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Oral cavity care- Problems related with gums, teeth and tongue- it’s management with #Ayurveda

Views shared by several Ayurveda professionals and non-Ayurveda people in discussion group:
All views shared here are only for knowledge. This information doesn’t have any scientific validation. Various doctors and non-medicos have shared their views and experiences in this discussion. Please do not try any of the suggestions described here, without prior consult from your regular, qualified doctor. Dr. Prerak Shah and no other person is responsible for any unwanted effects, side effects or contra-indications in your health. Thank you.
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Next topic for discussion: Oral cavity care- Problems related with gums, teeth and tongue- it’s management with #Ayurveda
Dr. Mrugeshkumar Patel: Borsalli nu datan to strengthen the gum; erimidadi tail gandush dharan 15ml-15ml for teeth tongue & oral cavities care.
Vd. Pritam Bharat Veer: Gandhak Rasayan , Praval , Trifala guggul with warm water , simple til tail warm gandush dharan. Smile gel for local application in ulcers. Dantmanjan very good option for vaat prakop in teeth.

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Ayulink: Any suggestion for painful gums or bleeding gums?
Dr. Vishva Joshi: Guduchi stem danthdhavan for pyoria. After food,morning and night 2 minute gum massage with finger.
Croatia Branko Markovic: What about receding gums?
Dr. Vishva Joshi: If patient on phenytoin cause gingivitis so nidanparivarjan. For cavity any good medicine plz?
Dr. Mrugeshkumar Patel: G-32gum paint , G-32Tab for painful gum / bleeding gum
Croatia Branko Markovic: For removing dental plaque sodium bicarbonate - baking soda is very effective. Just adding little bit to tooth brush or on finger and apply 2-3 times per week. Then break for 1 month. Also very effective for whitening teeth.
Gary Yuen: Are there any herbs that would work? Besides neem sticks, there's one study mentioning chewing sticks of miswak/pilu/arak (salvadora persica or salvadora oleides), orange (Citrus sinensis), and lime (Citrus aurantifolia). Does anyone have experience with traditional formulas? Caraka mentions only one that says is effective for all tooth and mouth problems including cavities and tartar. khadirādi gaṭika et khadirādi taila (cikitsasthana 26.199-207). Anyone try it or know of others?
 Vd. Sureshbhai Chavda:
Bad Breath-Foul breath can be very embarrassing and is mostly a result of indigestion.To take care of indigestion, chewing a clove after every meal for some days improves the digestion, takes care of acidity and cures bad breadth.
Cold sores, or mouth ulcers- This is due to increased Pitta.
According to the Shalyatantra and Shalakyatantra (one of the branches of Ayurveda), 65 varieties of oral diseases can arise in seven anatomic locations-eight on the lips, 15 on the alveolar margin, eight in connection with the teeth, five on the tongue, nine on the palate, 17 in the oropharynx and three in a generalized form.
172: Painful gums occur mainly due to deficiency of vit-C and Ayurveda consider it as vitiated pitta and kapha doshas. And other reasons for painful gums might be due to drida danta dhavana(brushing too hard) or due to wrong flossing. Treatment : purification of the body by emesis(vamana) and mild purgation (virechana) is ideal as they mitigate the kapha and pitta doshas.
Dr. Vasupradha R: Are all oral disorders related to GI Track? Either with nidanam or upadravam?
Ayulink: Can't say all, but many of oral problems have connection with GI.
Dr. Vasupradha R: I have observed a person constantly complaining of oral dryness i.e. always the tongue sticks to the palate and ill difficult to start speaking. I tried with just tila taila kavalam. When the patient is doing kavalam, there's absolutely no problem But when kavalam  is not done for even a day, the problem recurs. Can anybody guide me in this?
Ayulink: what is the underlying factor / condition of oral dryness?  Like  the sensation of dry mouth, the possibility of depression as an underlying factor should be considered.Dry mouth can occur when the glands in the mouth that make saliva are not working properly. Some common causes include nervousness, stress, certain medications, aging, cancer therapy (radiation/chemotherapy), and autoimmune disorders like Sjorgren’s syndrome, smoking and methamphetamine use. Sjogren’s syndrome is a chronic autoimmune disease in which a person’s white blood cells attack their moisture-producing glands, the eyes and salivary glands in the mouth. Sjorgren’s can cause dry eyes, dry mouth, fatigue and joint pain. It can also cause dysfunction on other organs, such as the kidneys, gastrointestinal system, blood vessels, lungs, liver, pancreas and central nervous system. Oral issues that occur are dry mouth, swollen salivary glands, increase in tooth decay and gum disease. Conduct good oral hygiene procedures and see your dentist for regular professional cleanings.
Dr. Vasupradha R: The patient is 53 years young. I also advised the patient for dental check up. But no abnormality was detected. There's no mental issues for the patient. Currently patient s taking Rasnapanchakam Kashayam with  Sahacharadhi tailam. Partharishtam with kseerabala.  Above medicines for a month. Patient has  vatakantakam, Sira granthi, Post menopausal issues and painful  knee joints.
Ayulink: As the patient is 53 years old, more chances of depression from my thoughts
Dr. Vasupradha R: With these medicines patient is 90% alright now
 Ayulink: Try, give some brahmi or anti -stress medicines.
Dr. Vasupradha R: Yes, tried that too. Brahmi vati 2 bid For a month, But when there's intake of medicines, there's no problem.
Ayulink: I wish,  that will work...otherwise as u r doing gandush is the best.
Dr. Vasupradha R: But for how many days Sir? This kavalam s going on for almost 40 days Or can we change the tailam?
Ayulink: as a part of dincharya....everyday early morning, after brushing the gandusha. but we need to find out underlying causes for dryness in mouth...
Dr. Vasupradha R: Yes, this is the area which I'm not understanding
Dr. Navneeth Krishnan: Mam since she is above 50yr, mostly she will be on menopause and there can be estrogen deficency.usually estrogen deficency cause dryness.can the reason be severe estrogen deficency??
Dr. Vasupradha R: How to identify this cause sir? She menopaused at the age of 51
Dr. Navneeth Krishnan: Yes mam this is so difficult to know, but there are some other things associated like dryness in skin along with itching, vaginal dryness, hot flushes etc to know whether there is estrogen deficiency also lab test like fsh(increased)and estradiol (Decreases) also help us diagnose. Tsh also to be checked, cos hypothyroidism also cause dryness.
Dr. Vasupradha R: I'll advise for these tests. And if that's not the nidanam, then? Sry to ask too many questions, but this case s really confusing for me...
Dr. Navneeth Krishnan: Mam y u opted tila taila for kavala ?is there any special reason
Ayulink:  I think sesame oil considered best amongst all oil.
Dr. Vasupradha R: Yea, first thing is that I thought let me start with simple thila tailam. Second thing s only that was available with the patient.
Dr. Navneeth Krishnan: Yes that's true sir, y I asked the question is even though it has snigdha Guna it is having usna Virya(but sita externaly) and is vata kapha samaka
Ayulink: any suggestion for sub-mucus fibrosis for tobacco eater?
Dr. Sahaj Shah: Triphla kwath gandush
Ayulink: It is like condition that pt can not open the mouth (hardly 1 finger)
Entering any solid food in mouth is difficult.
423: Sneh Gandush and kaval dharan is useful. As it give results in every fibrosis
Dr. Sahaj Shah: Ask the pt to take the kwath with straw. It will be convenient
423: Can also suggest some facial muscle exercises. Which will help to open the mouth gradually
Dr. Sahaj Shah: Go for biopsy too if possible
Ayulink: Yes, biopsy done.not detected any malignancy.
Dr. Sahaj Shah: Ok. Straw method can b given a try. Orally Panchtikta ghrut 1 tsp bd.
Vd. Khyati Jariwala: Gandush of coconut oil in plaque is very effective
Dr. Ravi Goyal: Kala til ko chabaye jisse teeth or gums ka snehan hoga
Dr. Mahendra Ther: Oil pulling therapy is the best treatment for oral related diseases.
Mona Patel : Castrol oil + kapoor mix krke rat ko gums pe massage kre.
Dr. Daisy Kanabar: Lavang or eladi vati esa mukhdurgandh (bad smell in mouth) k liye use kr skte h....
Dr. Sharmila Kulkarni: Irimedadi tailam for gum massage is very useful
Vd. Pritam Bharat Veer: Til tail also good for gandush. Triphala guggul for internal use. As it has vran shodhan and ropan both actions.
Ayulink: Any suggestion for painful gums or bleeding gums?
Vd. Pritam Bharat Veer: Dantmanjan. As it contains all vran sandhanak , vat har dravyas ,for bleeding gum we Add arjun sal ,khadir , lodhra like dravyas.
Mona Patel: Kapor + castrol oil week gum and hilte dant ko chipka deta he.. Too much power in this.
Shail H. Bhavsar: In mukha paka,gandush of triphala kwath is very benificial.
Dr Ekta patel: In which dose, up to what duration?
Ami Keyur shah: Any toothpaste recommendations for daily use? To help with gum receding? Specially with braces? For adults and kids?
Dr. Amrish A Shah: Caster oil Karpoor- Lavang tail is Very Effect.
Vd. Pritam Bharat Veer: No toothpaste only dantmanjan. Which kapur you use?
Dr. Amrish A Shah: Bhimseni karpoor10gm Lavang oil 10gm Caster oil 100gm
Vd. Pritam Bharat Veer: How long it can be preserved? Duration Will also apply the remedy.
Dr. Amrish A Shah: Yes. Duration 1year no preservation I use 42 Years in myself and my pt.
Dr. V B. Maheshwari: Is there any role of sfatika Bhasma in white teeth. If yes so should we use this alone or with any other combination.
Anoop S. Anand: Kavala or Gandoosh should help
 Vd. Dhruti Nirav Bhatt: Dashansanskar churna mix with Irimedadi oil and massage every day . Saindhav and musterd oil mixture for brushing
Ami Keyur shah: In USA we don’t get dant manjan. What is the solution? We have castor oil and Kapoor And laving oil
 907: Causes of dry mouth include: Side effect of certain medications . Dry mouth is a common side effect of many prescription and nonprescription drugs, including drugs used to treat depression,anxiety, pain, allergies and cold (antihistamines  and decongestants), obesity,  acne,  epilepsy,  hypertension(diuretics),  diarrhea,  nausea,  psychotic disorders, urinary incontinence,  asthma (certain - bronchodilators),  and Parkinson's disease. Dry mouth can also be a side effect of muscle relaxants and sedatives.Side effect of certain diseases and infections. Dry mouth can be a side effect of medical conditions, including Sjögren's syndrome, HIV/AIDS, Alzheimer'sdisease, diabetes, anemia, cystic fibrosis,rheumatoid arthritis, hypertension,Parkinson's disease, stroke, and mumps.Side effect of certain medical treatments.Damage to the salivary glands, the glands that make saliva, can reduce the amount of saliva produced. For example, the damage could stem from radiation to the head and neck, and chemotherapy treatments, forcancer. Nerve damage . Dry mouth can be a result of nerve damage to the head and neck area from an injury or surgery. Dehydration . Conditions that lead to dehydration, such as fever, excessive sweating, vomiting, diarrhea, blood loss, and burns can cause dry mouth. Surgical removal of the salivary glands. Lifestyle. Smoking or chewing tobacco can affect how much saliva you make and aggravate dry mouth. Breathing with your mouth open a lot can also contribute to the problem.
Vd. Hemant k shah: 1stof all vibandh. Stress induce life style, Adharniya veg ne dharan karava. Serum Electrolyte  in balance.
767: Black dry grapes best result for dryness of mouth.
Vd. Dhruti Nirav Bhatt: Dates, Amala, Black dry grapes, Yastimadhu and sharkara mixture and make tablets .Keep in mouth. its very good. If patient has diabetes then Amla ,dry black grapes also keep in mouth it's also beneficial.
Croatia Branko Markovic: What about white grapes? Dry black are very difficult to find here.
Dr. Nehal Shah: Fennel seeds one tsp + coriander seeds one tsp + 1 cup water mix in earthen pot. Let it infused for a night. Strain it next morning. One can take once a day or twice a day.
Ami Keyur shah: Are those tablets—Dates,Amla,dry grapes,Yasthimadhu available in the market???
Dr. Ravi Goyal: Haldi +lavan+ sarso ka tel and one more i personally use the leaves or mengo tree cheew and use as teath cleaner For the whitening of teeth.
Dr. Devesh Kumar: Khadiradi vati and ganusha with dashmool taila
Vd. Hardik bhatt: Sesame oil gandush good for dryness of mouth.
Vd. Dhruti Nirav Bhatt: Mouth ulcers are there then Panchvalkal Kwath gargle and Khadi radi vati gives good results. One of my patient was suffering with  mouth ulcers from 6days and took Allopathic medicines but no results. I gave him Erandbhrist Harde for laxative and Only Kherchhal(Khadirbark) powder for Gargle .And tremendous result within 2days.
Dr. Sujata Vaidya: Glycerine coating in mouth on ulcers works very well.
Dr. Bhavini Raja: In mouth ulcers. Tab khadiradi vati And tab Nisha amalaki works well.
Vd Sandeep Kumar: Chewing of bakul leaves also helps in mouth ulcer and gum pain. Roasted hing application works in gum pain induced by cavity.
Ayulink: Did you mean to fill the cavity by roasted hing?
Vd Sandeep Kumar: Amrut Dhara application also works well in tooth pain
Vd Sandeep Kumar: Yes sir
Pratisaran of  tankan (suhaga)  + honey is well known to all of us for mukhpaak.
Vd. Pritam Bharat Veer:  Arjun sal, Khadir, Babbul sal, Vishwa, Abhaya, Musta, Vidang, Lodhra, Mayfal Everything 50 -50 grams. Saindhav 250gm
Dr. Anjum: Licorice powder mixed with honey can be applied locally for mouth ulcers . licorice can be used both external and internal , avoid excess intake of pitta prakopa aahar .
Vd. Gurumahantesh: To this eucalyptus oil and karpoor can be added. I think it'll be appropriate.
Vd. Hemant k shah: Nisha amalaki tab which company(brand name)
Dr. Bhavini Raja:Company name - amrita drugs
Tab. Nisa aamlaki
Dr. Anjum : Nisha amalaki is nothing but equal parts of amalaki and turmeric mixed together.
Compiled by - Dr. Dhruti Kagrana

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