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Anger management with #Ayurveda........

Views shared by several ayurveda professionals and non-ayurveda people in discussion group:
All views shared here are only for knowledge. This information doesn’t have any scientific validation. Various doctors and non-medicos have shared their views and experiences in this discussion. Please do not try any of the suggestions described here, without prior consult from your regular, qualified doctor. Dr. Prerak Shah and no other person is responsible for any unwanted effects, side effects or contra-indications in your health. Thank you.
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Dr. Bhadresh Naik: Anger is habit…….Emotion………Lack of tolerance……….Lack of understanding……..How to handle unwanted condition…….Dominance…….Superiority……..Unble to understand opposite Person view……..Personal revenge to perticular person or event……can medicine change or stop anger……….Good debut……Rajas and tamas mandosh are play role in anger

Dr. Lokesh Mehta: Mansyadi kwath bhrami ghrit shirodhara and regular pranayam like anulom vilom and bhramri will help in anger management.

Usa Dr. Vaduvur S. Narayan: Anger is a symptom of a deeper internal problem and Ayurveda has its role I believe,  but the underlying emotional issues also need to be addressed

Dr. Rajeshkumar Radadiya: For control anger Satvavajay chikitsa…..For that
Medhya rasayan…..Brahmi ,sarpagandha,vacha are more useful

Dr. Sheetal Sumra: In ayurveda anger(krodha) is one of the five vikar (evils). Anger is one of the emotions which is a part of living things.  Not only human animal can also express a emotion call anger.  Anger is an emotion associated with pitta Dosha.  In ayurveda yoga,  meditation,  pranayam is very helpful and useful to control our emotion call anger.  It helps us to change our negative thoughts into positive thoughts and keep a our mind calm and peaceful.

Dr. Piyush Pampaniya: Anger (krodh)  is a causative factor rather than disease to trigger many pitta dominant diseases and Manas  Rogas so as per sushrut "Nidannsya parivarjan" those conditions which bust anger and for that satvajay chikitsa ( counselling)  and Madhur and shit aaushdhyukta(chandan,  sariva, ushir, etc shirodhara

Dr. Prerak Shah: I would suggest for shiropichu with Brahmi oil - for any age group. It's more effective then shirodhara and most economic too.
Colombia Enrique Jorge Galindo Bogota: Bhakti Yoga and prayers all days, twice a day its help…………Go tamas and raja to satva guna

Dr. Prerak Shah: In practice we have many young adult patients of impatience and a lot more anger. How to control them it's most common question. Similarly school going children are also showing a lot more anger then need.

Vd. Pankaj Chhayani: 
सडंगात्सन्जायते काम कामात्क्रोधो अभिजायते!
 क्रोधाद भवति सम्मोह....बुद्धिनाशात्प्रणश्यति---भगवद गीता.....
आगंतु ज्वर चिकित्सा------कामात् क्रोधज्वरो नाशं क्रोधात् काम समुद्भवः--- च.चि.३

Pls explain how kam jwara subsides by krodhdha, while in bhagvad Gita describes that kama leads krodha and this is advancement of mental disease………Kaam (lust) is maansik aavaranjanya (pragyapradh), so krodha being tikshan and ashukari breaks the aavran and kaam (lust) gets down.
@ pawan sir , as both are manas dosha(negative energy), it may possible that when kama is at its peak level, create krodha so krodha subside kama... And  krodha will do less harm than peak level of kama…….If kama not fulfill leads to krodha. And krodha leads to moha …………- this is sequence mentioned in geeta. But charaka says that kama subsides by krodha.. Then is there possibility that krodha leads moha according to geeta?
Sir, allow me to say a concept over the veterinary angle aka Pashu Chikitsa.
We all may be knowing that the JALLIKKATTU (don't know it's equivalent term in North India) arranged over the occasion of every sankranti in Tamil Nadu and other certain states is actually for the breeding of the species reason. The the oxen when gets threatened it gets anger . It is a natural phenomenon in oxen that post session of anger, it goes in search of cows for sex aka kama. Only hence, in order to breed the cows, the farmers use Sankranthi festival to create an environment for recreation of the oxen which had helped them all over the year in ploughing their field and also attains the benefit of impregnating their cows. This in a way explains krodha jvara getting reduced by kama. I beg the scientific community by reasoning with a tradition followed in India over the lines of Pashu Chikitsa.
Kaam, krodha, lobha, moha, bhaya……..All are different forms of the same energy and they are being transfered into one u explained...
The above sholka might be equal to the state of a criminal who looses his mind when anger ....where he may (moha.. here may mean what he loves the most ..... money .revenge.....theft rape.....showing power kill somebody in his anger and lost mind) .....where he enjoys his pleasure of doing so.....kama....I may be wrong....but thought it might be the compared with a criminal / disturbed mind.(Discussion regarding anger and lust from.another group)

Colombia Enrique Jorge Galindo Bogota: Can liver disease to produce krodha? What is the relation

Dr. Ravindra Upadhyay: it is the other way.

Dr. Prerak Shah: All philosophical and spiritual knowledge is very important, but my question is that as a practitioner, what we can do to our patient? Specifically with age group of 12 to 18? How to treat them? Thnx

Germany Rabia: I am not ayurveda expert but a professional pranic healer. Regarding anger, hypertension and short tempered behaviour.  These all emotions are connected with mainly solar plexus chakra( under the ribcage in the center) and meing mien chakra(back of the naval) Main causes: fast food, fast life, stress and frustrations. One has to understand the cause and then treat it.
Foods which are breaking very slow in the body and hard to in fiber, raw salad and satvik foods are good in such cases. That gives body to work slow on the food but effectively. Is healthy and gives peace to the person.
Yoga helps to keep it together but It's hard to make a child do yoga or meditation. So tell them easy methods likes………Gibberish...go to some place alone in the nature and start talking whatever comes in mouth and makes no sense……If allowed try cut a tree or dig a ditch in the ground…………Idea is to use power and break or hammer down something but make it productive in the end………Put cold clay pack on the stomach. ……..Mix water and rosewater 80-20 and use it for dhara on the related chakra will help too………Cold Milk mixed with a spoon of gulkand to consume after that……….Before sleep put pure rose oil around the naval and solar plexus.

Dr. Prerak Shah:  To put rose oil around naval is very interesting. I would like to try it in my patients………..Nabhupuran is never thought for this treatment.
Dr. Pradip Patel: People who are easily angered generally have what some psychologists call a low tolerance for frustration, meaning simply that they feel that they should not have to be subjected to frustration, inconvenience, or annoyance. They can't take things in stride, and they're particularly infuriated if the situation seems somehow unjust

Vd. Pankaj Chhayani: The "fight (anger)or flight(fear) response" is our body's primitive, automatic, inborn response that prepares the body to "fight" or "flee" from perceived attack, harm or threat to our survival.
According to charaka, Rajas(passion) and tamas (ignorance) are the morbific factor affecting the mind. Among the disorders brought about by these two are- desire, anger,greed, infuation, envy, conciet, arrogance, anxiety, remorse, fear, exhilaration etc.. क्रोधमभिद्रोहेण--anger can be examined by actions of violence..
Anger is a causative factor of vitiation of the channels conveying the sweat(sveda vaha srotas)....During condition of fight, persons get angry and it cause increased blood pressure, increased metabolism and increased sweating that lead vitiation of the channels of sweat...
I treated one patient(auto driver), had problem of excessive anger, sweating and high blood pressure.. In that pt I got good result of Dhamaso(fagonia cretica)..
[1:42 PM, 3/24/2016] Vd. Pankaj Chhayani: Non drug treatment is more useful in management of anger...
1) काम्य अथँ- providing desired objects
2)मनोज्ञ अथँ- providing pleasant objects
3) सद वाक्य- correct advice..

Dr. Ravindra Upadhyay: switching over to saatvik Aahar, which is devoid of. excessive use of garlic, spicy food, deep fried food, stale food, will help to overcome pittaprakop.this in turn will help overcome anger, krodha,  similarly the same type of food must be avoided in. summer, i.e.  Greeshma. and. Sharad. Rutu.

Dr. Prerak Shah: Anger and any relation with moon cycle? In Jain religion, it is preached to avoid leafy vegetables on certain days of lunar cycle, which is now proven by science too. Lunar cycle affects mind, mental activities and psychological behaviours……….Can Such diet restriction during certain days also helpful in anger management?
Dr. Ravindra Upadhyay: Ayurved also has given importance to. Chadrama,  "chandrama. manaso. jata," during poornima and amavasya there is distinct difference in the mental status, behaviour of. human being.  thanks. Prerakbhai for timely. reminder of. Chandrama,  Moon on human. being……..yes this type of diet does help quite a lot, even in the management of. simple fever, and. pittaj. Jwar.

IPR Chhayaben: Yes... On full moon day people are slightly hyper.. As it goes on aamavsya side (no moon day)…... People became calm...

Colombia Enrique Jorge Galindo Bogota: Yes, i have a son with autism and during  poornima (full moon day) he is crying without aparent motive

Vd. Pankaj Chhayani: We r solely the part of solar system and our body is adjusfed to the solar system and solar system is adjusted to milky way.... and finally everything with universe. Hence there is no controversy in Loka purusha samyatha both in Ayurveda  n modern science

IPR Chhayaben: I agree.. It makes a lot of difference on mood for a sunny day and a cloudy day... A full moon and no moon night...

Dr. Pulastya Vora: Dudhi in hair oil is also cooling Dr. Pulastya Vora

Dr. Bhavesh Modh: Several scientists and research institutions have conducted experiments over the years to study the effect of moon and full moon nights on the human mind and behaviour.
1⃣According to Quantum Physics,  the moon has an operating frequency. The frequency emanated by the moon affects the frequency of the mind that exerts control over our feelings, emotions and desires.
2⃣The mind, which consists of conscious and sub-conscious mind, reacts to the standing and positioning of the moon in the sky.
3⃣Neuroscience has recognized that the subconscious controls 95% of our lives.
4⃣The moon frequencies have the power to make the thought frequencies in our  sub-conscious mind to surface to the conscious mind.
5⃣Melatonin (hormone that helps in regulating sleep cycle) level had dropped compared to other nights hence proving the fact that people are prone to insomnia during full moon nights.
6⃣Practitioners of Ashtanga yoga are asked to avoid doing yoga on moon days: full moon ( पूर्णिमा )& new moon. (प्रतिपदा ) reason for the , that one exhibits too much energy on full moon days, which might lead to injury and fracture in the body. It is, thus, advised, to indulge in   activities that calms the mind, for example — meditation.
Be watchful of your behaviour, impulses and thoughts on moon days. Since, new moon asks a part of your unconscious to rise up, you can use this as an opportunity to cleanse your mind off those thoughts which tend to bother and disturb you.  New moon energy can be used in our favour if we choose to harness that energy to reflect and create a better self.

Vd. Pankaj Chhayani: Moon is Adhidevata of mind...To conquer anger ,Jaladhara (of cold water) is best, as we do on Somashekhar(Lord Shiva)...

IPR Chhayaben: Oh!!  So because ganga is doing jal-dhara on shiva 's head,  he is' cool '...

Vd. Pankaj Chhayani: Yaa, Swami Vivekanand was so angry during childhood.. Once he got too much angry and her mother did Shita jaladhara(cold water) on his head, he lost his anger immediately.. And after that swami vivekanand got control over his anger by meditation...

Germany Martina Kobs: To control anger is difficult but not impossible😏

Vd. Dhruti Kagrana: Anger is a very useful instinctual emotion that arises from the frustration of a basic need not being met. Too much anger or having a hair trigger means too much pitta accumulation.
Stress Free Emotions supports natural resistance to emotional stress and fatigue. It promotes self-confidence, positive thinking and feelings of fulfillment. The herbs in this potent formula help improve coordination of mind and emotions, emotional stability, and support resistance to emotional stress.
Up to a certain point it is positive and healthy to feel and express your anger, because it indicates you have the will to live.
It is important to express anger in a constructive rather than a destructive way.
But when the anger is lead the person to destructive way it's managment is important..... Anger is usually attributed to a pitta imbalance. Ayurveda Anger FIVE-SENSES Management THERAPIES:
Taste(Rasa): Emphasize foods, herbs, and spices that are sweet, bitter, and astringent.
Smell(Gandha): Use aromatherapy with sweet, cool aromas, such as sandalwood, mint, and jasmine.Aroma Oil Worry Free…This formula is designed to help you unwind and create your own personal oasis of calm as well as for easing your reactions to stress.
Sight(Darshana): Indigo and blue help to cool feelings of anger.
Hearing(Sabda): Listen to soft, soothing classical music or the midmorning raga between the hours of ten A.M. and one P.M.
Touch(Saprsh): Apply Brahmi oil for head massage
- Brahmi, Shatawari are the useful drug....
-Shirodhara, Meditation are also useful...

Dr. Satyendra Sharma: Anger is mainly associated with hormonal balance  which is controlled by endocrine system .In adverse situation a hormone called Adrenalin releases iin blood which inhibits optimal flow of blood in brain ,causes anger.1Take Akarkara powder with milk in morning 2.Write down valid reasons of anger and find right solution .3 clip and laugh laudly infront of mirror in morning for 21 days .3. Take CO enzyme Q 10 rich food

Vd. Kinshuk Hirpara: Anger is a symptom of emotional imbalance and a weakness , maybe cause of chronic fatigue syndrome . Best results I have seen through by giving a pinch of jata mansi powder on tongue. So that whole nervous system get relaxed. Also Shirodhara with gayatri mantra  and breathing meditation help to get rid of high temperament. Another thing, direct sugar always worsens mental disorders so sugar taken by fruit forms ( with anti oxidants ) is beneficial.

Vd. Manali Davra: Anger is the sign of aggravated pitta in the nervous system. Pitta is necessary for right understanding and judmgent, but when it gets disturbed or out of balance, it creates misunderstanding and wrong judgement, leading to anger and hostility. The aim is to bring the pitta back to its normal constitutional function.
Diet:- Perhaps most important, a person who becomes angry easily or often should follow the pitta-pacifying diet , especially avoiding hot, spicy and fermented foods, citrus fruit, and sour fruit. Favor simpIe, bland foods and cool drinks, and avoid alcohol and drinks with caffeine.
Daily regimen:- Pranayam (sheetali), Yoga, Nasya of go-ghrit,
Choice of drug:- Brahmi, Shatavari, Medicated Ghrit

Dr. Meghdoot Satvekar: Anger is due to pitta dosha , is the instinctive behaviour of responding to challenging situations by becoming upset. Shatavari , Ashwagandha, Yashtimadhu, Brahmi cap , Pravalpanchamrute, Kamdudha ras , Arjunarista , Ghee nasya, Yoga & pranayam

Vd. Ajay Pithiya: Abhyanga – massage, Seka - pariseka – dhara, Pichu, Basti
Having More quality in increasing order……But whr should we put pichu? Pichu means oil deeped cotton or soft cloth

Dr. Prerak Shah: Pichu is placed on brahma-randhra. Universal point or sahastradhar chakra on head.

Sweden Nayana Chauhan: Anulom- vilom pransyam, Shitali pransyam And Singing Bowl meditation

Dr. Meghdoot Satvekar: Brahmi rasayana is Ayurvedic polyherbal preparation which is used to improve intelligence, memory and concentration. It is also used to reduce stress, Anger and depression. It also revitalise and rejuvenated body. 
 Rasayanas are preparations that help to balance vata, pitta, kapha and helpful in curing various physical, mental disorders. These are helpful in promoting good health, memory, intelligence, complexion, restoring youthfulness and giving longevity. Mandukaparni, Shankhpushpi, Kantakari, Shalparni, Gambhari, Bilva, Brihati, Prishniparni, Punarnava, Bala, Vidanga, Darbha, Mudgaparni, Nagkesara, Erandamool, Mashaparni, Haridra, Shatawari.
Dosage- ½  to 1 teaspoonful with milk or water twice a day after meals 

Germany Helga Fuchs: Anger: only to heal by deeply understanding and by respect for the other. If a situation makes you angry, change it or respect it.  Medicin or food calms little for a moment, but if understanding and habit is not changed,  mind is not able to learn. We have to tell the mind how he have to be. Intelligent and strong minds most angry about bad habits oft others.
Weak minds are angry about everything. Help the mind with yoga and pranayama and with thinking oft god. This guid you for better habits and increase intellect.

Dr. Swarup De: Krodh & Visad are two mental condition with opposite features. Krodh or anger mediated by Raja, Pitta and Vata dosa whereas Visada or Depressed state of mind mediated by Tama, Kapha and Vata dosa. Yet Acharya Charak described Krodh is pitta predominant and Visada is Vata predominant disease. For management of Krodh you have to use such drugs which pacify pitta as well as Vata and Raja dosa like Shatavari, Guduchi, Tagar, Brahmi, Krisna Chaturmukh, Mukta, etc and to control Raja dosa, Shiropichu or Shirodhara with Takra Amalaki or simple milk Dhara daily for 7 or 14 days are necessary. In case of Visad use tiksna and ushna drugs like hingu, pippali, trikatu ……One medicine, Laghbananda Rasa(ref.Rasendra Sar Samgra) 250mg with Jatamamsi infusion,  very effective in both condition with different anupan.

Dr. Sujata Vaidya: There are few "Mudra"s that help rebalance the mind emotion link. Anger is an expression of intolerance. This percolates into various symptoms leading to disease. intolerance comes first.... disease follows. Intolerance is a part of personality... so "treatment would be very slow... sure.. and long term.

Dr. Bhadresh Naik: No specific line of treatment to everybody……….State of mind is verable to everybody…………..Similar condition for each evryone is different…..We learn to understand condition…………Circumstance, Time, Position, Understand to opposite person, Counseling

Satyen: I presume there can be many reasons for anger. If it's physical then medicine can be of help. If the condition is due to lack of harmony, meditation and pranayam can be helpful. Our sages used to consume brahmi juice and bhang before meditation. I think there is ample scope of treatment with this two herbs.

Dr. J. T. Contractor: Anger attitude is a result of frustration either a byproduct of family,society,system, or heritage! Solution seems to b psycho therapy, means rather a councilor supportive therapy,but no sedatives or tranquilizer(organic or inorganic)mustn't b incorporated, else fearing addiction, Aqua therapy is best as in nature watering blaze (fire) bursts in smoke, Frequent angry natured person may subsides if he/she makes a habit of consuming whole lot of water during day results in to the extent of hell lot of urination exerts all 3 affluent body bio chemicals, pitta, kafa,vata. Easy & cost affective too!!

Germany Helga Fuchs: Angry childs need sport, enough sleep, intelligent parents with sattvic behaviour to others, or if not sattvic, with selfdiscipline and open mind. And a good training to trust her one mind and talents. Normal childs learn Form adults a lot. Yes she have her one mind, but rajasic or tamasik mind can be trained and this is happen in familys very natural.

Dr. Hardikchandra Kalal:  ⁠⁠⁠⚛Anger = krodh
1⃣It is not every time harmful because artificial anger is helpful in improvement in any type of work.
2⃣It is harmful when we can't control anger.
3⃣It is harmful when we would like to suppression.
4⃣It is useful when we would like to express with positive intention.
5⃣It is not more harmful when we would like express as nature mental urge rather than suppression.
6⃣We should try to make a small our anger area .
*Anger area = We do anger only on our family or nearest friend or relative and unknown who ones harmful for us .Rarely , we do anger on our patients , respected teachers,guru..etc so we shoul try to this our anger area to make a small.
7⃣we should try to don't anger on other naturally and it is possible when we follow मनसो ज्ञानविज्ञानधैर्य स्मृतिसमाधिभी :ll
and we should try to advice for the patient.

Vd Hardik bhatt: Jalli kattu ... Nice ...explanation .. I do not know abt it like this way...

Dr. Sumita Jaiswal: discussion on Anger....reminds me of...krodh agan se tej hai....means krodh I.e. anger is stronger than destroys d mind body n soul of a person....a person harms no one bt himself by getting angry. I belief anger is nothing but a expression of helplessness...when some1 could not handle a difficult situation by own...then comes d anger. So self belief n a strong mind n will power is necessary to overcome it.
Anand Javeri: According to me, children of age between 12 & 18 go through lot of mental burden, confusion, questions, etc. due to environmental changes & puberty.  Also, there is lot of study competition. At this point of time, all they need is parental support, warmth & a friend in parents.  Parents should avoid nagging, and should rather give a quality time to their children particularly of this age, along with making their children aware of their responsibility, not by just scaring them about future cons, but by focusing more on the pros & positive side of life.  In a nutshell, parents should well counsel their children to prepare them for a healthy harmonious life.

Dr. Sujata Vaidya: Parents need the treatment for children of 12 to 18 with anger issue……Break the TV.... Family time should not be at restaurants ….A family conversation should be 5% study 5% their friends 60% kids choice 30%  patents choice...... kids too need to know they are a part of collective decisions……..More asking.... less telling....And good wholesome food……….Nothing here for medical practitioners tho......

Satyen:  nice thoughts Dr Sujata. @dr Minaxi how to attain alpha state of mind. 700+

Dr. J. T. Contractor: Children between this age r inclined more towards sports, v see them seeing matches interestingly, it's an instinctive quality of children & that's the only a source of treatment, society, Gvt, even the family soulfully allow & facilitate children to focus sports in them, physically & chemically if v c ,specifically when they perspire in playing more effluent of body comes out,tiring body is almost distempering! No way anger blooming state! Hardly has time for study,here careful counseling desired to pamper them towards study as well. I think it could b creative way to build future of children setting a disciplinary attitude

Dr. Hardikchandra Kalal: "Anger is also one of the way to express love "
one example :- Parent anger on child    is for with positive intention. Child is anger on parents is not good but it is also indicate that child is most loving to his/her parent and child is not anger to others relative as like on parent. Hence,it is also indicate strong attachment and love between parent & child. So ,we don't more hesitate with this situation but when this situation is out of control then required impediment in behavior from both side.

Dr. Suyog Kulkarni: My experience with shirodhara is very encouraging . I use oil siddha by brahmi , jatamansi , shankhapushpi , vacha etc.

Satyen: What about chandan tilak? Jains do chandan tilak and never gets angry. Can we find solutions for anger in Jainism? Avoiding tamasik foods

Dr. J. T. Contractor: True

Vd. Neeraj Pooner: Breathing exercises n meditation on continues basis helps a lot in reducing anger ...breathing exercises instantly relieve a person state of mind from anger n concentrate it on inhalation n exhalation. ..we can encourage patients or persons so dt dey can mange it at any time……..Continuous meditation helps person to detach his/her mind from anger thoughts………Moreover shitali , sitakari , anulom vilom , bharmari are helpful from yog shastra to overcome anger …….One more things nowa days are in practice binaural beats ..

Dr. J. T. Contractor: Chandan is thandak '  Good for temperament ' Food is definitely a part & partial factor , besides android cell ph also responsible

Vd. Ram Shukla: Chandan is sheet virya. Tilak is applied on the Lower part of forehead just behind is infundibulum in which pituitary-master gland is located

Dr. Arun Tiwari: Why do you want to reduce kam, krodh, moha, lobh etc mansik bhava that are the instrument given by nature for survive a person in the world.

Vd. Ram Shukla: Chandan relaxes pituitary. Kshatriya apply blood or ushna virya dravya as they need to keep their pitta elevated

Satyen: Is gayatri mantra helpful in conquering anger

Dr. Satyendra Sharma: Sure

Vd. Meeta Parekh: In my paediatric patients,I give Suvarn Prashan Sanskar consequetive 3 months.It gives good results in anger.I mix galosatva also in Suvarana Prashan medicine.

Dr. Madhuri Patil Chaudhari: 
Anger is not the problem. Its manifestation in socially unacceptable form , behaviour is the problem. Behaviour can be modified with Discipline and character- building………Krodh is one of Dharaniya Veg. ……..Children learn their behaviour from social & family environment  around them since birth. …….When a flower doesnt bloom we dont fix the flower we fix the Environment. Children just Mirror the behavior.. So resolution of kids behavior starts from Adults around them. ……………..It is better to divert the energy manifested as anger to some productive  instead of distructive. How to do that let teachers or behaviour therapists decide………..As practitioner, rajas to be controlled by vatshamak.. Jaiphal best for mild suppression of chanchalata of mind………….Can tamper with pitta if vata is vitiating imbalance in behaviour.  Too much tampeting with pitta may cause  imbalance,  may cause depression, bipolar disease. Pradnyparadh. DhiDrutiSmrutivibrasht: =Anger

Dr. Milind Patil: मानसो ज्ञान विज्ञान धैर्य स्मृति समाधिभिः।।
In anger management.

Vd. Kinshuk Hirpara: One more thing I want to share- krodha (anger) and pitta have ashrayashrayibhav so pitta virechana is must. So in kids trifala garmalo daily at bed time is beneficial .

Dr. Arun Tiwari: Charak mentioned manah preeksha . Described 21 mansik bhavas examin with arthvyadhikaren one of them  anger (क्रोध) examin to heen madhy uttam condition with lowliness (दीनता,विनम्रता)। Bhavas can not be changes by medicine. It may change with sanskara संस्कारो हि नामः गुणान्तरा धानम्। ……Now we can say this is behavior condition and sanskara is the tool witch can manage…….This my personal opinions that if you reduce one bhav then another bhav will increase if you reduce anger then lobh and bhay will increase.

Dr. Madhuri Patil Chaudhari: Yes. Less anger means more depression. Balance is key. Balanced mind. Anger is outward expression and depression is inward expression. Anger too much , most of the times lead to other psychiatric conditions.  Mind to be maintained with control of Shadripus.…….In Charak  a shlok mentions.. antidote for Sadness is Bhay..
Dr. Arun Tiwari: Charak mentioned 6 bhavas vikrit out of 21. Moh, krodh, shok, lajja, dvesh and chadm.

Dr. Madhuri Patil Chaudhari: shadripus of mind. 6 enemies to keep away from mind.

Shri Minoo parabia: My God! What a great amount of wisdom churning out.
ANGER!..........True anger, I try to keep away for a very simple reason. Why punish myself for some one else's stupidity?  False/action of being engry or enoyed, yes I do specially for my kids and students to send my message home.  Third thing is the acceptance of the situation as such, when one's enger is just futile.  This had helped a lot. As a Doctor one certainly comes across a situation, when a counselling matters more than a drug proper.  Impatience and short temperedness go hand in hand. ..  ...typical bilious personality. Try to change it to phlegmatic, if you can.  Similarly Melancholic to little phlegmatic.

Dr. Milind Patil: ध्यान, धारणा, समाधि!! Active engagement of attention signifies top-down activity, an antidote to going through the day with a zombie-like automaticity. We can talk back to commercials, stay alert to what’s happening around us, question automatic routines or improve them.  This focused, often goal-oriented attention, inhibits mindless mental habits. So while emotions can drive our attention, with active effort we can also manage emotions top-down. Then the prefrontal areas take charge of the amygdala, tuning down its potency.
An angry face, or even that cute baby, can fail to capture our attention when the circuits for top-down control of attention take over the brain’s choices of what to ignore.  क्रोध: Mindless Mental Habit!! Control it by adopting TOP-DOWN approach.

Dr. J. T. Contractor: There r two types of human natures :-
(1) one bitten person who won't raise head to resist
(2) another just give a frowned look at & he Rebels to the extent as if he will remove one's eyes aggressively,It's very difficult task to segregate types of angry human,Who though angers, but can gulp it inside if opposition is strong!
Every action has equal & opposite reaction, much complexity in the subject as people say hit when iron is hot, but in this case deepen it in chill water when it's hot, v witness many cases in day to day events on media,where there is a quarrel bet two persons,any arbitration causes in to falling self victim, दो बैल के बीच झाड़ की शामत! "ANGER A DANGER" many a times counsellor get a back foot from new generation v c them shouting तू तेरा संभाल like dialogues !

Dr. Pradip Mohan Sharma Jaipur: Dr Milind ji DHARNA, DHYANA & SAMADHI are way to renunciation. The meaning of renunciation is here standing for the PRATYAHARA. To switch off all 5 sensory organs from external stimuli.
If someone is not indulging in any worldly reciprocal activity, he is in the state of "chittvritti nirodh" means now he is the master of self.

Dr. Prerak Shah: Anger and any relation with moon cycle? In Jain religion, it is preached to avoid leafy vegetables on certain days of lunar cycle, which is now proven by science too. Lunar cycle affects mind, mental activities and psychological behaviours. Can Such diet restriction during certain days also helpful in anger management?

Dipak Padia Osho: If you are observer of your own Anger or any Bhav your chit which is real mind get real hapiness and spiritual awareness .

Dr. J. T. Contractor: Very well said, a Bengali gentleman long ago added that high & low tied in sea which is due to moon orbiting around globe also affects mind,

Dipak Padia Osho: one should be responsive rather than reactive in Anger

Vd. Dipak Upadhyay: Resp.drs.,  My observation is that Moon cycle  does affect mental response. When moon approach to the FULL Moon day ,those who are suffering from MD ,will ↑ one hyper activities.

Dr. Hardikchandra Kalal: Yes..... true sir..moon=chandra=man..

Shanku Chirag: I got results for simple Ghee Nassya in my practice for anger management - as per our ancient belief our Anger stay at nose - " iska gussa to iske Nak pe hi rehta he" iska to bat bat pe nak chad jata he"  so, friends for anger balancing Ghee nassya is best

Vd. Dipak Upadhyay: Anger in ds age group is common. I can quote from resp. ZAVERCHAND MEGHANI " घट मां घोडा थनगने , ने आतम विंझे पांख।
अण दीठी भोमका माथे यौवन मांडे आँख। " It means that during this age group... A person (f/M - both) want's to do something different from their elders. They want their own IDENTITY. During 5 - 14 years age they just watch " what is going on in the family as well as in the around his network.  Parents & schools & others says that be live like a KING HARISHCHANDRA...honesty, true , be a RAM ect....
BUT  In the real life is totally opposite.....That's y they can't decide between GOOD & DEVIL ....ITS result in anger....My opinion is that we can council them by become their friends...not advice's & don't...Let them handle the situation and if they need some help we are ready.
As a doctor you can provide some medicine as par our GHANTHA , bcz this is our bread and butter.

Dr Feroz Khan: Prophet mohammad said in his spiritual preching whenthere  is anger shaitan (evil spirit) flows with blood in your body and he made from  (aag)heat so one can clearly see furiousness in his in anger if you are upright then sitdown if u rsitting then u liedown .or u make uzu. (Three time face hand & leg walsh procedures) becauze evil-devil is made from aag (heat) and only water can extinguish aag.if u made uzu expericnce is amzing and fantastic.Thanks.

Dr Bhagyashri Panchal: Very nice information on anger. . Thanks to all ...

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