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# Ayurvedic approach for Fatty liver condition.

Views shared by several ayurveda professionals and non-ayurveda people in discussion group:
All views shared here are only for knowledge. This information doesn’t have any scientific validation. Various doctors and non-medicos have shared their views and experiences in this discussion. Please do not try any of the suggestions described here, without prior consult from your regular, qualified doctor. Dr. Prerak Shah and no other person is responsible for any unwanted effects, side effects or contra-indications in your health. Thank you.
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Today's topic for discussion: # Ayurvedic approach for Fatty liver condition.

Dipak Padia Osho: As per naturopathy three days liquid diets is useful to cure body metabolism and liver disorder. After that one or two days fast will improve lifestyle. Regular 45 minutes exercise and pranayam will be the best without any cost.
It is always useful to practice meditation at least minimum 15 minutes with peace of mind by seating posture or Shavasan . This will give relaxation of whole body and energetic feeling.

Canada Nitin Shah: There are 2 main types of fatty liver disease/ condition. Alcoholic and non alcoholic. Now a days we see alarmingly increasing rate of non alcoholic fatty liver condition due to excess use of highly processed food with simple carbohydrate and unhealthy fat. So reducing them in the diet and liver cleansing herb such as Katuki can be used for a longer time.

Dr. Ravindra Upadhyay: Fatty liver is nothing but weak digestive fire ( Agnidushti ) hence  simply we have to take care of Agni, as  Liver is prime organ responsible for maintaining health. Hence remember one should eat only when hungry, not otherwise, drinking too much water which is against Ayurveda, one should drink only when thirsty, change diet as per the season, have to stop worrying, Chew well, and eat in moderation. As long as one has poor appetite, one should avoid full diet, one should have khakhara, kurmura,( mamara ) bhaidaku,( mixture of 4/5 grains, the porridge prepared either in milk, or butter milk, oopma, moongpani, moongdal, soft rice, khichdi, mix vegetable  soups.
Roasted powder of Dhaniya, jeera, ajwain, saunf, soova, 1gm thrice a day with luke warm water, Agnitundivati, Chitrakadivati, Samasharkara Churna, Shankhvati, Aarogyavardhini, Sharpoonkhaghan. vati, etc
While using Aarogyavardhini for any illness for a long time, it should not be given at a stretch for > than 42 days, as it contains. Parad. Rasaushadhi should be used cautiously while administering for a long time….Arogyavardhini is Rooksha in nature, it will be worth while using Sharpunkha Ghan vati, Bhoomiamalaki in the form of. Churna, tab, Panchakol in the form of  Aasav, +  Kumariaasav, can be given.

P. A. Deshpande: Fatty liver  indicates  saturation  of toxins  specially  with   addiction  history  .It affects  digestion system  with rise in cholesterol, triglyceride  proteins imbalance…..In naturopathy use of bottle gourd, cucumber,  ginger,  lemon use  before breakfast and  shredded cabbage    ginger lemon juice  in noon  four hrs after  lunch  and  Pranayam   has proven results The dietary fiber  etc  binds  toxins  and are thrown out.

Dr. Lokesh Mehta: In my practice for fatty liver I use combination of arogyavardhani  triphala gugal, Punarnava mandoor, Chitrakadi vati. Along with I use mix of katu rohini, kalmegh, punarnava, kasni, makoy, bhuiamla and sharpunkha.

Vd. Prerak Shah: In my opinion, someone suggested using arogyavardhini in liver disease...but I differ with it. As it contain parad and gandhak...and it is increasing requires another thought or opinion before giving arogyavardhini.
I also prescribe jaundex syrup along with, which is useful too. It's difficult to get good readymade formula with these herbs. So I specially order to make single gyan vati for bhumyamlaki and kutaki for me. But that are very costly.

Tilak Raj Gujrani: Argyavardhini has 50% kutki and rest 50% has all other ghatak dravya. Kutki being liver detoxofier also acts as laxative. So the  guna dharam of arygavardhini……. I have gone through book for details in Arygavardhini vati, It is indicated in inflammation of all internal organs, primarily its action being laxative. In inflamation of liver, for best results to be taken with bark of rohera ( ROHITAK ) and Sharpunkhamul mixed in Punarvashtak kwath. ….Also indicated in delayed puberty signs for longer duration. Very good in vata, kapha and low paachak pitta.
Contraindicated in pregnancy, burning, thirst and above all vitilated pitta ( prakupit pitta ).

Sudhir shah ne: Liver specialist give fat free diet recommendation along with Vit e and either udilive b.d. Or rifaximin 550 bd depending on the stages

Dr. J. T. Contractor Herbal Therapist: Ajoini is an alkaloid found in garlic may (one bud on empty stomach before an hour of morning breakfast) help showing regression in 6 to 12 weeks. Garlic bud never chewed (only gulping) as it causes internal bleeding if chewed!

Vd. Jayesh Thakkar: Eating of fatty substances may not produce fatty liver Accumulation of triglycerides in liver cells & serum is common in alcoholics, obese & diabetic. ……Rukshana & Pachana chikitsa helps...anything which is used for sneha vyapath can be used as management....buttermilk, yava/barley, kodrava/millet, honey, pippali, triphala, guggulu can help as per expert/study

Vd. Dhruti Nirav Bhatt: Fatty liver is one kind of Udar rog. Mandagni, Kaf dosh dusti. and Med dhatvagni dusti cause. Dipan pachan Aushadh prayog
Aarogyavardhini tab, boiled water of Sunthi, cow urine, Pure Honey. charkokt Lekhaniya gan aushadh …….Diet - avoid fatty food, alcohol, Divaswap, junk food. Take Yav, Kodari, Thuli, mungdal, buttermilk with Jirak, saindhav sunthi

Vd. Kundan : Sudden weight loss or some drug can cause fatty liver. For both alcoholic or non alcoholic virechan is common treatment. In non alcoholic the cause is mainly santarpan - deepan pachan  lekhaniya dravya along with pitta rechak dravya, musta, triphala, bhumyamlki, katuki, shivakshar pachan,hinghvashtak etc are beneficial. All fatty food should be avoided,  Bijoru -citrus food is having very good effect on liver..

Dr Dipak Shirude:   Avoidance of curd, milk products, sweets, bakery products, fermented matters, fried in oil or ghee, readymade chips like things, gram, non-vegetarian food, refrigerated food, pickles and alcohol are to be avoided..
Timely and some little quantity of regular diet, sufficient sleep, morning walk, pranayama should be practiced.. ……If possible, one can take 20 ml fresh aloe pulp in the early morning, for a month ..Aarogyavardhini is most important drug of choice in this regard..Prognosis is good if the patient has no other complications or vyadhi-sankar !!.....A systematic implementation of VIRECHAN karma can cure the patient in very short period…..“To rise at six, dine at ten, sup at six and go to bed at ten, makes a man live ten times ten.”

Shri Minoo parabia:   Judicious use of Trifala can help mobilization of fat. Bhoomiamalki - Phyllanthus fraternus are good

Vd. Pankaj Chhayani: All triglycerides we eat have ultimate same destiny that's Adipose tissue. And all cholesterol we eat in diet have same destiny that's liver...
Its quite ridiculous to advise for no dairy products.. Because if u eat more protein and carbohydrates more than requirements all will convert into fat...Fat is unlimited storage..there is no such facility for carbohydrates and protein.. So excessively carbohydrates and protein is also converted into fat... So why Ayurveda says if u have much more quantity diet which is Laghu(easily digestible) becomes guru(difficult digest). And if u take heavy food (guru) in little quantity then it becomes easily digestible (laghu).. So quantity is much more important...
Liver is assembled fat as a lipoproteins and then these lipoproteins transported to unlimited storage (adipose tissue)....if liver is not working properly then fat get stuck into liver and liver become fatty...Alcohol is prime cause that hamper VLDL assembling..And liver become fatty. It’s said that if u consumes much more alcohol for a week, your liver get fatty. And if u not consuming alcohol for week, it will get recovered within week...Low digestive power, wrong dietary habits, and poor health of liver is also cause fatty liver....Ek kal bhojan sukh parinam karanam …...charaka says one time meal in a day is good for digestion... Having one meal in a day will clear all additional waste products as well as fat... Yogic diet - one meal a day - goes with the physiological principle 8 hours to digest and 18 hour to clean up...why we do lipid profile in early morning empty stomach..Because lipid take minimum 8 hour time to clean from blood..During 8 hour sleep its cleaned up from blood and we can measure lipid abnormality in blood...but during day time we can't give enough time for cleaning and all over metabolism is hampered and more and more fat get stuck into liver..

Vd. Dhruti Kagrana: In Ayurveda, the liver is considered a fire - or pitta - organ, since it is essential to digestion and elimination. Therefore, the health of the liver requires balance in the pitta dosha to support the liver's ability to flush toxins from the body. When the liver is overloaded with toxins like alcohol or fats, it will work too hard.
Kutki - picrorhiza kurroa
Punarnava - Boerhavia diffusa
Kalmegh - Andrographis paniculata
Bhrungraj - Eclipta alba
 are the choice of drug.....

Vd. Kinshuk Hirpara: Diet- no deep fried , fermented foods, viruddha ahar, frozen foods, no excess onion garlic tomatoes and spicy foods. Drug of choice Aarogyavardhini.  Lifestyle - reducing the weight. No late night food. Walking running no heavy proteins.

(Compilation courtesy : Vd. Nikul Patel, Ahmedabad)

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Views shared by several Ayurveda professionals and non-Ayurveda people in discussion group: Disclaimer: All views shared here are onl...