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Management of Hormonal Obesity or hereditary Obesity…#Ayurvedic views

Views shared by several Ayurveda professionals and non-Ayurveda people in discussion group:
All views shared here are only for knowledge. This information doesn’t have any scientific validation. Various doctors and non-medicos have shared their views and experiences in this discussion. Please do not try any of the suggestions described here, without prior consult from your regular, qualified doctor. Dr. Prerak Shah and no other person is responsible for any unwanted effects, side effects or contra-indications in your health. Thank you.
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Next topic for discussion: Management of Hormonal Obesity or hereditary Obesity…#Ayurvedic views
How to treat obesity which is hormonal? I have read some research studies in which yoga can help but wish to know from more experts.
Ayulink: Hormonal Obesity is very difficult to treat. In my opinion Obesity itself is a major life style disorder. If you correct your aahar (food), vihara(activities) and put your body in order again. it can be corrected.

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21603: What about stress related obesity
Mr. Ram Vala: Experiment on agouti gene and obese as a result. Stress initiate nf -kb and it produce cytokine and it triggers inflammation and change gene expression. Some research result on gene expression and transcription factor. Agree. Food plays very vital role.
21603: So is there any treatment.e.g. Udwarthana playing any role. Because after udwartana patients again tends to gain more weight. How we can prevent that?
Mr. Ram Vala: For stress related, deep breathing and chanting on daily basis can reduce stress and certain asana can reduce obesity. As mentioned meditation and yoga alter gene expression so it shall treat from core.
52809: How about establishing the root cause of every disease and then evaluating which concept can clear the root cause
Ayulink: Basically, a doctor needs to make a list of provisional diagnosis and then starts tracking one by one.....some with the help of his / her own knowledge and intellect, some with the help of investigations...a doctor must use his/ her skill of darshana, sparshana and prashna to establish the root cause of any disease. Like a doctor wants to establish root cause for obesity: he/ she wants to rule out factors like;
Thyroid - should ask patient for thyroid test
Diabetes - Check with lab
Overien disorder - can ask for sonography
Menstrual disorder or PCOD etc - can ask for gynec opinon and sonogram, lab report from LH, FSH etc
Liver disorder: can ask for Liver Function test
If he / she thinks none of them, can ask direct questions abt diet, abt life style, eating patterns....and other physiological aspects.....also must ask about hereditary.
Also doctor needs to ask abt present any medication going on - many a times medicines can have side effects like obesity.
Practically there are number of such points to focus, before you start prescribing any medicine.
52809: How about congestion created by toxins accumulated due to failure of toxin reffral mechanism of body, causing obesity. Knowing what is toxin reffral mechanism of body. Knowing toxin theory of disease. We can guide patient how to stop loading more toxins. We can also activate bodies own scavenger cells by powerful natural Immuno therapy which will clear the debris (sanshodhan). Adjuvantly sanshaman chikitsa as per the symptoms of the obesity patients  can definitely cure and revert obesity
Dr. Rammesh Natu: Read all the posts.... Most the aspects are covered. Only small suggestion... Passing remark on Hereditary...Genetic factor needs due consideration.And bariatric surgery is not the answer for treating obesity.
Brazil Anália Meirelles: But sometimes hormonal obesity can be because of bad habits for a long period or can be because of a disease.
Vd. Dhruti Nirav Bhatt: Obesity is wide subject. It can be hereditary also. Patient History is very important . Now a days Lifestyle,good habits like Adhyasan,Vishmasan and Junk food,cold drinks,stress. People don't do more exercise,Ladies don't have havy household work. Child obesity is also a burning problem due to their food habits,they are  eating food in front of television, laziness are causative factors. Mobiles are also hazards for this disease.
52809: Simple approach to treat obesity
- correct mithya aahar vihaar by telling what to eat what not to eat. For above information enzyme theory of metabolism and green theory of food must be known.
- Regular deep detoxification by Immunotherapy. For that toxin theory of disease must be known. Regular yoga along with dance and gym. This way obesity of any level can be defeated.
Vd. Dhruti Nirav Bhatt: Diet according to Ayurved, Yog and exercise is must
PANCHKARMA  has also important role in Obesity.
52809: Can we do Panchkarma regularly?
Mr. Ram Vala: Any research support on this?
52809: Want to know role of Panchkarma on modern era genocidal toxins including radiations from mobiles and wi fi. Which were not there when our ancestors designed Panchkarma.
29263: But in obesity most of the patients will be suffering from the low digestion power .If we somehow increase the digestion power and if they maintain patya then the obese person will reduce their fat
Ayulink: No data available ....
52809: Any experience of anyone
Mr. Ram Vala: It could be done with saman vayu balance. Few yoga asana like uttanpadasan, utkatasana, naukaasana, paschimotanasana, ardh matsyendraasna, etc
29263: Normally obese person can't do any Asana
52809: We can't allow these genocidal toxins to continue to do damage. Maybe that is the reason attack of these toxins is bigger than the defense and patients continue to suffer. We should enable them.
Mr. Ram Vala: Ya true. Can be start with ardh padmasan. Then gradually increase asanas
29263: Try .They will be having joint pain also. Patients will not do .And can't do also After reducing some amount of fat only. Starting from the easy asanas they can able to do
52809: Segmented approach will do that Holistic approach will enable them
Mr. Ram Vala: Need to find a door to do it. Identification of flexible muscle from obese person. Apply appropriate asana for that. Once he/she gets more flexibility then gradually increases asana practice. It takes time but result shall be good
52809: Do we guide what is good fat and what is bad fat? We are following bad practice based on corporate media hampering.
29263: Ok do .But I don't think so they will do
Ayulink: I usually prefer to go with Udvartana, svedana and lekhan basti course as suggested by Charaka for any kind of Obesity and it works. I prescribe any internal medicines very rare.
Mr. Ram Vala: Saturated fats found in animal products , trans fatty acid are bad. Trans fat is very harmful
52809: We need to rethink on this. Why fatty liver is an epidemic.
21603: The patient will loose weight during the course...but after thaw treatment patients complaining about regaining weight. So what shall we do to prevent that?
Dr. Manubhai vaidhya: I will give advice for pregnancy
Ayulink: Can't understand - pregnancy for loose weight
52809: As the toxin loading and attack is a regular process. Can we do Panchkarma regularly?
Ayulink: yes, I think we can suggest PK at regular interval. All 5 karmas are not needed. Virechan and Basties will do.
Vd. Prakash Trivedi: Walking, running and cycling r the exercise for obese pts.
Ayulink:5 minute standing against the wall X 2 times a day also works very good....NO MOVEMENT - JUST STANDING - (back of heel, hips, shoulder and both palms, head - all should touch the wall.)
52809: What about the toxins embedded intracellular regions like glyco molecules
Ayulink:No data available...That's pity
52809: Nothing to be pity about. We can take the help from modern science. We have inbuilt abilities as follow
Three components of immunity
- Bio intelligence (Dendritic cells etc) identify toxins and abnormalities.
- Phagocytosis (Macrophage etc) engulf the abnormalities and toxins.
- Chemotaxis (Natural Killer cells etc) break down and clear the debris out of the body.
Modern approach to deep detoxification by immune system itself. When all the above three components work synergistically at all the three levels
- tissue level
- Blood level
- Bone marrow level
No disease can stay in the body. By activating this phenomenon each and every organ can be made functional before it is damaged beyond regeneration. Keeping this phenomenon active and nutritionally supported prevention from every disease can be achieved.
Vd.Rahul Doke: How can the 3 component of Immunity be activated ?
Dr. Rammesh Natu: If no data is available then we will have to record the data.Obese data source can be clinics irrespective of pathy.Healthy data can be from Gyms. I am not discussing here which parameters to be included in data collection. Finally two parameters are important, one is weight of an individual and another is Health status.

Compiled by: Vd. Dhruti Kagrana

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