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Raktamokshna / Jaloka #Ayurveda

Views shared by several Ayurveda professionals and non-Ayurveda people in discussion group:
All views shared here are only for knowledge. This information doesn’t have any scientific validation. Various doctors and non-medicos have shared their views and experiences in this discussion. Please do not try any of the suggestions described here, without prior consult from your regular, qualified doctor. Dr. Prerak Shah and no other person is responsible for any unwanted effects, side effects or contra-indications in your health. Thank you.
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Next topic for discussion: Raktamokshna / Jaloka # Ayurveda
Croatia Branko Markovic: Raktamokshana is the priorities of treatments of skin diseases. Blood-letting is administered by Venesection – Sira Vyadha, at the joint of the hair-line and temporal region, which is useful in the treatment of Unmada (insanity), Vishama Jvara (irregular fever) and Apasmara. Anybody practising raktamokshan on head?
Vd. Vipul Patil: For Raktamokashan One should think Pooravkaram, Pradhankaram & Paschatkarama.
Pooravkaram : Should advice to consume ghrut according to disease condition. Here in ghrutpan no need snehsidhhi lakshana Or any abhayang or swedana. Just 3 days acchasnehpan along with milk or food is advisable
Pradhankarama: On the day of raktamokashana Should take proper history Of pt Mainly regarding food Should not do on empty stomach It's advisable to do rakatmokashan after intake of Little food or any sweet So avoid Any murcha like condition
Paschatkarma: After doing rakatmokan There is  aganimandhay due rakatsatrav according to shusruta So as per sansarjan karma  One have to slowly increase Diet

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Ayulink: Recently I saw a doctor performing about Blood letting therapy in (Germany) Europe. Where she practice Leach therapy for ligamental tear near knee joint. Most surprising points I observed there:
* After raktamokshana, she did not tried to stop bleeding from the bites of Jalouka (Leach)
* Patient was also mentally ready to go home with bleeding scars..
* Both (patient and doctor) were knowing that bleeding may be continued for next 24 hours (in most cases bleeding does continue for overnight)
* After the use of Jalouka (Leach) in India, we are trained to make Vaman of jalouka.....otherwise we believe that the jalouka will die......but this German lady doctor doesnt make any such thing. According to her, the same jalouka will be ready for use after 4-5 months.
* Very next day, patient called the doctor and informed that she is feeling much relieved in pain and swelling on knee joint
Dr. Mahavir Patil: how to recognise "savish" and " nirvish" leach.. in practical way
Dr. Sushant Patil: U can do Jalokavacharan for Dushta Vran ie Chronic wound also. Acne, Scar, Itching.
Dr Piyushbhai Prajapati: Interesting.
By the way,my one patient has same problem like pain with inflammation.. I did Jalukavacharan on both knees.. I got that blood from one knee joint was stopped after sprinkling Haridra.. But from the another knee joint, blood was coming out.. I tried a lot,but it could not be stopped bleeding . After that day,next day,she complained that she had relief in pain in joint from which blood was stopped.. But from the joint,where blood was not stopped got more pain . I cant understand that time any logic.. Why from the one blood was stopped and why not from the next joint? Any thought on it.
Dr. Mahavir Patil: may be leeching in artery ??
Dr Piyushbhai Prajapati: No.  I checked sir.
Dr. V B. Maheshwari: It's a very good information sir. But I have a doubt may b quality of jaluka is different. Here when I do jaluka karma, if u don't do vaman of jaluka it will die after 1 day.
Dr Piyushbhai Prajapati: Yes,but i remembered that jaluka was pulled out little by mistake by patient when moving her leg from that joint where blood was not stopped.. May be because of this??
Dr. Mahavir Patil: may be
Dr Piyushbhai Prajapati: Even i experienced that if you remove jaluka from its place of sucking forcefully by Haridra,then it is little tough to make it vomit.. It takes more efforts to be vomitted .
Dr. Pranita Shah: Try doing jaloka in patients of aamvata without prior pachan and chances prevail that the pain will increase. 90% parients are relieved with blood letting immediately but 10% unsuccessful still exits. Reasons being: No pachan (blood letting in saam avastha), Durdinn, Bad quality of jaloka (shows reactions), Uneccessary excessive bleeding, Very less bleeding than required.
In my observation, the jaloka help in improving the microcirculation in the affected area, thereby helping to eliminate the congestion of prostaglandins and other toxins.If bleeding doesnt stop, apply khadir (acacia catechu) churna or purified alum (su. Sphatika) with tight bandaging. Parnfuti juice is also too good to stop bleeding. Sushrut samhita suggests shatdhaut ghrut (i havent tried). Haridra is more preferably as antiseptic, not much useful as stambhak in excess bleeds.
 I have tried jaloka in Arthritis (rheumatoid, gout, cervical, lumbar), Non healing ulcers, Fungal infection, Colloidal goiter, Skin diseases, Pedal fasciitis, Localised Stiffness.
Dr. Mahavir Patil: can anybody post pics of both type?
Dr. Pranita Shah: Frozen shoulder, Chronic pain due to Ligament tears
Croatia Branko Markovic: Anyone doing raktamokshan on head for migraine or other head related diseases?
Dr Piyushbhai Prajapati: Yes.. did for scalp psoriasis
Shahil H Bhavsar: In some types of kushtha siravedha is done. Ex. scalp psoriasis And for luekoderma and ringworm jalauka can be used. Posionous leech have varied lines on back are very hairy
Non poisonous leech -round shape -having light blue line on back -thin body -hard/rough back -slight yellowish belly.
Ayulink: The German lady doctor also shown me photos of leach application on tongue of the patient. I don't remember why she make it. Any idea?  I was really surprised and shocked to see photo of leach, sucking blood from tongue.
Dr Anzil Eramangalath: Tongue Cancer? In mouth cancer issues,  our Shalakya Sir used to do inside mouth.
Vd. Hardik bhatt: We are doing pracchan karm on head for hair regrowth , baldness .
 Vd. Pritam Bharat Veer: I experienced RAKTMOKSHAN IN hypertension. Brachial blood withdrawn or let go. Jalouka can be applied in the cases of Skin disease. Dosh vrudhhi or dosh sanchay at any place , jalouka is useful. After jalaokavacharan , observe the blood they sucked. It gives an idea about which type of dosh pradhanya. e.g. Vaataj dushti - krushna varn of blood.
Dr. V B. Maheshwari: I did jaluka karma over head for indralupta.
Dr. Arvind Shahane: Vaidhya Ramdas ahwad Sir in Copergaun Maharashtra had done tongue leach for burning in tongue and got excellent result
Croatia Branko Markovic: With jaloka or needle? I had seen some doing with needle on the head but I am not sure what was the exact position where they prick the needle. Anybody knows?
Dr. Kalpesh Vani: Jaluakas are my favourite in practice. Where all treatments are failed they always stood by me.
I have used jalauka in following conditions
7)Janusandhi shool
9)Non healing wound
10)Parshni shool
11)Varicose veins
12)Nasal polyps
I have photographs of most of the above treatments done by me.
Dr Piyushbhai Prajapati: I have applied Direct jaluka..after doing his hair removal .
Dr. Kalpesh Vani: It may be for recurrent Mukhapak. It this point Viddha karma also gives very good results
Croatia Branko Markovic: Could you please explain a bit more how you choose location where to put the jaloka? And after how long can therapy be repeated?
Dr. Kalpesh Vani: 1)Point selection---Mostly most painful point. 2) Generally I repeat after 3 days or 7 days
Croatia Branko Markovic: What about if the point is on the vein?
Dr. Kalpesh Vani: Then just adjucent to the vein Generally I take prick by 26 1/2 no. Needle and then apply jalauka at desired site
Croatia Branko Markovic: Aha so also in case of varicose veins you will go just close to affected vein? Ok so first you prick just to start the blood and then you apply jaloka? Or first you let the blood by needle and then apply jaloka?
Dr. Kalpesh Vani: Once I got side effects in only one patient. I applied jalauka to knee joint in the morning and evening knee was completely swollen. Then I had to apply Dashang lep and then it came down in 3 days. But same jalaukas were applied to her face but then there was no issue at all. This happened twice to same patient
And I prick affected veins with 26 1/2 no. needle and let some blood come out .it decreases the pressure and pain comes down significantly.I prick to have drops of blood only
Dr. Dayanand Bothre: One of my senior friend used jalaukacharan in mute and deaf patient on tongue and ear respectively after one setting that  first time in her life sound comes from her mouth. Location was same two jalauka below tongue and three jalauka on ear.
Even he had also tried jalaukacharan on rt hand paralysed. He used 10jalauka on rt hand starting from shoulder to fingers. And got good results she could move fingers just next to jalaukacharan
Dr. V B. Maheshwari: We are sharing our jaluka clinical experience, that is good. By this only we came to know that we can apply jaluka in so many different cases, but what are the mode of action in these cases and how to judge a patient whether she/he is suitable for jalukaavcharna?
Dr. Lukman Memon: I applied jaluka in alopecia  in Akhand Anand ayurved college. Really after one sitting hair growth .. Skin diseases Some part of body and organ like toe . Fingure  ankle joint .  Cupping therapy not suitable. Leech therapy amazing results ..
Dr. Nayan Gajera: I have a question regarding jaulauka- Can we cultivate jaluka in our home or farm??Any information for that kindly share
Ayulink: I am not sure the word cultivate can be used or not...but many doctors keep jalouka in their clinics, just like fishes. You can keep jalouka in a big size transparent glass bottle, with a lid on top with holes to pass air and oxygen to jalouka.
Dr Mahjabeen: Applied on diabetic foot
Dr Piyushbhai Prajapati: In Nasik,there is doctor who started cultivation of Jaluka.  He even taught how to do it .
Dr. Nayan Gajera: I mean if we can farming jaluka for clinical purpose, how can I farming jaluka in my farm or home? Any idea about that
Dr. Nayan Gajera: Number or contact details plz if possible
Vd.Rahul Doke: Leeches are called jalouka in Ayurveda, As they are re produced in water. They stay, eat and get nutrition from water. Leeches used in the procedure of raktamokshan are found in small ponds were the water does not flow.
According to modern science leeches are classified in to hirudinea group. They have a special chemical called hirudin in their saliva which prevents blood coagulation.
There are 2 types of leeches:
1. Hirudo medicinalis : Non poisonous type of leeches used in medicinal treatment.
2. Hirudo detrimental : Poisonous type of leeches which after bite give rise to poisonous reactions.
Dr. Samir Suneri: Leeches raktamokshan is  very useful procedure. I m using in pimples, swelling, hairfall, Dandruff, Joint pain
Dr.Nitin Mundhe: Also greatly useful in disease like  psoriasis  I will send images from other post
Dr Ravinder Bhardwaj: I m using in psoriasis and DNS
Dr Avadhut Mohite: It can also be used to relieve swelling and pain associated to thrombosed piles by local application till the pile mass deflates. Care should be taken to close the anal orifice with bandage/pichu.
Brazil AnĂ¡lia Meirelles: Psoriasis?
Dr. Vikas Sharma: Rakta mokshan (blood cupping)hijma done at that site where we see long lasting swelling along with necrosis of injury doing hijma heeling procedure boost up. But one thing must under stand here that if essential nutrient wasting in blood for healing then this procedure deteriorate that injury site.this phenomena compare with vata dosha vridhi.
Dr. Jinal Thakkar: where can we apply jalauka in case of nasal polyps? I have also used jalauka in cases of acne
Vd Limesh Khatri: One of My senior was proceeded Jalukavcharan in PCOS and Endometriosis condition
Ayulink: more details please. At which location?
Vd Limesh Khatri: Lt & Rt Iliac & Lumber regions of Abd
Vd Tushar Trivedi: During my study in Govt.  Akhandanand  ayu.  College,  Ahmedabad,  Dr.  Atul Bhavsar conducted Jalaukavacharana in Coronary artery blockage... But I don't know the outcome..
Vd Ashish Kumar: Jalaukavacharn kitni baar karna chahiye? 1 se dusri baar me kitna antar rakhna chahiye?
Ayulink: We are sharing our jaluka clinical experience, that is good. By this only we came to know that we can apply jaluka in so many different cases, but what are the mode of action in these cases and how to judge a patient whether she/he is suitable for jalukaavcharna?
Dr Mahjabeen: Research on leech’s saliva unveiled the presence of a variety of bioactive peptides  and proteins involving antithrombin (hirudin, bufurdin), antiplatelet (calin, saratin), factor Xa  inhibitor (lefaxin), antibacterial (theromacin, theromyzin) and other
Dr Mahjabeen: Leech theoropy: evacuation of morbid matters from the affected area. It also improves circulation to the area and provides better nutrition to the area. Another one is diversion of morbid humors from one site to the other. When hirudin comes in contact with blood, it forms a tight complex with thrombin, inhibiting thrombin conversion of fibrinogen to fibrin as well as inhibits platelet aggregation and thereby prevents blood coagulation.
Leeches may also secrete vaso-dilative, histamine-like substance, which increases the inflow of blood after a leech bite and reduces the local swelling. Medicinal leeches also secrete hirustatin (hirudo antistatin), which selectively inhibit tissue kellikrein that are largely responsible for maintenance of normal blood pressure. The presence local anaesthetic in leech’s saliva is still controversial
Compiled by - Dr. Dhruti Kagrana

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Views shared by several Ayurveda professionals and non-Ayurveda people in discussion group: Disclaimer: All views shared here are onl...