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Concept of Ayu Genomics....

Views shared by several ayurveda professionals and non-ayurveda people in discussion group:
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Next topic for discussion: Concept of  Ayu Genomics....

Colombia Dr Mario Herrera, Neiva, Huila: Correlation between prakruti and genes. There is an excellent article about that in Nature.
Ayulink: Actually in 1988, I was planning to study Ayurveda prakriti and relation with DNA fingerprinting. That was the time, when there were no email or internet communication and very few people had heard about DNA fingerprinting. I made several correspondences with American universities. But that was well 'too much ahead of time' vision.
But now in 2016, time has changed and many researches are going on for this subject. Please share your thoughts on this.
Dr. Bhaskar B Nymathi:
Vd. Pankaj Chhayani: AGE OF REPRODUCTION.
- पूर्णंषोडशवर्षा स्त्री पूर्णविंशेन सङ्गता !
- शुद्धे गर्भाशये मार्गे रक्ते शुक्रे अनिले ह्रदि !!
- वीर्यवन्तं सुतं सुते ---                                 (A.H.Sha.1/8)
According to Ayurveda, age of reproduction for female is 16 year and for male is 20 year. During this age(early age) of female, the ovum will be pure without any cytogenic defects.
According to modern science, Female Fetus before even takes birth, they start their 1st meiotic division in the ovaries for the ova development and they slightly carry out the some steps of 1st meiotic division. And then freeze the 1st miotic division at a special stage which is called deplotene stage.
After that female keep all those cells arrested in deplotene stage in which chromosome and genetic material is loosely arranged and more vulnerable to environmental and other types of mutagenic influences.
Female is born & she reaches at the age of puberty, then menstrual cycle start & at every month some of the frozen cell (arrested in deplotene stage) are reactivated & complete the meiotic division which is going to be matured Ovum.
As female age keep on increasing, the chances that her premature gametes with open genetic material where genetic material is arrested in deplotene stage that has more and more chances of being influenced by the MUTAGENIC substances. And baby is more vulnerable to cytogenic disorders.
So why Ayurveda suggests young age for Reproduction. I think Ayurveda is more applicable science, ayurveda gives solutions in name of Samsakara.
Dr. Ramiz Gadhiya: There is also one Reference Acc to acharya Sushrut Appropriate age for conception  Male 25 yr , Female 16 yr.
Ayulink: Ayu genomics more focus on genetic developments - DNA chains and chromosome development which ultimately reflects characteristics of the person. It's exactly same as prakriti Pariksha as described in the texts.
Western medicine has 'latest research and trend of developing individual or personalised medicine'. I am not sure abt Indian medical doctors, but in west, many medical doctors and Pharma companies are believing and spending a lot money and efforts for personalised medicine. This is new or upcoming trend in medical world. What exactly Ayurveda recommends thousands years before and practiced by all Ayurveda doctors. But need of the time is INTERACTION between both sciences.
Dr. Bhadresh Naik: As far present sinario prakruti is change according to time Conditions, Atmosphere, Family circumstance, Job, Value, Money, Parent's, Child, Adjustment, Thought, Mindset, Compromise, Attitudes, Manner- We must focus on this factor. We can not consider basic prakruti Or genomic.
Ayulink: For personalised medicine - they need - Knowledge of genomes - hidden secretes of genetical inherited characteristics of the person -  which can be easily understood with knowledge of prakriti.
Dr. S. K. Rai: Prakruti is a bioidentity of a person , it never changed. If there is noticeable change it refers to the entry of disease or in other words it says person is moving towards death.
Dr. Bhadresh Naik: Of course getenic disease, Dna related disorder, Heredity disease are related to genomic.
Many person are vatic, Pitaj are absolutely opposite to prakruti. In behaved, Manner, Attitudes, Life style.
Ayulink: Few Pharma companies in india has started research projects on this. Last week I had a meeting one of the leader Allopath Pharma co in this aspect.
Their Ultimate planning is to identify a person - evaluate the person for his / her internal balance (definitely according to their modern parameters - which are not finalized yet) with the help of DNA chains etc. and to find out balance - imbalance to prepare essential or supplements or medicines on the spot, in required dose - mix them fill it in a capsule and provide to the person for a decided time (e.g. 3 months). After every three months, the whole process will be repeated and again the required supplement or medicine will be prepared - on the basis of balance and imbalance and will be given to the person.
This sounds fascinating and WOW. But it's nothing new for Ayurveda practitioner, as we are trained to do such practice according to prakriti Pariksha.
Dr. Bhadresh Naik: As far I concern meditation, Counseling, Spiritual approach make lost of change to cure the disease.
Dr Kusum Pawse: For weight reduction too DNA test is done and then accordingly food is prescribed.
Ayulink: Dr. Bhadreshji, Ayu genomics is only a begging of the revolutionary changes in modern medicine.
Till today, personalized medicine or treatment approach of Ayurveda was considered as negative point. We were always asked that can Ayurveda medicine work like modern? For example ten out of ten person will have definite response with any single molecule or single substance like paracetamol. Does Ayurveda have any such? And our answer was No. as we have personalised approach.
Now the same modern scientist and researchers are not satisfied with single molecule in all condition. They found this theory incomplete. And that's where the beginning of search for personalised medicine or study of genome science started. Yet, this is beginning. We can't seat back and claim that every thing is in the books and all answers are there. Even prakriti identification is a challenge. We Ayurveda Practitioners  differes in prakriti identification of the same patient / person, as we don't have standardised prakriti examination method. That's why Ayu genomics has become  very interesting subject.
Dr. Suyog Kulkarni: Well said Dr. Prerakji. I always tell my patients ,"Allopathy treats the disease "and we treat the "Diseased " the person !
Dr. J. T. Contractor: If we are close to nature-  nature itself takes care of us, bio organically any living cell may it be body or plant responsively react, cheer, grow, & being remain healthily normal, but- it's a big BUT against the Inorganically treated cell of plant or living body tends to show deviation sooner or later, leaving hazardous residual untoward side effects in living body or plants, every one these days aware of the fact that the chemically treated fruits & vegetables in market make blunders. Similarly even allopathic branch is well aware of the side effects of paracetamol tetracycline & rest of the micines, sulpha or chloro, quinine!!
These people'(allopathic) yet pushing the sugar coated poison to innocents, most ironically the blaming hanged on Ayurveda (an organic innocent drugs) always an under estimated like a step sister! Reason being we are over shadowed by the trillion $ lobby,yes beam of hope may take our third generation to achieve a parallel track,
Ayulink: Sir, Indian Allopath doctor may not be aware of 'latest' in modern research, it might take another 8-10 years to reach to India. But reality is interactive medicine is future of this field.
On other side, we have also responsibility to get ready for such interaction. We have to be open for such ideas. Can't talk all d time that everything is written down in our text books. We have to present our knowledge in worldly accepted language / norms. Also we need to overcome our limitations too.
USA Irene CCA: If Prakruti is something that never changes and it is related with our DNA and genes how we can connect this idea with modern research about our genes is not something that we can not change, on the contrary  their expression depends on our lifestyle?
Dr. Madhuri Patil Chaudhari: my observation is-  Prakruti as we test 2dy by asking questions and darshan, is subject to human errors of perception about one's self or others. For me best is still. astrologically,  Nadi Aadya, Madhya and Antya,  from most correct astrochart. Alwayz correct. Aadya-Vatpradhan,  Madhy-Pittapradha, Antya- Kaphpradhan.
Dr. Pravin Tirmare: Nadi from astrochart ? How
Dr. Bhadresh Naik: Insulin incrrporeted in  bacteria for insulin production. Humulin produced by bacteria e coli  is the name of insulin- Process called trans genesis. Similarly  bhallatac may converted for carcinoma. Since 1995 genes decod of human body is in progess. Some of genes are found for particular disease. After words specific target medicine can be found.There so many legal issue for that we must take concern. Genomic and prakruti can be compared.It's absolutely not opposite.
Dr. Madhuri Patil Chaudhari: Astrological Nadi is different than Pulse-Nadi.  See any astrochart, there is one mentioned.
Dr. Bhadresh Naik: Behaviour genomic is ongoing programme having a good feedback.
Some of genes are responsible for psychological disorder. In future genome medicine will help for psychological disorder. We can compare with heredity or garbhaj dusti. Even environmental factor also effects on gene.Alarming reports are coming- That's our spiritual guru always talking about go back to nature - Equilibrium with nature - Emotions are responsible for disturb the genes.
Most common disease related to genetic are Stoke, Dm, Cancer very common colon cancer, Coronary artery disease.Final conclusions about genetic disorder prevention is any how stop the mutusion of dna.
Ayurved swathvrut charya is only remedy to prevent genetic disorder.
Australia Vd. Neerja Ahuja: Modern science tells us that DNA is affected by what we are doing now. I think changing habits, effort on changing samskaras would have effect on genetics. It is the coding of who we are after all.
USA Irene CCA: our life style determines if the gen express or not the information we can activates or deactivates gens.
USA Gary Yuen: Agree. Thus Caraka defines dhari as a combination including control and mastery of the senses and development of the self, atman.
USA Irene CCA: When the DNA from a cell receives the information from a neuropeptide (substratum from our emotions, feelings and thoughts)  the cell responds  activating or deactivating some gens.
Dr. Supratim Bir: Prakriti gives a glimpse of genotype and phenotype of an individual.
Vd. Tapan: Like Prakruti there are few factors which are easily assayable and are also do not change from day one to last breath
- blood group
- fingerprints
- iris pattern
If we gather this data which can be easily available than I suppose we can catagorise the data in  three or seven groups and that way subjectively identify the Prakruti .
Dr. Bhadresh Naik: To avoid genetic disorder ayurved is very serious about this For that rutu, Xetra, Ambu,  Bij must be pure and powerful.
We have to counseling to those having a genetic or heredity disease to prevent in next generation. Even mindset, Belief, Thought, Perspation, Emage, Invite to disease is major factor. We never try to prevent such disease only wait for time to grow and develop. Instead of that we focus on prevention Like many of us family members are diabetic history for that we make mind that my family members are victim I also get rid of dm. We must fight against the problem but our tendency is different..
Vd. Asha Tandel: It's about astrological Nadi vigyan.
Vd. Dhruti Kagrana:
Vd.  Mahavir Vora: Beside prakruti parikshan we can take advantage of dosa  dhatu mal dusti  and dhatu saravata  and dhatu rasayan yogas in correction of gene disorder it defiantly give promising result need vast research.
Dr. P. A. Deshpande: Expression of gens I e behavior can be changed through diet  exercise yoga and pranayam. In my 54 years of practice the genetic problems are either eleminated or diluted  in next generation including diabetic.
Dr. Chirag:  Prakriti or genonomics is not only wat we have made it to be completely physical or psychological. It has a deeper understanding.
Actually even, the samskara which lead to certain definite change in prakriti or genonomics can be altered by continuous effort and practicing swasthavritta. 
Vritti are our regular thoughts that evole in mind and then turn into action. This actions performed continuously leads to deep samskara in the mind. This samskara make up a genetic predisposition.
Dr. Dilip Pithiya: 6 prakruti According to Charaka 1Jatipraskta 2Kulpraskta
3Desanupatini 4Vayanupatini 5Kalanupatini 6Pratyamniyat
Among these Prakrutis Pratiyamniyat can be corelated with Genomics. Sahaj or Kulajvyadhi  Genatic diseases.
USA Dr. Archana Vardhan:
Dr. Bhadresh Naik: Frist of all we must understand the dna and it's role in body mind effects. So everybody request to share the view. Target medicine is important issue. We have to dedicated to ayurved and morden approach. Modifying drugs delivery system. To prevent mutation dna cycle. Prakriti established after conception. Our aim is to prevent genetic disorder . So we to try before conception. So lot things to approach in a different angel. It's not easy things to do . Team work is require to do something.
Thanks and courtesy to both speaker. Please see the both videos it's make clarity about genomic science.

Dr. Anjana Prakash: According to Susrutacharya d  formation  of prakriti is influenced by garbhini regimens.That means dat d development of prakriti is continuing even after sukra sonitha samyoga...

Chhayaben: Ayurveda is doing this personalised medication from the Ayurveda though u have standard medication, but dose n medicine prescribed depending upon patient's prakruti ...I m not from medical field but this is my overview..

Tilak Raj Gujrani: Great, very nice topic and information.
Just last week I have come accross a family where theree generations are vatic as they themselves say that all have problems of trembling hands. Body weight normal / sub normal but not  very low. Cracking sound in joints at age of as early as 36. From farming community. Eating a lot of desi ghee and doing daily exercise. No hyperthyroid.

Medha Guard: A lot of people in usa are turning to Ayurveda as it is such a complete science and medicine and as you rightly say, it is personalized , tailor made , and not one size fits all. 
As a practitioner , I feel so much fulfillment taking care of people via Ayurveda and when I see how they take the responsibility to make a diet and lifestyle change rather than relying on pills to get them disease free! 
I am very happy that this discussion is on 

We certainly need to spread this knowledge far and wide , we each can take this responsibility !!

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