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Coconut and coconut water and its uses according to #Ayurveda.

Views shared by several ayurveda professionals and non-ayurveda people in discussion group:

All views shared here are only for knowledge. This information doesn’t have any scientific validation. Various doctors and non-medicos have shared their views and experiences in this discussion. Please do not try any of the suggestions described here, without prior consult from your regular, qualified doctor. Dr. Prerak Shah and no other person is responsible for any unwanted effects, side effects or contra-indications in your health. Thank you.

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Next topic for discussion:  Coconut and coconut water and its uses according to #Ayurveda.
------------------- comments from group 1-------------------
Dr. Sheetal Sumra: Coconut water is very helpful in conceiving.. (pregnancy) It should be taken early morning empty stomach..
Vd. Pulkit D. Patel: narical lavan is used in ajirna.....
Parag Shah : Create gas if taken after evening. Tastes better with drops of lemon juice.  Helps faster healing in case of fractured bones.  Can be used as saline drip if needed. Doctors can throw more light on this aspect.
USA Irene Cca: Energy cold good for unbalance pitta dosha….cocconut oil can be used as a base oil for mixing with cold herbs for pitta….Also veru good cocconut oil for oil pulling it is antimicrobial, antifungicida  and disinfectant…Recomend Bruce Fife books he knows everithing about properties cocconut
Dr. Ravindra Upadhyay: so far nowhere Coconut water has been tried on human being for. IV purpose.
Nirali Kaushal Shah: Coconut water is useful for pimples.applying on pimples gives good results
Vd. Kinjal Patel: Narikel khandpak in amlapita
Dr. Ravindra Upadhyay: not I V
Vd. Kinjal Patel: Coconut water also give as basti-sodhana, Coconut water with yavakshar or swetaparpati use in ashmari
Dr. Priti Vikas Agrawal: Dysuria ,oliguria ,renal stone ...coconut water very effective .. Coconut oil for any type of hair disorder...My personal exp of muscle cramps...i drink daily in morning for 1 month ....its give more relief
Dr. Sujith Shetty: Coconut water is vrsya,dipana and bastishodana. Pacifies vata and pitta
Dr. Gaurav Makan: Coconut water is a very good Electrolyte replishner..
Vd. Arvind Shahane: Coconut oil n malai is antidot for bhilama's reaction
Vd. Pankaj Chhayani: Coconut water is very good source of pottsium.. We give in hypokalemia ...
Vd. Nidhi Awasthy: Best for dry hair especially with olive oil
Dr. Prerak Shah: Can be used for shirodhara in pittaj shiro roga.  But never used. I am planning to do so in short time.
Vd. Kinjal Patel: So can we use in atiyoga of virechana for balance electrolytes???
Vd. Pankaj Chhayani: Its guru,Still can be given
Vd. Nidhi Awasthy: Act as an antacid, Can be used as a toner
Germany Martina Kobs: Refreshing and energizing
Dr. Prerak Shah: Any uses of its outer skin or threads?
Vd. Hardik bhatt, Idar: Coconut chewing is good exercise for teeth ... And nourishes gums with natural oil ...Ash of the threads  stops bleeding  from piles ..
Dr. Nikhil Baxi: acc ayu, Rasadhatu kshaya, weakness, skin wrinkle, shabda ashishnuta( irritation due to voice) etc coconut is best. hence in skin, hair, bone related disorder coconut is useful.
Dr. Ravi Dewan: Coconut oil is extensively being used to retard progression of Alzheimer's and other brain cell related disorders.
IPR Chhayaben: It is  said that if you  take coconut water during pregnancy,  child skin improve..
Dr. Ravi Dewan: Yes child's complexion also improves.
Dr Sandeep Madaan: When outer shell is broken and pulp is extracted one small conical white soft seed is available. That's used in infertility and renal stone
IPR Chhayaben: Complexion may not be improve else all South person are fare complex... But surely,  skin quality improves... That is why skin n hair of people from South are very good..7:24
Dr. Ravi Dewan: Chhaya genetic predispositions can not be altered.
Colombia Dr Mario Herrera, Neiva, Huila: I do not recommend using coconut whater IV. Hoy can not assure it is completely steryle. As matter of fact there has been several severe intoxicación ingesting it. The reaction via IV will be worst(sepsis). Limit it use to enteral or external.
Vd Daxa Patel: Coconut n jaggery is useful in children to gain weight…..Dry coconut is used after delivery to increase lactation
Dr Jaydeep: Expressed juice of tender coconut pulp is coconut milk and its very effective for hair growth if applied locally on scalp.
Dr. Piyush Pampaniya: "Vishwamitra kapal sneh" made by outer hard cell of dry coconut used in psoriasis as external application  with coconut oil
Germany Rabia: Coconut water helps quick in the case of dehydration. As its natural energy drink.  Also fresh coconut water helps in UTI as well…….Coconut fruit itself has much fiber. Diabetic patients should consume moderately before or after the food. To slow down the digestion process and generating blood sugar in the body
Dr. Bhavesh Modh: नारीकेल उदकं स्निग्धं स्वादु वृष्यं हिमं लधु । तृष्णा पित्त अनिल हरं दीपनं बस्तिशोधनम् ।। अष्टांग ह्दय सूत्र अ.5         
बस्तिशोधनम् = मूत्राशय गत विकारं  = remover of bladder's problems 🤔
To date, there are over 1,500 studies proving coconut oil to be one of the healthiest foods on the planet.  Research has finally uncovered the secrets to this amazing fruit; namely healthy fats called medium-chain fatty acids (MCFAs), these unique fats include: Caprylic acid, Lauric acid, Capric acid, And around 62% of the oils in coconut are made up of these 3 healthy fatty acids and 91% of the fat in coconut oil is healthy saturated fat.
Most of the fats that  consume take longer to digest, but MCFAs found in coconut oil provide the perfect source of energy because they only have to go through a 3 step process to be turned into fuel vs. other fats go through a 26 step process!😳
Oil pulling  = गंडुष धारण an age-old practice that has gained modern popularity in promoting oral and systemic health. The scientific verification for this practice is insufficient.   ( oil pulling= गंडुष धारण) Rinsed mouth with 10 ml of coconut oil for 10 minutes.
CONCLUSION:Oil pulling can be explored as a safe and effective alternative to Chlorhexidine.Hence,  Coconut oil-pulling therapy (नारीकेल तेलम् गंडुष धारण )  can be considered as a preventive therapy at home to maintain oral hygiene.
Coconut  fresh water    would be an ideal drink instead of any other kind of soft drink beverages & ORS available in the markets to correct dehydration conditions in this summer.  Coconut water is composed of many naturally occurring bioactive enzymes such as acid phosphatase, catalase, dehydrogenase, diastase, peroxidase, RNA-polymerases etc. In effect, these enzymes help in the digestion and metabolism. Despite being very light in consistency, its water proportionately has better composition of minerals like calcium, iron, manganese, magnesium, and zinc than some of the fruit juices . coconut water is also a very good source of B-complex vitamins such as riboflavin, niacin, thiamin, pyridoxine, and folates.   So,  enjoy fresh  coconut water  in this summer. ..  diabetics also.
Dr. Ramiz Gadhiya: Coconut water useful in Uti...& coconut jaggery For gaining weight....
Dr. Bhavesh Modh: It is the only accepted species in the genus Cocos.  The spelling cocoanut is an archaic form of the word. The term is derived from the 16th-century ….Portuguese and Spanish word "coco" meaning "head" or "skull", from the three indentations on the coconut shell that resemble facial features.     In वैदिक  संस्कृति coconut's named त्र्यबंकम् ( = a one of the name lord Shiva who has three eyes. ) The story of coconut water being similar to human blood plasma originated during  World War- II when British and Japanese patients were given coconut water intravenously in an emergency because saline was unavailable.
  Since then, this rehydration technique has been used only for short-term emergency situations in remote locations where plasma is not available. Although substituting coconut water for saline is not recommended by physicians today, it was a common practice during the Khmer-Rouge  regime in Cambodia from 1975 to 1979.The Documentation Center of Cambodia cited the practice of allowing untrained nurses to administer green coconut water during the Pol-Pot    regime as a crime against humanity.   western is always wisely, after all 60% of saline  (i.v. fluids ) business in western medical market.
Vd. Mohit Verma: Coconut possesses many health benefits due to its fiber and nutritional content, it’s the oil that makes it a truly remarkable food and medicine. Once mistakenly believed to be unhealthy because of its high saturated fat content, it is now known that the fat in coconut oil is a unique and different from most all other fats and possesses many health giving properties. It is now gaining long overdue recognition as a nutritious health food. Coconut oil has been described as “the healthiest oil on earth.” That’s quite a remarkable statement. What makes coconut oil so good? What makes it different from all other oils, especially other saturated fats? The difference is in the fat molecule. All fats and oils are composed of molecules called fatty acids. There are two methods of classifying fatty acids. The first you are probably familiar with, is based on saturation. You have saturated fats, monounsaturated fats, and polyunsaturated fats. Another system of classification is based on molecular size or length of the carbon chain within each fatty acid.
Dr. Bhavesh Modh: Anecdotal sources describe coconut water is used in India for the senicide of elderly people, a procedure known as thalaikoothal… observed in some parts of southern districts of Tamil Nadu state of India.
Typically, the elderly person is given an extensive coconut  oil-bath early in the morning and subsequently made to drink glasses of tender coconut water which results in renal failure, high fever, fits, and death within a day or two. This technique may also involve a head massage with cold water, which may lower body temperature sufficiently to cause heart failure.But in this  method the exact causes of which have not been determined.
Hyperkalemia (inducing acute kidney failure .) &  Unconsciousness after the consumption of several liters of coconut water have been reported only as a clinical case study .
Vd. Mohit Verma: coconut may provide a wide range of health benefits. Some of these are: *.Provides a nutritional source of quick energy.*.Boosts energy and endurance, enhancing physical and athletic performance.*.Improves digestion and absorption of other nutrients including vitamins, minerals, and amino acids.*.Improves insulin secretion and utilization of blood glucose.*.Relieves stress on pancreas and enzyme systems of the body.*.Reduces symptoms associated with pancreatitis.*.Helps relieve symptoms and reduce health risks associated with diabetes.*.Reduces problems associated with malabsorption syndrome and cystic fibrosis.*.Improves calcium and magnesium absorption and supports the development of strong bones and teeth.*.Helps protect against osteoporosis.*.Helps relieve symptoms associated with gallbladder disease.*.Relieves symptoms associated with Crohn’s disease, ulcerative colitis, and stomach ulcers.*.Improves digestion and bowel function.*.Relieves pain and irritation caused by hemorrhoids.*.Reduces inflammation.*.Supports tissue healing and repair.*.Supports and aids immune system function.*.Helps protect the body from breast, colon, and other cancers.*.Is heart healthy; improves cholesterol ratio reducing risk of heart disease.*.Protects arteries from injury that causes atherosclerosis and thus protects against heart disease.*.Helps prevent periodontal disease and tooth decay.*.Functions as a protective antioxidant.*.Helps to protect the body from harmful free radicals that promote premature aging and degenerative disease.*.Does not deplete the body’s antioxidant reserves like other oils do.*.Improves utilization of essential fatty acids and protects them from oxidation.Helps relieve symptoms associated with chronic fatigue syndrome.*.Relieves symptoms associated with benign prostatic hyperplasia (prostate enlargement).Reduces epileptic seizures.*.Helps protect against kidney disease and bladder infections.*.Dissolves kidney stones.*.Helps prevent liver disease.*.Is lower in calories than all other fats.*.Supports thyroid function.*.Promotes loss of excess weight by increasing metabolic rate.*.Is utilized by the body to produce energy in preference to being stored as body fat like other dietary fats.*.Helps prevent obesity and overweight problems.*.Applied topically helps to form a chemical barrier on the skin to ward of infection.*.Reduces symptoms associated the psoriasis, eczema, and dermatitis.*.Supports the natural chemical balance of the skin.*.Softens skin and helps relieve dryness and flaking.*.Prevents wrinkles, sagging skin, and age spots.*.Promotes healthy looking hair and complexion.Provides protection from damaging effects of ultraviolet radiation from the sun.*.Helps control dandruff.*.Does not form harmful by-products when heated to normal cooking temperature like other vegetable oils do.*.Has no harmful or discomforting side effects.*.Is completely non-toxic to humans. Hyperkalemia may be the exact cause for kidney failure and cardiac arrest
Minaben Research: coconut water may increase diabetes
 Baroda Dr. Jwalant: (Improves cholesterol ratio reducing risk of heart diseases.)
COCONUT OIL:  Numerous health authorities advise against regular consumption of coconut oil due to its high levels of saturated fat(similar to that of animal fat) having potential to increase risk ofcardiovascular disease.
Vd. Rahul Marwah: Just to add a point in coconut discussion --- recently coconut oil has been found useful in Alzheimer's
Dr shivang swaminarayan: Studies have demostrated that Coconut oil helps in eliminating abdominal fat apart from multitude of other health benefits it has to offer
Dr. Prerak Shah: @Dr. Shivang: pl elaborate this point. This is interesting. Ayurveda says 'samane gun vardhane'. - means fat can increase fat in the body. How can it be helpful for eliminating fat? This is very interesting. Thnx.
USA Irene Cca: good point!!!
Dr. Bhavesh Modh: Most of the fats that  consume take longer to digest, but MCFAs found in coconut oil provide the perfect source of energy because they only have to go through a 3 step process to be turned into fuel vs. other fats go through a 26 step process
--------------------------------------- comments from Group 2 -----------------------------------------
Dr. Sumita Jaiswal: Coconut is high in protein n minerals
Dipak Padia Osho: Coconut water is nstural sweet containg carbohydrate
Dr. Vijay Mcwan Dahod: whats about salts.
Dr. Sumita Jaiswal: Highly recommended in pregnant womens as it contains vit C n folic acid
Dipak Padia Osho: more in pottasium eq to four  banana….no fat and cholestrol free
Dr. Vijay Mcwan Dahod: Na. K   Cl. Glucose.
Vd.Atul Ambadkar: Market prepared Edible Coconut oil used for abhyantar snehpan. Its quiet uneasy for smell bt gave good sneh-siddhi lakshan.
Vd. Akshata Swami: Coconut water best vasti shodhaka.....
Dipak Padia Osho: maximum use as natural drink better than soda and other soft drink
Vd.>>>>>: Uses for Coconut Oil
1. In cooking as a great oil with a high smoke point. Great for baking, stir-frys or as a dairy free replacement to butter.
2. Added to foods or drinks daily for energy
3. As a coffee creamer when emulsified into coffee (The only way I’ll drink coffee)
4. On the skin as a basic lotion (or coconut oil lotion bar )
5. In homemade lotion bars for soft, smooth skin
6. In homemade deodorant or deodorant bars
7. As an eye-makeup remover
8. As a cloth diaper safe diaper cream (just rub on baby’s bottom)
9. In making your own Remineralizing Toothpaste
10. To lighten age spots when rubbed directly on the skin
11. To prevent stretch marks during pregnancy
12. To support healthy thyroid function
13. In homemade Mayo without the high PUFA vegetable oils
14. To help increase sun tolerance and avoid burning
15. As a naturally SPF 4 sunscreen
16. In homemade lotion recipes
17. To get rid of cradle cap on baby- just massage in to head, leave on for a few minutes and gently rinse with a warm wash cloth
18. Topically to kill yeast or yeast infections
19. As a delicious tropical massage oil
20. It’s high Lauric acid and MCFA content helps boost metabolism
21. A tiny dab rubbed on your hands and then through hair will help get rid of frizz
22. In homemade soap for laundry
23. Mixed with equal parts sugar for a smoothing body scrub (use in the shower)
24. Rubbed on lips as a natural chap stick
25. Topically, can help skin heal faster after injury or infection
26. Directly on the perineum to help heal after birth
27. As an incredibly intensive natural conditioner- Rub into dry hair, put a shower cap on and leave for several hours
28. In homemade slow cooker soap
29. In place of Lanolin cream on nursing nipples to sooth irritation (also great for baby!)
30. Can help sooth psoriasis or eczema
31. There is some evidence that regular ingestion of coconut oil can help prevent or reverse Alzheimers
32. With apple cider vinegar as a natural treatment for lice that actually works
33. In natural Homemade Sunscreen
34. In healthy brain boosting snack for kids like Coconut Clusters
35. In a filling and energy boosting Brain Power Smoothie
36. Rub coconut oil on the inside of your nose to help alleviate allergy symptoms
37. Nursing moms often take 3-4 tablespoons a day (and Vitamin D) to increase milk supply and nutrients
38. In homemade shampoo bars
39. Mix a tablespoon with a tablespoon of chia seeds for an all-day energy boost (do NOT take this at night!)
40. Can help improve insulin levels
41. Oil pulling with coconut oil and a drop of oregano oil helps improve gum health
42. Can help improve cholesterol ratios
43. Blend a tablespoon into hot tea to help speed recovery from cold or flu
44. In Homemade Natural Bug-Off Lotion Bars
45. As a replacement for vegetable oils in any recipe or in cooking
46. In coconut based grain free granola
47. Can help reduce appearance of varicose veins
48. After initial heat is gone, can help speed healing of sunburn
49. Is an immediate source of energy when eaten that isn’t stored as fat
50. As a natural personal lubricant that won’t disturb vaginal flora
51. To make a simple homemade soap
52. In natural homemade diaper cream
53. As a natural shave cream and after shave lotion
54. When used consistently on skin it can help get rid of cellulite
55. To season cast iron skillets
56. It’s anti-inflammatory properties can help lessen arthritis
57. Can reduce the itch of mosquito bites
58. Can help resolve acne when used regularly
59. Can be rubbed into scalp daily to stimulate hair growth
60. I’ve used in kids ears to help speed ear infection healing
61. In clay and charcoal soothing soap
62. A small amount can be rubbed into real leather to soften and condition (shiny leather only… test a small area first)
63. By itself as a great tanning oil
64. Mixed with salt to remove dry skin on feet
65. Can help speed weight loss when consumed daily
66. Can help improve sleep when taken daily
67. To dilute essential oils for use on skin
68. A tablespoon melted into a cup of warm tea can help sooth a sore throat
69. To help sooth the itch of chicken pox or poison ivy
70. It has been shown to increase absorption of calcium and
71. Internally as part of the protocol to help remineralize teeth
72. Some evidence shows that the beneficial fats in coconut oil can help with depression and anxiety
73. By itself as a natural deodorant
74. By itself or with baking soda as a naturally whitening toothpaste
75. For pets struggling with skin issues when used externally
76. In coconut oil pulling chews
77. In homemade vapor rub
78. In homemade peppermint lip balm
79. In magnesium body butter
80. In coconut oil dog treats
81. As a completely natural baby lotion
82. On hands after doing dishes to avoid dry skin
83. Mixed with catnip, rosemary, or mint essential oils as a natural bug repellent
84. In homemade meltaways (like candy)
85. Many use it as an anti-aging facial moisturizer
86. Use to make coconut cream concentrate for a brain boosting snack
87. Can be used internally and externally to speed recovery from UTIs
88. In a salve for cracked heels
89. When taken regularly, it can boost hormone production
90. Can relieve the pain of hemorrhoids when used topically
91. Can boost circulation and help those who often feel cold
92. On cuticles to help nails grow
93. Rub into elbows daily to help alleviate dry, flaky elbows
94. To help avoid chlorine exposure when swimming
95. Internally during pregnancy to help provide baby necessary fats for development (especially when taken with Fermented Cod Liver Oil)
96. With other oils as part of an oil cleansing regimen for beautiful skin
97. Whipped with shea butter for a soothing body balm
98. One reader swears by using coconut oil to treat yeast infection. She suggests soaking a tampon in it and inserting the tampon for a few hours.
99. Naturally clears up cold sores
100. Ingesting coconut oil daily can help with allergy symptoms
101. Ingesting coconut oil daily can increase mental alertness
Dr. Sumita Jaiswal: recommended in Uti n pitta vitiation
Bunty Gandhi: Coconut water/milk paste helps in burning sensation of foot.. It has cooling effect. Helps if there is urine retention due to heat.
Dr. Arvind Shahane: Coconut oil n malai (soft pulp inside) is antidot for bhilama's reaction
Bunty Gandhi: Coconut oil helps upto great extent in improving skin complexion ..few shashtrokt medicines like eladi tail, nalpamaradi tailam, etc..are based on coconut oil and helps in improving skin complexion..
Dr. Prerak Shah: good to know that it is anti dot for bhallataka
Shri Minoo parabia: Reminds me of reading an anecdote. During second world war one British doctor used to use fresh coconuts as IV normal saline, straight from the fruits to the vein! Rich in vitamins salts and kinetins. Enhences healing. The glucose could be flatulent to some. Advised to use praxep of trikatu.  Shell is burnt and oil is collected for use on chronic eczema. However dangerous but used by coastal tribes. Coir burnt and ash given along curd to cure bleeding piles.  Coconut is crushed along water and the milk is given to lactating mother. Excellent. Yes. Excellent antidote to Bhallatak as mentioned.I had seen a folklore doctor use oil derived from coconut shell(by adahpatan paddhati) in eczema, ringworm and orther skin problems....
Naturally refreshing, coconut water has a sweet, nutty taste. It contains easily digested carbohydrate in the form of sugar and electrolytes.  coconut water is a clear liquid in the fruits  centre that is tapped from young, green coconuts.It has fewer calories, less sodium, and more potassium than a sports drink.  coconut water contains 5.45 calories, 1.3 grams sugar, 61 mg of potassium, and 5.45 mg of sodium compared to Gatorade, which has 6.25 calories, 1.75 grams of sugar, 3.75 mg of potassium, and 13.75 mg of sodium.
Dr. Pina Patel:  coconut water -shital, hridya,dipan,sukral,laghu,…..Basti sudhhi karm parm
~Phala--shita durjarm bastisodhnama
~komalphal--pitt jvara pitt dosh nihanti
~jirnphala-- guru pittkari vidahi vistamvhi
Vd. Dhruti Kagrana: In the ayurvedic Nighantus, or classical texts, which talk about raw materials or fruits, the coconut is actually divided into three types of coconuts:
 1.Baal: tender or baby coconut
2. Madhyam: half-mature coconut
3. Pakva: fully mature coconut
1. Baal or tender coconut: This type is 90 to 95 percent water. The liquid from this coconut is at its purest and most healing. It is considered the best for its cooling properties, for it is a proven pitta-pacifier. While unclogging the body's channels, tender coconut water lubricates the dryness caused by ama(toxins). It repairs the gastrointestinal tract, and itsSnigdha, or sweet, quality gives it a Pranaropana (life-restoring) capacity.
2. Madhyam or middle-aged coconut: In addition to water, the coconut at this stage has some soft pulp. Madhyam coconuts have less water than tender ones, but more water than mature coconuts. The water is slightly milky at this age. In the classical ayurvedic texts called Raj Nighantus, the middle-aged coconut is said to be the most nutritious. This type generally has more carbohydrates, protein, minerals, phosphorus, and vitamins A, B, and C than the other two forms.
3. Pakva or mature coconut: This type of coconut has firm "meat" or pulp, and very little water. Ancient ayurvedic scholar Bhav Mishra wrote that when a coconut becomes mature, it becomes heavy to digest, and it can also aggravate Pitta or vata if the digestive agni of the individual is low. Mature coconuts can also build up toxic ama by interfering with digestion. If large quantities of this variety are consumed daily, then a person can suffer hyperacidity, and worse still, elevated cholesterol levels.
Therefore, people who have low agni, or digestive power, are not advised to eat mature coconut, unless it is combined with ingredients that balance its negative properties.
Dr. Binni Shah: Very good in intestinal immobility and heart disease as rich in potacium. Excessive use is harmfull due to the same reason
Vd. Dhruti Kagrana: For external coconut is wound healing.
Dr. Pina Patel: Coconut oil is contraindicated in hypertension
Dr. Meghdoot Satvekar: Activated charcoal  made from coconut shells is a potent natural treatment used to trap toxins and chemicals in the body, allowing them to be flushed out so the body doesn’t reabsorb them. It’s made from a variety of sources, but when used for natural healing, it’s important to select activated charcoal made from coconut shells or other natural sources.
One of the most popular activated charcoal uses is for the safe and effective treatment of poisoning and drug overdoses. It’s used in emergency trauma centres across the world. In addition, it’s used to reduce bloating and gas, lower cholesterol, treat bile flow problems safely during pregnancy, and even prevent hangovers.
Dr. Suyog Kulkarni:  We regularly use coconut water for shirodhara along with rose water & sandalwood oil. Specially in pittaj shirasshool ( migraine ).
Dr. Meghdoot Satvekar: Coconut oil is high in natural saturated fats. Saturated fats not only increase the healthy cholesterol (known as HDL) in your body, but also help to convert the LDL “bad” cholesterol into good cholesterols.By Increasing the HDL’s in the body, it helps promote heart health, and lower the risk of heart disease.
Satyen: Psoriasis gets controlled with virechan and vaman but reoccur again when a person is exposed to stressful conditions, In that case a patient is advised to seek medical help immediately with the onset of condition and undergo virechan again. Lot of patients regularly visit panchkarma department  of ayurveda University jamnagar
Germany Helga Fuchs: Coconut and high blood pressure? Please clear it up
Dr. Meghdoot Satvekar: Benefits of Coconut Oil for Blood Pressure………..Because coconut oil is approximately 92 percent saturated fat and contains medium chain fatty acids, or Omega-3 fatty acids, it is believed to be better for lowering blood pressure than vegetable oils. The consumption of polyunsaturated fats, such as Omega-6 fatty acids like soybean and vegetable oils, causes your blood vessels to constrict. However, the Omega-3 fatty acids in coconut oil do not have the same effect. In fact, they widen your blood vessels and relieve inflammation of the arteries.
Dr. Madhuri Patil Chaudhari: Narikel lavan -Udarrog.
Dr. Meghdoot Satvekar: Narikel Lavan benefits: It is used in treatment of gastritis, acidity and abdominal pain. Effect on Tridosha – Calms Vata and Pitta. Narikela Lavanam dosage: 1 – 2  grams given along with ghee, once or twice a day before or after food or as directed by your doctor.It is usually administered with a pinch of long pepper. Narikel Lavan Side Effects: In higher doses, it may cause burning sensation and loose motion. It is not ideal to use this medicine in people with excessive tiredness, emaciation and who are underweight. Care should be taken while administering this medicine to people with high BP.
Dr. Arvind panchal: Coconut water is natural source of minerals and carbohydrates……..It's used in bedridden weak patients as natural rehydration
Vd. Manhar Prajapati: If you want normal spotless skin,than  burn dry whole coconut until it becomes charcoal. make smooth powder ( like facepowder) and add castor oil and make paste. APPLY IT ON BURN SKIN.Good for hypotension energetic drink
Vd. Dhruti Nirav Bhatt: For dry Skin or Skin disease apply coconut oil its beneficial in itching ……Hair growth or hair conditioner coconut milk is useful, coconut oil is also useful for burning ……..I suggest patient to take coconut water before evening to avoid gastritis. …………This is very good season for taking coconut water to balance electrolytes
Dr. Sujata Vaidya: Coconut has levorotary potassium. Ideal for vascular health... so for bp
Germany Helga Fuchs: Thank you Dr. Meghdoot. By this, Coconut (oil) is contraindicated in high bloodpressur, right?
Shri Minoo parabia: Not oil, I think he is referring to the salty preparation of coconut lavan is salt.
Dr. Meghdoot Satvekar: Narikel Lavan Ingredients: Narikela – Coconut – Cocos nucifera
Lavana – Rock salt ……….Method of preparation:  Coconut is made a hole in the top. It is filled with rock salt. Wrapped with cloth and burnt in open air. After complete burning, the wrapping and the external shell is removed. The burnt kernel and the salt is powdered and collected.
Dr. J. T. Contractor:  My observation so far:  Coconut oil in cooking by people in Kerala r found dark black hair even elderly people irrespective of sex, they never dye their hair, right from birth coconut is their second food, v can say without any references, the coconut maintains hormone balance responsible for hair melanin & it's thick growth, biochemically still research needed to furthering the precise hormone & immunology
Vd. Suhas Chaudhari: In research, coconut oil  is found as cardio tonic.
Harsh Rathod: This observation can be a very good review artilcle to be published in good journals. For maintaining healthy hair growth in Cohort study.
Dr. Chirag Dobariya: Coconut water use only in good digestion conditions. Coconut water use empty stomach because of after food and in night use coconut water is mostly generates Gases.
Vd. Akshata Swami: Ya, its not righteous info.misleads to non medicos, if v say it as cardiac tonic then they start believe and they get bad effects by consuming these bad cholesterol adulterated coconut oil of market , if research proved then it must b discussed in medicos group.... If coconut is really cardio tonic then no one from anup desh people would ever suffer from santarpanajanya vyadhi like hridroga because it is highly used in those areas
Dr. Jinal Thakkar: Bt daily consumption of narikel water( coconut water)  in pregnant woman often has been found in history of patients with excessive amniotic fluid at term..
Dr. Madhuri Patil Chaudhari: Yes too much tender coconut  water during pregnancy may cause respiratory problems like asthma in kids. Rasdhatu vaigunya may develop.
Vd. Suhas Chaudhari: If coconut oil is cause of cholesterol, then Kerala, srilanka should be home of heart diseases... They use them through centuries... End image of research paper is meta-analysis,which is best after Cochrane data.
Dr. Jinal Thakkar: It is rampantly adviced by practitioners to pregnant women
Vd. Sachin Kadlag: Coconut phruit as well as coconut oil is madhur , snigdha , shita , guru , brihana , balya .
Dr. Jinal Thakkar: Cause is always mutlifold I believe, On kerala ppl don't experience heart diseases mayb because their atmosphere (Desh)  helps digest coconut oil
Vd. Sachin Kadlag: As per ayurveda , drava , madhura , snigdha and guru dravya should be used in the beginning of lunch.
Dr. Jinal Thakkar: Same might not apply to other climate
Vd. Suhas Chaudhari: Desh wise available ahara should be introduce as omega3 rich mustard oil is satmya for Gujarat & saurashtra region
Dr. Jinal Thakkar: So we can't categorise anything as universal in ayurveda…….Everything depends on dashvidha pariksha bhaav described by charaka,Hence research should also be carried out keeping these in mind,Inclusive exclusive criteria should also be thought from an ayurvedic point of view...
Dr. Madhuri Patil Chaudhari: Yes. According to Prakruti, Desh, Dosh, Satmya, & Kaal. Yojana of Chikitsa need to be modified.
Shri Minoo parabia: DISCIPLINE. Anusashan is the key. Any material any habit in excess or with obsession is dangerous. Same holds true to coconut water too. Generalization is again faulty.  Every thing is relative and individualistic. Thats why we need vaidyasBlind following of news could be dangerous indeed.
Vd. Shrinidhi: Nowadays virgin coconut oil is back in the main stream  its health benefits are being highlighted but our ancient sages have already mentioned its significance
Germany Helga Fuchs: Coconutwater, his qualitys are cold. It is clear do not use it in to high quantity. As Preraksir told, this are the main roule for everything. To much or to less can lead to imbalance. How it works out, helphful or not, depends on the state of agni, prakrti, desha, and, and... Coconut oil in Kerala. Or in the Phillipines: people do not use common milkproductes much. Food is very spicy and the caring, cooling quality of coconut is most needed in this foodhabits. Normal milkproductes are heavyer to digest as coconut. In the west, coconut only in summertime, never on evening, in winter or spring. By the way, same with courd.
Vd. Ajay Pithiya: In our region(coastal part of saurastra) coconut trees are more common..  Each and every farm is having some or more coconut trees..  But traditionally we are having a belief that tender coconut water is hot in nature..  Our elders are strictly against to give tender coconut water to pregnant ladies..  If any lady have miscarriage or abortion than they will surely advise to drink tender coconut water for garbhashaya (uterus) suddhi. ……Also they will not advise to drink tender coconut water in burning miturition which is more common in this season.. …….Ayurveda denotes that coconut water is cold in nature..  Also modern science believes same..  ……..But i think traditions are coming from experiences..  Tender coconut water and ripened coconut water..  Are qualities same or differ?  Also samhita denotes that coconut water has basti shodhak action..  What about this? Experts pls share your views
Vd. Krutika Suhas Chaudhary: Basti shodhan is due to shariragata drva vruddhi-> mutravruddhi-> bastishdhana, Still it needs digestion. Should be considered as phala- swaras………And swaras kalpana is guru.In modern view it is advised in pregnancy………….But acco.to ayurved its adhman karak,Not gud for pregnant women  One thinking is that due to aakar satmya...just like head....its oil is good for hair...it really works....Should be pure coconut oil For hair fall…………Suryapaki kalpana...oil prepared in sunlight with coxonut oil is more effective.. I heard so
Dr. Prerak Shah: Yes. I have heard the same. That coconut water drinking during pregnancy helps to build strong head and intelligent brain. But I can't make expert comment on this.But ayurved not described or advised coconut oil...It increase drava gun in body so accordingly it should bw used wisely...
Dr. J. T. Contractor: Coconut water contains phosphorus,calcium, minerals, vitamin D' helps bone/ brain building
Vd. Suhas Chaudhari: नारिकेलफलं शीतं दुर्जरं वस्तिशोधनम् | विष्टम्भि बृंहणं बल्यं वातपित्तास्रदाहनुत् ॥३९|| विशेषतः कोमलनारिकेलं निहन्ति पित्तज्वरपित्तदोषान् |
तदेव जीर्णं गुरु पित्तकारि विदाहि विष्टम्भि मतं भिषग्भिः॥४०||
तस्याम्भः शीतलं हृद्यं दीपनं शुक्रलं लघु | पिपासापित्तजित्स्वादु बस्तिशुद्धिकरं परम्॥४१||
नारिकेलस्य तालस्य खर्जूरस्य शिरांसि तु | कषायस्निग्धमधुरबृंहणानि गुरूणि च॥४२||
According to ayurvediya shabdakosh...basti shodhan= mutravirekkari
Dr. Samir Suneri: Narikela is described several times in Brhatrayi texts under Phala Varga. Its fruit, kernel and water are used commonly. But the coconut oil and its usage might have commenced at very later stage.  Karma– Vata-Pitta Hara – Balances Vata and Pitta Dosha.
Vasti Visodhana – cleanses and detoxifies urinary tract, specifically urinary bladder
Balya – improves strength and immunity
Bruhmana – nourishing, causes weight gain
Coconut, Coconut Water, Flower Benefits – Ayurveda
Coconut Ayurveda: Coconut is used in Ayurveda since thousands of years. Apart from culinary uses, coconut and coconut water are also used for medicinal purposes.
Coconut tree can grow up to 30 m high with large leaves arranged at the end of the stem. Narikela is described several times in Brhatrayi texts under Phala Varga. Its fruit, kernel and water are used commonly. But the coconut oil and its usage might have commenced at very later stage. In Kerala, oil extracted from the coconut shell is used as an antifungal medicine.
Botanical Name: Cocos nucifera Linn.
Family Name: Arecaceae, Palmae
Rasa – Madhura – sweet taste
Guna – Guru, Snigdha – heavy and oily, unctuous
Virya – Sheeta – cold potency
Vipaka – Madhura – undergoes sweet taste conversion after digestion
Karma– Vata-Pitta Hara – Balances Vata and Pitta Dosha.
Vasti Visodhana – cleanses and detoxifies urinary tract, specifically urinary bladder
Balya – improves strength and immunity
Bruhmana – nourishing, causes weight gain
Coconut benefits according to Ayurveda –
Coconut pulp is nourishing in nature, useful for gaining weight. It is coolant in nature, sweet and improves body strength.
Coconut pulp takes a longer time to undergo digestion, improves muscle strength and does natural bladder cleanse.
Coconut causes constipation.
Effect of coconut on Dosha –
Coconut calms Vata and Pitta Dosha and increases Kapha Dosha.
Use of coconut in Ayurveda treatment –
- Coconut is used in small quantities to calm excessive burning sensation, gastritis, heart burn.
- Tender coconut is useful in the treatment of fever and skin diseases that occur due to Pitta imbalance.
- If you have taken an Ayurvedic medicine and suddenly start feeling burning sensation all over the body, then drinking coconut water will help to reduce the burning sensation suddenly.
- Coconut water sooothes the stomach, and cools down the body.
- Being an excellent diuretic, it also ensures that the toxins are flushed out of body.
Coconut Flowers –
Raktatisara – bleeding disorders, blood with stools, as in case of ulcerative colitis
Gulma – bloating, abdominal tumor
Jvara – fever
Daha – burning sensation
Coconut Water –
Mutrakrichra – dysuria, difficulty while passing urine, burning micturition
Trishna – excess thirst, dry mouth.
Therapeutic Usage:
The drug Narikela is aphrodisiac, carminative, cooling, diuretic, refrigerant and tonic. It is used for burning sensation in human body, consumption, diarrhea, emaciation, heart diseases, spermatorrhoea and urinogenital diseases.
Narikela is a reputed Keshya (hair promoting or hair beneficiary) herbal agent as the oil of coconut obtained from endosperm of coconut (fruit), applied as single drug as well as an ingredient or oil base of several oily formulations and hair oil largely used in medicine, cosmetic and traditions including household hair care of daily routine.
Narikel Lavana – Used in the Ayurvedic treatment of gastritis and related abdominal pain and burning sensation. Fruit is used.
Panchavalkadi Tailam – skincare oil to relieve skin diseases such as eczema and dermatitis. Coconut oil and coconut stem are used.
Amalki tablet – Used in hyperacidity, gastritis etc. Coconut fruit is used.
Tengin Pookuladi Rasayanam – Commonly used Ayurvedic medicine for backache and gynaecological disorders.
 Germany Helga Fuchs: I am thinking about hot nature of Coconut. Comment of Vaidya Ajay. For pregnancy not to much, very clear to me. It is to heavy. We need balanced V and P. To much heavyness is problem, aggreavated V and P is bigger Problem in pregnancy, I think. Hot? Maybe V aggreavated to much due the cold quality. P in pregnancy get stronger and as I know, V is the rouler and if P is very dominant, it increase due high V. Then we get unliked symtoms of to fast working natur. But in a healthy women, with good lifestyle for pregnancy, P should not increase to much. As heavyness should not encrease to much, if women control food and lifestyle. This little Coconut, it is possible to give so much strenght, that women, up to prakruti forget her Natur to one or the other side? Doing to much or resting to much? Please doctors!..........I am not clear with hot quality of coconut. Please can one of the doctors clear it up. As I wrote, I try to understand and think about symtoms. But I like to have clear definition for the future. Not half knowledge. Thank you 😇🙏🏻
 Vd. Sachin Kadlag: Coconut In its ripened stage ( mature / pakwa) is cool,But when it's immature stage it can have hot action, And in over mature it will be tridosha prakopak……..So consider always 3 stages apakwa  , pakwa , atipakwaI.e. immature , mature,  and overmature
Dr. Samir Suneri: Is usefull also in  punsawan
-------------------- comments from Group 3 -----------------------------------
Vd. Khyati Jariwala: Tender coconut water gives brighter n glowing skin, It is also beneficial in acidity
Germany Sandra Wuttke: And it is antipyretic and in overheating conditions
Vd. Khyati Jariwala: It also has wound healing activity...Coconut oil ....very effective in healing VRAN...It cures dryness
Dr. Prerak Shah: Most commonly use for hair growth. And hair problems.
Dr. Chirag Vaghela: Coconut water 80%  + 20% tankan ( borex) as kaval  in stomatitis
Vd. Tanuja Gokhale: Coconut flesh is gd for muscle gain.
Vd. Bhavesh Sirvi: It use as basti in dehydration instead of iv fluid.
Vd. Tanuja Gokhale: It helps in curbing hunger, loose motions, vomiting.
Dr.Sandeep Saluja: Any scientific validation for the so many uses?
Nigeria Mr. M. Gopikrishna: Coconut is good for hypertension for various resons,most importantly high potassium content
Vd. Vijayananda: How can coconut be useful for Kapha-predominant individuals?
Dr. Dharna Tiku: Coconut water can be given to balance low sodium levels/ low blood pressure in the body and helps regulate body temperature. Coconut oil( virgin) helps in the reversal of Alzimers
Coconut oil has a wide  application and has been in use at home since ages. Its been very popular in my Grandma's home therapies :-)
Few of the uses of coconut oil are:-
1. To lighten age spots when rubbed directly on the skin
2. To prevent stretch marks during pregnancy
3. To support healthy thyroid function
4. In homemade Mayo without the high PUFA vegetable oils
5. To help increase sun tolerance and avoid burning
6. As a naturally SPF for sunscreen
7. In homemade lotion recipes
8. To get rid of cradle cap on baby- just massage in to head, leave on for a few minutes and gently rinse with a warm wash cloth
9. Topically to kill yeast or yeast infections
10. As a delicious tropical massage oil
11. It’s high Lauric acid and MCFA content helps boost metabolism
12. A tiny dab rubbed on your hands and then through hair will help get rid of frizz
13. In homemade soap for laundry
14. Mixed with equal parts sugar for a smoothing body scrub (use in the shower)
16. Rubbed on lips as a natural chap stick
17. . Topically, can help skin heal faster after injury or infection
18. Directly on the perineum to help heal after birth
19. As an incredibly intensive natural conditioner- Rub into dry hair, put a shower cap on and leave for several hours
20. In homemade slow cooker soap
21. In place of Lanolin cream on nursing nipples to sooth irritation (also great for baby!)
23. Can help sooth psoriasis or eczema
24. There is some evidence that regular ingestion of coconut oil can help prevent or reverse Alzheimers
25.  With apple cider vinegar as a natural treatment for lice that actually works
26. In natural Homemade Sunscreen
27. In healthy brain boosting snack for kids like Coconut Clusters
29. In a filling and energy boosting Brain Power Smoothie
30. Rub coconut oil on the inside of your nose to help alleviate allergy symptoms
31. Nursing moms often take 3-4 tablespoons a day (and Vitamin D) to increase milk supply and nutrients
Dr. Sunilkumar Parmar: Coconut water is very use ful in kidney stones
Irland Niamh: It's very effective in the long term treatment of chronic uti's
Dr. Lokesh Raturi: 1 teaspoon turmeric,1 teaspoon Triphala and 1 teaspoon black pepper powder mix and make paste with water and apply for any kind of skin infection, before bath keep it for10 to 20 minutes
Ms. Beena Amlani: Use coconut oil in cooking if you want to loose weight
Dr. Chetan Mehta: Its ( coconut's ) healthy fat content may be beneficial for brain disorders such as epilepsy and Alzheimer’s disease.coconut oil...Mix with baking soda and peppermint essential oil for a great all natural, fluoride free toothpaste.
USA Brooke Sulivan: The caprylic acid in coconut makes it highly beneficial for fungal infections. Coconut + tea tree EO suppositories are magnificent for resolving vaginal yeast infections

compilation courtesy by: Vd. Kinshuk Hirpara

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