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Treatment of Fatty liver with #Ayurveda

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Ayulink: First question will be how to consider fatty liver according to ayurvedic terminology?There are several grades of fatty liver, generally described in the lab test reports. Grade 1 - 2 etc. Can anyone explains it in details? and till which grade we can help the patient with our ayurvedic line of treatment?
Vd. Dhruti Kagrana: Classification of fatty liver is essentially a radiological indication seen during ultrasound. 
* No steatosis, with the same kidney cortex and liver parenchyma echogenicity (Grade 0). - - * Mild liver fatty infiltration (Grade 1) was defined as minimal diffuse increase in echogenicity of the liver parenchyma without mass effect and slightly impaired or poor visualization of the intrahepatic vessels and of diaphragm.
* Moderate liver fatty infiltration (Grade 2) was defined as medium grade diffuse increase of hepatic echogenicity with slightly impaired visualization of intrahepatic vessels and diaphragm.
* Severe liver fatty infiltration (Grade 3) was defined as marked increase in the echogenicity with poor visualization of the posterior segment of the right lobe of the liver, intrahepatic vessel structure and diaphragm limits are vague or non-visualized.

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Vd. Dhruti Kagrana: When the echogenicity has just increased, it is grade 1; when the echogenic liver obscures the echogenic walls of the portal vein branches, it is grade 2; and, when the echogenic liver obscures the diaphragmatic outline, it is grade 3 fatty infiltration. 
Dr. Arvind Shahane: What is treatment guidelines according to grade?
I have using only this treatment
1)Varunadi kashay
2)Patoladi kashay( or rohitakarishth)
3) Shiva tab
Ayulink: Anybody has used Tab LIV 52 HB? any patent medicine, which works marvelous on fatty liver?
Dr. Vivek D. Shah: I use only Gau mutra ark with Guduchi swaras and it gvs excellant result in fatty liver..
 In patent medicine one liver protectiv syurup is there by AIMYL pharma.. I forgot the name but it als gvs good result..
Dr. Arvind Shahane: Amlicure ds???
Dr Venkata swamy: Livamruth patanjali before food 10 ml bd and godan ark excellent results. Amla alovea with wheat grass juice with godan ark 10 ml empty stomach morning and evening
Dr Mario Herrera: With excellent results after 3 month
Vd. Dhruti Nirav Bhatt: Liv52 has good results. Bhumiamlki is drug of choice
Dr. Jyoti Ashok: 1)arogyavardhini vati 2) patola katukarohinyadi kashaya
Dr Mahjabeen: I got good result wd dabeedulward
38239: Drakshadi kasayam act as liver protective
Dr. Rajendra Joshi: I use dashamoolarista with gokshuradi guggulu
Nitin Shah: Most dhatu have there updhatu as well mala. NAFLD can be considered as malasanchay of Meda dhatu.
Somnath Mehere: Livokot Tablet
Nitin Shah: I use katuki
Dr. Bindiya U Shanghvi: Liv52 also give good result
Vd. Komal Kalavadiya: Combination of katuki, sharpnkhu, bhoamlki, punarnava churn each 2gm also helpful in this condition
Vd.Rahul Doke: D Liv care is a Ayurvedic syrup based on aqueous extracts of Bhui Amalki, sharpunkha, Bhringaraj, Punarnavastak & Gulvel... Approximately in 3-4 months the sonography report shows improvement
Dr Praveen soni: Livokot
Dr. Priyanka Jammu: Hepa plus
Compiled by - Dr. Dhruti Kagrana

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