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Karna-nad (unusual sound in ears or tinnitus) and its management with #Ayurveda

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Next topic for discussion:   Karna-nad (unusual sound in ears or tinnitus) and its management with #Ayurveda

Vd. Dhruti Kagrana: As per shushruta aacharya Dosha :- mainly vata
When vata aggravated and go to sabdavahanadi in ear the vata produced different type of sound called krana- nad.
Dr. Ravindra Upadhyay: Karnanad one of the symptoms ofSANGRAHANI
Vd. Neeraj Pooner: Bheri mridang shabdanam karnad sah uchayte
In today prespective its just a symptom of other diseases
Vd. Dhruti Kagrana: Vaghbhatta also mentioned that if we not treated krananad then it causes badhirya..
Vd. Neeraj Pooner: Other than ear disorders kidney diseses, heart diseses, high bp, anemia,  use of some drugs. Causes tinnitus
Vd. Hardik Bhatt: Pratisthay , pravat sevan, ajirn, shit snan, shital jal pravesh, karna arsh , throat infection are causes for karn nad
Vd. Neeraj Pooner: Smanaya chikitsa in all tyoe of karn rog use ghrit pan, rasyan aushada,
Vd. Dhruti Kagrana: Antimalarial drugs Quinine and Chloroquine are also causes temporary tinnitus.
Vd. Neeraj Pooner: Charak use khshar tail for all type of karn rog, Also use hingwadi kshar tailam,  kushthadi tailam,  darvyadi tailam, mulika tailam
Vd. Dhruti Kagrana: In vagbhatta T/t of krananada:-
Karnanade hitam  tailam sarshpotham cha purne..
Kranapurana of sarshpa taila  is beneficial.
Vd. Neeraj Pooner: For internal use indu vati.,  sarivadi vati, rasnadi guggul
 Refrence shushrut samhita ambika datt shastri vimarsh bhag
Vd. Jignesh Thakkar: Please notice that. "Avashyay jalkrida karna kanduyane marut.mithya yogen sashtrasya kupito anyescha kopane prapya shrotam shira kuryat sulah shrotashi vegvaan .tevai karna gata rogah ashtavimshati ririta……..These are the etiological factors of karna rogaWhen tympanic membrane is perforated usually karnaxved is symptom and not karna nad
Dr. Bhaskar B Nymathi: *कर्ण-नाद*
As preventive स्नानमार्दितनेत्रास्य कर्णरोगातिसारिषु|,ह्रु  सू २.
In any sort of Ear disorder Snaana is {Contra-indicated} but by proper covering one can perform Snāna.
Internally Sneha- paana is beneficial.
Haridrā fumigation and Karna-pōrana alternatively helpful in this condition.
Shri Minoo parabia: Anubhut  follows.
Sanshamani vati 4x3
Sarivadi vati 2x3
Bilvadi taila ear drops
This regimen works very well, if it is not chronic.

Dr. Bhavesh Modh:
Dr. Bhavesh Modh: Dear friends,  this  topic  is very  valuable for all of us , today  need  of   tinnitus's ayurveda treatment ,
" Finding a cure for tinnitus is ATA’s priority. Research will help us reach this goal. ATA is the only patient-based membership association that directly funds tinnitus research. Since 1980 we have allocated over $6 million to advance tinnitus research."
Courtesy :
कुपितात् कर्णस्त्रोतः स्थिताद् वायोः विविधशब्दश्रवणम् = कर्णनाद = tinnitus = वातप्रधान
Conductive deafness
भेरीमृदड्गशंखानां स्वरान्
Involved external or middle ear.
2nd type
कर्णक्ष्वेड : मारूतः कफपित्ताभ्यां …….. संसृष्ट शोणितेन  च ।
कर्णक्ष्वेडं संजनयेत् ………..    क्ष्वेडनं वेणुघोषवत्  ।।
In modern view  like as a tinnitus ariur or  labyrinthitis
Nervous deafness
Mainly involved  internal ear
वेणुघोषवत् = flute like musical sound
कर्णपूरण by medicated oil
1. 500 ml sesame oil + seeds of Datura metel
2. Oil of ingudi = balanites aegyptiaca
Both are easily  available  
Especially in kutch
Effective results.

Dr. Bhadresh Naik: Ginkgo biloba is important drugs for karnanad
Dr. Suyog Kulkarni: I use Bilwa Taila for karnapooran. But do not have sufficient data to comment .
Dr. J. T. Contractor: Even Dadima's vaidu says put 2drops of tal tel tread with garlic bud in pain full eat.
Young generation when drive motor bicycle specially in winter morning without using ear plug or ear cap, soon are they victims of Paralyses, as an osculate responsible of controlling balancing nerves, it's always over looked by many.
Vd. Hardik Bhatt: Karn, udar, akshi, shir na rog ma 7 days na langhan are beneficial........Lashunadi vati, sari vadi vati , Nirgindi oil, bilwadi oil, are good for karn puran... Snehpan is also advisable ...
Dr. Bhadresh Naik: Vayu mudra is beneficial….Put tha finger in both ear opening than blow the air with close mouth 10to15 three times a day good exercise for tinnitus
Vd. Jignesh Thakkar: Don't try this if tympanic membrane is perforated.... and also don't do any karna purana if tympanic membrane is perforated.
Dr. Bhadresh Naik: Yes agree but after discharge of pus you may advised according to condition……Stop of pus discharge
Dr. J. T. Contractor: To cleanse ENT put, H2O2( hydrogen peroxide), even punctuated!
Vd. Sachin Kadlag: Karna nada treatment from sharangdhar samhita.
1.  अथ बृंहणनस्यस्य कल्पना ........ कर्णनादे .........  युज्यते बृंहणं नस्यं स्नेहैर्वा मधुरद्रवैःl sharangdhar samhita uttarkhand 8/ 31     
In karnanada , nasya ( medication through nasal route)  is to be  done which is bruhana (  which helps to gain energy for body). This has to be done either by different snehas I.e.  taila,  ghruta,  vasa or majja ( oil, ghee,  animal fat,  or bone marrow are four different snehas )  or by madhura (sweet) liquids.  

2.  कल्कक्वाथेन यष्ट्याव्हकाकोलीधान्यकैः। शूकरस्य वसां पक्त्वा कर्णनादार्तिनाशिनी ।।    sharangdhar samhita    uttarkhand 11/142.
   Karnapurana ( pouring into ear)   with  vasa (fat) of shukar (pig) processed with kalka (paste) and kwatha (decoction) of yashtimadhu , kakoli , masha and dhanyaka  is karnanada (tinnitus) nashak and karnaruja (otalgia) nashak.
3. अपामार्गक्षारजले तत्क्षारं कल्कितं क्षिपेत्। तेन पक्वं जयेत्तैलं   बाधिर्यं  कर्णनादकम्।। sharangdhar samhita uttarkhand 11/ 145
 Karnapurana with  sesame oil processed with apamarga kshara as kalka and apamarga ksharajala as drava dravya , cures karnanada as well karnabadhirya (deafness).
Dr. Meghdoot Satvekar: Many times tinnitus is due to sinusitis / ear drum perforation with / without  pus discharge .
Sookshma triphala tab, kanchanar guggulu tab, khadiradi vati, laxmi vilas ras, Praval panchamrute, Sarivadi vati, Ashwagandharista , Anu taila nasya , Don't use any ear drops in case of perforation .
Dr. Bhadresh Naik: For mastoiditis: Panchtikta gugglu, Triphala gugglu, Abha gugglu, For long periods effective Jatyadi tail apply on earbuds Or panchtikta grut……Similar ways not as a eardrop…Experience in many case
Dr. J. T. Contractor: @A dr friend of mine found complaining deafness due to a very big cracker's loud sound,
@ Ekmat Marathi (Latur)daily news editor complaining deafness due to treadle printing machines noise 24 hrs!
@ an old man retired railway steam engine driver complaining same as above due to constant engine noise
@ a rice Miller still operating an old age plant-mill complaining  the same as above... & so on!
Our ear osculate system doesn't have immunity towards big sounds it seems, it's bearing capacity towards velocity of sound has its own limitations, so one has to use ear plugs while at such works,at the same time for safety sake one has to be alert as well!
Germany Helga Fuchs: Tinnitus is nervous  disorder first I think, most Patient have stiffness in schoulders and neck. If we work on the spine and muscels, relaxion helps a lot for Balancing the work of the ears. Nasya. Karnapuram, basti, massage relax mind and dryness. Push I do not know as Tinnitus, Perforation is different.
Vd. Prerak Shah: Can we go with Nasya treatment for tinnitus?
Apply fresh ginger juice, around the ear - outside of ear. That helps in tinnitus - faster.
Vd. Sachin Kadlag: Nasya is definitely useful,  as mentioned in sharangdhar samhita bruhana nasya is specially beneficial in karnanada.
Dr Jayesh Patel: We are using paribhadra patra  churna  in all type of karn rog. (Ref-bhavprakash) With bilvadi ghreet & sarivadi vati
Germany Helga Fuchs: will try this with fresh Ginger juice. Thank you.
Vd. sandeep Ahirkar: Panchaindriya vardan tailam nasya may help in tinitus
Vd. Prerak Shah: @Helga: it is local - outside of ear application. Not to put drops inside ear. Or no karnapuranam. Ginger juice can be very good option for any Vata aggravation.
Germany Helga Fuchs: Thank you Prerakbhai, yes Gingerjuice only lokal, no karnapuram. But Karnapuram with oil yes?  ??
Dr. J. T. Contractor: Dadima's vaidu used in olden days to chew dry coconut with few black pepper seeds, probably hard chewing makes skull joint muscles release the twisted muscle fibers close to year! Black pepper releases vata, some how it was working those days, but now immediate to ENT,  MRI scan (radiation affects thyroid glands),
Germany Helga Fuchs: relaxing this area is a must. About black pepper. Some Vaidya told that black pepper aggrevate Vata. Pipper longum Vata up, Marica Vata realise ? Yes? We should try this way, in combination with gingerjuice around the ear. Tinnitus is one of biggest problems in the modern world. But Routine must be good too.
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Dr. Hiral Sengal: I have  pt of karnan NAD
sarivadi vati2 TDs, tribhuvan kritiras 2 tds, apamarag xartail for eardrops
also pathyapathya ………vthin 15 days  its work………2 months regular taken medicine ………….totaly fine now
LVG Shriram Gandhi: I have this problem , since long
Vd. Avni Kaneria: Karna puran with maha Narayan tail is also effective in tinnitus pt...
Vd. Khyati Jariwala: Saarivadi vati works effectively
Dr. Nayan Thacker: karna puran with bilvadi oil , chandra prabha vati 2 bd, sarivadi vati 2 bd, shilajit rasauan vati 1 bd, till long term result.. at least 3 to 6 months..
Dr. Mrugeshkumar Patel: Pathayadikwath & bilwaditail is very effective...
Vd. Hardik J. Patel- MD: Karna puran with lashun sidhdha taila in karna naada
Dr. Amal JP: Karna purana with eranda sigruvadithaila or lashunadi taila. thalam with kachooradi choornam in nimbamrutadi eranda tailam.   Sarivadi vati , lakshmi vilasa rasa are beneficial in karna nada
Vd. Binal Jagani: In tinitus pt. is Suffering from insomnia and depression...for that what we can do??? Are Marsh nashya or shirodhara beneficial???
Dr. Gaurav Makan: Sarivadi vati is good for karna Nad
Dr. Hiral Sengal: marsh nasya ....also. effective..
when u given his/her treatment symptoms of depression insomnia automatically subsided
Vd. Binal Jagani: In marsh nasta what we can give??
Vd. Avni Kaneria: Brahmi ghreet can be use....
Dr. Anjana Prakash: Karnapoorana with deepika taila,bilwa taila,nirgundee taila,apamarga kshara taila...karnadhoopan with guggulu,aguru etc is effective in karnanaada
Dr. Dayanand Bothre: I have doubt …….How can we differentiate between karn nad nd karn shwed practically??  And if so is there any changes in treatment??
Dr. S. P. Deshpande: We have treated Tinitus by Advanced Naturopathy and Electro Stimulation.  Shall post the video's for information tomorrow.
Vd. Ekta D. Patel: Karn-nad krnapuran with bilvadi oil followed by karna dhupan.& nasya by mahanarayan...In that snehpan is also effective...
Dr. Bhaskar : *कर्ण-नाद*
As preventive स्नानमार्दितनेत्रास्य कर्णरोगातिसारिषु|,ह्रु  सू २.
In any sort of Ear disorder Snaana is {Contra-indicated} but by proper covering one can perform Snāna.
Internally Sneha- paana is beneficial.
Haridrā fumigation and Karna-pōrana alternatively helpful in this condition.
Vd. Jignesh Thakkar: When tympanic membrane is perforated usually karnaxved is symptom and not karna nad
Dr. Chaitrali Nalage: What are the precautions to be taken during karnapuran?
Dr. Arvind Shahane: Karnpooran with nirgundi oil, apamagkshar oil
Dr. Mrugeshkumar Patel: Tab Septilin is effective +Tab Mental is helpful (insomnia & depression.@ Dr Binal
Vd. Hemant k shah: Patient reduced stresss&dhayan&good listen music&change the atmosphere for insomnia pt's
Dr. Mamta Patel: Is karnanad cureable of 90 years aged pt?
Dr. Sharmila Kulkarni: Karna nad is a common complaint in Sutika
So sutikaparicharya is very important……..Bilwataila karna puran with Dashmool kwath n Devadar yadi kwath is used……….In some cases Nasya with Panch end riya taila helps……Gandush with Triphala kwath n Tilatail
I give this treatment…………Cover ears n soles with warm clothes….This is applicable in Sutikaparicharya  n aged patients also
Dr. Lokesh Mehta: Nasya first with shadbindu followed by ksheerbala . karnpuran by brahmin ghrit .followed by ashwagandha cap. sarivadi vati . shilajeet cap. chanderprabha vati and bala arishta orally.
Dr. Abha. l. Ravi: Padabhyanga with tila thaila is good. Also gandoosha and karnapoorana with same oil
Dr. Jyoti Yagnik: Sarivadi vati ; trifalagugal ; & drops ; bilvadi tail or anutail
Dr.Yogesh Gorakhnath Patil: Causes anemia, HTN ,Ear infection,Hypotension,vitamin deficiency,Diabetes ,hypothyroidism…….Tab-Lavangadi vati   Tab-Mahayograj guggulu  Pathyadi kwath  oil Bilvadi tail
Dr. Dipa Mehta: Karna Puran with oil and vatashaman treatment is useful
Dr. P. A. Deshpande: Causes....  Cold   .  Sinus  . Hyper acidity  . Constipation. .noise at work place. By naturopathy treatment as follows..           colon irrigation  for detoxification  diet  to detoxify liver  Pranayam  and  ozone blanching on ears  skull daily for 30 minutes.  Process.....  Juice of onion with haridra  4  drops in ear.  Wheat grass juiced cotton pack is applied  covering both ears and head.  Ozone tubes on both year again covering with soaked cotton pack  ice pack on top of head  Tieing with elastic  Band.   after treatment vear flushing with oxygen for five minutes   if ear infection do not put drops in ears. Only other treatment be given.  Takes six to eight weeks for cure.   now photos.
Dr. P. A. Deshpande: What actually makes  noise in ear ?  Blockage of capilleries  inner middle diaphram disorder or  fluid changes  due to reasons mentioned above.. What is correcting mechanism  ?  The ozone . Wg juice and onion juice  removes blockage  reconstruct inner karna  correct  fluid density  ..disinfect   etc.  Ice pack during  treatment  prevents rise of temperature ... I have best results  even in cases of old pts. besides this it improves hearing power also
Dr. Amal JP: Causes of tinnitus
Impacted wax
Fluid in the middle ear
Acute and chronic otitis media
Abnormality in eustachian tube
Meniero's desease
Nose trauma
Ototoxic drugs
Tumour of 8th cranial nerve

b)Non otologic
Desease of CNS

Vascular tumours of middle ear
Aneurysm of carotid artery
Dr. P. A. Deshpande: Agreed.  Still other causes also responsible.  According to me  disorders are due to reasons discussed.. Correcting measures  in treatment  helps since all conclusive. When inputs are provided body acts as a doctor.  In my treat. Medication part is not there it can be  through ayurvedic medication. Allopathy has no remedy  thousands of pts in States r committing suicide. Hence if given relief  many lives can be saved.  There is need to be open for options available …with  coordination and rectification as needed.  I  feel I have achieved very important technique which can be used in many unanswered section.  Sorry if I have bored Pl.
Vd. Sandeep J. Prasad: Dayanand sir acc to susrut Karna naad is hearing noice in ear and shwed is wax in ear
Dr. Dayanand Bothre: Sorry sir…..But in sushrut, Karna ghuth means wax
Karna shwed is different ….I am sending samhita reference image
Plz look out this

Brazil Keli Paratana Sao Paulo: Tila tail means sesam oil?
Australia Vd. Neerja Ahuja: Sesame oil in ears
Dr. Shekhar Gole: Ozone therapy along with bilva tel karna puran and trifala guggul gives excellent results in tinitus
Vd. Rupa Raval: Pranayam, specially omkara and bhramari gives excellent results with karna puran in tinnitus
Australia Vd. Neerja Ahuja: Yes!
Dr. Tukaram Shinde: Sir kya  triphala churna skin disease me use ker sakate hai kya?
Dr. Manju Mishra: For  tinnitus  vishtinduk vati  ,chandra prabha vati, 1 tab bd ...ashwagandha churna   sariwadhasava
Dr. Minakshi Kaundal: Tinnitus is a symptom of prana vayu disturbance. Prana vayu is a subdosha of vata. This resides in the head and is responsible for all higher cerebral functions.
Lack of proper sleep
Continuous talking
Excess fasting and too much exercise
When the nerves get tired due to increased worries
Sudden shock or fear or grief
Excess bitter substances like medicines or vegetables
depletion of dhatus ( minerals ) and this is also a reason for the cause of tinnitus
symptoms of tinnitus are headache, vertigo and memory loss.

Preparations of ashwagandha can be used. 1-2 tablets of ashwagandha can be taken along with a cup of warm milk at bed time. This results in sound sleep which reduces vata dosha. Also Ashwagandharishta can be taken. 15 ml should be mixed with equal water and taken after dinner.
Sarasvati Churna in the dose of quarter teaspoon two times daily after meals can be taken.
Yogaraj Guggul reduces inflammation in the ear. 200 mg should be taken two or three times in a day after food.
Bilva Tailum, Amrut Bindu and Kshar Tailum can be used as ear drops. 2 drops of these oils can dropped in the ear at bed time and early morning.
Garlic oil is also considered to be very beneficial for this disease. 3 drops of garlic oil can be put into the ear at night before going to bed.
Dr. Hiral Sengal: ginger swaras!?? karn puran....did u mean ? where exactly
LVG Shriram Gandhi: Around ear, outside, written by Prerakbhai
Vd. Prerak Shah: Yes. Outside of ear.Not inside the ear. Not karnapuranam. ……Everyday once or max twice
Dr. Hiral Sengal: if any one had in heridity....its can works??
Vd. Prerak Shah: No idea. Never treated such heredity cases of tinnitus.
Dr. Shruthi Arun: Nasya with changeri swara gives good result, I tried to some of my patients
Australia Vd. Neerja Ahuja: Ginger juice outside the ears! Never done before but makes sense. Thanks
Dr. Jinal Thakkar: Changeri swaras use I have never heard of..  Can u temme the probable thought behind using it? Like prerak sir mentioned... I have seen use of pushkarmool and kala bol lep outside the ear in some cases of tinitus
Dr. Shruthi Arun: Mainly causes of karnanada is - Prana vayu vikruti  - destroy of hair cilia/ cells in inner ear  - in case of sinusitis  And other causes

Changeri is having Amla and kashaya rasa yukta , and ushna veerya helps in kaphaja and vataja disorder
Also acts as vrana ropana …..I chosen this drug and got good results
Even we can use changeri swarasa karna purana in case of perforation of tympanic membrane ( as in that case we see pt c/o of karna nada)
Dr. Hardikchandra Kalal: With above treatment ,we must advice to the patient : to keep the cotton in both ears. It is helpful as nidanparivarjan also in recurrence  of disease.
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Compilation courtesy: Vd. Kinshuk Hirpara & Vd. Dhruti Kagrana

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