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Dry Stool .....#Ayurvedic approach

Views shared by several ayurveda professionals and non-ayurveda people in discussion group:
All views shared here are only for knowledge. This information doesn’t have any scientific validation. Various doctors and non-medicos have shared their views and experiences in this discussion. Please do not try any of the suggestions described here, without prior consult from your regular, qualified doctor. Dr. Prerak Shah and no other person is responsible for any unwanted effects, side effects or contra-indications in your health. Thank you.

Todays topic for discussion: Dry stool

Group 1:
Australia Vd. Khushdil: Ghee is the best option for Dry stool.. Need more Fibre in diet. Dates.. Khajur, Anjeer ...fig soak it overnight and have it in the morning at empty stomach ...the best resul I got without any doubts in two days...

Canada Nitin Shah: Bulk forming mucillagious agents such as psyllium and flex seeds along with Triphala and katuki can give the desired results

Anand Javeri: Consume a banana & Drink glass full warm water before bed.
This has helped one of my employees. ..warm water in the morning also on empty stomach. Fibrous food is also necessary. Psyllium with warm water before bed is a good way to get rid of dry stool.
Triphala is habit forming. Plus, our body gets resistant to it after some time & higher dosage is required.
Such is not in the case of Psyllium

Canada Nitin Shah: Triphala is rasayana and can be taken for a longer time and yes, it is bit drying and habit forming and that's why need to be combined with other herbs mentioned earlier.
Of course, vatagenic food should be consumed in minimal amount only

Anand Javeri: Also, those suffering from dry stool problem should avoid maida containing products like bread, biscuits, nankhatai & some puris, etc. Plus, they should increase their water intake.

Dipak Padia Osho: Minimum 3 liters of water to take daily. Avoid water immediately after taking food.After one hour of lunch and dinner take warm water. As per naturopathy best result obtains after maximum water input in the body which helps intestine for soft tools. New generation takes maximum aerated water which harms body. Make reminder in mobile to drink water every one hour which is safe and easy solution.

Vd. Dipam tripathi: Above all is....good...I want to add is
Hard stool is vata symptom...and best vata shamak is til (sesame) oil....
So in my practice i refer to pt. to take 10ml of black til tail with any warm liq...before dinner (apan vayu duahti shamak kaal for aushadh)

Group 3:
Vd. Manhar Prajapati: late night work causes for increase vata and result as a dry stool and also another cause related vata vardhak...trt is rukshan opposite snigdh like ghee or matra basti...or snigdha virechan like errand (castor)

Germany Helga Fuchs: Vata routine needed, no hurry or pressure, early to bed. If constipation is there, cop hot milk with tsp Ghee. Meditation and Pranayama help to relax mind.

Dr. Prerak Shah : We are not discussing constipation, we are discussing dry stool. Be clear for this. Thnx.

Chile Dr. Susana Valdes: If dry stools are there we have to control stool quality by diet and also reestore smooth of GI tract. For that we can give ghee at bedtime (dose depends on agni patient) for at least three months and Vata diet avoiding dry and cold food

Minoo parabia: Colon has phenomenal absorbing capacity. Therefore any medicine could also be administeted through colon...basti. if the body is not getting enough water, it will try to compensate by absorbing from food rendering stool dry. Ingestion of lots of cereals too require more water. Water intake therefore could be crucial. Mucilage can retain water like Pedalium, okra, Althea are helpful.

Argentina Dr. Fany Rosman: I agree with the above. It will be also usefull to drink / eat in the morning linseeds soaked overnight / eat oily food with vata balancing qualities. And lots of sede oil for externa lubricación.
Prerak dry stools and constipations are varying degrees of the same imbalance?

Minoo parabia: No absolutely not. Constipation is the body disorder because of varying reasons whereas dry stool is just habitual disregard to water intake

Group 4:
Vd. Neha dipam: Dry stool is cause of abhav of JAL tatva or sneh tatva and vat vrudhdhi…Basti treatment
and erand sneh is the treatment for dry stool

Vd. Rajal shukla: Liver tonic and erandbhrust haritaki churna

Group 5:
Surinder Pal Singh: Dry stool is condition of vata .drakshavleha  and  triphla ghrit is choice of medicine

Vd. Dhruti Kagrana: Dry stool:- Dosha:- Saman vayu, Apan vayu, Pachak pitta
It is mainly due to agnidushti. Pt. should avoid Ruksha and vatavardhak  aahara.
Sansarjana krama is helpful for Agnidushti.
Eranda and Sunthi are the choice of drug.

Surinder Pal Singh: .Dry stool - Matrabasti: castor oil + sindhav

Group 6:
Vd. Pankaj Chhayani: 1/4 tea spoon  rock salt+1 tea spoon cow ghee in middle of meal gives good result in dry stool

Vd. Piyush Prajapati Palanpur: Reference in Astang Hradaya

Vd. Pankaj Chhayani: Charaka Grahani chikitsa...very effective treatment...1:08

Vd.vimalben (Anand): I got result from dashmool kwatha basti and til tail or erand tail basti.... I think if peristalsis of intestine is disturbed then dry stool occurred.... And it is due to apan vayu vikruti... So basti can be apply, Even abhyang, svedana on udar (abdomen) is also helpful

Vd. Piyush Prajapati Palanpur: Astang Hradaya reference .. for Dry and Hard stool..
 पित्त रक्त विनिर्मूक्त समस्त आवरण आवृते
शुध्धे वा विध्यते वायौ न द्रव्यम लसूनत्परम

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Views shared by several Ayurveda professionals and non-Ayurveda people in discussion group: Disclaimer: All views shared here are onl...