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Excessive anger and its managment ...#ayurvedic approach #ayurveda

Views shared by several ayurveda professionals and non-ayurveda people in discussion group:

All views shared here are only for knowledge. This information doesn’t have any scientific validation. Various doctors and non-medicos have shared their views and experiences in this discussion. Please do not try any of the suggestions described here, without prior consult from your regular, qualified doctor. Dr. Prerak Shah and no other person is responsible for any unwanted effects, side effects or contra-indications in your health. Thank you.

Sub.:  Excessive anger and it's management ayurvedic approach

Group 2:
Dr. Dipak Shirude: Ghrit pan, Mouktik pishti, Prawal pishti, Mrudwika
Likely mind approach and making such situation
The best of all transcendental meditation

Group 3:
Germany Helga Fuchs: Exzessive Anger * rajasik behaviour in mind. Is there a real problem heal it or accept it. If both is not possible leafe it. Do not try to forget it, just know it is there. Learn to be unhappy and be strong enough to be with bad feelings. In this time you see clear it depent on situation or habits. Habit of others have nothing to do with your qualitys, but you can see the qualitys of the others.
Avoid situations or people who harm you.
For getting more stable and calm, regular meditation and pranayam, regular routine like foodroules, sleep and bodywork up to prakruti if yoga is not done. Flowers, sandal, pounds, rivers, swimming in cool and clean water, beautiful people, stillness. Rosewater and yasmin flowers, lotusflower on the heart, all this gives good feeling to the senses. Virecana and avoid spices like chili and garlic, raw unions. If one is weak in mind sattvic food is a need. Regular bodymassage and headmassage, padhabhyanga, cools down, make happy and give good and deep sleep. Brahmi, Bala. Ashwaghanda for patients who are weak in mind and Body, very slim patients is not good by depressed and overhelmed mind. It makes mind happy and more enthuastic and personal wrong thinking increase and patient feel very shure in his wrong habits. Changing of mind is only possible if we see our problem. Brahmi gives more strenght in the dissues and clears up. Nasya and Shirodhara with kseersbala, bala, triphala. Coriander. Burnout patients start most with anger but there is no way most time to clear the problem. She have to be with them. Weak nerves, wrong lifestyle and hunger or need for success break them down. Sometimes I work with a doctor of schoolmedicine who like Ayurveda. If he is on his end he send me the patient. Last got Psychotherapie, medicine... But after 8 weeks he was not able for work, sitting crying at home. Driving his car no possible. Ayurveda was last step before months in Psychiatrie. I got him and start with head face, back and footmassage and soft yoga for balance the braine, done advice for
 Rasayan due food. After 4.weeks, he was able to work again. Ayurveda knowlege I bow down. Sorry for my long storys. The underlying Problem of Anger is mostly to be afraid. To see how simple things helping so much. Dinacharya rouls are more important as foodroules I found out. Only good food on to Prakruti is nice, but without routine not much strong. The best is, patient learn a lot how Body is working and this safe him in future. If he is ready for little discipline. OM SAI RAM

Prof. Maltiben chauhan: Yes, it was very interesting work. thank you. To see how simple things helping so much. Dinacharya rouls are more important as food rules I found out. Only good food on to Prakruti is nice, but without routine not much strong. The best is, patient learn a lot how Body is working and this safe him in future. If he is ready for little discipline. OM SAI RAM

Germany Helga Fuchs: The best for anger I forget. Anger is used,  to bring others in the way to do what I want. I give them strange pressure. To heal anger is only possible, if mind understand, that, by this habit, I harm the other. If I like to be a better and strong human I have to stop to missuse others for my goals. If one understand this, he is cured from anger.

Argentina Dr. Fany Rosman: All is true, our body is a perfect temple working in perfect armony with nature. We must understand physiology and avoid pushing body toward external wrong temptations.
Thanks for your knowledge to restore armony. Fany

Argentina Majo: Thank you very much for sharing this higher knowledge in the holistic approach to the patient. I agree on the fact that sattvic food without dinacharya no further progress achieved. But at self knowledge of feelings and emotions, accept and recognize external factors lifestyle focusing on sucess that increase anger. With that knowledge and little routine and exercise we are going to the proper way. Om nama shivaia.

Germany Helga Fuchs: Yes Maria Jose' Fernandez, and this way is possible, because easy, worldwide for all.

Argentina Majo: Dear Helga thank you for your collaboration. I really enjoyed your comments on negative emotions and a simple but powerful approach to the problem. I appreciate your help.

Germany Helga Fuchs: Yes. I work with managers. This people are very busy and have problems in family and job with her temper. Most are Pitta Prakruti too. Men understand it faster as women's. I wonder about that. My personal meaning about that is, that a men like to care for his people, his problem is only his temper. And most feel very sad if his temper kills a situation. And he like to be great. And most know how to work with a strategie. Give them one and he will try it and enjoy it. The results are seen and felt fast and all are in better condition. Only possible with intelligent people. Tamasik people have no such interest.

Argentina Majo: Yes!!I is very interesting the different conscience about feeling &emotions in women and men ,I am  gynecologist ... we can realize    about emotions and an emphatic role in our medical practice can make a difference in the treatment of many stressed persons.At the same time working on a major quality of life for the society. .Thank you for your collaboration. Lovely meeting.

Chile Dr. Susana Valdes: Hi, I am from Chile. At least here, people doesn¨t know about mind, about emotions, feelings, thoughts. How mind functions, what are they areas, and that we are beyond our mind, Here people tends to think you are your mind, and from that point of view, sometimes is every difficult for them to control

Argentina Angi TEJADA: Depend the cultural behaviour something is good and another is bad - all the people look for to be happy .

Germany Helga Fuchs: This is all over the world, in India too. But Ayurveda know a lot, not only about mind. Psychic disturbances, very difficult ones are written down so excellent, that you only can say, by by western psychotherapy, first mister Jung. He got all his knowing from India science but he only shows little in his work and no clear way out. There are very deep knowing about gynecology in Ayurveda about Ayurvedic gynologica and chirurgy. You can save unborn life's only to follow the routine. Maria Jose Fernandez, it must be like heaven for you. But this is not topic now. Sorry.

Chile Dr. Susana Valdes: yes, I am working with people of a foundation for kids, and I am teaching them the way Ayurveda understand mind. It is very interesting and usefull for them. and of course, for me

Germany Helga Fuchs: Thank you Prerakbhai for your pic above. It is very interesting. clear and helpful,  it shows the natural movement of duality of natur. If one start something to reach a goal, Ayurveda says he will feel the wall (Tamasik) to go there. But step by step our strenght get stronger and the wall smaller. By natur the wall is all time not higher as the strenght. This to know is very useful, to deal with problems in all direction in life. Treatments in Ayurveda for Pranavata, Udana, clear out the blockage special on that levels, who your pic show us. But simple massage, well done, works on mind very strong. Vata is master and controller of movement. Soulmovement and mindmovement are done by vata, as bodymovement to. Vata is rajasica natur and  Manodosha as rajas and tamas are needed for activity in all life directions. But to overcome the blockages in your pic, we need the Manasaguna (sattva). Without them it is no deeper healing in mind. To build Sattva I see, treatments not enough. Treatments give cleaning and relaxing shure, results are more calmness in body and mind, great, but no deeper change of mindquality. Routine is to hold this stabil and give the body and nervtissue more strenght. Some speaking here of Ojas and good Immunsystem. Men can deal with problems better and in Kaphaprakruti we have this benefits stronger. But to overcome a blockage is more as to deal well with the given problem. Here I found the Yogi technics only, to go further. I do not speak of asanas here. I speak about higher techniks. Ayurveda and Yoga is a couple, who works hand in hand. Ayurveda deals more on bodylevel annamayakosh and pranamayakosh. Manomayakosh and anna and prana in yoga. Do we have here Doctors who can say more about that? Anger was the topic. By strange problems I know only about cleaning the mind due treatments like Vaman, Nasya, Shiro, sometimes Basti , because in deeper mindproblems it creates some problems more most time, and Raktamoksha. Medicin, Speaking, Calming, Pranayama. I for myself use in no time a Single Shiro for relaxing. Only as cure for Minimum sehen days. It works wonder by mentalstress, but not well done it creates problems. Many using Shiro for wellness but I think this is wrong.  Please Doctors clear out if there is a missunderstanding and share your Inspiration and professional knowing. Thank you.

Group 4:
Dr. Dipa Mehta: In anger shirodhara, counseling with spiritual approach more beneficial
In excessive anger shirodhara with chandanbala lakshadi and pratimarsh nasya with cow ghrut give good result. For internal use shankhpuspi, jatamansi like tikta ras and madhur virya ausdhi are useful. Padtal abhyanga and pranayam also very good for same.

Group 5:
Vd. Dhruti Kagrana: Excessive anger is one of the cause of Headache.
Also Palitya, Hypertension  etc..
-Pitta  dosha,mansik dosa raja
-Anger is also lakshana of Pitta prakriti.
- Avoid Excessive taking of spicy, salty food.
- Meditation is the best treatment.
- Pratimasha nasya is also helpful.
- Pittashamaka drug like Shatawari, Yashtimadhu, Mustaka are useful..
- In ayurveda Excessive anger not a disease but Nidana(Hetu-cause) of many diseases.

Group 6:
Vd. Pankaj Chhayani: I treated a pt(auto driver) c/o. excessive anger, vertigo, excessive sweating and hypertension. I prescribed him Dhamaso (???)  kwath with cows ghee(chakradatta- bhrama chi.) and go ghruta nasya. He got complete relief within week. Anger is characteristic of pitta prakriti so pitta shamak medhya rasayan is always worked..

Vd. Bhavesh Thakkar: Anger is not a diseases. It is a conditioning of mind. De- conditioning can be done only through meditation. I would advice yoga. (Not just asana ). Many a times  anger can be seen as a symptom of other diseases. Treating the main disease will automatically cure Anger. I.e. unmad. Anger (Krodh) is seen in people of tamasik. mansik prakriti. - satvik aahar vihar should be suggested to them

USA Dinesh Pandya: Request Groups to refer this link
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Views shared by several Ayurveda professionals and non-Ayurveda people in discussion group: Disclaimer: All views shared here are onl...