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Nail disorders and its management with #Ayurveda....

Nail disorders and its management with #Ayurveda....

(Pl share nail disorder info with photos if possible, and don't forget to mention source info, if u copy- paste from any published media. Thnx )
Vd. sandeepAhirkar: Source ~Fb post
 Dr. MeghdootSatvekar: Nail Abnormalities and What they Mean:
Longitudinal Lines on the Nails: 
These long lines are all too common for many individuals and typically indicate a clear sign of malabsorption of nutrients in the body. They typically cover the entire nail, from the bottom to the top.  Very mild lines that are hard to see without the proper light shows a very mild case.  The deeper the lines however, the stronger the deficiency and therefore the more important it will be to discover the cause and remove it.   
These lines can relate to poor digestion, excessive toxins in the system, inflammation in the GI tract, a Vata digestive disorder (Vishama Agni), a Kapha digestive disorder (Manda Agni), a Pitta digestive disorder (Tikshna Agni) or a poor diet in general.  Since this is only one piece of the puzzle, other analysis must be further completed in order to establish the actual cause. 

Horizontal Lines or Transverse Groove: 
According to Ayurveda, a deep line that runs horizontal to the nail is an indication of a strong illness, infection or depletion that occurred during the time that specific part of the nail was growing.  It also can mean an issue of the metabolism, showing vitiated digestion at the time of growth.  If there are multiple horizontal lines on the nail, this indicates a reoccurring issue and most likely is showing a chronic condition (whether metabolic, infection, depletion, etc).  In some cases, these multiple lines can relate to the involvement of an under-active thyroid.      
Absence of Moons (Lunula):
In Ayurveda, the lunula of the nail represents one’s Agni or fire in the body.  If you look at your nails and notice there are no moons (lunula) or extremely small moons, this is a sign that there is weak digestion or fire in the system.  Weak digestion is an indication of poor metabolism and a potential build up of toxins in the system.  It also is a common root cause for most disease and disorder and should be treated immediately.       
Large Moons (Lunula):
If you have nice large moons on your thumb to the pinky finger, this represents a strong healthy fire in the system.  Ideally one should have a large moon on the thumb, as they remain strong, but get a bit smaller with each respective finger.  However, if they seem larger than “normal” this may show an overactive fire in the body, which can lead to Pitta issues such as loose stools, hyperacidity, inflammation and malabsorption of nutrients.  This simply means there is too much fire in the system, and cooling practices and diet should be administered.  ***Please note that if the whole finger is white, except for a small crescent at the top, this is a different issue, typically caused by liver disease.
Red, Puffy Nail Fold (area of skin that borders the nail):
If you notice a red, puffy border along the nail fold, this is typically a sign of parasites or infection in the system.  Parasites are prevalent in many individuals and have multiple causes.  A few common causes are traveling or living in a developing country, drinking from rivers or lakes, not washing hands properly after elimination, or through a transfer from our furry little friends.  Parasites are efficiently treated in Ayurveda though proper diet and herbs.  ***A less common cause of the red nail fold can be through Lupus or another connective tissue disorder.
White Spots:
White spots on the nails are very common among a large number of individuals.  Of course if this is just a one time occurrence, it may just be due to a trauma to that part of the nail.  Often however, this is seen on more than one nail and is a recurring issue.  If you are experiencing the latter, this simply means that there is a calcium, zinc and/or magnesium deficiency in the body.  This may be due to a poor diet, or could also be the result of malabsorption.  Malabsorption is a lack of ability for your body to absorb specific nutrients and has a wide range of causes.  Some of these include poor digestion, inflammation in the GI tract, excessive toxins in the colon, intake of allergenic foods, chronic loose stools or parasitical infection.   Once this issue is removed, the white spots should stop appearing after they have grown out.
Pitting of the Nail:  
Nail pitting is typically seen in individuals that either have psoriasis, eczema or another inflammatory skin disorder.  It also can occur when an individual has alopecia, Lupus (SLE) or another connective tissue disorder.  If you see pitting and do not currently have any of these conditions, this may be a sign that you are at risk for one of these disorders.  Therefore, other areas should be investigated to see if there are any other warning symptoms or signs occurring.
Nail Biting:
Nail biting is an all telling sign of excessive Vata in the system.  This is typically a symptom of high anxiety, worry or fear; all of which are Vata imbalances in the Nervous System.  This can be a chronic or acute issue, depending on the individual.  Typically one with a nail biting habit does it without awareness, and rarely has nails that grow beyond the nail bed.  Whether an old habit or new, this is a clear sign of high Vata and should be treated accordingly.
Yellow Nails:
Yellow nails can mean a few different issues and may have a wide array of severeness.  One potential issue is a fungal infection.  This is more common as you grow older, although any individual can be at risk.  A fungal infection can effect one nail selectively or multiple nails at once.  Fungal infections can be due to genetics, lowered immunity, liver issues, toxins in the system, or excessive use of nail polish (or a combination of these) to name a few.  Other common cause of yellow nails include jaundice or other liver issues, tuberculosis, lung infections, or certain side effects from medications.
Pale Nails:
Pale nails typically show anemia (low red blood cells) in the system.  This can be due to excessive blood loss (heavy menstruation or injury); an iron, folate or B12 deficiency; ulcer, parasitical infection, certain medications (including NSAIDS), malabsorption, chronic diseases such a cancer, rheumatoid arthritis or HIV; or many different autoimmune conditions.  Anemia can cause fatigue, weakness, poor circulation, frequent bruising, shortness of breath, irregular heartbeat and cognitive issues.  If anemia is suspected, one can look to see if other symptoms are involved (or not); as well as the tongue and the pink under the eye (when stretched down) to see if these areas are also pale.
Bluish-Purple Nails:
If you see a bluish-purple tint to your nails, this may signify that there is a lack of oxygen in the system causing hypoxia or acute cyanosis (lack of oxygen to the tissues).  This can be from a chronic issue or a severe acute issue.  There may be a pulmonary infection such as chronic bronchitis, or a long-term condition such as asthma or emphysema.
Nail Separation (Onycholysis):
Onycholysis is when nail begins to separate from the nail bed causing a white discoloration.  If the white discoloration becomes yellow, it is most likely that the nail has obtained a secondary infection due to the separation.  Onycholysis is commonly caused by skin disorders such as psoriasis, eczema and dermatitis; but also can stem from trauma, excessive manicures, hyperthyroidism, hypothyroidism, primary fungal infection, poor circulation or inflammatory arthritis.
Clubbed Nails:  
Although not as common as some of these other nail abnormalities, clubbed nails are often prevalent with heart or pulmonary issues.  They may occur in tuberculosis, pneumonia, chronic bronchitis, congestive heart failure or mitral stenosis.  No matter the cause, clubbing of the fingers typically is a sign that the peripheral tissues are not getting a sufficient amount of oxygen and there is low Prana in the body.
Spooned Nails (Koilonychia):
A “spooned” nail is a nail that is flat or concave at the surface, scooping in the center.  This can range in severity, with the worse cases causing a splitting of the nail down the middle.  The most common cause for the spooned nail is iron deficiency anemia (also see “pale nails” above).  Other potential causes are autoimmune issues such as Lupus (SLE), psoriasis, lichen planus or Raynaud’s Disease; genetics disorders, vascular disease or trauma.
Dr. BhaveshModh: Most common   nail disorder  seen in practice isOnychocryptosis, commonly known as "ingrown nails" , In this condition, the nail cuts into one or both sides or sometime remove whole nail.
Then I applied  Nimpatr + Haridra pest over effected area  for overnight. Next day  applyNimbtail + Erand tail till up to heal the wound  ( max.5 days ) give oral medicine for Symptomatic relief.
Dr. MeghdootSatvekar: The neem oil is painted in the affected areas daily to treat nail fungus. This application must be done two times in a day. it has anti fungal and antibacterial properties that help deal with the fungi that feed on the nail bed.
Dr. ShriniwasGujjarwar: 
Dr. Samir Suneri: In case of fungal infection (in nails )we can use psoriaoill { nagarjun } E/A  BD
Very good results
Dr. MeghdootSatvekar: Kaishoreguggulu, Gandhaka rasayan,Khadadirarishta, Triphala churn at bed timefor fungal infection in nail.
 Vd. Hardikbhatt, Idar: Tankan churn lepam is very good for nail disorder ...
Vd. sandeepAhirkar: In samhitas
Nakhaashauklya (whiteness of nails) ~in pitta kshay
Nakhadinapitatwam(yellowish nails) ~in vatakshinakaphavrudhi
Nakhabheda (nails crack)~in Vatajnanaprakarvyadhi (Vata disease)
Nakharukshata (dry nails)~in ashtidhatukshaya
 Vd. DhrutiKagrana: Nail is a mala of asthidhatu. So, any changes in the nail indicated the dushti of Asthidhatwagni.
We can also diagnosis psychological disorders examine the nail with relation of asthidhatu.
Psychology and the AsthiDhatu
Asthidhatu is more than the structural tissues of the body.  On a psychological level it is what allows a person to stand up for them selves within the world. Ones stature is not a function of size but quality. When the asthidhatu is weak, so is one’s ability to stand solid in the face of adversity or controversy. This should not be mistaken as courage. It is  steadfastness. It is the ability to be unwavering in one’s convictions. When the asthidhatu is healthy there is a healthy confidence in one’s ideas, decisions and  beliefs. As the asthidhatu increases and becomes excessive, the qualities of the earth element increase and a person becomes overly attached, obstructive and stubborn. It becomes difficult to move or shift directions. When the asthidhatu is deficient, the qualities of the earth element decrease and there is little attachment causing a person to shrink to the background flowing with the will of others.  Kaphadosha is responsible for excesses in asthidhatu. Vatadosha is responsible for deficiencies. Short term pitta imbalances do not greatly affect the psychological aspect of the asthidhatu. However, long term vitiation burns out the dhatu resulting in deficiency. 
In the subtle body, the health of the asthidhatu is dependent upon the flow through the muladhara chakra. Prana flowing through this chakra carries the qualities of the earth element throughout the subtle body and creates a solid sense of self. The flow of prana through anahata and vishuddha chakras are also important.  Through these chakras, the qualities of air and ether are circulated respectively. As the flow of prana increases through these chakras so too do their respective elemental qualities and this results in a weakening of the asthidhatu both physically and psychologically. 
(Psychology and the AsthiDhatu – ref. -

 Dr. BhaveshModh
Ingrown  toe nail
 Onychomycosis  (fungus)

Clubbed nails
Discolouration nails

 Spoon nails (koilonychia) :
soft nails that look scooped out. The depression usually is large enough to hold a drop of liquid.Often, spoon nails are a sign of iron deficiency anemia or a liver condition known as hemochromatosis, in which your body absorbs too much iron from the food you eat. Spoon nails can also be associated with heart disease and hypothyroidism.

Beau's lines:
Indentations that run across the nails. The indentations can appear when growth at the area under the cuticle is interrupted by injury or severe illness.Conditions associated with Beau's lines include uncontrolled diabetes and peripheral vascular disease, as well as illnesses associated with a high fever, such as scarlet fever, measles, mumps and pneumonia. Beau's lines can also be a sign of zinc deficiency.
All images from e medicine health. Com
 Dr. ShriniwasGujjarwar: Triphala and Daruharidrakwathadhavan, Gandhakrasayana, Arogyavardhini,Guduchiswaras internally for 2-3 months.Very effective treatment for kunakha.
 ShriMinooparabia: For fungal infection traditionally we use turmeric and salt.Snuff (fine powder of tobacco) applied on nails is helpful.Best was Tridaxprocumbens leaves crushed and applied
 Dr. AnupTorane: Daily 1 marich churn with madhu at rasayankal.  Also tiktsheerbasti useful in problems related nails
 Dr. J. T. Contractor: I think food style, work place & handling without gloves specially rough wrk in farming, chemical factory, mining works etc.also hormonal imbalance, season & ground condition r responsible for nail deviation
 Dr. AnupTorane: Ashrayashrayibhav When Vat increases in body its effect on asthi and then nakh(nail)
 Dr. MeghdootSatvekar: Whitlow is the infection with swelling around finger nails. 
Triphalaguggulu -Acts as anti-inflammatory and provides analgesic effect too.
Kaishoraguggulu– Purifies the lesion due to its potent blood purificatory nature.
Gandhakarasayana – Acts as antibiotic pacifies the pain and swelling.
Panchatiktakaguggulu- Helps to over the infection if any due its bitter principles.
Amritadiguggulu – A rejuvenator prevents from recurrent incidences.
Mahanimbadikashaya– Anti bacterial and anti-inflammatory too
Guggulutiktakakashaya– Reduces the chances of super infections.
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DrBhagyashriPanchal:Major problem is cracked nails.nails of some persons are so weak that couldn't exist for long time.i think some calcium supplements will work for it. As nakha is the mala of ashthidhatu.v can give medicines which directly work on ashthivahastrotas.vaidhyas.pls suggest some drugs.
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Vd. Vishal Patel: Nails are the mala of we should treat asthidhatu firstly. Practically we see very rare patients of nail disorders.but nail psoriasis pts are there in society.
Dr.YogeshGorakhnathPatilपंचतिक्तघृत + महामंजिष्ठादिक्वाथ + आरोग्यवर्धिनीवटी
 Vd. SureshbhaiChavda: Also add panchtiktghrutgugal  if vat  dominance
 Dr.YogeshGorakhnathPatilअस्थि + वात + स्नेहन
 Opd Dr. Nehal Shah: Don’t ignore your nails when they crack or flake; it may reflect a bigger problem. Those with hypothyroidism often have soft, fragile nails, and those with hyperthyroidism may find the nail coming off its bed on the fingertip
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Vd. YashpalsinhJadeja: Pitting on nails is a sign of psoriasis.somept have this sign without any skin lesions may be early sing of psoriasis..
Dr. Sreedevi N V: Kunakham can be treated wt application of mehandi ,bandaging d affectdnail.wtmurivenna
Dr. Sreedevi N V: Nail disorders along wt hair fall etc.canbe due to asthidhatukshayam. Yellowish discolouration of nails and bulbar conjunctiva signify kamala
 Vd. Sandeep J. Prasad: Local application of tankan is also effective in kunakha.

Dr. Sreedevi: 

  Dr. Sreedevi N V: Asthidhatukshaya,Treated wtksheerabasti ,tiktaghrta. In tobacco consumingpersons.nails may attain a blackish tinge.In cardiac patients,reddish tinge seen.
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Compilation Courtesy : Dr. Kinshuk Hirpara

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