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Eczema and its management with #Ayurveda...

Views shared by several ayurveda professionals and non-ayurveda people in discussion group:

All views shared here are only for knowledge. This information doesn’t have any scientific validation. Various doctors and non-medicos have shared their views and experiences in this discussion. Please do not try any of the suggestions described here, without prior consult from your regular, qualified doctor. Dr. Prerak Shah and no other person is responsible for any unwanted effects, side effects or contra-indications in your health. Thank you.

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Dr. Samir Suneri: Dry and wet eczema both are curable  with panchkarma.mostly we found vaman karma is very effectivein dry eczema
Ayulink: How we interpret eczema in Ayurveda? Kandu?Vicharchika?Or anything else?
Anand Javeri: Mahamanjishthadi kwath helps great in eczema. Topical application of ointment named Six-C ( Ban Pharma).Both of the above work great.There is also one meditation like exercise that helps cure eczema.
Dr. Suyog Kulkarni: Application of Shata dhauta ghrita helps greatly .
Dr Premsukh: Mahamanjisthadi kwath, vyadi haran ras
Dr. Suyog Kulkarni: Tab. Arogyavardhini , Anantamool ghanawati , Pancha tikta ghrita guggulu also help.
Ayulink: Pl share more elaborated information. Just write down the name of any medicine is not enough. If u pl give more information abt that medicine, its contents, how to use, dose, anupan, how long etc would be better. Most of the info, members are sharing is from books or media. Please share your personal experience. How you treat such condition, that information is most welcome.
Dr. Suyog Kulkarni: The tablets I mentioned are strictly from my personal experience . Usually a dose of 500 mg thrice a day is given.Fermented items like idli , dosa , bread etc , curds , shell fish to be avoided.
Ayulink: Dr. Suyogji pl share yr successful patient history or photos. U r more experienced in the group. U can share yr case history too. That will be interesting.
Anand Javeri: Mahamanjishthadi kwath should be taken empty stomach 1tsp.Then after, it should be taken before bed. Hamdard Saafi can also be taken along with Mahamanjishthadi kwath.
Ayulink: Pl any one share your successful cases, if possible with complete line of treatment. If photos - pre and post will be there, would be very good. Thnx.
Anand Javeri: There is also one meditation like exercise that helps cure eczema.
In it, we have to sit straight, close eyes, keep both the palms facing each other besides our chest, and imagine a big soft ball between the two. This helps.
Dr Sandeep Madaan: In my experience the eczema by exogenous irritants is easy to cure than endogenous eczema. I for endogenous long term pitta kapha har immuno modulators and vaman virechana are effective. Only medicines don't work. Otherwise lippu oil of JRK siddha, trivanga bhasma and gandhak rasayana are effective
Dr. Hiral Sengal:one of my pt.gandhank malam for local application+ manjisthdi vati2 TDs, giloy ganvati 2 TDs, gandhak rasayan 2 BDS +manjisthdi kwath 20 ml vth water in morning+ erandbhrust haritaki 2 tab at bed time vth warm water.vth  in 15 days very effective result ..also given some.what to do or don't.... charma rog..soryy pic no possible.
Dr. Suyog Kulkarni: Dr. Prerakji , thank you for your compliments. Honestly , I'm a small man , a student of Ayurved. Unfortunately I'm weak in documentation. But surely the medicines mentioned above work wonders. Usually the treatment goes for about 6 months or so.
Generally it is observed that in many skin issues psychology plays a great role. In such condition , we also conduct brahmi oil shirodhara.
Ayulink: I totally agree with you. Usually I have very limited options for  treatment. Virechan is most likely. Sometimes we go for takra dhara - Sarvang. And personally I prefer to give shirodhara once a while too. Very rare basti is advised in eczema or skin diseases.
Vd. Kinshuk Hirpara: EczemaMy line of treatment
1. Maha Manjisthadi ghan vati for rakta dushti
2. Laghu vasant malti as zinc supplement
3. Shankhvati cure digestion tract
These 3 for twice a day
4. Jatamansi powder a pinch on tongue every night bed time
5. Swadishta virechan or erand bhrishta
External application coconut oil and karpura mixture
Rakta mokshana every 15 days or blood donation every 2 months depending upon patient's blood reports
I agree with any skin diseases, psychological treatment is must. Because all the patients under stress mostly because of their chronic skin problems
Food and lifestyle
1. Only fresh food no stale or fermented items
2. Avoid onions garlic and tomatoes , ginger
3. Switch to sesame oil then any other oil, cow ghee is preferable in preparation of veggies.
4. Never let skin dry! Application of coconut oil or castor oil makes skin moisture.
5. Avoid any type of detergents if on hands. Use gloves .
6. Meditation and walking more oxigen you take more treatment goes right!
Vd. sandeep Ahirkar: Please Seasme oil is contraindicated for internal use it can cause skin diseases
Dr. J. T. Contractor: Tender sun light on eczema,after applying malkankni oil gives faster relief
Vd. Kinshuk Hirpara: Sesame oil is rich in essential fatty acids like linoleic acid and palmitic acids. It is linoleic acid that gives both antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties for sesame oil. They are also rich in minerals like copper, manganese, calcium and magnesium. The oil is rich in antioxidants, hence they are easily absorbed into the skin, nourishes it from deep inside and promotes skin softness.
Sesame oil is found to have Vitamin E , B-complex and D in very high amounts. Niacin is a variant of B-complex that is capable of reducing LDL- cholesterol levels in blood. Other than that they are capable of enhancing GABA activity inside the brain which in turn helps in reducing anxiety and neurosis.(Source Web md)
Dr. J. T. Contractor: Pl try malkankni oil on eczema, tried with bit of caster oil was effective
Ayulink: Local application ?
Dr. J. T. Contractor: Yes sir, even few drops of only malkankni oil drops chewed to On tongue
Vd. sandeep Ahirkar:
Vd. sandeep Ahirkar:Sorry i am not aware of that research but here in samhita they told as twak dosha krut and achakshushya (harmful to eyes)
Vd Tushar Trivedi :

Local Rakta Mokshana by cupping method found effective in dry eczema
Vd. Hardik Bhatt: Panch tikt ghrut gugglu or maha tikt ghrut , Raktmokshan,  gives very good results in eczema
Vd. Jignesh Thakkar: Please notice that eczema is a broad term used in dermatology.eczema doesn't mean only vicharchika of ayurveda.eczema is group of diseases.So we can decide the topic of discussion
Dr. Suyog Kulkarni:Sir , honestly , I think the modern dd hardly matters to Ayurvedic treatment. At times I have tried similar medicines on eczema & psoriasis .Please correct me if I'm wrong.
Also , dry oils like sunflower oil makes skin dry whereas seasome oil provides necessary foliation to the skin , helping in treatment.( for oral administration ).
Dr Sandeep Madaan: These days Panch TULSI oil extract is available in market. This also work good for local application. Malkangni is also worth trying
@dr Kulkarni ji. I agree with you. Would like to add that symptoms indicating dosh ulvadta like burning in pitta and intense itching in kapha and dry flaques in vata are to be kept in mind. Gandhak preparation in pitta, aragvadha/vidanga preparation in kapha the and sneha in vata are what I prescribe. Do correct or refine my knowledge
Vd. Sachin Kadlag: Eczema is definitely a disease/ condition in which skin manifestations occur in form of itching,  inflammation and / or burning , oozing .
In ayurveda view all three doshas are vitiated in almost all skin manifestations.  We should find out which is pradhana dosha . If itching and oozing is there it is likely to be kapha pradhana and with kleda dushti. If burning is present and also sometimes bloody  and foul smelling discharge and redness may indicate pittapradhana condition. And dryness  and rupture of skin may suggest vatapradhana condition.
Also we should find out causes which can be nija ( internal) or bahya (external).
Gandhak druti is one such preparation which externally helps in both dry and wet conditions.
Dr Jayesh Patel: Eczema -Dadru
Panchnimb churn with Tal sindur, Panch tikt ghreet, Gandhak Rasayan, Dadurin for L/A
If pt is not going on Pathy-Apathya diet then again recurrent. ....
Vd. Dhruti Kagrana: Disturbed epidermal barrier; Increased IgE production; Cell-mediated dysfunction; Autonomic nervous system dysregulation; Food allergy and other non-allergic food hypersensitivity; Aeroallergens; Skin barrier;Microbial colonization and Psychosomatic factors are causes eczema.
(The detailed description of above factor is available @
Vd. Pankaj Chhayani:

This is case of librarian of Gujarat university, I treated it  during PG.
Dr Sandeep Madaan: With which medicines
Vd. Pankaj Chhayani: Kalmegh, Guduchi, Yashad bhasma, Guduchyadi kwath
Vd. Jignesh Thakkar: I always wonder that gandhak is very USNA in property and why it is described in pittaj skin disease in texts
Vd. Sachin Kadlag: Gandhak is firstly purified in milk at least three times in milk.  Hence it's unwanted effects are not seen.
Vd. Jignesh Thakkar: Even I found that preparations of gandhak worsens the situation in some cases
Vd. Sachin Kadlag: These can be  because of many reasons.   either wrong diagnosis or wrong selection of drug is main reason.  Over dosage also can happen.  More importantly if Gandhak is not purified then also condition will be worsened.
Vd. Tanuja Gokhale: Many a times in scabies for initial few days the complaints such as redness, sores, itching, oozing etc. worsen n then subside.
It is mentioned in vd Gune shastri's book that this is the indication that gandhak is doing its work n body is reacting to it.
Vd. Tanuja Gokhale:Their are dos n donts to be followed while using Gandhak. That needs to b followed meticulously.
Dr. Suyog Kulkarni: You are absolutely right dr. Sandeepji .
It may sound funny , but I have tried Dashamoola ghanavati (400mg tab.2 tds) in vataja symptoms with very encouraging results.
Vd. Jignesh Thakkar: I talked regarding this in different group unfortunately nobody was accepting my views regarding usnatva of gandhak and precautions of using it in pittaj vyadhi....
Vd. Jignesh Thakkar:
2016-06-24-PHOTO-00000113.jpgDr. J. T. Contractor: Kanji oil ( kanakiyu tel) with malkankni oil mixed, skin be cleaned with saturated solution of alum salt let it sun dry dry, apply oil mixture thrice daily until skin starts softening, when find skin soft then mixture of malkankni oil with code liver oil be applied during the treatment always ultraviolet rays of tender sun light is more advisable
Vd. Tanuja Gokhale: As rt ly said above Gandhak shudhi is in milk n also with Bhringaraj qwath bhavna the hot potency is controlled. The vehicle to be used is also Ghee+/ Sugar. These are pittaghna dravyas.
Vd. Jignesh Thakkar: 1kg gandhak is purified with 250gm of ghrita.I don't think pharmacies are doing this they are only purifying gandhak in milk.
Vd. Sachin Kadlag: With ghee is definitely important.  Ghee controls aaushnya ( heat) as well as it is best detoxifying agent.And in sugar should be khanda sharkara.
Vd. Jignesh Thakkar: I just shared a case in a local group that pimples increased by gandhak rasayan  and reason was that it was more pittaj condition nobody was accepting my views.
Vd. Sachin Kadlag: Regular sugar itself is cause of skin manifestations . It is processed in impure sulphur before manufacturing to make it crystal White.
Canada Nitin Shah: Leech application and periodically rakta moksha as blood donation (when and where possible) are effective tools. I did study on these about 30 years back while doing my PG in Jamnagar. Sorry, not having the availability of the data at present
Vd. sandeep Ahirkar:

2016-06-24-PHOTO-00000124.jpg This is on going treatment case suffering from modern diagnosis done by doctors psoriatic arthritis in this patients i have use
2)Dhatri +nisha powder
Complaint gets down n spots become less
Vd. sandeep Ahirkar: Indications:- Kushta(Skin Disorders), Grahani(Git disorders due to indigestion), Krchra Arsha(Piles of Chronic Condition), Halimaka, Hrt Sula(Pain in Cardiac Region), Vasti Shoola(Pain in Bladder Region), Vishama Jwara(Chronic Fever), Pandu(Anaemia), Kamala(Jaundice), Visha Janya twak Rog(Skin Disorders caused due to Poisoning)
Vd. sandeep Ahirkar: Patol muladi kashayam
Vd. Jignesh Thakkar: Patrol muladi kashayam is virechak
Vd. sandeep Ahirkar: Ya it's one of the.indication wIth all above.
This Particular formulation is mentioned in Ashtanga Hrudaya Kushta Chikitsa, It has actions like Kapha – Pitta Samana, Kleda hara(Relieves excess fat), Varna Prasadana(Increase Skin Tone), Virechana(Purgation), does Pachaka Pitta Prasadana and Srotoshodhana all these actions enables it act against Skin Disorders.
Vd. Jignesh Thakkar: First 7 days we should use it
Dr. Devesh Kumar: Rakta pachaka is name of any preparation i want to know about this
Dr. Ravindra Upadhyay: Charas chikitsa sthan jwaradhikaar you will find the ref
Vd. sandeep Ahirkar: Jwar chikitsa as  visham jwar
Vd. Tanuja Gokhale: Patolam sariva mustam patha katukrohini
Vd. Sachin Kadlag: yes,  above combination  is used as raktapachak . It is actually a combination for satat jara ( type of jwara). It is very useful  in rakta dushti as it does pachana of raktagata dosha. Hence very useful in many skin manifestations.
The 5 combinations given in charak chikitsa adhyaya 3 / 198-200   for  5 types of jwara 1. santata ( संतत) , 2. Satata (सतत), 3.anyedhuska (अन्येद्युष्क) , 4. Dwitiyak (द्वितीयक) , 5. Trutiyak ( तृतीयक) are used respectively  as rasapachak,   raktapachak , mansapachak,  medopachak and asthimajjapachak.
Dr. Bhavesh Modh:चक्रमर्दः शिंबिफलः पीतपुष्पोथ गुल्मक  ।
वर्षाभवः पंक्तिपत्रो   दद्रुघ्नेति प्रकीर्तितः  ।।
Cassis Tora = કૂંવાડિયો. Fresh leaves  juice  of Radish & seeds powder of Cassis Tora  apply on eczema
I experienced superb result.
Dr. Bhadresh Naik: Casia tora bark is used in our trible area as local application. South Gujarat is endemic for skin disorders that's why god has plant allover area chakramardso it's justified for using this herb
Dr. Bhavesh Modh: One more  thing, Most of people  suffering from  eczema  after monsoon
Cassis tora  crops in monsoon.Get  fresh  redish after  monsoon. I think,God  specially  creations  of चक्रमद  for  eczema. What  you believe  about  it ??
Dr. Bhadresh Naik: Very true. We are very smart then god so interfar in low of nature.
Vd samir Suneri: I have my family secret aboaut eczema. From my grandfathers era.We are using roots of swarnchiri (only juice 2o ml) in morning emPty stomuch for 10 to 15 days. With in a 5 days pt said yah its working very fast.
Some time pt have some nausea but its not a problemWe can start with 10 ml.Taste is not very good
Dr. Bhavesh Modh: Argemone mexicana
Dr. Samir Suneri:
Dr. Bhavesh Modh:
This  is controversial  plant  as view  of HON. Vd. BAPALAL (Surat) संदिग्ध
Dr. Samir Suneri: Yah no one know it is swarnachiri or not
About 80%cases got relief .As i saw after taking this juice it did कोष्ठ sudhi and after kostha sudhi all medicin give good result
Dr. Bhavesh Modh:Thanks  for  sharing  your  own  experience
Dr. Bhadresh Naik:It's might be laxative effects. One type of virechan.It's indication for skindisorder
Dr. Bhavesh Modh:Excellent  remedy& emergency relief  for  excessive itching in eczema
1. निमपत्र = Neem+ तुलसी पत्र = Holy Basil  +हरितकी चूर्ण =  Terminalia chebula. Paste with water  & apply on affected area .
2. Paste   निमपत्र + mix with curd & apply.
Dr Sandeep Madaan: Dropsy plant?
Dr. Samir Suneri: Yes dropsy plant
Dr. J. T. Contractor: It's a cactus family, edible oil if adulterated with this dropsy seeds oil causes dropsy this plant is for only external use (dermatological applications)
-------------------------- comments from Active group ----------------------------------
USA Dr. Archana Vardhan: For babies i have used Nalpamaradi thailam as external application for eczema.Gandhak rasaynam, Arogya wardhni vati for adults
Dr. Shreyas Bhalodia: I have good results with Daraj no Malam (asfa)Local application
USA Dr. Archana Vardhan: It can be related to Vicharchika in ayurveda
Ayulink: How we interpret eczema in Ayurveda? Kandu?Vicharchika?Or anything else?
USA Dr. Archana Vardhan: Vicharchika according to Ayurveda is a rakhta pradoshaj vikar with involvement of all the three doshas and dominance of kapha..And related to eczema as there are exacerbations on skin with itching and redness..
Vd. Devang patel: Don't know about the correlation sir... But in eczema mostly vitiation of pitta and Rakta are there with involvement of vata and kapha.... So we have to treat with pitta virechak and shamak drugs.... Pitta prakopa is occur by mainly two guna of pitta i.e. Ushna guna and Drava guna... If eczema is due to ushna guna then treatment is sheeta guna pradhan drugs like Aamalki, chandana, pathyadi kwatha etc... If Drava guna causes vitiation of pitta then phal trikadi kwataha, ruksha but pitta shamak drugs like haritaki with honey and sarkara gives good result... In both condition vata anuloman or nitya virechan and if ajirna is there pachan is also very much needed. And if rukahta is more in skin then jatyasi taila for local aplication and if kandu then gandhak rasayan is more prefrable....Arogya vardhini vati and gandhak rasayana is also useful in eczema
Dr. Sreedevi N V: Guduchyadi ks ,manjistadi ks ,patoladi ks ,guggulu thiktaka,tiktaka ,maha tiktaka ghrtas effective.Lepana wt thriphala choorna n eladi choorna mixed in 1:2 proportn efffctive. Palandu swarasa said to be effectve as lepana. Nalpamaradi tailam,maha marichadi tailam also goodAvoid masha,pishta,amla dravyas,dadhi ,vidahi anna,atapa marutha sevana. First for mrudu virechana,avipathy choornam can be used
Dr. Mrugeshkumar Patel: Rukshta is more in skin karanjadi tailam  mirichayadtailum .Takra + chakramard lepanam is effective.
Vd. Manish A Surati: According ayurved we can correlate it with kshdrakusth vicharchica but every Kusth is due to "saptako dravyasangrah"  means Vat+Pitta+kafa+Lasica +Ras+Rakt +Mamsa. it's samprapti is very slow and deeply attached with each other local as well saman and shodhan chikitsa should be done like, raktmoksan +prachhan +lep and then saman chikitsa according dosh pradhanya
Dr. Sandip madan:In my experience the eczema by exogenous irritants is easy to cure than endogenous eczema. I for endogenous long term pitta kapha har immuno modulators and vaman virechana are effective. Only medicines don't work. Otherwise lippu oil of JRK siddha, trivanga bhasma and gandhak rasayana are effective
Vd. Manish A Surati: If oozing is there than langhan + gandakrasayan +trifala gugglu. ifsec.infection than Kishorgugglu+gandakrasayan.ifdryness is there than panchtiktgrutgugglu +gandakrasayan.ifspread fast than raktmoksan +manjistha+gandakrasayan so everytime it different line of treatment.If eczema in obese patient is different from eczema in lean patient.
Dr. Jinal Thakkar: This discussion will help me a lot. I have lot to learn about skin diseases. New practice brings many challenges and skin is a huge one.Thank u Prerak sir.
Vd. Pulkit D. Patel: eczema and other kustha having dhatu dusti so raktamoksan.sharir shodhana and in last do rasayana chikitsa.some time we do not give rasayana dravya to kusta rogi so results we r gating is not good. Rasayana chikitsa is good for kustha rogi.
Vd. Manish A Surati: Gandakrasayan itself is rasayan.
Dr. Jinal Thakkar: Would shilajit be useful??
Dr. Neha P. Bhatt: Along with shodhan n shaman chikitsa,I ve read abt chandmarutam rasa for local application in eczema ,so i have tried in some patients and got excellent results! Unfortunately i didn’t save data at that time. This drug has to be mixed with navneet (butter) for only local application,it s poisonous so have to careful!
Dr. Sreedevi N V:
2016-06-24-PHOTO-00000061.jpg2016-06-24-PHOTO-00000062.jpgDr. Jinal Thakkar: The role of pathyapathya is also very important right here doctors??
Dr. Nayan Thacker: Aarogyavardhini & Gandhank rasayan tab. mlam vry nice result.
Vd. Khyati Jariwala: Lippu ointment of JRK...topically, Cap Finbid 2 bd....of ZOETIC, Tab errand bhrisht harde..2 hs, Aarogyavardhini tab...2 bd. Vl give nice result in eczema. After virechan.medicinesgive faster n effective result
Dr. Hiral Sengal:lippu ointment how many times apply?
Vd. Khyati Jariwala: 2-3 times a day. Massage it for 5 min.
Mr Hitesh Patel: I think shilajit can be more useful.
Dr. S. P. Deshpande: Application of wheat grass cream and ozone bagging helps in irradicating eczema.
Dr. Sreedevi N V: Ozone bagging means?
Dr. S. P. Deshpande:
Ozone bagging for eczema.
2016-06-24-PHOTO-00000082.jpgDr. Gaurav Makan: What gas is filled in this bag?
Dr. S. P. Deshpande: It's a mixture of oxygen and ozone
Dr. Gaurav Makan: Is it available easily?
Dr Kusum Pawse: Where do we get this
Dr. Jinal Thakkar: What is the supposed action of this mixtureOn the skin
Dr. Mrugeshkumar Patel: Ozone gas is use in eczema or other disease too?
Dr. S. P. Deshpande: It can be used in various disorders and can be administered through IV rectal / vaginally insufflation orally by ozonating water etc.Medical oxygen is converted in to ozone after passing it through ozone generator.
Dr. Mrugeshkumar Patel: What type of function on human body ?
Dr. S. P. Deshpande: I shall give the detail method of this therapy after my opd. .
Dr. Shriniwas Gujjarwar: Good.Pls elaborate this technic, indication and mode of action in various diseases.
Dr. S. P. Deshpande: Sure, Ozone is a powerful germicidal agent which lowers the life of bacteria, virus, fungi, parasites. In circulatory disorders clumping of RS hinders the flow through capillaries and decreases absorption of O2. Ozone eliminates the clumping and restores R flexibility and O2 carrying ability. It also stimulates the oxygen metabolism which leads to increase in amount of O2 released to the tissues. Ozone therapy  inhibits the tumor metabolism by oxidising the outer lipid layer of the malignant cells and destroy them by cell breakdown.
Following disorders can be treated by ozone. Non healing wounds , open Leg ulcers,bed sores., diabetic foot etc. Circulatory disorders, Geriatric conditions, Macular degeneration, Intestinal conditions like colitis fistula and proctitis. Viral conditions like Herpes Zooster and Hepatitis. Rheumatism,  Cancer, Auto immune disorders.And many more to add. We are regularly using Ozone and Oxygen therapies for last 10 yrs and have developed various modalities based on our experience successful,  particularly in Cancer, Psoriasis, Tinitus, Renal disorders etc.This therapy also can be used in muscular dystrophy coupled with neuro tension exercises and medicinal bath. Initially we experienced lots of problems in adopting major auto heamo therapy which is invasive and as a naturopath we cannot do it, at the same time it involved lots of risk for the patient. In order to surpass this we have developed the tropical application with fantastic results.
Dr. Anjana Prakash: Improve agnibala and twaksara in eczema.Enhancement of twaksara is possible by keeping rasadhatu in pure stage.Administer rasaprasada drugs and diet in eczema
Dr. Sachinkumar Jinture: See kled dusti in twakvikar.its imp
Dr. Anjana Prakash: Kshalana and pariseka will reduce kleda initially.avoid ext application of taila when there is will aggravate kleda.after good kaphasamana,when there is vata with rookshata sneha can be given
Dr. Sachinkumar Jinture: right avoid tail
Dr. Jyoti Ashok: Avoid1)milk with fruits 2)curds3) bananas 4)fish with milk 5)fried foods6) adhyashana.
Dr. Sanjay Londhe: Ozone therapy is commonly called as hyperbariac oxygen therapy..HBOT.In mumbai.We have almost more than 20 centers in mumbai. Specially diabetic wound.Non healing ulcers.bed sores. Good results. This therapy normaly gives twice in weak.called one seating .max 45 we have seen in non healing wound
Dr. S. P. Deshpande: HBOT is totally different from ozone therapy. In HBOT 100% oxygen is used while in ozone therapy oxygen is converted to ozone through a high voltage ozone generator.
Dr. Sanjay Londhe: How much is the absorb by body.Ozone ...
Dr. S. P. Deshpande: If proper media is used it can absorb upto 80%. But by vigil, rectal and through ureter absorption is 100%.Further to this it cannot be inhaled.
Nigeria Mr. M. Gopikrishna: Great learning about Ozone therapy and HBOT
Dr. P. A. Deshpande: Eczema is a fungal disease and the occurrence is at places where there is low supply of oxygen and sweating combined with rise of regional temperature. Use of polyester inner wear also causes same problem. Life style, junk food, irregular food habits, constipation, hyperacidity and stress and mental tension are also responsible factors.Correction of all this factors, Ayurvedic medicines and ozone bagging as discussed earlier can eradicate this problem. Sponging with trifala decoction with drying by talcum powder gives immediate relief.
USA Sivakami Kapoor:
2016-06-25-PHOTO-00000143.jpg What's the remedy. Is this considered to be eczema?
Dr. Lokesh Raturi: Turmeric,black pepper and Triphala equal amount powder and make thick paste with water  to apply for 20 minutes . Internally Neem and haridra Khanda.
Dr. Abhinav Saxena: Can be suggested for "lippu ointment". A very potent siddha medicine.Twice or thrice a day.It constitutes.Pungamia gabra in Oleum cocos nucifera.Kharanja with coconut oil
Dr. G. Rohith Reddy: Kusumolin ointment
Dr. G. Rohith Reddy: Ingredients
Haritaki 50mg, Vibhitaki 50mg, Amalaki 50mg,, Chitraka 50mg,, Karpoora 50mg, Madhucchista 200mg, Tila taila Q.S.
Dr. G. Rohith Reddy: Before application wash with triphala kwatha on affected area
------------------------- comments from Ayulink 3 group ---------------------------
Com[pilation courtesy: Vd. Kinshuk Hirpara and Vd. Dhruti Kagrana

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