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Importance of Anupan..... (examples of same herb or formula, used in different condition with different anupan)

Views shared by several ayurveda professionals and non-ayurveda people in discussion group:
All views shared here are only for knowledge. This information doesn’t have any scientific validation. Various doctors and non-medicos have shared their views and experiences in this discussion. Please do not try any of the suggestions described here, without prior consult from your regular, qualified doctor. Dr. Prerak Shah and no other person is responsible for any unwanted effects, side effects or contra-indications in your health. Thank you.

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Next topic for discussion: Importance of Anupan..... (examples of same herb or formula, used in different condition with different anupan....)
Dr. Suyog Kulkarni: I have very good experience of mayurpiccha Mashi with anupan of madhu for muhurmuhur chatan for hikka.
USA Gary Yuen: Anupan are carriers of herbs? In general, isn't some amount of pippali, fat such as ghee, and maybe sweet indicated in most cases? Pippali or black pepper and some fat possibly help in most formulas.
Ayulink: Yes, anupan are carriers...and helps to penetrate inside dhatus and srotasa fast.....
I use anandbhairav ras with tulsi (basil) fresh juice for chronic sinusitis...and same anandbhairav ras, I use to control loose motion or amatisar with anupan of fresh ginger juice....why? I am not sure...but learnt from my Guru Vd. Dhimere Sir, when I was intern.
Dr. Suyog Kulkarni: I use honey as sahapan for kaphaja conditions and seasome oil as sahapan for vataja conditions , keeping the medicine ( like sitopaladi etc ) same. My Guru , my beloved father used to use liquefied butter as sahapan for dry cough .
Vd. Dhruti Kagrana: In shwetpradara(Leucorrhea) Femiplex or Pushyanuga churna with Anupan of Bhat nu osamana (Rice water).
Dr. Jyoti Ashok: Pushyanuga churna must be first licked with honey followed by v.good result.
Vd. Binal Jagani: In vatik kasa sitopaladi give with ghrita nd kaphaj kasa sitopaladi give with Madhu.
USA Gary Yuen: It seems Caraka includes pippali in most formulas. Is this still done? It possibly helps carry any herb.
Dr. Ravindra Upadhyay:While using Samasharkara for various conditions viz Recurrent cold, cough, tonsillitis, pharyngitis, sore throat,  sinusitis, pain in the ears due to chronic cold giving rise to Swelling in the EUSTATIAN TUBE, headache,bronchitis, bronchiectasis,  bronchial asthma, pneumonia, pleurisy with effusion, COPD ,In all such conditions with lukewarm water and at times with honey.
For piles, Fissure in ano, before meals with lukewarm water.
For Jaundice, Renal as well as Gall bladder calculus, Cholecystitis, PRAMEHA to be given with lukewarm water.
For SANGRAHANI and wt gain, halfway through the meals with hot Dal.
For Mandagni, DYSENTRY With lukewarm water.
Vd. Dhruti Kagrana: Haritaki
Kaphaja - with lavana
Pittaj- with sarkara
Vataj - with Ghrita
With gud sarvaroga hara..
Dr. Sreedevi N V: In rasousadhies like makaradhwaja ras betel swarasa z used as anupana.
Ayulink: Haritaki is used with different anupana according to season. Anybody does have this reference?
Vd. Dhruti Kagrana: Rutu Haritaki Bhavprakash haritakyadi varga.
1. Varsha - saindhava
2. Sharda - sarkara
3. Hemanta - sunthi
4. Shishira - pippali
5. Vasant - madhu
6. Grishma - Gud
Different anupan
Dr. Ravindra Upadhyay:
USA Gary Yuen: Is there a reference in Caraka? I found only mention of triphala after meals for one year. Astanga hrdymam mentions exactly above.
Vd. Dhruti Nirav Bhatt: Medicinal value increase with Anupan .
Sitopaladi with honey, Laxmivilas ras with Nagarvel pan, Laxmivilas ras and Tribhvan kirti ras with Tulsi patra.In dry Coughing Kantakari Lavan with ghrit .
One Experience Constipation, vatanubandh and vat Prakriti patient Hingvastak churns with ghrit and gives between meal. Vatanulomak and Vatsham am Aushadh gives with warm water. Kaphaj shaman Aushadh with Honey,Adrak swaras,warm water. Pitta shaman Aushadh with Ghrit,Sharkara,milk gives Effective result.
Vd. Tapan:अनुपानम्अनुलोमयतिकर्षयतिस्नेहयति.....????? चरक।
Vd. Sachin Kadlag:
Ayulink: pl share practical experience of same medicine used in different condition with different anupana.Also let us know the logic of it.
Vd. Sachin Kadlag: Chabdraprabha vati for vrushya action and  removing shukradosha good results if used with milk . And with takra and pure honey to be used for medavrutta vatarakta and sthaulya.Charak has mentioned use of shilahit in rasayana adhyaya.And in medavrutta vatarakta , use of shilahit ,guggul and makshika (honey) is also mentioned by charaka .Chabdraprabha has both shilahit and guggul .
Vd. Tapan:पुनर्नवामंडुरis preached to be given with Takra which is not a routine.I use it with takra. Results are better.I hardly trust honey. So i prefer chashani. Same results. I always prescribe chaipatti in kwath preparation. Gives avfreshning effect of very odd taste of them.
I prescribe Aasavas as nit only that too 4 spoons nit before meals. It produce a little effect written in Shashtras. Two spoons with four spoon water after meals is a futile dose.I do not hasitate to go with tea or coffee when pt is intolarant to milk or do not like.
Swarjika is my most favourite anupaan. I recomand everybody  to go thru charak for anupaan and its differnt uses.
Vd. Pankaj Chhayani: Susruta has given lot of anupana for particular dietary articles... Anupan should be opposite to aahara guna (characteristic of food), in case of snigdha aahara ,anupana should be Ruksha...
Vd. Tapan: Some antidotes for the Ajirna has also been documented by bhavprakash
USA Gary Yuen: Caraka seems to make pippali the most common of all anupana. Evidence-based studies done in India seem to confirm that long and black pepper are useful in possibly all formulas, and even increase delivery of herbs and foods. Pippali might not be dosha appropriate in all cases, though use in a small amount looks beneficial.
A formula with ginger, will have delivery increased with addition of pippali.
Vd. Pankaj Chhayani: I think there is difference between sahapan and anupana
Vd. Tapan: Anupaan is for Aushadh while sahapaan is for Aahaar.I think.
Shri Minoo parabia: Piperazine of pepper is bioenhencer. Ayurveda knew it as YOGAVAHI.
One of my students Dr. Amarsibh chaudhury tried this with modern medicine with success. It was long back. I don't remember the details. But some publications must be on net.
Vd. Tapan:Vd Sanjay chhajed worked on pippali with AKT with positivity while Vd Vinod Rasala worked on Pippali with positive hepetoprotactive effect along with conventional modern treatment.
Vardhman pippali prayog also show sinergestic effect in plural effusions with antibiotic or Chemotherapy.
Bunty Gandhi: In cold, viral fever,I hv experienced that tribuvankirti ras with tulsi and adalah (ginger) juice reliefs quickly
Vd. Sachin Kadlag:अनुपान ==    अनु -- सहपश्चाद्वापीयतेइतिअनुपानम्।Anupaan includes both   with (सह) or after. (पश्चाद्)And it's applicable for both food (आहारandmedicine( भेषज).
Literally word " अनुmeans "  that which follows ".
But in word अनुपानit is to denote both meanings with food or medicine and  after food or after medicine.
Dr. Amal JP: Anupana vishesha with Sapthasaram Kashayam
Sapthasaram Kashayam: katu rasa pradhana medicine.  One of the important kashaya used for various sthri rogas.  It has mainly action on koshta/koshtangas. Useful for vividha koshta/koshtanga vedhana like reproductive tract pain, epigastric pain, colicky pain etc and even for back pain. It's anupana includes guda/lavana/hinghu/ghritha.
Anupana vishesha are: guda for malastambha/spastic pain, guda and hinghu can be select if there is malabandha and udara sula,  if there is a slight pittanubandha we can select ghritha. Ghritha can be select for dyspepsia also. If there is Agnimandhya aruci and malabandha use sindhava. Pippali can be selected if there is Agnimandhya and sula/gall bladder stone. If we take hinghu as anupana it will increase the srothosodhana, dipana, and sula prasamana properties of the yoga. For PCOD, dysmenorrhoea,  gulma, vimargga vayu in koshta - better to take with hingu/highuvachadi   choorna etc.
Vd. Neeraj Pooner:
1 Shula(abdominal spasm) -Hingu & ghrita
2 Sheeta -Tambool & Marich
3 Puran jwara(puo) -Honey & pippali
4 Prameh(urinary tract disease)- Triphala & sugar
5 Vatvyadhi -Rason & ghrita
6 Sannipata -Aadraka & madhu
7 Swas -Trikatu & madhu
8 Jwara- Nagarmotha & pitta papada
9 Grahini -Takra
10 Arsas- Chitraka mula
11 Visha- Swarn patra
12 Krimi Vidanga
13 Vamana -Laja
14 Ajeerna- Ushnodak
15 Atisara -Kutaj
16 Krish- Kshira & mansa ras
17 Raktapitta- Vasa
18 Kasa- Vasa
19 Pandu –Punarnava
Ref Vaidya jiwan

Contraindications of Anupana:
 Difficulty in breathing
 Cough
 Disease above the clavicle
 Diseases of chest
 Injury of chest
 Hoarseness of voice ( Su.Su.46/447)
Anupana according to Doshas:
Anupana indicated in vata roga – The Anupana indicated in Vata Roga has the properties like Snigdha &Ushna ( 27/321, Su.su46/435) because the properties of Vata are Ruksha & Sheeta as described by Acharyas (
Anupana indicated in pitta roga – The Anupana indicated in Pitta roga has the properties like Madhura &Sheetal ( 27/321, Su.su46/435) because the properties of Pitta are Amla & Ushna. (
Anupana indicated in Kapha roga – The Anupana indicated in Kapha roga has the properties like Ruksha & Ushna ( 27/321, Su.su46/435) because the properties of Kapha are Snigdha & Sheeta. (
Vd. Tapan: Anupaan and Guduchi
Every application practically result oriented.
Dr.Yogesh Gorakhnath Patil:
चन्द्रप्रभावटीअनुपान - प्रमेह-गिलोयरस/मधु/त्रिफला/देवदारू/मुस्ता/दार्वी
Dr. Sushant Patil: In Ayurveda, there are specific adjunvants mentioned for specific foods. They help in Easy breaking down of hard food particles, Easy digestion and assimilation, Enhance the qualities of food.Enhance the bio-availability of food nutrients in blood vessels and body tissues, Help avoid / mask side effects of food articles.similar to a drop of oil spreads rapidly in water, with the help of Anupana, medicine / food spreads rapidly in the body.
In case of diseases, Anupana  helps in Easy absorption of medicine from gut.Significantly helps in the treatment of the disease.
Example: A dilute water decoction of Giloy is very useful in gout and diabetes. A dilute neem decoction may be helpful anupana during fever and infection disorders. Because neem helps to fight microbes.
For Vata diseases like arthritis it is usually co prescribed with Rasnadi Kashayam
For Pitta imbalance diseases, it is administered with decoction of Kakolyadi group of herbs.
For kapha imbalance disease, it is administered with Aragwadhadi kashayam
For treating diabetes, it is used along with kashayam of Daruharidra – Berberis aristata.
For treating anemia, it is administered along with cow urine
For treating obesity, it is administered along with honey
For treating skin diseases, it is given along with neem decoction
For treating gout, it is given with Giloya – Tinospora cordifolia
For treating pain and inflammation, it is given with kashayam of long pepper.
For treating rat bite, it is given with kashayam of Patala – Stereospermum suaveolens
For treating eye diseases, it is given along with Triphala kashayam
For treating ascites, it is given along with Punarnavadi kashayam.
Swarna Bhasma –
Swarna bhasma is calx prepared from gold. Read more about Swarna Bhasma
For burning sensation, if taken along with bile of fish.
It gives aphrodisiac effect if taken along with Bhringaraja (Eclipta alba).
It improves strength and immunity, if taken along with milk.
It is good for eyes, if taken along with Punarnava (Boerhaavia diffusa)
It improves memory if taken along with sweet flag
It improves skin complexion if given along with saffron.
In poisoning, it is given along withan herb called Nirvisha.
In psychiatric conditions, it is given along with ginger, clove and pepper.
Narayana Churna-
It is administered along with buttermilk for people with ascites.
It is administered with Badara kashaya (Decoction of jujube) for treatment of abdominal distention.
It is given with wine for treating bloating and Vata diseases.
It is given with watery portion of curds for treating constipation.
It is given along with pomegranate juice for treating piles.
To treat anal itch, it is given along with cocum juice.
To treat indigestion, it is given with warm water.
 Yogendra Ras is traditionally administered along with Triphala Kashay.
According to doshas
1.      V- Snigdha and Ushna
2.      P- Madhur and Cold
3.      K- Ruksha and Ushna
4.      For week person – Alcohal is very good anupana also good for mandagni, Anidra etc.
5.      For obese person – Madhu
6.      Upvas, Marg gaman, exercise, after coming from hot temperature environment in these conditions best anupana is – milk
Vd. Neeraj Pooner: Yog rtnakar about anupana
In jawara- kiratikt ,sugandh Bala,parpat ( pit papad)
Grahni - takra
Atisar- kutaja twak kawath and churna
Krimi - vidanga churna
Arsha - bhallataka and Chitraka
Pandu - shudh Mandoor and bhasma
Khsya roga - shudh shilajatu
Shwasa- bharangi , shunthi, kantkari
Parmeha - Amala swaras ,kwath ,him with haridra churna
Trishana- shadang jala and Swarn nirwapit jala
shul rog- ghrit bhrist hingu and karnj beej majja mishran
Aamvat- gomutra with erand taila
Paliha tog - pipalli chorna
Vishart - Shirish briksha twak chorna and fal chorna
Kasrog - kantkari swaras and kwath
Vatrog - shudh gugull and lashun
Raktpitt- Vasa swaras
Apsmar- vacha and brahmi
Gardosh - Swarn bhasma
Udarrog- virechan drvya anupana
Vatrakt - guduchi swaras
Ardit rog - mash kwath
Medorog- Madhu with ushna jala
Pardar rog - lodhra twak
Aruchi - matulung twak
Vran rog - gugul
Shok- madya
Amalpitt- draksha
Mutra krisha - kushmand and shtavari kwath
Netrrog - trifla kwath , him , fant ,sheet drvya Netra prkshalana and trifla anupana
Unmad,- Puran ghrit
Kusth tog - kahdir kashth kwath
Nidra khsya - bhains ka dhugdh
Shwitra - bakuchi fak anupana
Ajirna - shyan
Bhya- ashswasana
Vamana- laj mand with Madhu
Udhrwa jatrugata roga - tikshan aushadh ka nasya
Parshwa shoola - Pushkar mool
Murchaa- sheet virya gun yukt Sheetal drvya brahmi , shankhpushpi, vacha
Karshya - mans ras with ghrit mishrit
Ashmari rog - pashan bhed , kulthbeej , varuntwak kwath
Gulm rog - shigrumul twak .
Vidhradhi - raktmokshan
Hikka - lakasha Rasa
Dahrog - Sheetal drvya lep and sheet drvya anupana
Bhaganndar - kenchua and kutte ki asthi Ko gadhrabh asthi me ghis kar Lep
Swarbhed - Pushkar mool kwath in Madhu and ushan jal with lavana gandush
Sneh me pana Ajeerna-  Ushnodak anupana
Tail me pana Ajeerna- yush and Amal ras and kanji anuoana
Adhik Madhu pist Anna kahane par - Sheetal jal anupan
Dadhi , dugdh , madhy , vish and pistanna kahne par - shukh ushan jala as anupana
Bhallataka and tuvaraka Sneh pan - Sheetal jal as anupan
Vd. Neeraj Pooner:
Dr. Sushant Patil: Anupana according to disease or symptoms
According to diseases –1.fever – tulsi leaf swaras , adrak swaras , madhu, chiraita,  sugandha bala, pitpapda, shading water. 2.  chronic fever and cough – vardhman piplli, sitopladi + madhu, ghee, boiled milk 3.  shwas – vasa juce + adrak juce + madhu 4.tuberculosis – pure shilajatu 5.  prameha – amla ras + haridra churn. 6.  vat rog – pure gugglu + lahasun 7. aam vat – gomutra + castar oil 8.  anaemia – mandoor bhasm 9.  worm – vidang churna 10. diarrohea – kutag twak churn 11. grahni – takra12. unmad – old cow ghee 13. khustha – khader and sariva kwatha 14. shvittra – bakuchi seeds 15. agirna – shayan 16. urdhva jatrugat rog – tekshna aushadi nasya 17. pashrva shula – pushkar mula 18. ashmari – pashan bhad, kulatha seeds, varun twak kwatha 19. gulma – shegrumul twak 20. vedradhi – raktamokshna 21. swara bheda – gargal with hot water and salt or pushkarmul kwatha with madhu 22. snahapanagerna – ushnodak but in case of bhallatak and tuvarak snahapan we will take cold water. 23. tail panagerna – usha and amla rus 24. murchha – sheet veerya brahhme and shankhapushpi and Vacha 25. bhaybeet – aaswasan 26. vaman – lagamand with madhu 27. nidra kshya – bhas milk with suger 28. vruna – Guggulu 29. aruchi – matulungnimbu swaras 30. vesharta – sheresha twak churn and fruit churn 31. udara rog – verachana drug 32. vatrakta – guduchi ras 33. medo rog – madhu with boiled water 34. pradar rog – lodhra twak 35. amla pitta – draksha 36. for eyes – triphla churn 37. bleeding piles – negkasor, amla churn, ghee, suger 38. non bleed piles – ghee + triphala churn 39. raktapitta and raktatisar – vasa ras, durva ras, moch ras 40. for hikka – myurpicchha bhasma41. for unmad and apsmar – ghee + brahmi swaras42. mutrakrichha and mutraghat – rice boiled , gokshur kwatha 43. shotha – punarnava, makoya, bivbe 44. vrishya – aswagandha, musali, koch seeds + mishri with milk 45. gulm, udar, liver, spleen – gomutra, triphla kwath, kumaryasav with yavakshar with caster oil.
------------------------------ Ayulink Gujrati -----------------------------------
Dr. Bhavesh Modh:પ્રાચીનમર્હિષઓએત્રિફળાનેરસાયનગણાવ્યુંછે.
ત્રિફળાચૂર્ણમધુરઅનેશીતળહોવાથીપિત્તનોતથારુક્ષઅનેતૂરૂહોવાથીકફનોનાશકરેછે. અનુપાનભેદથીતેઅનેકરોગોમાંપ્રયોજાયછેઅનેઉત્તમપરિણામઆપેછે. મર્હિષહારિતેપોતાનાહારિતસંહિતાનામનાગ્રંથમાંવિભિન્નરોગોમાંનીચેપ્રમાણેત્રિફળાસાથેસહાયકઔષધઅનુપાનરૂપેલેવાનીસલાહઆપીછે.
કફનારોગોમાંત્રિફળાનોઉપયોગસૂંઠ, મરીઅનેપીપરસાથે
અરૃચિ, મંદાગ્નિઅનેઅજીર્ણમાંસૈંધવસાથે
ઊલટી, ઉબકાઅનેગેસમાંબીજોરૂકેલીંબુનારસસાથે, ✅ અર્શમાંસૂરણસાથે,
પાંડુ- રક્તાલ્પતા- એનેમિયામાંગોળસાથે
અનિદ્રામાંભેંસનાદૂધસાથેઅતિસાર, સંગ્રહણી, આંત્રવ્રણ, અનેઆંત્રશોથ- કોલાયટીસમાંતાજીમોળીછાશસાથે,
ઉદરરોગ, સોજા, ખુજલી, ત્વચાનારોગો, મૂત્રાઘાત, કમળો, લીવરનાંરોગો, શિરોરોગવગેરેમાંપાણીસાથે.
આમઅનેકરોગોમાંપ્રયોજાતાઆઔષધત્રિફળાનોઅનુપાનભેદથીતથામાત્રાદર્દીનીઉંમર, રોગનીઅવસ્થા- સ્ટેજ, ઋતુ, દર્દીનીશારીરિકઅનેમાનસિકપ્રકૃતિ, વાયુપિત્તાદિદોષવગેરેનેધ્યાનમાંરાખીનેપ્રયોજાયછે.
Dr. Devang Vala:Aa je trifala na anupan varnavya che. Same e j anupan biji medicine sathe pan use kri skay che.Sanjivani vati pan aa j anupan sathe same rogo ma api skay che. Aa anupan no sambandh rog ane dosh sathe mostly vadhare che. Ras shastra na yogo ma aa sambandh yoga sathe vadhare hoy che .
Jamnagar uni ni anupan manjari Book ma ras shastra na yog pramane anupan apya che.Sanjivani samrajya Ma sanjivani vati na darek rogo ma anupan nu varnan che. Rajasthan ma matra sanjivani vati no anupan bhed thi upyog kri alag alag vyadhi ma koi vaidya practice kre che.

Compiled by : Dr. Dhruti Kagrana

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