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Importance of Rason (Garlic) in management of health issues....#Ayurvedic approach

Views shared by several ayurveda professionals and non-ayurveda people in discussion group:

All views shared here are only for knowledge. This information doesn’t have any scientific validation. Various doctors and non-medicos have shared their views and experiences in this discussion. Please do not try any of the suggestions described here, without prior consult from your regular, qualified doctor. Dr. Prerak Shah and no other person is responsible for any unwanted effects, side effects or contra-indications in your health. Thank you.

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 Importance of Rason (Garlic) in management of health issues....#Ayurvedic approach

Vd. Neeraj Pooner: In Kashyap Samhita lashun kalp adhyaya is given.
In apsamar lashun is used in form of fant(Hot infusion) before and after bhojan ( food).
In Karan Shool swaras is used or in form of tail it is used.
Vd. Dhruti Kagrana: Lashun in history:-
After amrutpana Indra's wife sachi expel a drop of amrut in bhumi(land) is known as lashuna.
Dr. J. T. Contractor: Garlic has an alkaloid called ajoini is an anti cancer & anti diabetic property, the beak part is useful in making medicine, the bottom swollen part is storage of food material for the plant growth, excessive use of garlic in body causes internal bleeding.
Vd. Neeraj Pooner: Kshirpaka of lashun with vayavidanga helps to alleviate all type of vata vikara including gridhsi , katigrah ,ardit , pakshaghat, ekangvat , apsmar.
Dr. Suyog Kulkarni: Rason ksheerpak is very effective on hyperlipids .
Vd. Dhruti Kagrana: Amruta udbhavam amrutam lashunanam Rasayanam...
Dr. J. T. Contractor: Garlic oil gives good results on paralysis for massage.
Shri Minoo parabia: Garlic and Chive both are good. Those who love fresh garlic leaves must plant chive in the kitchen garden. Throughout the year one can pluck the leaves when wanted .
People do take raw garlic too. Raw causes acidity and bad breath. I prefer fried unpeeled garlic cloves about six with every meal. Excellent vataghna.
Do put small hole in the peel to avoid bursting.
Canada Nitin Shah: Garlic is beneficial mainly in high kapha and some Vata excess conditions but caution must be practiced in Pitta Prakriti persons or pitta vikriti.
Vd. Sachin Kadlag: Rasona has five rasa in it , it only lacks amla rasa .
Dr. Manju Mishra: Rason ksheerpak in vata  vyadhi is  very  effective.
Vd. Sachin Kadlag: स्निग्धश्च उष्णश्च  वृष्यश्च लशुनः  कटुको गुरुः। charak sutrasthana 27/176
Rasona is included in haritavarga by charaka , that means it's use is expected in fresh from.
It's fresh from is snigdha , ushna , guru.
Pradhana rasa is katu. 
It is having vrushya (aphrodisiac) property.
Rasona in dry form is kaphavataghna .
Dr.Yogesh Gorakhnath Patil:
USA Gary Yuen: Garlic and other allium family has been shown to be the highest anti-cancer food. There might be higher herbs like gavedukha and haritaki but it is significant among common foods. There is a study by Indian doctors also showing garlic as well as onion and amchur help with iron and zinc absorption. I don't know if it is the sulfur. So garlic and allium are important for vegetarians.
Dr. J. T. Contractor: One bud garlic gulping on empty stomach (without chewing) clears inner walls of arteries saves from cardiovascular problems completely a replacement of angioplasty treatment.
IPR Chhayaben: But it is dangerous...if it goes to air pipe by mistake, then it stick there ...one of my relatives had that problem... so u should be v careful n u can have that in small pieces..
Dr. Arvind Shahane:
Kashyap samhita lasun kalpa - Kalpasthanam 8, Lashun kalpadhyay 5- Shlok 26  to 34.
Vd. Manhar Prajapati: रसोन प्रमजनानं a.h.uttar..best for vata...
Vd. Dhruti Nirav Bhatt: Rason (Garlic )Siddh Til oil is very effective in Paralysis.Gandush with that oil is also cure Facial palsy,
Rason and Ajwain siddh Mister oil is very effective in Earache.
you can make potli of rason and put it on chest of child when congestion.
Croatia Branko Markovic: For candida swallow on empty stomach 1-2 whole peace of garlic (be careful not to damage while pealing).
For all related nerves below neck lashun is doing wonders! It should be taken in rasayana dose/vardhaman. It is even shown good results in Parkinson..
USA Gary Yuen: I have heard garlic, as well as ginger, is good for rubbing on the scalp to promote circulation and hair growth. Is this true?
Dr. Ravindra Upadhyay: Dr H  B SINGH AND DR MILIND PATIL HAVE BEEN ADVOCATING RAS ON KSHEERPAK FOR IMMUNITY COMPROMISED PTS. NO DOUBT ADJUANT TO ANTI RETROVIRAL THERAPY. This is to boost up immunity and give protection against opportunitic  infections.  This improves the quality of life of these pts.
Croatia Branko Markovic: neural pain - sciatica, spondylitis; cardio protective - improve cardiac function; anti lipidemic - clean circulatory channels, anti hypertensive; imunostimulant.
Dr. Bhaskar B Nymathi:
 रसोनस्य सतैलस्य प्राग्भक्तमुपसेवनम्|  ,चि /३०४.
लशुनकल्क + तैल>विषम ज्वरनाशक
Garlic with sesame oil act as best  Jwaraghna.
* Some of  people don't use  garlic in food may be because of rajo guna!
Dr. Supratim Bir: Exact reference I was recollecting.
Apan e bigune purve....That means medicines for apan dusti r to b taken before meal n rasons also in same manner. Rason corrects vata dosha in prana-apaan axis with correction of Apan.  So it s widely used in apan dusti symptoms
Vd. Rupa Raval: Lashuna Ksheerapaka: 
साधयेच्छुद्धशुष्कस्य लशुनस्य चतुष्पलम्|
क्षीरोदकेऽष्टगुणिते क्षीरशेषं ना पिबेत्||९४||
वातगुल्ममुदावर्तं गृध्रसीं विषमज्वरम्|
हृद्रोगं विद्रधिं शोथं साधयत्याशु तत्पयः||९५||
इति लशुनक्षीरम्|
Dried Lasuna is boiled by adding 8 times of milk and water and reduced to the quantity of milk.
This medicated milk immediately cures
Vata- Gulma,
Udavarta – upward movement of wind
Gridhrasi – sciatica
Vishama Jvara – Recurrent fever
Hrid rogam – heart disease,
Vidradhi – Abscess and
Shotha – oedema.
Anand Javeri: I've heard that everyday garlic consumption in food preparations causes acidity.
Is it true?
Shri Minoo parabia: If you eat raw, yes. Moderate use un cooking is without any problem.
Dr. Sushant Patil: Lepan of Rasona is beneficial on pain. It relieves oedema. In chronic lungs diseases Rason Mala dharan is adviced. Juice of Rason is applied on Muscle pain and neurogic pain . Juice is also beneficial  in eczema and eczema due to insect bite.
It is brain tonic too. Its is used internally in paralysis, sciatica , Rheumatoid Arthritis, Cardiomegaly.
Croatia Branko Markovic: How do you give lashun for brain tonic?
Dr. Sushant Patil: As it is Rejuvenating for neurons and brain cells.It is also useful in Worms.
Croatia Branko Markovic: Is there any special procedure of giving?
Dr. Sushant Patil: Freshly prepared Lahshun Juice is given with Honey at empty stomach.Its aphrodisiac too.
Colombia Enrique Jorge Galindo Bogota: What is the use of garlic in gout
USA Gary Yuen: garlic may reduce uric acid, though the method to not have gout is to eat less meat and fish.
Colombia Enrique Jorge Galindo Bogota: Is there any procedure for it? way better effect will be with simple guduchi.
Croatia Branko Markovic: If pitta is more in rakta (more inflamation) then lashuna is contraindicated and if vata symptoms are showned (pain) then it could be good..but there is much better ways to deal with gout.
Vd. Hardik bhatt, Idar: Lashun khir pak is shows very good results .. As now I am advising my all vata disorder pts.. In maniben hospital most of the paralytic pts advised for rason oil pan for  Panchkarma treatment.
Vd. Sandeep J. Prasad: In what quantity??? rason oil pure or rason siddh til tail??? Orally??
Vd. Pankaj Chhayani: I don't exact dose but I think its 20-30ml and its Rason siddha tila taila for sneha pana... This is good practise as there are two types of pathogenesis in Vatvyadhi, 1) Avarana 2) Dhatikshya..
Rason is considered best Rasayana in Avrita vata.
So why Vagbhatta says, Rasayana Gramini(रसायना ग्रामीणी)- best rasayana among all rasayana..
USA Gary Yuen: For vata would lashuna be use useful also in abhyanga?
Vd. sandeep Ahirkar: Lashuna best in avarodh janya vata vyadhis.
Dr. Sreedevi N V: Rasona pinda along wt navaneetha taken internlly in ardita cases.
Vd.  Mahavir Vora: Rason tail is an usefull in joint pain as counter irratint in many pain reliver oil combination.
Dr. Nayan Thacker: Rason is very useful to increase immunity in winter bajra no rotlo ne lasun chatni..famous in kutchi Dish.
Dr. J. T. Contractor: Garlic has a repellent property by default, never found any insect or past in it even after a long time, not even in its godown.
Canada Nitin Shah: Allicin and Sulphur are two most important constituents to see which garlic has more medicinal properties. Garlic is Rajasic and in Italian dishes they are made with olive oil, which is warming too and those who consume regularly, see their mindsets.
Dr. Madhuri Patil Chaudhari: How to process raw garlic to eat- soak garlic pods, with 4times curd. keep for 24 hrs. blanch like almonds. i.e. remove upper layer..look like blanched almonds. Deep fry blanched garlic in 1/4th part cows ghrut till lighter red coloured every morning and evening 3-5 garlic unit wise. small children- only 1 , or half if less than 3 yrs.
Curd seems to be antidote for garlic's dosh of causing pitta  vikruti- Anubhut yog.
only problem is may stick to teeth. so best to eat with a handful of roasted chana or brown bengalgram.
for Dhatkshyjanya vatrog. Lasun pak. same as above lasun preparation , lasun kalka with sugar syrup.along with almonds, saffron, dry raisins.
Rason oil- i tried this so sharing.
Kalka of rason +4 times mustard oil or sarson ka oil +4 times of that buttermilk(curd+4part water).
Heated till buttermilk , watery content evaporates and only oil n kalk remains. Filter n ready to use.
External n internal use for aches n pains in vatrog.
Dr. Jyoti Ashok: 8pods of lashun+  8maricha+ 1inch shunti+ 1/2 onion
Ground into rough paste , warm it &apply on painful knee jt. Good result.
Dr. J. T. Contractor: Allyl chloride smells exactly like garlics & thus . China is using in making canned garlic pickles chatni etc which the world is eating it including us.
Vd. Sandeep J. Prasad: Is there any side effects of this allyl chloride??
Dr. Madhuri Patil Chaudhari: chloride.. corrosive salt.. kshar, as per Ayurved only ammonium chloride is used as medicine.
Vd. Sandeep J. Prasad: Ammonium chloride ?? Is it navsaar
Dr. Madhuri Patil Chaudhari: yes
Vd. Sandeep J. Prasad: It is banned in gujrat. Not easily available. Because it is used in explosives. But very good results.
Dr. Madhuri Patil Chaudhari: only in narikel lavan it was used. now saindhav is used instead of navsaar,(which is used - udar rog.)
Vd. Sandeep J. Prasad: It is a content of avipatikar also. And many local dipan pachan churnas.
USA Irene CCA: Rasa pungent, Vipaka Pungent, Virya hot. Heavy,Inctous, Penetrating, Sticky, Mild laxative.
Natural antibiotic,  Lowers blood pressure, Stimulate immune system, Fire stimulant, pacifies vyana, good for respiratory system and circulatory system, good for sciatica (apana vayu).
Dr. Uday H. Hanagal: Lashuna - Katu rasa pradhana, snigdha guna, ushna veerya, Katu vipaka, best Vata, kaphahara, So it can be used in any Vata avaranajanya & Kapha avaranajanya conditions. Example, IT peoples used to work in AC & apathyakara ahara vihara also following, so getting stiffness (sthamba), Gaurava (Heaviness), & Shoola (Pain) in the body,  So here to remove the Avarana of Kapha, Vata Lashuna Ksheerapaka to be taken in Apanavatakala just before the food in night, works very effectively.
Croatia Branko Markovic: how to use lashun in case of asthma?
Dr. Uday H. Hanagal: Take Lashuna taila 2 to 3 tsp+4 to 6 pinch of saindhava lavana, do smash these very well, heat it & massage on the chest & backside of the chest means it covers the shvasavahasrotas, it should be done at morning on empty stoamach, 2 to 3 pieces of lashuna fried in little bit ghee+1/2tsp of guda powder can be taken just after the food in morning & night, this is doshapratyayanika chikitsa.
Vd. Tapan: Rason ksheerpak with Navajivan Rasa in AVN. Showes good results
Vd. Hardik bhatt, Idar: Lasun + milk or lasun + jeggary- gol is not virrudh aahar ..????
In some cast of north gujarat  they organise one day or three day in winter that they will eat only fresh lasan and ghee .. And they will get immunity for 1 year .. The elder of they cast not taken any medicine.
Dr. J. T. Contractor: Yes milk & garlic together or taken separately in a couple of hrs don't match, it could be interesting to learn from our Jain Bandhu the reason of garlic being forbidden  Ahahar.
Dr. Uday H. Hanagal: Ayurvedashastra say's about avasthanusara (stagewise) treatment.
Amlarasapradhanadravya + Milk considerd as Viruddha ahara not Katurasa pradhana dravya.
Some of jain & Bramhin comunity people's not using Lashuna at all because of its Rajasika guna & contains more microorganisms.
Anand Javeri: A real Jain & a real Brahmin does not consume garlic
Dr. Lokesh Mehta: Rason  is one of the main ingredient of potli used for potli Swed in joint pain. Rasonkheerpak is excellent remedy for aamvaat .
Dr. Madhuri Patil Chaudhari: Rason increases bleeding tendencies, blood thinner in a way and blood group A ppl have a propensity towards easy bruising and bleeding. Pitta vikruti happens in blood group A ppl easily. my observation. please dont ask for supporting evidence. i hv none except observation and experience. if i come across, published evidence will share.
Dr. Uday H. Hanagal: Lashuna is contraindicated in Pittapradhana vyadhi Raktapitta, Visarpa, Pittaja hrudrogadi.
Vd. Rupa Raval: Yes I observed blood group A with bleeding tendency.
Dr. Rachana Mumbai: Rason is satnyajanan is it true? And it is given in good amount to sutika. One reason is vayu, but does it help in satnyajanan kriya.
Dr. Uday H. Hanagal: During Garbhini paricharya & Sutika paricharya Brumhana (Santarpana) chikitsa is going on so Deepana, Pachana is very essential in this condition so little bit Ginger (Aadraka) & Lashuna (Garlic) is very much helpful in the food.
Dr. Dilip Pithiya: According to Sharangdhar- Lasun Pragbhakta Seven Darun Vatarognasak & Vishamjvaranasak.
Pathya Matsya Mansa Amlahar Madhya
Apathya  Gud,Dugdha,Shitodak
Lasun sevan k bad me Shitodak pine se Jalodar ho jata Hai.(Kashyap)
Hradroga Lasun Kshirpak, Lasun for joint pain, Rasayanam Gramini - Astang Hridaya
Dr. Bhavesh Modh: આયુર્વેદ સાહિત્ય માં લસણ ને એન્ટિબેકટેરીયલ નો દરજ્જો  પ્રાપ્ત  છે.
આધુનિક એનાલિસેસી થી જાણવા મળ્યુ કે લસણ નીચે ઉગ્રવાદી એલાઈલસલ્ફાઇડ  નામના એકટીવ તત્વ ના કારણે છે જેથી તે ઉગ્રગંધી  છે લસણ નુ નિયમિત  સેવન  આંતરડા  માં રહેલ હાનિકારક  બેક્ટેરિયા  તથા પ્રોટોઝોલ નો સફાયો કરે છે લસણ સેવન બાદ તેમાં રહેલ ઉડનશીલ તેલ   ઉચ્છવાસ  માં બહાર  આવે છે જેની પ્રતિતી  લસણ ખાનાર ના મોં ની વાસ પરથી  થાય છે.  ( કદાચ  એટલે  ધાર્મિક માન્યતા  માં લસણ - ડુંગળી  પ્રતિબંધિત  છે વાર્તાલાપ  દરમિયાન  લસણ ડુંગળી  ની વાસ સામાવાળા  ને અકળાવે  છે )
ઉચ્છવાસ માં રહેલ લસણ ના તત્વો  થી વાયરલ  ઇન્ફેક્શન  ના ચાન્સ  ઘટી જાય  છે.
લસણ એ એક ઉત્તમ ટોનીક પણ છે લસણ ડુંગળી  ખાનાર વર્ગ  શારીરિક  રીતે સશક્ત  અને ટેન્શન ફ્રી  હોય  છે એમની જાતીયશક્તિ તથા પ્રજનન ક્ષમતા પણ સારી હોય છે એ પરથી  અનુમાન  કરી શકાય  કે લસણ મેટાબોલીઝમ  રેગ્યુલર  કરી હોર્મોન્સ લેવલ  નિયમિત કરે છે.
પ્રેકટીકલી  હાઈપરટેન્શન  સ્કીનડીઝીઝ તથા હાર્ટટ્રબલ વાળા દર્દીઓ નીચે માનસિક સ્વાસ્થ્ય  કંઈક અંશે નબળુ હોય છે. ( મહંદ અંશે ચિંતા ગ્રસ્ત  અથવા જલ્દી  ઇમોશનલ થવાની પ્રકૃતિ  વાળા  હોય છે. ) આ ત્રણ  પ્રકાર ના દર્દીઓ માં લસણ ની અસર સારી જોવા મળે છે
શાસ્ત્ર માં રસોનક્ષીરપાક  હ્રદયહ્રદયરોગવિકાર માંપ્રોયોજેલ છે.
રસોન  શબ્દ  રસાયન ના સંદર્ભ  માં છે એવુ મારૂ માનવુ છે  આમેય લસણ નીચે ઉત્પત્તિ ની કથા માં અમૃતમંથન બાદ અમૃત પ્રાપ્ત  કરવાની ખેંચતાણ  માં શ્રીહરિ ના સેવક ગરૂડજી ના મુખ માંથી અમૃત ના જે ટીપાં પૃથ્વી  પર પડયા  એમાંથી અમૃત ના અંશ સ્વરૂપ લસણ ની ઉત્પત્તિ  થઈ.
લસણ એ સૌદર્ય  પ્રદ પણ છે કેટલાક ને વાંધો પડે એવુ મારૂ આ કથન  છે તો એની સાબિતી  માં ઘૃતકુમારી/ એલોવેરા  એ લસણકુળ ની વનસ્પતિ  છે અને સ્વયંસિધ્ધ છે કે સાંપ્રત કાળ માં સૌદર્ય પ્રસાધન યોગ માં પુષ્કળ વપરાય  છે.
Vd. Nayanbhai Patel: रसोन क्षीरपाक ( दुधमा पकवेल लसण )  सायेटिका  , कटिशुल ,अने अन्य नर्वस सिस्टम ना दुखा  मा सारो फायदो करे छे पुरुषो मा जातिय शक्ति (सेकस पावर) वधारे छे
Dr. Ronak Rathod: Garlic has antioxidant property, also help to regulate hypercholestraemia along with life style modification
Dr. Bhavesh Modh: લસણ ખાવાથી  એસીડીટી થાય  અથવા એસીડીટી વાળા એ લસણ ખવાય. ..
આ સંદર્ભે મારો સ્વાનુભવ  રજૂ કરૂ છું
મને બહાર ના નાસ્તા કે પ્રસંગે  લાલ - લીલા મરચાં વાળુ ખાવાથી  તુરંત  જ એસીડીટી થાય  છે .
છેલ્લા  15 દિવસ થી રોજ સવારે દસેક કળી લસણ  ને ક્રશ કરી ને બે થી ત્રણ  ચમચી  ઘરે બનાવેલ દેશી ગાય ના ઘી માં સાંતળી મગ ના યુષ  સાથે લઉ  છું પણ હજુ સુધી એસીડીટી સંબંધે  કોઈ પણ પ્રકારની  તકલીફ  થઈ  નથી.
શરૂઆતના ત્રણેક દિવસ  આપાનવાયુ ની પ્રવૃત્તિ  વધુ  થયેલ  ત્યારબાદ  all is well
જેમ કાળામરી  ખાધા પછી તીખા ઘચરકા  કે એસીડીટી ને લગતી  તકલીફ  થતી નથી . એમ  જો લસણ  સાથે  લાલ મરચુ પાઉડર  કે લીલાં મરચા  ના લેવાય  તો  એકલુ  લસણ  એસીડીટી  નથી  કરતુ.
24026: According to kashyap amlpitta ma rason pathy che.
Dr. Ronak Rathod :

* Compiled by : Vd. Dhruti Kagrana

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  1. If you have Earache, put two or three drops of warm garlic oil in the ears.


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