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Pandu (anemia) or low Hb%.... And its management with #ayurveda...

Views shared by several ayurveda professionals and non-ayurveda people in discussion group:
All views shared here are only for knowledge. This information doesn’t have any scientific validation. Various doctors and non-medicos have shared their views and experiences in this discussion. Please do not try any of the suggestions described here, without prior consult from your regular, qualified doctor. Dr. Prerak Shah and no other person is responsible for any unwanted effects, side effects or contra-indications in your health. Thank you.
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Next topic for discussion:  :  Pandu (anemia) or low Hb%.... And its management with #ayurveda...
Sujok Nivruttiben Pandya: How is Findala for that? And iron vessels to cook?  Please advise.
Dr. Ravindra Upadhyay: while treating. pandu the maistay of the treatment is. cut down. salt intake along with spicy food,  deworm every pt, treat. Agni with. Cuminseeds, kumari,  shatavari,
Vd. Gurumahantesh: One should also think of krimi nidana while treating anemia
Vd. Krup Vasavada: One of the effective Home Remedy for pandu is Juice of Coriander (Dhanyaka) with a pinch of Vidanga(Vavding) Powder ..... Juice of Pomegranate 1/2 Cup a day is also an effective In Low HB..
Dr Premsukh: why different loha yog use in pandu like tapyadi loha, vidangai loha, Navayas etc……..which condition of patient or pandu rog
Dr. Rachana Mumbai: Different conditions require different approach ……Hb of indian women is low generaly it is almost 10, to improve this condition many patent drugs are useful like abhraloha 2bd(dhutpapeshwar)……..Lohasindur is also useful in this condition. ……….2) low hb in cancer pt undergone chemotherapt only jaggery water is useful it is helpful in maintaining hb……..Even red fruit of snuhi is very much useful in maintaining hb……..Saptamruta loha or punarnava mandur along with triphala kadha……. Jaggery should be organic and old one
Dr Sandeep Madaan: Navayas lauh and draksharishta work well. Act on rasa and rakta dhatu
Dr. Lokesh Mehta: Combination of wheat grass juice giloy juice and amala juice. Along with med like dhatri loh .mandoor vatak  and powder of Kali jeeri processed in cow urine in an iron utensil also helps in paandu.
Exi kir: Fruit juices & vegetable juices are good to increase Hb%.
Vd. Pulkit D. Patel: tapyadi loha+abharak bhasma+ guduchi churna……increase hb in shor time.
Dr Premsukh: Anemia,  defined as a decrease in the amount of red blood cells (RBCs) or hemoglobin in the blood. so blood have  lowered ability to carry oxygen. symptoms are feeling tired, weakness, shortness of breath or confusion, loss of consciousness, or increased thirst.
Dr Sandeep Madaan: Anemia is a type of pandu. Pandu is vast including hemoglobinopathies and other deficiency states
Nirali Kaushal Shah: Manuka means?
Dr. Sheetal Sumra: Black raisins
Dr. Ravindra Upadhyay: manuka is  dried grapes .
Dr. Piyush Pampaniya: It may Munnaka....means Grapes
Dr. Sheetal Sumra: Dried grapes
Vd. Nidhi Awasthy: Munakka is good ……Anaar  and Beatroot is also helpful
Dr. Priti Vikas Agrawal: In ayurveda one type of pandu is mrudbhaksahn janya padu...i saw many children who has this type of pandu 1st i treat with shodhan like worm chikitsa like krumikutharvras vidangarist n and than start lohasav mandur vatak etc...... Anameia has 2 types……….Primary  & Secondary….Acc to ayurveda……….When pitta dosha dusti ……..Skin colour white-pandu, Yellow –jaundice, Greenish -halimak produced
Dr. Chirag Shah: Morphologically, there are three types of anaemia.1. Microcytic hypochromic…2. Normocytic normochromic….3. Macrocytic…..Last one is because of vitamin B12 / folate deficiency...Are there any methods to improve vitamins level in ayurveda ?
Dr. Meghdoot Satvekar: Ayurvedic classification of this disease distinguishes anemia vata, pitta and kapha-types. Immaterial whether it is a deficiency of iron or folic acid - 
Types of Anemia
o When vata type of anemia a person thin, dry, rough and scaly skin, joints squeaking. He was pale and exhausted, suffer shortness of breath and can be constipation, often a black tarry stools.
o When anemia pitta-type sclera eyes a little yellowish, urine may be saturated colors, and stool dark brown or yellowish tinge. Nausea, pain in the liver and / or spleen, dizziness, bouts of illness, sensitivity to light - symptoms of anemia, pitta-type.
o When kapha type of anemia is often a swelling of the skin feels cold to the touch, sticky and looks shiny. Because of dropsy skin can be stretched so much that sometimes on the surface you can see the reflection of light.
Vd. Bhavesh Thakkar: Mandoor vatak is very useful jn all kins of pandu. It delivers excellent result by correcting ras dhatvagni and rakta dhatvagni…..It contains Mandura, Makshik, Daru haldi, Chavya, Chitrak, Trikatu , Trifala, Nagar moth etc, I usually advice it with fresh takra.
 Vd. Jignesh Thakkar: always think most of pandu medicines of ayurveda contains gaumutra…….Gaumutra ,mandur,loh bhasma ,punarnava are main ingredients of any medicine of pandu…..Always think loha bhasma is heavy to digest and that is why it is main ingredient of anti obesity drug……..So before administration of loha or mandur bhasma correct jathragni…….If pandu is due to mrudbhaxan seperate treatment is prescribed in ayurveda and that is sodhan first and then loha kalpa
Canada Nitin Shah: I will prefer to take this formula with any citrus juice like Amla juice, as most common anemia is iron deficiency and iron is better absorbed in the presence of Vit. C
Surat Vd Medha Patel: When not to give loha basma?
Vd. Akshata Swami: Instead of that Kasisa bhasma can b used
Dr. Madhuri Patil Chaudhari: Best combination of lohabhasm is with Triphala churna. Reduces unwanted effects on digestive sys.  Saptamrut loha, Kasis bhasm. Ferrous sulphate may damage liver..use with caution post jaundice. Updrav.. pandu
Dr. Prerak Shah: Most important is most of the medicines used for anemia contains metallic ingredients like loha bhasma, kasis bhasma etc. If this metallic bhasmas are not prepared in proper way (we call it shodhan of metals) it can be dangerous for health. So one should consume any such metallic contain medicine under observation of qualified and experienced Vaidya only.
Surat Vd Medha Patel: I said,  when. ( in what condition or what type of anaemia). We should avoid giving, loha preparations.…..I m touching this point cause ,  it is very essential to know this, most of us use l ha preparations without differentiating between the  causes of anemia
Surat Sandip Patel: Yoga of Pujniya bapalal vaidya -abharak+lohgarbh+kasis .
Dr Feroz Khan: Very good & valluable information we are getting through this discussion. sir l myself is suffring from enlargement of bilateral styloid process. Once it is operated rt.sided.but again grown causing pain below mandible both sides & reffrred pain inboth ears.It having since 30 (thirty ys) years. But as time goes its size and pain somewhat relived but not completely. I humbly request u all to suggest ayurvedic remedy if any.I will be profoundly thankful to u all. Thank u sir…………Styloid process is bony enlargement situated below hyoid process near tonsils………
Dr. J. T. Contractor: Ajwa' black dates very good tonic for anemic pt.s
USA Dinesh Pandya: Pinarnava Mandur is the best
Dr. Meghdoot Satvekar: Mandura Bhasma one part +Amalaki Churna ten parts was formulated and named as Panduhara Yoga.  Mandura Bhasma (ferrosoferic oxide) and Amalaki (Emblica officinalis) are very good drugs to prevent and manage the cases of Pandu Roga in children. Amalaki is Rasayana and it contains Vitamin-C that helps in the absorption of iron. Amalaki can increase bioavailability of Mandura Bhasma and can prevent the common hazards of oral iron therapy. 
Vd. Dhruti Kagrana: Hypothesis why ghee increased Hb?? In pandu roga chikitsa charak aacharya described many ghrut yoga..This is the hypothesis why ghee increased Hb....I m not consider that pandu is only decrease Hb. It  is one of the symptoms decrease Hb
Dr. Dipali Poshtiwala: Practicality in diet increased dates, pomegranate, sugarcane juice, poi bhaji, vitamin b12 enriched diet.... Find out loss of blood reasons like heavy menstruation in female, recurrent injuries, in stool, insufficient diet n sleep too
Vd. Dipak Upadhyay: If pt has anemia due to  CRF , what's  line of treatment for anemia ?
Dr. Kamlesh: 1 tsp trifala churna mix with some water to make its pest. Apply coating in "lohpatra" iron vessel and keep it for night. Scratch trifala from patra and consume with warm water.
Vd. Tapan: Trifala 10 grams water 100ml soak at night…..Give matrabasti of it in the morning and hv increases by 1 gram in 7 days……Simple but effective
Dr Dipak Shirude: Is it like faant preparation ?
Vd. Tapan: It is known asHeem’ according to ayurveda
Dr.Surendra Davanagere: 
Lohasava: With contents like ‘Loha Bhasma’, which is the best Raktavardhak Bhasma and Agnideepak Dravya like Triphala, Trikatu, Trimad, Ajamoda etc., ‘Lohasava’ is a very beneficial Asava Kalpa in the treatment of Pandu Vyadhi…….Loha Bhasma is the most potent medicine used in Panduroga. …This Bhasma possesses excellent Agnideepak, Raktavardhak and Balya roperties…Loha Bhasma is Tikta Kashay Rasatmak, Madhur Vipaki, Sheeta Veeryatmak, Ruksha, Kaphapitta Prakopanashak, Netrya, Twakrogahar and  Medhya. In the treatment of Pandu Vyadhi,  various medicinal formulations are prepared using Loha Bhasma, but when Agnimandya is more in Pandu Vyadhi, Lohasava is the most liked Kalpa of Vaidyas.  Lohasava acts on the Moolasthana of Raktavaha Srotas, i.e. Yakrut and Pleeha, thereby improving their functions. The Pachak Pitta from Yakrut comes properly in the Koshtha and by pacifying vitiation of Pachak Pitta, digestion is improved and good quality Aahar Rasa is produced. …….Due to its Raktavardhak and Agnivardhak properties, Lohasava alleviates the Rasa Rakta Dhatvagnimandya and produces good quality Rasa Rakta Dhatus.  Rasa Raktadi Dhatus become strong and it also helps to increase the number of RBC’s in blood. Similarly vitiation caused due to Vikrut Kapha, Pitta or Ama is pacified…..  Lohasava is an extremely effective Kalpa in Shotha developed due to Pandu Vyadhi and even in Shotha developed due to any other reason. With Ruksha and Agnivardhak ingredients like Loha Bhasma, Trikatu,  Triphala, Trijat, Lohasava eradicates excessive Kleda, thereby helping in reducing Shotha.  In such a condition, Punarnava Mandoora can also be used alongwith Lohasava. Lohasava having Gamitva towards liver and spleen, is very effective in liver and spleen enlargement caused due to Vishamajwara and Jeerna Jwara. Due to it, proper secretion of Pachak Pitta from the Yakrut occurs, which is helpful in reducing the Shotha of Yakrut and Pleeha. In such a condition, combined use of Lohasava and Arogyavardhani is effective. By enhancing the strength and reducing Raktadhatukshaya in conditions of Jeernavastha of Jwara, Amavata and post Kamala,  Lohasava proves to be very effective………. Lohasava is an important medicine in providing strength to the organs of the digestive system and alleviate Agnimandya in chronic stage of disorders. By increasing the quantity of RBC’s, symptoms like Padashotha, Shwasakashtata are also relieved…… Lohasava is also beneficial in menstrual cycle disorders like Oligomenorrhoea,  Amenorrhoea etc….. Artava is an Upadhatu of Rasa Dhatu, hence the Kshaya of Rasa Dhatu causes Kshaya of Artava too, which is responsible for Oligomenorrhoea, Amenorrhoea. …. Lohasava is an excellent Balya Kalpa for the reproductive organs. Lohasava strengthens Rasa and Rakta Dhatu, thus strengthening their Upadhatus too. (copied frm sdl's aushadh vivran pustika
Punarnava Mandoor: It is  an excellent Raktavardhak & Shothaghna Kalpa,  prepared from two main ingredients namely Punarnava & Mandoora Bhasma. Important ingredients and properties - Punarnava - Vatakaphaghna, Shothaghna, Mootrajanan, Raktavardhak, Swedajanan  Mandoora - Kashay Rasatmak, Raktavardhak, Acts on Yakrut, Shothaghna Gomootra - Amapachak ….Indications - Vatakaphaghna, Shothaghna,
Punarnava Mandoora is very useful Kalpa in Pandu Vyadhi. In Pandu Vyadhi which is of a disease Rasavaha Srotas, there is Rasa as well as Rakta Dhatvagnimandya.
Ranjak Pitta resides in Yakrut - Pleeha and performs the important function of Parinaman of Rasa Dhatu to Rakta Dhatu. When it gets vitiated there is decrease in quality as well as quantity of blood which is known as Pandu Vikar.  Rakta Vardhak Dravya are essential for treatment of this condition but Dravya or Kalpa which have Raktadhatvagni Vardhak properties & act on Yakrut - Pleeha are more effective.  Punarnava Mandoora is one such excellent Raktavardhak Kalpa  which when used with Lohasava or Amrutarishta proves to be very effective.  In Shotha Vyadhi there is collection of Apachit Jala or Kleda in different parts of the body. Punarnava Mandoora contains Punarnava having ability to eliminate Kleda through Mootra.  Due to its presence, Punarnava Mandoora with different Anupan acts as an effective Shothaghna Kalpa in all types of Shotha including Vrukkajanya Shotha, Hrudrogajanya Shotha, Pandujanya Shotha, Yakrut - Pleeha Vikrutijanya Shotha as well as Shotha due to thyroid dysfunction.  Ingredients of Punarnava Mandoora have Gamitva towards Yakrut as well as Pleeha hence this Kalpa is very effective in diseases like Udara.  In Udara especially in Jalodara, Yakrutodara & Pleehodara, because of decreased function of Yakrut and Pleeha there is collection of Apachit Jala or Kleda in Udaryakala.  In this condition Punarnava Mandoora proves to be effective when used with Arogyavardhani.  In Kamala Vyadhi - Agnideepan, Pitta Virechan & Raktaprasadan are very important from treatment point of view. Due to action on Yakrut as well as Pleeha, Punarnava Mandoora  proves to be beneficial in Kamala Vyadhi by  improving  secretion of Pachak Pitta, alleviating  Dhatushaithilya & eliminating Pitta through Mala. In Kamala, Punarnava Mandoora proves to be more beneficial when used in combination with Kumari Asava No. 1.  Punarnava Mandoora is very effective in Jwara especially Vishamajwara having Yakrut - Pleeha Vruddhi & quantitative decrease in RBC count with its Shothaghna and Raktavardhak action.
Shri Minoo parabia: FeSO4, ferrous sulphate tablets is the drug of choice in modern medicines. This causes severe constipation and ultimately culminates in to haemorrhoids,  especially in pregnant women. Now look at all Ayurvedic preparations. Two things worth noting. (1.) Combination with Vit C (2). .....with purgative……As already mentioned it promotes bio availability and safe guards against constipation.  Amazing. I personally wish to request all, who have an opportunity to share their views publicly either through lectures or writings to promote the use of Iron vessel as vaghariyu. In olden days our mothers used that "kali kaluti kadchhi" for tadka or vaghar, rightly called a Sanskar. And that kadchhi was left in the boling Daal or sabji. What an easy way to get elemental Iron. Unfortunately most city households have steel vaghariyu.
Dr. Ananya: What is Kali kaluti kadchhi. Can't undrstand
USA Dr. Parul Ajmera: Small Cast iron pan.
Shri Minoo parabia: Sorry. Iron vessels look black and such vessel,  though good,  is not liked by modern house wife. So kali is black and kaluti is ugly. Its a derogatory phrase to underrate the object. Kadchhi is a table spoon with long handle and the deeper cavity.
Vd. Kinshuk Hirpara: Best combination saptamrita loha and godanti for anaemia  and also for hair loss and low blood pressure.
Dr. Arvind Shahane: Vaidya tapan sir please suggest me can we give trifla heem empty stomach or after food in morning? And mild hot (koshna) or as normal room temperature  In matra basti?
Vd. Tapan: If you need to increase hb% than has to be used as a heem matrabasti
Vd. Piyush Prajapati: Y sir Heem is delivered in ?? Is it Matra or Niruh??? Or Quantity will b??
Dr. Suyog Kulkarni: Shigru (commonly known as Drum sticks scientific name Moringa) leaves are very good source of natural iron and calcium. Shed dried leaves powder ( Chaya shushka ) is used. Dose is 1 tsp twice to be given after food. If taken on empty stomach , one can have loose motions.
Dr. Meghdoot Satvekar: Single drugs useful in anaemia Amalaki – Emblica officinalis Gaertn., Punarnava – Boerhavia diffusa Linn., Bhringaraja – Eclipta alba (Linn) Hassk., Draksha – Vitis vinifera Linn., Pippali – Piper longum Linn., Haritaki – Terminalia chebula Retz., Musta – Cyperus rotundus Linn., Vidanga – Embelia ribes Burm. F., Kumari – Aloe vera Tourn. Ex. Linn., Guduchi – Tinospora cordifolia (Willd.) Miers., Shunti – Ginger – Zingiber officinale Rose., Shilajatu – Asphaltum punjabinum (Black bitumen), Daruharidra – Berberis aristata Dc., Shatavari – Asparagus racemosus Willd.
Formulations : Navayasa loha choorna, Saptamrita loha choorna, Lohasava, Bhringarajasava, Kumaryasava, Dhatri loha, Draksharishta, Drakshasava, Ayaskriti, Mandoora vataka, Mandooradyarishta, Punarnava mandoora, Amalakyavaleha, Punarnavashtaka kwatha, Drakshadyavaleha
Vd. Piyush Prajapati: Mostly anaemia conditions develop in stage of lack of iron or lack of absorption of iron. I m using one formula……Abhaya + Suvarnmaxika + punarnava mandoor …….It has tremendous result in all symptoms of anemia.. like uneasiness,paad shula,bhrama,soth etc..
Dr. Jinal Thakkar: Pandu is vyadhi of Rasa Baja srotas...  So we should also concentrate on Rasa Dhatu...  In patients with mental stress etc..  Tapyadi loha can also be used since it contains rajata bhasma…….Also in cases of mid aged women and children history of eating mud or chalk or pencils is also very important..  Since that could turn the case toward mruttika bhakshan janya pandu and virechan would be necessary in such cases first then followed by other medications……In cases of pandu along with shotha punarnava mandur would be a great option
Dr. Kumar S K: In our institute experimental study has been conducted on Rasayanas..which clear shows role of rasayanas in rasavahasrotho dusti vikara is clear that amalaki as rasayana is most important vehicle in absorption of iron.
Dr. Jinal Thakkar: Labho paayo Hi sashtaanam rasaadinam rasayanam
Dr. Kumar S K: Different types of rasayanas told in ayurveda like dhatuposhaka, srothoshodaka, in this case amalaki is dhatuposhska, where as vidanga is srothoshodaka3:40
Dr. Swarup De: Question : Pandu is pitta dosa predominant disease, then why rakta dhatu get kshay, while rata and pitta having same qualities as both are produced from "Teja"?And why in this disease changes of color occurs (Pandu - paleness) while pitta is responsible for varna (color) utpadak? ref. Sharngadhar  8
Dr. Hardikchandra Kalal: Hb in normal range n pandu is possible or not?? Answer is yes then how? in which  condition ?
Vd. Piyush Prajapati: Even rbc is less or wbc less also consider as Pandu. Modern Science can find out how much gm% HB is there in blood but there is no maschine to find out howmuch quantity of blood is there.  Normal human has 3-4 litre blood in body.... in ratio of body weight,there is not quantity of blood,then this is also included in pandu. In such condition,HB is normal but it's also part of pandu.
Dr. Jinal Thakkar: Also quality of the blood counts more than the quantity
Dr. Madhuri Patil Chaudhari: Raktadhaty kshay is different than Pandu. ……1. Raktadhatu kshay. Ushna asahishnuta. ……2. Pandu- Shaitya……..3. RD kshay. Deficiency of rakta dhatu.dhatvagni mandyata……..Pandu. Dushit rasdhatu. Which may or may not cause RD kshay.
Dr. Hardikchandra Kalal: How can we differentiate physically n chemically  between   Rasdhatu n raktadhau ??
Dr. Jinal Thakkar: I don't think it's possible physically...  Symptomatically it's possible but physically I haven't heard
Dr. Hardikchandra Kalal: can we differentiate microscopically ??
Dr. Madhuri Patil Chaudhari: May be rasdhatu - plasma ,  lymph---Raktdhatu. Blood..
Vd. Ajay Pithiya: Mainly pitta predominant disease..  Rakta dhatu vitiated by pitta dosha..  But different combination of pathogenesis may be created, therefore different treatment must be advised……….We can get enough references for pandu because of Rasa dhatu vikruti.  Here Mandagni and increased Kapha dosha is main culprit..  So trt.  Should be katu rasa,  Ushna. ………..On other side if pitta is dominant and rakta dhatu involvement is there,  trt.  Should be madhur-tikta rasa dominant.  Ghrita can be used in this type of condition………..If we want to treat anemia than we must go through raktapitta, grahani, pandu,  udar and sopha chikitsa of ayurveda. Again in ayurveda, Pandu is independent condition and also it is condition seen as purvarupa and upadrava in other diesease.
Vd. Manhar Prajapati: Now a days govt concentrate in school for mal nutrition for this anemia is one of the reason if we implement easy medi like amalki rasayan it's good service for society...
Vd. Ajay Pithiya: I again raised a question which was previously asked by dr.  Medha madam twice..   When to give loha kalpa and when not?
Dr. Sujata Vaidya: Using different healing modalities, stimulating bone marrow has gelped overcome anemia.  Also. By simply improving gut absorption quality.   Daily fooid is better digested leading to improvements in Hb. The best medicine is not absorbed if gut health cannot be improved. Begin with gut cleansing, improving gut flaura fauna and daily monitored nutritional food will suffice in most cases. Both are drug less options.  This does not suffice for sickel cell syndrome.  There are healing systems that have proved useful to such patients.  But belief system has to be considered.
Dr Feroz Khan: Mah.govt.coduct navsanjivni mainly concentrait on malnutrition & adviced  to take balanced diet mainly containing protein rich diet.
Vd. Ajay Pithiya: Again we are using different kind of loha kalpa..  loha bhasma,  kasisa bhasma,  mandur bhasma, Navayas  - saptamrut loha, Punarnava mandur etc etc..  When and where are this useful?
Dr. Swarup De: Recently in some parts of West Bengal a massive illness broke out due to the deworming of school children by Government health sector to eradicate anaemia and Malnutrition. In this condition we can substitute deworming medicine with Navayous louha which act in both condition - krimi & Pandu. Navayous louha is a drug of choice in any kind of Pandu. It may be used with signally or other drugs.  Navayous louha with Makardhaja with Kokilaksha swaras and Mariah is good medicine for Pandu with sotha or weakness, Hridaya roga - palpitations and also with krimi. Use Phalatrikadi or Vasaguduchyadi kashayam in hepatic disorders.
Dr. Ravindra Upadhyay: A pt having. Anaemia should be ruled out for Malaria, pts having undergone Anti Malarial treatment is known to develop Anaemia. During practice it is observed that pt may be + ve for either falciparum or  Vivax, unless he becomes negative, treating. Anaemia will be futile. Even after treating malaria adequately, for. APOONARBHAV CHIKITSA,  point of view, pt should be given   Guduchi ( tinospora cordifolia ) in Rasayankal,i.e. early morning,on empty stomach, this also increases IMMUNITY,(  Rogpratikar. Shakti )….. even menorreghia can cause, one has to treat menorreghia on priority basis, subsequently Pandu is treated
Dr Premsukh: Three types of anemia: that due to blood loss(trauma and gastrointestinal bleeding)due to decreased red blood cell production ( iron deficiency, a lack of vitamin B12, thalassemia and a number of neoplasms of the bone marrow) and  increased red blood cell breakdown ( number of neoplasms of the bone, number of genetic conditions such as sickle cell anemia, infections like malaria and some autoimmune diseases)
Dr. Yogesh Gorakhnath Patil: Rakta basti
Dr Premsukh: सम्प्राप्ति= पित्त प्रधान त्रिदोष -बल, ओज,स्नेह का नाश-अल्प रक्त, अल्प मेद निःसार=पाण्डु Symptoms of pandu are pallor, loss of glow,tinnitus, weakness, anorexia, vertigo, swelling around eyes,excessive salivation, cramps in calf muscle
Chile Dr. Susana Valdes: anemia as ayurveda looks is divided in three types……….vata Type person looks thin…..the skin is dry rough scaly…..has craking joints…….is ematiated, pale, breathlessness and constipation with black stools…..pitta has eyes yellowish, high coloured urine and stools are dark brown with slightly yellowish they could have nausea or liver pain and kapha has normally swelling, skin is cold and clammy…. and because of edema skin looks shiny…for vata: tikta ghrita, Also you can give mix of kaishore guggulu ashvagandha dashmoola and abrak basma, for pitta you can use shatavari ghee, and mix of shatavari brahmi neem and loha bhasma, and for kapha use punarnava gokshura and kutki, pitta anemia is related to mononucleosis, hepatitis or liver problems, also deficiency of vit B 12 os related with pitta type, vata is related with iron and folic acid deficiency, kapha is related with hipoproteinemic anemia

Argentina Dr. Fany Rosman: As a rheumatologist my patient who have rheumatoid arthrits show also normocitic normocromic anemia. Bone marrow is stuck because of disease activity. It is not a deficiente state.  The treatment to avoid immflamatory activity improves the anemia as we'll. In ayurvedic terms AMAVATA treatment may improve anemia.
Dr. Dipali Poshtiwala: What r the  causes of continuous low hb in Indian females even after medicine also?
Germany Helga Fuchs: Sorry if I am late... Western medicin do not know about dosha and I am not sure that aggrevated P is seen in labor Tests. Or K, or V. Do you know  more about that? Diabetes, low Immunsystem, funghi, stress, allergy for gluten, B12 to less, ferrum/iron less...many namens in westernmedicine about the symptom red tong. But most can see in the blood. I remember the past, where Aids, (Immunsystem) create so much problems by bloodconserves from bloodlettingclients. So where ever pitta as part in bloodsystem is aggrevated, bloodletting is fine, but to use this blood for others is not a good idea.
Dr. Swarup De: Two cause either less production or continuous destruction.... Find the varieties and cause and treat accordingly.
Vd. Javed Ghumara: We can devide pt of pandu mainly in two part...first is santarpan jany and second one is apatarpan today's era more than 90% of pt of pandu are santarpan always first step for pandu is nidan parivarjan ....if proper nidan parivarjan will not take place no medicine will effective...we can divide nidan mainly in three parts....aaharaj viharaj and manshik
Dr. Meghdoot Satvekar: Treating Anaemia With Beet Juice……Beetroot juice is possibly the best natural remedy for anaemia. It contains excellent cleansing properties with a high iron content that restores red blood cells whilst supplying oxygen and increasing the blood count……As a valuable source of iron and beets are an excellent natural source to reverse anaemia…….It is of great benefit to women during their menstrual cycle and those going through the menopause.

Some inputs about Thalasemia and sickle cell anaemia:
Dr. Rajeshkumar Radadiya: Hello. I have PT.her hb is just 7% only.she is thalassemia minor.she has two girls both are thalassemia miner.their hb also under 7%.which is better medicine for them. Pls…….I gave them saptamrit loha with shatawari,sarpunkh.last 3 months.but hb is not increase………What is better for them
Dr. Sheetal Sumra: Try manuka (black)………First day soak six manuka in water overnight then next day have that six manuka all over the day………Then next day five manuka,  then four three two one………Then repeat same procedure…….I had tried this on my patient with thalassemia minor and her hb has been increased by 1point
Dr. Ravindra Upadhyay: vd. Vinay. velankar has used Ajarakta basti in his practice with. encouraging. results, at the same time blood transfusion is. MANDATORY, giving Ayurvedic medicines will definitely help, but the Thalassaemia being inherited genetically, we can not afford to ignore transfusion.
Dr. Lokesh Mehta: I think iron supplement should not be given in the pt of thalassaemia.
Dr Ganesh pawara.: Can anybody explain for treatment for sickle cell anemia..
Dr. J. T. Contractor: Sickle is Darati-datardu, commonly blood cells r round in shape, sickle cells r half moon shape(ardh Chandrakar), they r likely to block the flow in veins when stacked with each other causes death, ailment generally found in adivasis & in U P region some interior…. Sickle cell Anemia & Thalassemia r blood related diseases, I think to treat these ailments with loha bhasma with almost care else damage of kidney & uploading liver is likely!
Shri Minoo parabia: Sickle cell and thalessamia both are genetic disorders. One Vd. Atul Desai was working on it. Unfortunately, at the moment  I don't have contact. Our tribes in Gujarat have predominant occurrence of sickle cell. This gene has selection value and therefore has helped tribes to survive against endemic malaria.  Thalessamia occur as minor- heterozygous recessive carrier without manifestation of disease. T major - when a child gets homozygous recessive genes in double dose, resulting in victim sufferer.  Nothing can be done in my limited knowledge.  Prospective marriage partners,  therefore must be careful in matching the blood groups.
Vd. Piyush Prajapati: Vd. Atul Bhavasar sir is also working on thalassemia.. They r doing Aja Rakt Basti and Aja Majja Grut.. Aja mean Goat.
Dr. Prerak Shah: That is approved by government and now government has given him special budget to introduce this therapy in other centers….other cities of Gujarat.

Dr. J. T. Contractor: Major thalassemia, blood transfusion done at regular intervals, due to which excess iron to b eliminated through de ironing pump

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