Bengal. From my south experience have found Karpasthyadi Taila nasya very very helpful in high dose of 8drps. Abha/Trayodasang Guggul is good. Beside this supported  exercise, controlling sugar in DM and following anti Vata diet-lifestyle helps.
Dr.Surendra Davanagere: Panchamruthaloha gugulu is also useful in this condition
Canada Nitin Shah: I myself was victim of Tenosynovitis of this area and treated with Vishgarbha oil application, followed by seating in a steam chamber for 10-15 minutes for a week and regular practices of neck rotation, shoulder rotation, garudasana, gomukhasana and now have full shoulder moment. Diabetics are more prone to this condition and yes, rule out the other causes.
 Satyen: Frozen shoulder is caused due to vatta disorder?  Will consuming dry ginger useful?
Dr. Suyog Kulkarni: In allopathy , now a days sublingual pain killers are given to avoid gastritis as well as for quick action. Can we think of such route for our medicines ? As far as I know  Hemagarbha , Sootshekhar matra are examples of such route.
Dr. Madhuri Patil Chaudhari:  'Lehya' can be said to be sublingual route of admiistration.
Dr. Arun Tiwari: Manyastambh, Grivastambh,vishvachi and Avbahuk are vataj diseases. In Manyastambh involves shleshma. In Chakradatt Mash ,kevach and Bala in form of decoction use three months  for avbahuk and vishvachi.
Dr. Hardikchandra Kalal: We should help physiotherapy  with Ayurved for treatment of avbahuk (frozen shoulder). Its give us speedy result. According to i Ayurved it is yuktikrut vyayam..Specially in frozen shoulder..ll
Vd. Dhruti Nirav Bhatt: In Avabahuk  (Frozen shoulder) Nasya, Nadiswed and Physiotherapy gives result. Vishtindukvati  Dipan pachan aushadh.Pipplimool churna,sunti churna
Vd. Pankaj Chhayani: Apbahuka is a major disease come across with daily practise. Vitiated vata situated at amsamoola(shoulder girdle) causes loss of motor activities or difficulty in movements of hand and wasting of associated muscle...In case of local symptoms take important place , as compared to general symptoms: 1) Bahupraspanda hara: loss/ impaired/ difficult movement of upper limb    2) Amsabandhana shosha: muscle wasting of shoulder girdle   3) shoola: painful shoulder
According to modern:  1) gradual onset of shoulder stiffness  2) pain manifest after significant shoulder range of movement lost   3) pain well localized to rotator cuff  4) pain inferes with sleep  5) pain radiation into deltoid and anterior arm.
Inspection:- 1) pt holds arm protectively at side  2) deltoid and supraspinotous atrophy..
There are are some clinical conditions of modern science which may be compared with that of apabahuka:    1) peri arthritis or frozen shoulder or adhesive capsulitis
2) sub acromial or sub deltoid bursitis 3) lesion of the rotatory cuff  4) brachial plexus neuropathy  5) OA of shoulder joint  6) incomplete rupture of  supraspinatous tendon  7) bicipital tendinitis  8) painful shoulder...
Management of apabahuka is achieved by adopting the treatment measures of vatavyadhi in general and specific treatment for apabahuka...  1) restricted movement with muscle wasting -- Use various tails, nasya, consume ghee soon after having meal, sasti shali pinda swedana, jambeer pinda swedana  2) pain full restricted movement without wasting--- use various gugglu , swedana, rasa ashaudhi...
Shanku chirag: In some case patient having psychological  pressure towards responsibility, and become over concern about responsibility and that leads to freeze the shoulder (Always responsibility we carry on shoulder) so, counseling of the patient will help if we succeed to transfer alertness to relaxation
Dr. Arun Tiwari: मेथिका चंद्रशूरश्च कालाजाजी यवानिका….. तत् चूर्णम् भक्षितम् नित्यम् ……….निहन्ति पवनामयं,….अजीर्णम्  शूलं आध्मानम विविधःवात वेदनाः
Dr. J. T. Contractor Herbal Therapist: Pl gv English name or Hindi
Prof. Siddharth Panchal- L J Pharmacy: Yellow looks methi (trigonela foenum gracum) seeds, Black-kalijiri (vernonia anthelmintica) , Reddish- looks lepidium and Brown is Ajvain
Supra16: what is this recipe and benefits? Pls share
Vd Charu Trivedi: Its chaturbjj
Vd. Ritaben Nadiad: Methi , asheriyo , kalijiri and ajmo….It is usefull in all type vataj pain
Surat Vd Mukul Patel: Regarding  frozen  shoulder,  I think  we are missing  out  something  important.  This condition  is associated  with Certain  systemic  diseases.   For example ,  a significant  number of patients  suffering  from  frozen  shoulder  are seen to be suffering  from diabetes  or hypothyroidism.….Sometimes  it so happens that the diagnosis  of these major disease  is done when a patient comes  to the clinician. …….Besides,  this is a self limiting condition.   In the first phase there is pain n rigidity,  after 6to 10months the pain intensity  subsides while the rigidity /restriction  in movement remains,  which decreases after some months.   Physiotherapy does help. Ayurveda   prescribes swimming.   Effectiveness of drugs (any drugs) is  questionable,  it is a matter which  research,  since pain vanishes   by itself after some months.   This is the natural course of the  diseases.
Dr. Prerak Shah: I agree. This is our western thinking process, that on hearing of the symptom or complain, we start recommending medicines, without going in the depth of diagnosis. For some extent it might be helpful but for in longer run it may be harmful for Ayurveda
Dr. Ravindra Upadhyay: Dhanvantara tailam. massage, followed by Nadisweda of Dashmoolkwatha, Mahayograj Guggul 2 tds, Ekang vir ras,  1tds,  Dashmool kwatha, 60 ml twice. Avoid. Curds, Tomato, freezed food, physiotherapy.
Rajal shukla: Pain and swelling of any area of body….Gugal, erandmool , Punarnava , Patala. Bhoy aambali Bhoy ringani gokharu, Galo satva, Bhavna - Dashmool qwath
OPD Vd Daxa Patel: Systematic nasya is best treatment of frozen shoulder
Vd. Gaurang darji: Restriction of any joint should be due to vaayu..So any vaat nashak treatment should be given...Abhyang+swedan local along with matra basti...Vish tinduk vati…Palsinuron......Kshir bala tail capsules..Or sneh paan…Agnikarm can give dramatic result…Exercise daily minimum 25-30 min…In physio they give some local shock therapy it also works...Or baajri upnah..or patra pind swed/ upnaah...
Vaat nashak diet..Shigru soup...Udad daal...Garam paani no shek...
IPR Chhayaben: So many medicine !! Pl say one or two.. People like us,  non medico n patient,  need specific thing..
Gaurang darji: Its due to various type of condition of disease...For non medico..Daily massage,steam,and exercise is advisable...
Dr. Prerak Shah: There is no short cut. We don't have pain killers like western medicine. Pt need to go personally with Ayu doc to get final diagnosis and final treatment suggestions.
Dr. Ravindra Upadhyay: treatment varies from pt to pt, pt not having any movement of the shoulder with uncontrolled DM, needs to control sugar first, post traumatic immobillisation of the jt gives rise to frozen shoulder, needs to mobilise it regularly, pain is overcome with regular passive rhythmic movement of the affected and non affected joints, drugs alone whether Ayurvedic, Allopathic, Homeopathic alone can not give desired results.
Vd. Krup Vasavada: For Frozen Shoulder Agnikarma has shown Wonderful results within short time ....For Pain and Stiffness It's the Best treatment ....
Vd. Pankaj Chhayani: If pain is due to Nerve problem then use ashwagandha and various oil in abhayanga and internally
Vd. nikul patel: Abyang swedan is 10 times more faster than Physiotherapy treatment.. truly experience in lots of patients
Shri Minoo parabia: We recommend Aswagandha 2tds for a month
Vd. Dipam Tripathi: Ashwagandha...good….Patrpind swed is also work v.good..Nasya ..also good
Dr Dipak Shirude: || Frozen shoulder || Find of cause is also very important for a successful chikitsa. If someone is typing and typing for whatsapp ( and that too without any benefit ), and a Vaidya is providing him best treatment, it is difficult to cure him. The above was just an example. There are so many things in frozen shoulder like driving faulty posture, work habits etc…….The prognosis and treatment depends on the exact site of sthaan-sanshray. ……If the vaat is resided into the superficial places of the shoulder joint ( upto skin and musculature ), we can surely cure the ailment within seconds by Agnikarma and that too for permanent. ……..But, although it is rare, if the vaat dosha is sited deep into the bony structures and ligaments stuck to bones, and it has disturbed the anatomy of the joint like necrosis or something like that, it becomes difficult to cure with Agnikarma. This situation needs ample efforts. ……..Snehan swedan, especially Rooksha swed by sand or crude salt pottali……Patrapottali including castor oil and annalepam also better option in some difficult cases……Nasya with warm ksheerbala or plain sesame oil, done regularly is useful to prevent and cure as well as to avoid recurrence i.e. apunarbhav……Regular and specific Vyaayaam i.e. physiotherapy…..Asthiposhak as well as aampaachak internal medicines are required…..Oils having antispasmodic action are better. Prasaranyaadi quath is worth to mention in this post.
Vd. Kinshuk Hirpara: In frozen shoulder particularly massage with nirgundi oil or mahanarayan oil a bit warm,  is beneficial.  In medicine,  agnitundi vati is a very good option as pain reliever too. Rest for 5 days then light exercises preferred but it's upto patient's pain and other conditions
 Vd. Kinshuk Hirpara: Yes, it might be just a symptom of vitiated Doshas. So its beneficial to go for deep history of the patient may be he might have simply history of having stale food (frozen type of) for long time. So all digestive system vitiated and bcz of that stiffness of different body parts can be occurred….Also observed in patients,  many patients of low blood pressure also having this prob of frozen shoulder. So line of treatment will be different.
Dr Dipak Shirude: I have experience of some patients presenting as frozen shoulder but finally diagnosed cardiac illness ( blockages ) and got relieved after successful treatment of heart.
Vd. Dipam Tripathi: AGnikarm gives wonder ful reault
Vd. Hardik J. Patel- MD: Patra pinda upanaha swedan with arka, eranda, nirgundi on shoulder joint if it has stiffness. Agnikarma with loha shalaka at tender point on shoulder joint if pain. …..In classical text there is nasya of Bruhatmasha Taila. …..According to charaka shada upakrama if stambha(stiffness) and shula (pain) than swedan upakram is best way to get relief in this type of condition.
Vd. Jignesh Thakkar: In any vat disease if we see before vat vyadhi vat gets vitated in kostha because of ruksha and katu nature of food .vegavrodh etc then after it spreads in body and where ever there is strotodusti(disturbed body chennel)it stays there and causes vat disease. So we should use ….1)pachanam and anulomanam drug as base line treatment…..2)abhang swedanam….3)vatsamak drugs.........If still problem persist we should go fore basti karma….. If we use vatsamak oil etc directly it is not going to work ..Anulomanam and pachanam is base line treatment. then and then we should use guggulu preparations.
Vd. Dhruti Kagrana: Frozen Shoulder:
Wholesome Diet and habits:  1. Warm and unctuous food, 2. Proper and regular exercise, 3. Warm water bath loosens the stiffness., Include anti inflammatory spices such as turmeric and black pepper in diet.
Unwholesome Diet and habits: 1. Cold water bath, 2. Excess use of A/C rooms, 3. Excess of oily and fried food, 4. Heavy exercise, 5. Improper laying, sitting and sleeping position etc.    
Bunty Gnadhi: I was benefited a lot with two seating of agnikarma for my shoulder pain. Doctor ahas diagnosed it as manyastambha. There was lot pain from neck to shoulder. 80% improvement in pain after 2 seating. I was surprised….Recently my uncle with shoulder pain and restricted movements, after allopathic treatment and physiotherapy practice in which actually pain increased, went to govt ayurvedic hospital where he was given basti karma with tila taila for 20 days…..With it he gets much benefited in restricted movement of shoulder. Pain is still there as he didnt took oral medicines he was given.

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Views shared by several Ayurveda professionals and non-Ayurveda people in discussion group: Disclaimer: All views shared here are onl...