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Mantra Chikitsa(for scorpian bite) in #Ayurveda....

Views shared by several ayurveda professionals and non-ayurveda people in discussion group:
All views shared here are only for knowledge. This information doesn’t have any scientific validation. Various doctors and non-medicos have shared their views and experiences in this discussion. Please do not try any of the suggestions described here, without prior consult from your regular, qualified doctor. Dr. Prerak Shah and no other person is responsible for any unwanted effects, side effects or contra-indications in your health. Thank you.

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Next topic for discussion: Mantra Chikitsa(for scorpian bite) in Ayurveda
Dr.Ashok Shinde: In our area i.e. Khed,  Chiplun, Guhagar & Dapoli Dist Ratnagiri- Maharashtra.Scorpion stings are deadly poisonous. Almost about 5 %  Require Anti Scorpion Venom Serum. Otherwise death may occur. In spite of A.S.C.V. pain doesn't subside, lasts for about 24 hours. Analgesics have little effect. Only Local Anesthesia gives pain relief for about 30 mts. Can any Dr from our group suggest ayurvedic or any type of management for pain relief.
Vd.Prerk Shah: Can you try with doshaghna lepam? On surrounding part of sting.   It will reduce pain and inflammation too.
Vd.Tapan: I strongly suggest you to do Parayana (पारायण) of Shushrut Samhita . This is Charak's treatment. Very effective. I have seen my mom and granny doing this effectively. On a particular day-vasant panchami rub the fresh flowers of mango between your two palms vigorously. (Probably till you have mango taste in your mouth!  ) while constantly chanting mantra. Now one has achieved the power. Whenever patient comes to you apply gentle massage starting from the painful region to the point of scorpion bite. The pain will start subsiding and shall remain localized only at the spot of sting. This is enough. This will enable you to reduce the pain of .
Dr.P.A. Deshpande: Extract juice of banana stem- add Haridra half tea spoon. Soak Napkin in juice wraps it around. Pain area and apply ice massage   the pain reduces. This I have done in past for sting of black Scorpio sting. The atropine in juice works wonderfully
Dr.Ashok shinde: Chanting which mantras? Shushrut parayan whole samhita or secific Adhaya? Parayan To be done on the day of Vasant panchami ? Or any time before that day?
Vd.Tapan: Every year once at any convenient time. Parayana is always from A to Z.
Vd.Hardik bhatta: Apamarg is also very useful for scorpion bite..
Dr.Ashok shinde: Local aplication/Internally ?Both? In which form ?I mean decoction / Churna etc?
Vd.Hardik bhatta: Apamarg root can band on that bitten part . And give apamarg root decoction or juice internally 20-50ml to pt . Sometimes, on mango tree some mango flowers are not converted in mango fruits .. I heard that these type of fliers use for Scorpio Bite. One question aamba ni kerio aavi jay pachi koi baki rahi gayel vanziyo mor levo .
Vd.Tapan: On Vasantpanchami which ever flowres available should be used. One very important Pl do not try mango flowers in the area where no scorpion bite. On vasantpanchami only.
Dr.Ashok shinde:  Localy/internally or both. But available in jan feb. I can dry them & preserve for a year.
वृश्चिकस्य विषम् तिव्रम् ऊर्ध्वम् आरोहति क्षिप्रम् दंशे पश्चात् उत्तिष्ठति.
Dr.Pankaj chhayani: I have seen thousands of pts to cure with Mantra chikitsa.... Even civil drs not handle pts of scorpion bite and refer to this mantra chikitsak family? E sachu Che ? I have seen pts get immediately relief in this chikitsa. In one case pt took treatment for 7 days from allopath Dr and pt was suffered with severe pain, swelling and pus formation but soon after mantra chikitsa all pus drained from swelling and pt got relief.
Dr.Hardik bhatta: Which mantra ? Can anyone share here.
Shri Minno parabia: I have a faint memory of washing the wound with alum dissolved water. One may try.
Dr.Ashok shinde:  Regular PATHYA to follow. I haven't tried Leech Because if patient gets worse may abuse jalauka. Any dr tried Leech? Mantra Chikitsa is still effective. But the mantrik must follow t rules. Will u please explain what the mantrik is doing on patient of scorpion sting?
Vd.Tapan: In most cases raktamokshana 20 to 30cc from nearest possible vein gives 95% relief.

Dr. Hardik bhatta: Can anyone share mantra .?
Chhaya chavda: Is there some book about mantra chikitsa ??
Dr.Sreedevi N.V : Heard dat visnusahasranama cures jwara.. how it can be done n in whch avastha it z beneficial. Any experience or details any one have? What all mantras can be used in various diseases..pls describe wt mantras n experiences if any.. I would like to know about mahasudarsana mantra n its use in treatment.
Neeraj : Vishnushraranam in vishama jawara.
Dr.Sreedevi N.V : Visama jwara ..so probable correlates ? Typhoid ,dengue etc.? Hw many times mantrajapa to b done?Also I have a doubt.. vayuputra  z hanuman ..so does aradhana of  hanumanji  helps in gettng rid of vata rogas?
Dr.Madhuri patil chaudhri: Panchbhautiktva of  Purush.
5 parts Shabda, 4 parts Sparsha,  3 parts Rupa,  2 parts Rasa, 1 parts Gandha=Balnced health.
In Pain vitiated vata + aakash, so Shabda and Sparsh Asahishnuta seen. how to keep balance? Shabda n sparsh vitiated , so antidote is Stillness. How to be Sill, modern way is antianxiety, pain killers, sedatives, tranquilizers.
With Mantra Chikitsa which is a part of Daivavypashray chikitsa, Shanda gun ,outside (of healer)  is used to Still vitiated shabda( Inside  patient). so any Shanda, b it in the form of soothing words. Mantra with proper pronaunciation and लय, along with Sparsh  (Healing touch)  works.
Mantra chikitsa has perfect scientific explaination.
Dr.Pankaj Chhayani : U can see video that mantrik asks for pain site, after deciding pain site mantrik start to do something finger movement (with continuously chanting mantra)from just above to pain site.. After doing this once or twice mantrik again ask for pain site and again start just above to pain site to downward movement till pt gets compete relief...After complete this chikitsa they suggest to give Roti to cow or dog... One member of this family is my close friend, they got this mantra from Haridwar, I never asked for type of mantra, but they believe in Gayatri Mata .
Dr.Hardik bhatta : Yes,we offers ark, sesame oil, sesame seed , lavang , udad  , nariyel to hanumanji mostly... This all are vata pacifies ...
Dr.Madhuri patil chaudhri: It seems  correlated like dravyas used for Hanuman aradhana are used for vat diseases like mash, oil. arkpatra
Dr.Sreedevi N.V : Also in puranas we have seen  lord nataraja  dancing on asura of apasmara.. so is it gud to advice aradhana of nataraja fr apasmara pts?
Neeraj : Hanumat Pujan in jwara ref harit Samhita.
Dr.Sreedevi N.V : During garbhadhana ,pumsavana,even before vamana.. classics suggst specific mantras.. so.. are d present generation vaidyas practicing such mantras as such during such procedures? Any studies for improved efficacy if mantras r chanted along that ? We know during rasoushadhi nirmana..rasasidha names are chanted n aghora sloka .Why ayurveda gives importance to pusya naksatra?
Dr.Madhuri patil chaudhri: Pushya means Nourishing, wholesome nourishment .so for  Swasthy Rakshan, Pushya Nakshtra is imp.
Dr.Sreedevi N.V : So.y ds naksatra z chosen fr collectng herbs  n  for Swarnaprasana?
Nana :- Magic remedy falls under the magic remedy act, effective mantra may be approved in interest of the patient, as our ancestors had been performing successfully, Ayurvedic branch deserves as per reference, we are at the same time aware of the fact that the billions $ allopathic lobbying against our Ayurvedic branch, although they are using our herbal medicines in their many patents.
Shri Minno parabia: "Shri Sukta and Pramba Vilas" by late shri Chunibhai bhatt are the appropriate ones.
Dr.Anup torane: Swarnksheeri root also useful in snake as well as scorpion bite hav grt result.
Dr.Dhruti Kagrana: Ayurveda & mantra http://interscience.org.UK/index.php/ijahm
Dr. Mrugesh Patel : Nirmali na bee apply on scorpion bite excellent result.
Dr.Ashok Shinde: Have you tried Swarnaksheeri root.Please tell how it is used? We have to face such patients frequently I will definately try. Also about Nirmali bee.There are so many ways & plants said to have good results for snake/ scorpian are described in our texts. But How?,Which?in which condition is not available in details. In ancient time there were not ANTI VENOM SERUMS.But they were treating successfully venomous bites. We are having that knowledge but scattered.
Satyen‪: Lot of people in villages do This on snake and scorpion bite.  I saw one person in Gangad villages where if any case of scorpion bite comes to him he used to Beat that person with jhadu and scream "e vichida bhag"  and unconscious person with lot of pain and burning sensation becoming normal.One person who is bhuva of meldi mandir treats dental pain.  He recites some mantra with iron nail touching the paining teeth and then burry in earth.  The pain escapes immediately and never pain again so far as that particular teeth is concerned.
Dr.Anup torane: This is ancient medicine root used for chewing purpose
Dr. Binal Jagani: Some non Ayurveda old age persons treat muscle sprain and swelling (mad utaravo in gujrati) by mantra chikitsa , they do first of all massage with coconut oil after this doing specific movement on site with pinch of salt in finger and continuously chanting of mantra after this they called something give to dog and do erand patra sweda....
Dr.Anup torane:  I know one mantra but i dnt no meaning behind this for scorpion bite " kala bichhu kankarwala hari dale dai hanuman chhavi" aply juice of lakshmana( tandulja) root "kala bichhu kankarwala hari dale safed ful dai hanuman chhavi"
Vd. Mahavir vora: In scorpin bite pain local application of shwat jira saindav ghrit is useful. Ref dravagun by gogete
Vd Tapan: My grandpa- nana used to stick Nirmalee beej on scorpion bite which used to adhere to the sting at least for half an hour and when dropped used to blackish from dullwhite. This i hv seen in my chilhood. Nanaji used to say - ચાલો જાદુ કરીયે!! બટન ચોંટાડી દઇએ!!
Vd Ajay Pithiya: Nirmali - kataka nirmali  Botanical - strychnous potatorum
Shri Minno parabia: Nirmali is Strychnos potatorum. S.nuxvomica is zercochlu. One is life giving other is deadly poison.Taxus baccata is Talispatra. Also source of Taxol. Abies pindraw is also called Talispatra. Nirmali seed is abraded on a rough stone. It gets hot . This hot seed sticks to the skin. Nirmali is also used as water purifier. Katofal is sanskrit name. Considered good for eyes
Dr. Jignesh Thakkara: Katfal is different it is katak in Sanskrit. The assurance given with mantara chikitsa cures the disease..it was method of ensuring patients for cure..visado rogvardhananam means anxiety increases the diseases. Mantra removes anxiety.Like see the mantra of vaman ...Aum bhrama daxa ashvi rudra Indra.Bhu chandra ark anil analah.Bhut sanga scha pantu te.Rasayanam iva maharshinam devanam amrutam yatha .Sudha ev uttam naganam .Bhaisajya idam astu te.Means.....may lord bhrama,daxa,ashwinis, rudra , Indra ,bhumi,chandra,surya,vayu,agni protect you. As rasayan is useful to rishish and as amruta (nectar) is beneficial to devas.As sudha is good to nagas may this medicines become such helpfull to yoi. Like this all mantra assures patients for cure.it was  psychological treatment before major karmas nothing else.
Dr. Ashok shinde: Psychological Assurance. But just it is not only psychological. Shabda-Nada is having energy to cure.
Dr. Hardik Chandra Kalal: Mode  of action of mantra:-
Mansik karma
vachik karma
kayik karma
Mansik karma is control by मन
मन control by वायु
वायु नियन्ता प्रणेता मन :
   when मन is controlled then possible   प्रज्ञापराध is less.
when प्रज्ञापराध is controlled then possible disease occurrence less.
ultimately मन control by मंत्र then control जिह्वा (वाचा ) then control काया
"Mantra has psychological effect on mind as well as physiological on body".
Dr. Roopa Rawal: What I think in mantra, words are arranged such way, that if we pronounce it properly, it controls breathing, and work as special prayanams, and thus it increase ojas, and detoxify body And I also heard that mantra should not be read itself, but have to learn it from guru, perhaps this rule is for proper learning of pronunciation of special words.Listening of mantra work as naad chikitsa, it create holy vibrations, but receptivity of patient must be good to accept
Vd Ajay Pithiya: Yes exactly..  If we believe in science than again newton's law is applied here..  Energy neither generated nor destructed, only transfered..  Energy of shabd (in the form of mantra) is flowed on any perticular object or person than they must feel energy of that mantra..
Dr. Hardik Chandra Kalal: It is all over action of mantra in svastha and rogi not particular on snake bite...One another thing in vishdansh 24 chikitsa step so we should not hope of result only on depend of mantrachikitsa. And one thing more in India as per research 70% snakes are non poisonous ….
Dr.Madhuri patil chaudhri: Cymatics.. Sound waves forming patterns Unique to each frequency.

Compiled by : Dr. Dhruti Kagrana

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Views shared by several Ayurveda professionals and non-Ayurveda people in discussion group: Disclaimer: All views shared here are onl...