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Suryavart, Ardhavbhedak - different kind of Shirahshul management by #Ayurveda

Views shared by several Ayurveda professionals and non-Ayurveda people in discussion group:
All views shared here are only for knowledge. This information doesn’t have any scientific validation. Various doctors and non-medicos have shared their views and experiences in this discussion. Please do not try any of the suggestions described here, without prior consult from your regular, qualified doctor. Dr. Prerak Shah and no other person is responsible for any unwanted effects, side effects or contra-indications in your health. Thank you.
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Dr Jayesh Patel: In severe Shirahshul for instant result we are using “Gudsunthi" Nasya.
Vd Rameshwar Dhanaji: Please enlighten how much quantity of gud and sunthi to be taken ?
Dr Jayesh Patel: As a single drug we are using “Agtsya pushp churn” (Anubhut chikitsa) 1 tea spoon twice a day with pathyadi kwath.


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Dr Jayesh Patel: Gud is double than suthi. 1 pinch sunthi than gud is doable. Little bit water. Mix it & filter with cloth. Take it for nasy 5-6 drops.
Dr. Sushant Patil: Raktamokshan through Shankh Pradesh also give nice results
Dr. Arvind Shahane: Please explain how do raktamokshan on shankh Pradesh By canula or By needle pin point puncture
Vd. nikul patel: I am using Apamargkshar and Godanti bhasma combination and Pathaydi ghan vati for Shiro Shool
Dr. Arvind Shahane: How much dose of apamargkshar n godanti bhasm
Dr. Sushant Patil: Depends on Dosh sanchay
Branko Markovic: Is it better to use pathaydi kashayam tablets or gana vati?
Dr Jayesh Patel: Sir only godanti bhasm?
Shri Minoo parabia: Not cheaper, but Sutsekhar suvarna yukta works efficiently. Still better if combined with Aswagandha
Ayulink: Yes, I have tried with single Godanti bhasma .
Vd. Jayesh Thakkar: I use Lakshmivilas Naradiya with Sootsekhar Ras (sada) and got good relief in many acute conditions. Regular use of Godanti bhasma, Sirasuladi vajra ras, Pathyaksha dhatryadi Kashaya, nasya gives control in severity and incidence. there is definite relation of digestion and other condition with headache which needs to be considered in treatment.
Dr. Bindiya U Shanghvi: I got good result in migraine with the aamla powder and black munnakka soaked overnight and morning empty stomach to eat and drink
Vd Rameshwar Dhanaji: we do get results with ayu medicines but if migraine is chronic like 5-10 years old then it becomes difficult to control recurrence.Opinion may vary.
Branko Markovic: This is challenging indeed! Any case of chronic migraine slowed like 10 years? And how to approach?
Vd. Gurumahantesh: If you suspect headache is due to vata vruddhi Kara ahara vihara then pratimarsha nasya with go ghrita is sufficient. If there is kapha avruta shirashula then one can go for classical nasya with anu taila/ pradhamana nasya with vacha.
Dr. Krishnapriya: For sinusitis I had seen a good result by  prathimarsha nasya with tulsi swarasa and honey daily,before sunrise.
Helga Fuchs: Kapha: local sweda (inhalation) and Nasya with Anutail, in catharr sweda and inhale of special nasal powder in nostrils. Sinusitis needs a lot of rest, special emotional rest. Diet is needed to. Avoid all oily and hard to digesting food. No salad, no row vegetables. If symptoms are gone, go slow back to normal food. A good way to reduce Ama is a decoct of: Cumin, Cardamom, piece of fresh Ginger, Curcuma, 2-3 Nelken? Garlic, Coriander, Cinnamom. 1 Tsp/ each in 2 cups of water/ cook it down of 1 cup. 1 cup of this decoction in morning before breakfast, 1 cup at evening, NOT after Drink it daily, up to the point, that all symptoms are gone, and 14 days more. Most client will lost her overweight to. And be very strict with diet. Do not forget no milk products, no curd etc. no bread. Long lasting Sinusitis and her followed problems will gone. If client is not able to take it on empty stomach then after breakfast. It is also a good way for reducing ama before any panchakarma or oily treatment. But only use it if ama is there. Real ama you can see and smell it.
Dr. Bhavini Raja: Is this decoction useful in aam condition of any disease?
Helga Fuchs: Look for stool of patient. If there is bad smell, mucus, then it is very useful. If sputum of client smells bad, if cough is there and client spit grey blackish hard mucus, like little stones, or secretion of nose smells bad. Only this I see as real Ama. In Sinusitis you can see this easy. Only little more mucus is easy to reduce with anti kapha diet Or boiled hot water with one hot substance.
744: Any kind of headache marma Chikitsa may be selected according to the region affected or by the doshic nature of pain, and the severity of symptoms.  In general, stimulating a marma enhances the flow of prana locally and thereby reduces pain. For mild and short-term conditions, marma therapy alone can be quite effective. Marma  that can be used to treat them by expert vaidhya,an specific marma as a preventative measure removal of existing headache. The most beneficial points for each condition vary,generally the thilartha marma and natachatira marmas are effective in severe cases significantly ,
Vd. Pritam Bharat Veer: Shirashul - Shul is due to Vaat prakop.  Where there is vat prakop shul also present. Shul can exaggerated when kaf or pitta come in path of vata dosh. So when there is pitta prakopak lakshna like amlapitta the shul is Vaat Pittaj Shul. Treat accordingly for vatpradhan  pitta shirashul give vatvidwans along with pittashamak chikitsa. I used to give shirshuladi vJra ras along with praval , duralabha , ananta. When head which is area of Kafa there you can gi e kaf har dravyas like kantakari. Just find out the reason of shirshula  and treat accordingly.
Dr. Sharmila Kulkarni: Used to suggest Pathyadi kashayam for pittaj  shirshool. ie. Ardhavabhedak I have been using it in my practice since last 18 years with almost 100percent results
Ayulink: How long you need to give it? and what is the dose?
Dr. Sharmila Kulkarni: Sir, it is 2teaspoon 3times a day for almost 2weeks depending upon the intensity. Off course diet control is of utmost importance. Some Srunsan like Avipattikar churna can also be given along with.
 Ayulink: I saw a file from a neuro-physician for modern doctors also recommend to stop tomatoes, curd, pickle, salt, spicy food. When in our Ayurveda practice, we differentiate headache with different dosha imbalance and suggest the diet and activity accordingly. Can we make a general diet control guideline?
Branko Markovic: Did anyone try method by Vaidy Balendu Prakash? His theory is that any migraine or headache can be controlled by regulating pittashaya and yakrut also pitta reducing diet.
Helga Fuchs: Most of headache is due Stress. If feet and toes are cold give strict rest to the Patient and a hot water bottle. And cover your head and forehead with a soft towel. After some time bring the hot water-bottle from toes to the neck. Most headaches will go without problems if you do this early enough. If it is to late maybe vomiting can accrue, but after patient will relax with deep sleep. This is not by migraine; this is by Vata and coldness in head. By migraine avoid coliflower and Broccoli to. To find out about what is the headache, if you cover the head, if headache is due heat, headache get stronger in short time. Then for Shure do not cover the head. Only work with hot water-bottle on cold toes too. Headache due Sinusitis is most due mucus and inflammation. Both need a regulation of agni due lifestyle and food, no way out.
Dr. Supratim Bir: Yesterday in my opd I found a Pt with headache. Flexion of neck was a bit painful. I did Agnikarma in cervical region 4 points & the pain was gone.  Most of the time Dehydration is the main cause for headache. Nasya is always helpful in headaches.
Dr. Siva Kumar: What is the mode of agnikarma? shita or ushna,as ushnakarma lead to further dehydration.
Dr. Navneeth Krishnan: Sir what's the mode of action of agni karma there, is it just the usna Guna countering vata?? Or is there any other reason.
Vd. Dhruti Nirav Bhatt: Shirsh shul we should find dosh prakop . Ahar vihar history and digestion history is main . Because due to constipation Vayu prakop    occurs and indigestion cause Headache. In that case we should give laxative like Erand bhrist haritaki in early morning with warm water ,Pathyadikwath empty stomach . shirahshulari vajra ras   Shankhvati after meal .Shadhbindu oil Nasya . In Pittaj Shirahshul patient has history like burning,nausea and pittprakopak food intake .In that case we should advise  to stop :Fermented Food, Curd, Spicy and food, Bakery items. Sutsekhar Ras empty stomach , Avipattikar ,Shatavari before meal and one laxative like Triphala or swadist virechan gives very good result . Cow ghee Nasya. Kaphaj headache : symptoms like Cold cough, Sinusitis . Food: stop  Cold things like ice-cream, cold drinks, chocolate, Bakery items, chees, Junk food. Advise to take warm water or Sunthi siddh water , warm food items. Sitopaladi, Godanti bhasma with ginger ras and honey , Laxmi vilas ras, Hingwastak after meal gives good results. Nasya with Shadabindu oil ,head massage.
Dr. Jaya Sambhus: Many times shirshul is just symptom we have to find out exact cause or प्रवर व्याधी. suryavart  having pitt raktatmak samprapti , when pt comes in attack go for raktmokshan from ext jugular vein , it works as instant pain reliever n sometime permanent tt too
Dr. Amrish A Shah: Shadbindoo Oil Nasya Give best Results in my Pt
Ayulink: In acute headache:  Do we have any treatment, herb or formula which can work faster like paracetamol? or do we have any medicine cheaper then paracetamol?
Usually paracetamol works in 1 hour and costs max Rs. 2/- . If we can provide faster or cheaper solution, people will definitely come to us in acute condition. I have tried several times with Godanti bhasma. It works. But not in all condition.
Dr. V B. Maheshwari: Cephagrain (charak pharma) nasal drops gives good result in many patients.
Your point is very good but if a patient came to opd in emergency condition then what should I advise. I my opinion we should find some good medicines which we can use as emergency medicine. Rasa kalpana is unique example of this. Rasa aushadhi gives good results and in less time.  Earlier there are many Ayurvedic injections are available but due to lack of research now not a single injection is available in market.
Helga Fuchs: If emergency condition its given, yes, work with ayurvedic possibilities.
Dr. Rajendra Joshi: Cephagrain is useful in migraine
Vd Limesh Khatri: I have seen many patient who doesn’t get relive even after vasograin and tranquilizer too.
Dr. Siva Kumar: I want to know rasausadhas which r effective immediately in shirasula. Among the kastausadhis I have got good relief wt bathua,eranda kalka. Acc. to my view Ayurveda lags behind emergency management as to prescribe drugs for Coma patient, instant relief of headache if the cause is migraine etc., but narcotics drugs can manage it instantly
Vd Limesh Khatri: Shirashuladi vajraras With Ardrak swars. Local application Amrutdhara.
Dr. Siva Kumar: Synergistic effect!
Dr. Bhavini Raja: Oil? Or ointment?
Dr. V B. Maheshwari: Roll on
Dr. Dhara Trivedi: Locally snehan-oil application  and then swedan is also beneficial.
Ayulink: Amrutdhara? what is it? a medicine? or dhara treatment?
Dr. V B. Maheshwari: It's a roll-on for local application.
Dr. Sharmila Kulkarni: For Pittaj shirshool, coconut water shirodhara gives instant results
Vd. Sachin Kadlag: For pittaja shirashula , sutshekhar stat gives results  , many times alone I have found useful in reducing shirashula within 10 to 15 minutes , sometimes along with praval panchamruta has been used in kaphavataja or tridoshaja shirashula pathyadi kwatha or pathyadi ghana vati is found useful in most of the cases and immediate relief within 20 to 25 minutes.local lepan at forehead  with vacha or vishwa or combination of both is found useful kaphavata dominat shirashula.
Dr. Madhuri Patil Chaudhari: In pittaj shir:shool,  Sirolepan with Chandan n Mrugshrung pishti or paste  made by  rubbing the whole part on a slate of Marble or granite stone and made fine. In Vaataj,  Sunthi Vacha kaand, Jaiphal, fine pishti or paste made same way. Kaphaj - Vacha Sunth paste. all made with little lukewarm water n applied whn a little warm. But Nasya works best Anu tel or Panchendriyavardhan oil,  regular use. Suvarn Sutshekhar + Jawahar mohara pishti+ praval panchamrut or Praval pishti chandrputi, all made in2 fine paste with honey repeatedly ingesting by licking like Migrain or Ardhavbhedak which has just started. if too much time has passed since presentation of pain, or the pain is tolerated and if it doesn't go away after regular sleep, then strong painkiller injection needed. some pts have very low pain thresholds beyond which no ingested medicine works, only injected 1s work to alleviate pain.
Dr. Supratim Bir:  As it's apta THAT without involvement of Vata the pain is impossible, so I think it's the simple counter action of usna against sheeta guna of Vata. I said Dehydration as one of the  common causes of Headache.  Agnikarma can't lead to Dehydration. Agnikarma is so effective in pain management that I wonder how it has been ignored by the Vaidyas so long!
Dr. Abdulla Mohammad juma: I'm practicing the hejama which I have seen very effective result for treating the headache and other pain in the body. Hejama it is the removing waste and clotted blood from the head and othere area from the body
767:  Any type pain of body. Special migraine headache completely relief. Rakt mokshan vidhi. Hijama cupping therapy.
Ayulink: Ayurveda doctors are not very familiar with cupping therapy. But it is practiced in many part of the world effectively. How cupping therapy can help in migraine or shirshul management?
Dr. Abdulla Mohammad juma: When we do hejama the all toxin it will come out with blood and improve the circulation in the area after that therapy pain will reduced  and most of the time  you will very dark blood come out and patient will get immediate relieve of the headache and also it very useful for un controlled hypertension patient if he is doing every three month on the head.
Dr. V B. Maheshwari: So we should do cupping over affected part only or any where over body?
Dr. Navneeth Krishnan: Sir Does dry cupping also relives headache??
Dr. Gayatri: To kya hum cupping therapy har doshaj prakriti me use kr sakte h because as per sahinta har doshaj prikriti ke lie rakt mokshan ka different type h
Dr. Madhuri Patil Chaudhari: Margavrodhajanya Vaatorakop, if  cause of  pain, works best.  if Dhaatukshayjanya vaat prakopa then we cnt try with good prognosis.,may increase actually. pain n problem. Viddha with hollow needles applies same principle. Viddhagni and better still Agnikarma works best if Dhaatukshayjanya vaat prakop causing pain.
Dr. Navneeth Krishnan: Great explanation mam. Thank you. Mam Please tell y agni karma in dhatukshaya  vata and mode of action ?
Dr. Amrish A Shah: Apamarg kshar 10mg +Godanti Bhasma 10mg+Yastimadu Powder 100mg give bid dose Results is Good
Vd. Hardik bhatt: Hezama gives very good results but at head area I had not done yet. Any complication sir. Pls guide ...
767: No complications Very safe. If early morning Empty stomach Other wise Nausea vomiting & vertigo giddiness
Anália Meirelles: This is for headache?
Dr. Abdulla Mohammad juma: Dry cupping therapy lt will not give any result for headache and patient has to be stop food and drinking two hours before the procedure and after hejama he has to stop exercise and sex for three days after that patient he will feelings active in all of his body and regarding our Muslim religion profet Mohammed advice us  to do  hejama days of 17,19;21of Arabic calender after middle of the month because there is relation between our humen body and the moon and in this three days our blood will throw maximum waste from our body and other day we can do it but only NBM two hour before hejama .we can  do hejama on the pain area and also we have specific area in the body for each disease sometimes hejama will cured the illness and sometimes patient will get relieve for six month or one year or pain and disease will disappear from patient body, along life.
Dr. Tejendra Singh: Nasya of Almond oil , head massage with almond oil also helpful in Shirashul. Nasya of cow ghee. Nasya with swarasa of Vitex negundo leaves.
Vd. Avni Kaneria: Headache related to stress - shiro-dhara is best
Vd. Divyakumari solanki: Nasya with goughrita, Pathyadi kwatha
Vd. Sureshbhai Chavda: Ayurveda, however, categorically defines the different headaches, as Vaataj, pittaj, Kaphaj or Sannipataj. Added to that Ardhavbhedak (pain in half head) & suryavarta (pain that increases with rising sun & decreases with setting sun) have been beautifully defined.
Rukshashanadadhyashanatpragwatavashya maithune: I
Vegsandharana yas vyaame:kupitoaanil: II
Kwala: sakafo waardh grihitwa shirsou wali I
Manya bhrushankh karma ksilalatardheshu vednam II
Shashtrashani nibham kuryattibramsoardhavabhedak:” I 
-         Yog Ratnakar- Shirorog.
The meaning of the above stanza is coarse and dry diet, eating up in heavy quantities, taking on the easterly wind in enormous measures, getting drenched up in dew excessive of sexual activities, keeping the call of nature on hold, the wind getting furious by dint of exercises and labour becoming stronger alone or in combination with the cough takes into its grips the ½ portion of the head producing such a terrible pain in the parts as if somebody is slashing the head with a very sharp edged weapon or somebody is churning the head from inside within with a thorny churner. 
Treatment: Pathyadi kwath,shirshuladi vati, godanti, mukta pisti, sutshekhar ras, vatvidhvansh ras, avipatikar churna etc use
 Dr. Vivek D. Shah: 1)Pathyadi ghanvati 2)Sutsekhar ras.. These two drug r enough to cure all type of shirashool. Then after add anupan according to types of shirashool. Anupan dravya makes the difference.
Compiled by: Dr.Dhruti Kagrana

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