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Triphala churna....#an ayurvedic rejuvenator

Views shared by several ayurveda professionals and non-ayurveda people in discussion group:
All views shared here are only for knowledge. This information doesn’t have any scientific validation. Various doctors and non-medicos have shared their views and experiences in this discussion. Please do not try any of the suggestions described here, without prior consult from your regular, qualified doctor. Dr. Prerak Shah and no other person is responsible for any unwanted effects, side effects or contra-indications in your health. Thank you.
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Next topic for discussion: Triphala churna....#an ayurvedic rejuvenator

Anand Javeri: Triphala is a combination of 3 fruits - Amla, Baheda, Harde.
Triphala is a mild laxative & used for proper digestion when one has had over eating, constipation, mouth ulcers, acidity, stomach uneasiness, etc. However, it is not advisable to consume triphala on a daily basis as daily use may loosen the intestinal flexibility. Also, it is habit forming in nature.

Canada Nitin Shah: Triphala powder can be customized according to dosha. For vata predominant 50 % Haritaki, and 25% each of bibhitaki and Amla, for Pitta 50% Amla and 25% each of Haritaki and Bibhataki, for Kapha 50% of bibhitaki and 25% of each Haritaki and Amla.

Binduben Jayeshbhai: In case of indigestion we can take triphala churna n it helps to improve our digestive system

Tilak Raj Gujrani: triphla is helpful in weight management as being laxtive in action, clears biotoxins from the body, thus improving digestion

Dr. Ravindra Upadhyay: Mind well while using Trifla always use full grown harde, not Balharde, it does not have medicinal properties as much as  Shiva, the full grown, which helps in Rasayan too. There are 2 formulae, ( a ) equal proportion of all. ( b ) haritaki 1 part, behda 2 parts, amla 4 parts, both are acceptable, the main hitch is use of. Balharde instead of. Shiva. the full grown Haritaki, which gives desired results.  During detoxification dryness of the bowel is to be avoided by using. Shiva.
In all GI disorders, the Anupan should be. Lukewarm water. hijmaj small harde though causes loose motions, causes dryness of the interlining of the intestine, which is overcome by using Bigger harde.

Dr. Swarup De: In pittaja disease use with ghee or milk, in kaphaja use honey, in Vataja use with warm water or warm milk. Milk is general anupan of all condition, in piles, fistula use jaggery, in eye disorders use honey and ghee both in unequal amount

Dr. Ravindra Upadhyay: Agreed, but whenever there is Agnidushti either milk should be avoided or be medicated ( siddha) then only it should be used. Nothing wrong to use milk per se, but it should be processed.

Mithun Arya sansk: For any kind of injuries you can apply triphala churna on it and it will heal all wounds. Thriphala+ghee+lump sugar churna all mixed equally and taken as an avleh (Paste) early morning is good for the eyes. If Triphala is soaked in water for 1 night then that water can can be used to clean the eyes for better eyesight. Triphala churna + turneric equally can be used as bathing scrub powder

Krup Vasavada: -Triphala churna with Luke warm water does Vatanuloman
- Triphala churna with pur Honey is used in Prameh (Diabetes).
- It is Tridosh shamaka, dipana , Pachana.
-It's powder is useful for eyes ..Cold effusion is used for Eye wash ...
-Triphala churna is used in udawartana (Powder Massage) which helps in vilayana of excessive Medas (Fat).....

Kamal Javeri: Triphla known to reduce even harmful effect of atomic radiation a true incident of bhabha atomic reaserch scientist as told by raeev dixit.
Vd. Pankaj Chhayani: Triphala should be given soon after having meal to avoid problems of fault dietary habits(annapana krita dosha)...

Prashaant: Triphala: what is the opinion and advice when nausea occurs after taking triphala (probably due to lot of ama that is being released).

Punit Agrawal New Delhi: What should be the composition of Triphala Churna, would it be equal quantities of Amla, Beheda and Harada or 3:2:1 or 1:2:3 ? Some people say that Triphala attains its Rasayana form only when we put Amla = 3, Bahera : 2, and Harada : 1 or something like that ?

Dr. Samir Gadhia: When there is Amla, Baheda and Harde in equal quantity then and only it is called Triphala..

Vd Hemalkumar Dodiya Bhavnagar: Both are same. Bhavprakash told weight/weight
Sharngdgar told volume/volume so its as 1:2:4…….Weight of 1 haritaki (almost 2 karsh) = weight of 2 bhibhitaki(almost 1 Karsh for 1 fruit) = weight of 4 amalki ( weight of original small amalki is 1/2 Karsh or 5 gram, not highbred amalki)……..So w/w = 1:1:1 and V/v = 1:2:4

Dr. J. T. Contractor : The oil of these three herbal fruits, is highly active in arthritis (oraly:few drops in hot water,externally: gentle massage on painful part after hot water fomentation), orally in body reduce, digestively, upgrades liver & heart function

Vd. Manali Davra: Triphala is a powerful liver cleanser and detoxifier, to improve gallbladder function and to rejuvenate and strengthen the kidneys. It is also used as treatment for kidney stones.

Vd. Dhruti Nirav Bhatt: Trifla is agni pradeepak and aampachak. Its useful in Shoth, Prameh, skin disease, Medojrog. Also have Rasayan properties……sometimes I found that Triphla churna is not responding as laxative on some patients so in Pitta and Kaph prakriti patients have more benificial for laxative effect

Shrikalp Deshpande: How to prepare triphala solution from Powder ?
2-3 Gm powder in 100 ml. Keep for atleast 1 hr, or overnight; filter and use for Eye wash.

Dr. Swarup De: In pittaja disease use with ghee or milk, in kaphaja use honey, in Vataja use with warm water or warm milk. Milk is general anupan of all condition, in piles, fistula use jaggery, in eye disorders use honey and ghee both in unequal amount…..As per Acharya Charak for Rasayana purpose one can use it signally as One Haritaki (Approx 12gm) after digestion of food, 2 Bibhitaki (same as Haritaki) before food and 4 Amalaki after food  with Madhu and ghee in unequal amount.
In triphala decoction,add one tea spoon jaggery and one tea spoon cow ghee ….Give this one is Rasayan Kal,in morning,after bath ….It works for rejuvenation of body.

Vd. Manhar Prajapati: Akshyamayeshu triphala....means eye disorders triphala works good...

Vd. Ajay Pithiya: Again when we r talking about trifala..  Some r using only fruit bark..  If bark only is used (with out seed)  than all should be take equal by weight

Germany Helga Fuchs: Useful in aggrevated VP conditions, to much aggravate V. Can be used as daily rasayan in small quantity. Triphalaquwat for eyebath, red eyes.. Generally very good  results by burning skin irritation and to clear the skin. Best results I got in strange skin roblems where tridosha was irritated, with PK, lifestyle and food changing. Here I use triphala as body paste. Brown, broken mustardsheeds roasted in ghee, then add triphalachurna. Only roast it for some minutes. Itching, redness and dryness are gone for 12 hours. If there is to much kaph in skin, it works not well with ghee. Better skinbath with haldiwater. Triphala can be used as ONLY spice in food by burning sensations in body. Triphala have some virechan effekt, but not in people with hard (dry)colon. Only in soft colon.

Vd. Pankaj Chhayani: Triphala having 3 ingredients... Amalaki and haritaki are famous...Amalaki and Haritaki both having five taste(panch rasa), so both are help in balance all three doshas... While less famous bibhitaki cures problems related Rasa, Rakta, Mansa, Meda  Dhatu, according to Charaka... Haritaki, bibhitaki both having pancha rasa and. Bibhitaki works on first 4 dhatu, so why Triphala is main Ingredient of many Ayurveda formulation... Triphala increases bioavailability of formulation..

Shri Minoo parabia: Harada...vat, Behda.....kaff, Ambla.....pitt…..What a wonderful balancing to keep the one handy!  Purgative of course….With warm water it mobilizes fat, reducing body weight.
Topical as well as oral use as trifala ghrita is good for eye health. But not on glaucoma. Good as dentifrice to maintain oral health.

Dr Dipak Shirude: Nowadays, we are getting many fruits, artificially protected - ripen and grown with ample chemical fertilizers etc. These are very much harmful for all of us and our coming generation. It is not easy to get rid of this bad circle. …..Many endocrine disorders including thyroid disturbance, diabetes, male and female fertility problems are spreading like a jungle fire due to this vicious circle. Lowering immunity and physical capacity is also an outcome of this hybreed era……In these circumstances, eating fruits of Trifala is great way !!....... Yet amalaki, bibhitaki and haritaki are not grown by modern methods and hence they are organic and genuine….. This should be our view towards Trifala, not medicine but fruits !!..... Many people are afraid if being habitual to it but one can be convinced, if recently discussed view explained……. Another thing, It is fact that prolonged consumption of 3fala induces some Ruksh gun into the intestines which leads to make it habitual. So if 3fala is given with suitable adjuvant (anupaan) like ghrit etc as per season and personal situation….. trifla is great again as it is ingredient of hundreds of Ras and Bhaishajya kalpaas. It's cleansing and rejuvenating nature is best in class !!....| हरितकी मातैव हितकारिणी ||…. This is greatness of this one fruit amongst Trifala .. It says that Haritakee cares for us like a mother !!.... It means that almost in any situation haritakee is never harmful to the patient. Though it is meant for purgation, it is indicated in saam and or initial stage of Atisaar, until the harmful doshas get eliminated. Haritakee can be administered in many ways for different indications. It will be interesting for a studious person to look into it's versatile effects as per it's form while intake. Unripened and ripened haritakee, different sizes of the fruits also bears various meanings, so far the affectivity and indications are concerned !! We are really very lucky and proud to have this great knowledge !!

Vd. Mahesh Akani: Triphala masi is very good for external application with ghrit in Upadansa

Vd. Kinshuk Hirpara: One Indian study reported by C.P. Thakur, demonstrated the enormous value and effectiveness of Amla, in reducing serum, aortic and hepatic cholesterol in rabbits. In another study, extracts of Amla fruit were found to decrease serum free fatty acids and increase cardiac glycogen. This helps to prevent heart attacks by providing significantly greater protection and nourishment to the heart muscle. ……Studies of the fruit of Bihara found that it contains up to 35% oil and 40% protein. The oil is used in soap making and by the poorer classes,as a substitute cooking oil for ghee. The sweet smelling oil is 35% palmitic, 24% oleic and 31% linoleic. Linoleic oil is an essential fatty acid important for increasing HDL cholesterol, associated with a healthy state and reducing LDL cholesterol, considered to indicate a higher-than-average risk for developing coronary-heart disease.  One of numerous studies of Harada demonstrated its anti-vata or anti-spasmodic properties by the reduction of abnormal blood pressure as well as intestinal spasms. This confirms its traditional usefulness for heart conditions, spastic colon and other intestinal disorders. Courtesy- planet herbs

Vd. Jignesh Thakkar: I have cured some cases of canadial balanoposthitis in diabetic patients with the instructions given as to place penis in triphla churna added warm water . Same way we can cure canadial vulvo vaginitis although i have not cured and as not got any. Yes for vulvo vaginitis yoni dhavanam with triphla qwath. All canadial infections are happening due to wet surfaces and triphla is ruksh so we can use it this was the hypothesis i applied. Dont use triphla with milk.

Dr. Hardik- MD: Trifala was indicated in kapha and pitta pradhan roga, prameha, kushtha, vishama jvara( charak has also mentioned in kafa and pitta pradhan roga like in only two dashemani like virechnopaga and jvarahara dashemani. It was mentioned in drug of choice for sthaulya ( and in mustadi and trifaladi kwath yoga for  santarpanottha roga.(ch . su.23/10-12) Trifala has been mentioned in anupan for eranda sneha in udavarta roga. (CH.chi.26/29) it was mentioned in falatrikadi kwath for all type of sadhya prameha.(ch.chi.6/40)trifala mentioned in falatrikadyarishta in shotha.(ch.chi.12/39)it was mentioned in so many yogas of kushtha roga like kanakabinduarista, trifaladi churns, siddharthak yoga(ch.chi.7/68 & 77&92)etc and mentioned in pathya of kushtha……Trifala is mentioned in so many yoga but I try to highlight some useful and facilely preparation.

Germany Helga Fuchs: I also know to not use triphala with milk, sweet and sour vipaka is not compatible, honey and milk not compatible. I know about honey and ghee in unequal sie. There is same. Honey is hot veerya, ghee cold. Up today I am not shure that it is enough only to use in unequal quantity. I guess, this measure is fine if there is one substance more, who have same veepaka as one of the two. Or is it enough to be compatible in rasa and veerya? I think not.

Compilation courtesy: Vd. Nikul Patel, Ahmedabad

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