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Fresh vegetable juice according to #ayurveda

Views shared by several ayurveda professionals and non-ayurveda people in discussion group:
All views shared here are only for knowledge. This information doesn’t have any scientific validation. Various doctors and non-medicos have shared their views and experiences in this discussion. Please do not try any of the suggestions described here, without prior consult from your regular, qualified doctor. Dr. Prerak Shah and no other person is responsible for any unwanted effects, side effects or contra-indications in your health. Thank you.
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Today's topic for discussion: Fresh juices of vegetables (not fruits)....which vegetable juices we can have? How much healthy? What Ayurveda text book says abt it?

Anand Javeri: Tomato juice is rich in vitamin C, vitamin A, iron & lycopene.
Iron gets absorbed only in the presence of vitamin C. Hence for strength and Haemoglobin.  However, they say that kidney stone patients should avoid tomatoes. …….Drum sticks juice and/or soup is a good source of Vitamin B complex. Highly recommended for vegetarians. It is a good source of Magnesium also that does muscle & tissue repair. …….Also rich in vitamin C

Dr. Satyendra Sharma: Fresh vegetables juice is an integral part of optimal health.palak and raddish leaf juice is very beneficial for piles.Both should be an equal amount.Having rich in caretenoid ,so also important for Astigmatism and skin disease.

Dr. Ravindra Upadhyay: fresh juices are Guru as compared to Fruit itself.

Dr. P. A. Deshpande: Use of green leafy  is done very effectively in treatment of various   health issues  to compensate nutritional losses  and boosting immune  systems   the chlorophyll  purifies blood  remove  toxins  enzymes  and antioxidants  improves  disease  fighting    mechanism  easy assimilation  is advantage. Without loading  stress  on  digestion system   Almost all green leafy veg can be used Juice of bottle gourd   ginger  lemon juice  with pepper  helps  to detoxify  liver  cabbage  ginger n lemon  for  anti inflammation  and bone strengthening  Carrot for iron deficiency. Wheat grass juice  best for everything. Use effectively  in cancer etc.

Gaurang darji: boil Vegetable, add hing (asafetida),  jira (cumin)…. Fry with sesame oil and salt …. Should drink that kind of juice…..Maximum 160ml
If not fried.. 40ml max

Binduben Jayeshbhai: Start the day with palak juice with mint n lemon….. purifies blood

Raymand Parabia: We have seen the cases of Pancreatis, Liver cirrhosis, Nephritis and CNS Damage due to pesticides and fertilizer….So be careful...

Vd. Pankaj Chhayani: I think soup of boiled vegetables are much more better than Fresh juices of vegetables... There is description of Shushka mulaka(dry radish) soup.. It balance all three doshas.. Very good specially in condition of Kapha vata...I prefer Soup of radish, carrot,and tomato... Radish is only vegetable which is preferred by Ayurveda to use as a dry vegetable..

Vd. Mukesh Mehta: U can have juices from dudhi (bottle guard)/tamatos / cabbage/ peas….can say mix vegetable juices.

Opthelmo Dr. Nitin Trivedi: Can tomato juice lead to kidney stone?

Vd. Mukesh Mehta: Don't think so.if high calcium then may cause. The Power Of Vegetable Juices

Sutapa Ranjan: Beetroot juice is supposed to lower BP…….Carrot tmato beetroot juice with a dash of lemon juice good as source of vitamins

Vd Daxa Patel: We know very well that karela juice is used to decrease sugar level.

Sutapa Ranjan: Long gourd( louki) juice is supposed to clean the digestive system

 Vd. Rupa Raval: Spinach juice with dash of lemon is good source of hemoglobin as well it also cleans digestive system

Dr. Dipa Mehta: Long gourd juice is useful for acidity and pittaj disorder

 Vd Suhas Yadav: dhanyak kwath or juice for uric acid and burning and pitta

Dr. J. T. Contractor:Tomato juice is the best juice among,as it's oxalic acid(weak acid) has anti oxidant property, reduces free radicals in body(free radicals r responsible for ailments),it's a good appetizer,in its present enzyme secretion done fast to digest food, tomato soup is equally beneficial at great extent.

Vd. Piyush Prajapati: There r so many companies who r suggesting alovera juice etc to everyone.. but I suggest not to take Alovera everyday.. it has sodhan effect and if u do too much sodhan of body continuously,there may b dryness in body.. vaat vrudhhi.. etc..  In some women ,if they have hyper bleeding in Menses or acidity,they should not take Gajar(carrot),beet,or Palak (spinach) etc juice bcz these veg increases flow of menses..

Worth to read discussion (from Ayulink- active group members)
Vd. Dhruti Kagrana: Veg. Juice
In Bhavprakash shakvarga………Palak..L:-Spinacia oleracea
Gunas: Vatla,Shita,Shleshmala,Bhedini,Guru,Vishtambhi,Mada-Shwash-Pitta-Rakta-Kaphahara,Dahashamak,Shothaghana.

Spinach can be used as natural diuretic to treat urinary disorders like cystitis and others. Spinach juice is considered to be among the best known natural remedies for constipation. Spinach based diet is strictly linked to higher consumption of fiber which helps to prevent colon cancer and improve the digestive system.Rich in beta-carotene, spinach can effectively treat and prevent many of sight problems: in particular, substantially lowers the risks of cataracts.
Best source of iron.

Vd. Hardik bhatt: Carrot and bit juice is very good source of iron and vitamin A..

Vd. Ajay Pithiya: Juice what is indicated as swaras kalpana is denoted in panch vidh kashay kalpana.. Ayurved pharmacology covers all media of drug action ie water soluble,  lipid soluble nd alcohol soluble…Among them water soluble drugs are used by the mean of panch vidh kashay kalpana
Swaras – juice, Kalka – paste, Kwath – decoction, Him - cold effusion, Fant -  hot efusion …………These 5 are media for water soluble drug delivery action..  Among them swaras is heavy to digest..

Vd. Hardik bhatt: Ginger juice is very good for cough problems .. Fresh ginger and fresh termeric juice combination is a good immunity developer….Fresh Bottle guard juice is good for cholesterol  and wt . Reduction ..

 Vd. Ajay Pithiya: vegetables -  shak varga.. 
Vagbhatt (astang hridaya kar) was against with use of vegetables..  He made a statement that the person who is not taking vsgetables in diet will remain healthy
Bhavprakash also states that vegetables are not good for health..  Use of vegetables will vitiate rakta,  asthi etc.. 
Again vegetables listed in ayurvedic samhita are not used in our daily diet like jivanti etc..  And what we are taking regularly in diet does not contain much importance in our texts..
Ginger,  dry ginger,  turmeric,  etc are medicines not vegetables

Vd. Prerak Shah: I have a question: if swaras are heavy to digest, how can it be helpful for weight loss program?

Vd. Kinshuk Hirpara: It makes stomach to feel heavy for long period, so that makes an obese person away from binge eating in my opinion…..But actually any fibers will take longer for digestion . All fats have false calories and also it makes feel hungry just fr example rarely….. *for example one can't eat a small piece of cake.

Dr Dipak Shirude: Beet juice added with some ginger juice acts as general haematinic ! Coriander juice is very important in emergency of bhallatak or croton reaction ! It is consumed orally as well as applied externally ! I do not use vegetable juices other than above !!

 Vd. Ketan bhimani: Sir, as I m from Jain group, I think no any veg juice can been used. Soup is the best n first option to drink.

Dr Dipak Shirude: Jain philosophy does not allow to squeeze juice of vege or fruits ??

Vd. Prerak Shah: Apart from religious aspect, what Ayurveda says?

Vd. Ajay Pithiya: Bhavprakash,  shak varga

Vd. Manhar Prajapati: Juice is heavy to digest but in allopathy who admited for disease they prefer for juice...its totally wrong... 'Hit bhukh mit bhukh asak bhukh'....

Dr Dipak Shirude: True

 Vd. Ketan bhimani: Raw food produces aama and riped or cooked food produces dhatus  If it is Boiled, can be best for mandagni and related disorders  

Vd. Ajay Pithiya: English translation of shloka from Bhavprakash – a classical text book………Vegetables are of 6 types: leaves,  flowers,  fruit,  stem, tuber and mushrooms (i cant remember appropriate word for 'संस्वेदज' but it mean for mushroom like plant)  ………….And this six are heavy in digestion in ascending order ..  Like flower are heavy than leaf,  fruit are heavy than flower
Most vegetables are heavy to digest,  dry in nature
It vitiates bones,  eye sight, complexion,  rakta and shukra,  hair etc
Also it has negative effects on pragya- the total function of dhi-dhruti-smruti..
All these apart,   i strongly believe that not a single word written by our ancestors in samhita is wrong but we are taking vegetables regularly in our diet..  So had anyone noted any of adverse effect of vegetables?  I had seen few people who had not taken vegetables in diet for a long period,  one among them is late vd.  Shobhan vasani

Dr Dipak Shirude: Interesting knowledge .
Charak :
Shak: Rogvardhananam shreshtha: ||
So shak (vegetables) to be avoided in Rog  avastha (disease conditions) but in normal routine we can consume it . Details of shakvarga is also mentioned in authentic texts with reasonable explanation .
Some shak swaras like Tanduliyak is used while preparing Raskalpas with intention of purification as well as bhavana .. It means that these shak have important and positive role in human health !!

Shri Minoo parabia: Shaak mukam! Vaidyashri Prafullbhai was vehement advocate of this principle. Ref Vishvaahar. A good book to read….Bad effects, I don't know. Needs research……Loosing Pragya! Needs serious contemplation.
Think of productive research and innovation, traffic sense, cleanliness habits, personal ethics etc.  Especially in post British era……I don't have much Idea but I love to believe that India was wealthy and cleaner and far far better in the past.
Please don't misunderstand me. This has come out due to the innate love I have for this country and her people. ….Think about it. ……This is not about veg vs nonveg…….It is said "reduced intake of nitrogenous food is the first sign of human proverty"…..Means protein……..May be I am stirring hornet nest, but than it will be a lesson for me to learn something new.
 Juice as swaras are to be taken, if it is sashtrokta. If anupan are prescribed,  one must follow that.  Only benefit I see of juice over eating wholesome is, one can ingest larger quantity of effective matter compared to chewing and consuming wholesome.

Bunty Gandhi: Not exactly juice but Tomato Soup is quite fine in these winter days ....

Germany Helga Fuchs: Here in Germany Smoothies, means fresh vegetable juice of 2-3 Vegetables and fruits, are now a fashion.
I think if agni is strong, not in the morning in emty stomach, and only made with 1 vegetable, it would be fine. Green bitter vegetables juice are cleaning blood more easy as raw vegetables, as Pitta types love this
If there is some regular treatment for 10 days, with special vegetablesjuice as carrots, tomatoes, red beet, garlic we can get a cleaning effekt in rasa and rakta. This is felt by feeling more fresh. For longer periods or used as food, I think only strong agni can accept it and creates a good effekt. In less quantity, high Bio quality and if mixed, according veerya and Vipaka. Better only one vegetable and 1 hour bevor lunch, but not as breakfast. Time is important for digestion to.

Vd. Ajay Pithiya:  the point - if agni is strong

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Views shared by several Ayurveda professionals and non-Ayurveda people in discussion group: Disclaimer: All views shared here are onl...