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what is Allergy (any kind of)? #Ayurveda approach..and management

Views shared by several ayurveda professionals and non-ayurveda people in discussion group:
All views shared here are only for knowledge. This information doesn’t have any scientific validation. Various doctors and non-medicos have shared their views and experiences in this discussion. Please do not try any of the suggestions described here, without prior consult from your regular, qualified doctor. Dr. Prerak Shah and no other person is responsible for any unwanted effects, side effects or contra-indications in your health. Thank you.
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Germany Helga Fuchs: Allergy: lifestyle, food, (incompatible food), any wrong contakt for prakrti. Food allergy is incompatibility of food  (Rasa, veerya, vipaka, with strenght of agni).  Digestion is disturbed. Ama.
Vd. Ajay Pithiya: Allergy  also denoted as hypersensitivity..  When a person or his body reacts stronlgy against any substance (live or dead) by the virtue of symptoms …..We can understand this by an example.. If pakistan army fight with indian army during war time its normal (no allergy), but if pakistani army continues the attack during cease fire also, this is called hypersensitivity…….Immune mechanism is responsible for this reactions..  Ayurveda stated this as bala (बल)…..Ayurveda scripts supports 3 types of bala.. 
Sahaj (सहज) natural - from the birth time,  natural immunity…..Kalaj (कालज) -  as growth nd development take place..  Kalaj bala increases….Yuktikrut (युक्तिकृत) - by the mean of healthy diet nd life style and with use of some drugs we can acquire this bala …….So for any of allergic reaction (allergic rhinitis or atopic dermatitis) besides the symptomatic management bala vruddhi (बलवृद्धि) is needed..  Which can be achieved by immunomodulator drugs….The word Bala (बल) simply means strength
Dr. Dipak Shirude:  Nowadays, Allergy is a trump card word. Whenever a medical practitioner fails in diagnosis or patient can not be relieved in stipulated time, allergy is declared. Many times being on safer side and not to loose the patient at earliest, practitioners use this word vigorously. Many patients also put them into the patients chair, saying that he is a sufferer of allergy.  First we have to see the patient thoroughly with all the Ayurved concepts especially from responsible factors (hetu or nidaan) and then doshik involvement in the samprapti i.e. flowchart of progress of an ailment. Once we decide dosh responsible for his signs and symptoms, we can plan shodhan and shaman chikitsa as per the situation. This will cure him. Then we have to make arrangement for apunarudbhav chikitsa which will avoid recurrence of the disease.  Generally what we denote allergy is pratishyaya or pinas or a kind of kushtha i.e. skin disorder. If we go by above criterion, we get success. And there remains no question of allergy. Yet, the terms said in Ayurved as ……..Saatmya - Asatmya - Oksatmya  are somewhat nearer to the so called allergy.
Consumption of an Asatmya causes imbalance of doshas and therefore result into an ailment. There is ample description of such things scattered in samhitas. One can find it if he tries to go through the samhitas in that regard or intention. Charak has even stated about Asatmya Jal i.e. drinking water. If someone migrated in the area where he or she cannot suit the water available there, he should not give up but with time he will make his body adjustable to suit the available water. These minute things described in samhitas are a great vision provided to us and we can create effective policy against the real allergic conditions.
The recent example of water reveals the fact that every time we can not run away from causative factors but we have to mould our natural psychosomatic tendency to adjust with the nature. And we are doing it currently also. We consume so many pesticides and artificial things which are like poison but we are surviving. This is nature. We are adjusting many many Asatmya things nowadays. These Asatmya, we can say allergens are all around us. In our air, water, food, fruits, vegetables, oils, ghrit, our clothing ... nothing is exempted from allergens. Only some of us, sometimes get ill and we have all the therapies in Ayurved like Panchkarma, Rasayan chikitsa and Swasthvritta rules as well as Aacharan to save humanity from these hazardous unwanted allergens.
After a long long thinking and studying principles of Ayurved ad well as many preparations available in market, I have found some great formulations that we can randomly use to tackle successfully these so called allergic situations. Some of the main contents I can state here are : 3 well-known rasayan fruits, shwet sariwa, guggulu, kanchanar, rajani etc.
Finally I can state that, an Ayurved vaidya should not make himself confused in modern way of thinking about allergy. Just forget that hypersensitivity and that histamine and all those hypotheses. Only see the patient, his constitution, his way of living, his detailed history regarding his illness and make pure Ayurved treatment plan for him including samshodhan as well as shaman chikitsa. Show him pathway for ideal healthy living. Take keen observation of the patients routine even about teeth and mouth washing - bathing soaps - hair oils etc. everything. Find faults and correct them. That is all to conquer over allergy !!!
Dr. Meghdoot Satvekar:  In allergy their is vat , patta prakope , may be due to worm infestation , main content of hingwastak churn is hingu which is  used  indigestion and other stomach problems. Its anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant properties alleviate upset stomach, intestinal gas, intestinal worms, flatulence. so I suggest to add this along with other medicine .
Satyen: Can nasya of Anu tail help in dealing with allergy?
Dr. Prerak Shah: Yes. Nasya treatment can be helpful to counteract respiratory allergies. Medicine came be anu oil or any other as per the case may be.
Satyen: Even nasya of cow ghee or waxing with erand tail may be helpful... I suppose..
Dr. Arun Tiwari: Eosinophilia can be idiopathic (primary) or, more commonly, secondary to another disease. allergic or atopic diseases are the most common causes, especially those of the respiratory or integumentary systems. In the developing world, parasites are the most common cause. A parasitic infection of nearly any bodily tissue can cause eosinophilia. Diseases that feature eosinophilia as a sign include the following:
Allergic disorders - Asthma[4], Hay fever[4], Drug allergies[4], Allergic skin, diseases[4], Pemphigus[4] Dermatitis herpetiformis
In allergic asthma "ghrit bhrashtr Haridra" controls eosinophils, practically I useses yoga of malla specially 'suvarn sameer pannag ras', and skin allergies rasmanikya is best medicine.
Dr. J. T. Contractor: I think body metabolism of individual defers,it accepts certain food, matches a particular atmosphere,skin too tolerates certain type of cloth,& rejects other types could b allergy! V find people taking 3-4 days old cooked food & digest well( beggars etc), but some people eat next day food falling sick or some times food poisoning! I think allergy has some thing to do with immunity! Stronger is the immunity lesser may b the after effects! It seems, a very thin line in between
Vd. Bhavesh Thakkar: Haridrakhand i hv found very useful in most of allergies. It can be combined with other drugs according to conditions. Haridra is dry, good for skin, good for prameha, blood disorders, swelling, anemia and wound.
Dr. Sujata Vaidya: Allergy sufferers have deep fear and low esteem issues.  Allergies have no known aetiology .... treatment is usually to overcome debility caused by the trigger.  It us essential to resolve psychological aversion for any medication to work long term. Allergies disappear just as allergies appear....
Dr. Sumita Jaiswal: I have a recent patient of chronic allergic well as allergic rhinitis...was giving him oral medication like khadirarista, panchanimba, virechak etc...but symptoms were fluctuating....for sometimes he felt totally relieved but in few days...symptoms I have referd him for panchakarma....done wid vamana n now vasti would b I feel in chronic patients of allergy....proper sodhan karma is necessary 1stly...wats every1s perspective?
Dr. Pradip Mohan Sharma Jaipur: Vaman and virechan, both are tremendously result oriented
Dr. Sumita Jaiswal: Similarly there was a father daughter duo wid eosnophilia....father was treated successfully wid oral medications but d daughter aged 3 yrs is still treatment..  There is reddish pimples like rashes all over her body wid itching....frankly I feel scared to apply some of our medicines to such a small child....plz guide…
Dr. Pradip Mohan Sharma Jaipur: Medicines are not very effective in many cases but PK is brilliantly good
Dr. J. T. Contractor: Alum salt (fitakdi) de solved in water & skin be washed with this water without wiping skin b exposed to tender sun rays, ( no soap shampoo for long time), apply malkankni oil gently on skin, repeat till optimum results
USA Parulben: For child pl use curd+ backing soda will give u drametic result. 1/2 cup curd + 1 spoon backing soda. Bath with karan soap. Sorry! This is for local application not to eat. Curd and soda you can apply 3 times/ day.
Dr. Arun Tiwari: Dr. Sumita kandu is not allergic condition. Kandu is similar to scabies. I think you are talking about Sheetpitta, udard and koth these are similar to allergie. The treatment is very different in each. Tankan is more effective than alum But this is temporary lakshnik treatment.
Dr. J. T. Contractor: Curd be acidic on skin if possible avoid
Dr. Arun Tiwari: Only ruksh swedan controls  acute condition of allergy like sheetpitt. Eczema (vicharchika) is chronic condition of allergy.
USA Parulben: Well we can eat curd even though it is acidic and curd and rice is first healthy protein rich food for child. Curd and honey first healthy shampoo for new born.
Dr. Jinal Thakkar: In Sheeta pitta or udarda even paribhadra works good as local application…I had used paribhadra ghrita…Itching is curbed… And so are the thick red eruptions
Dr. Arun Tiwari: I agree with Dr Ajmera in children its good use of curd is soumya do not harm skin.
Baroda Arti parimal: Make a paste of shami or khejada leaves apply on affected  part leave it for 15 minutes take bath with Luke warm water. After bathing apply rose water , glycerin and karpoor. Vachellia nilotica =khejada
Germany Helga Fuchs: How is general food for this child? In India most of small childs eat same spicy food as parents and many react with problems. Parents have to understand that spicy food for childs is creating problems. No information here about this point? If this simple regular habit is in right direction, big treatments most time not needed. Rice and Curd, for me is to heavy in this condition. Maybe needed about age, but in actual condition to much. applikation ok, Takra, butter milk, is, as I have my experiences more easy.
Dr. Sumita Jaiswal: Have prescribed tankan to d child for local application bt wat abt oral med?  Kapha aggravation should b there...n also she is a child….Hmmm curd n soda combo is new for me...for sure will try on some patients ....thanks… Allergic kasa n swasa patients r very much affected by d house in which they r living of my patients was relieved only after he changed his room which was more airy n avoiding d nidan is very much necessary…..
Dr. Dipali Poshtiwala: For skin allergy jatayadi ghrut, chandraprabhavati no. 2 very useful…Agreed with psychological factors bz of that allergy more occurs
Shri Minoo parabia: In cases of severe urticaria use this as first aid. Apply fresh juice of Nagarvel leaves.  Piper betel is Nagarvel. Even for asthma swaskuthar given with nagarvel leaf yields good result.
Exi kir: When body reacts badly to some elements like dust, fragrances, fur etc. it is called allergy. Allergy causes caugh or cold or head ache or itching or scares on skin etc.
Spain Juan Carlo Carlos: allergy is caused for accumulatiom of ama in the leads to a continuos hiper activity of the innmune system and an  over reaction to external toxins...under my experience drecreasig or cleanig excess  of ama inmediatly improves allegy syntoms
Mrugesh j. parikh advocate: Prarakbhai,  thanks for this topic.... I am suffering from allergy since last 5 years... It starts from the end of February and goes after Holi ...
Dr. Sheetal Sumra: Which allergy?
Dr. Priti Vikas Agrawal: I have a alleragy of dust n daily in morning after wake up  sneezing is started about 15 -20 times in one attack .. Allergy of artificial jewellary also ..any type of like bangles swelling in hand ..earings redness in ear .. Necklase itching n rashes on neck
Dilip Patel: That is due to nikle metal which is used to bring shine in poling process.
Dr. Priti Vikas Agrawal: But this type of allergy is happened only with me ..not with my sister n mother…They also wear this jewellary
Dilip Patel: This depends on person to person. Wear jewellery of silver or polised without nickle process
Spain Juan Carlo Carlos: had a very good experience using this plant as infussion three times a day for skinn chemical products allergy
Mrugesh j. parikh advocate: I am having allergy of pollen... Sneezing 400 to 500 with running nose, severe irritation inside nose, cough,  burning corners of eyes,  unable to breath with nose... Etc...
 Vd. Pankaj Chhayani: Allergy and hypersensitivity both are different terms..don't be confused as same term...
Dr. Prerak Shah: @Vd. Pankajbhai: Pl elaborate
Vd. Pankaj Chhayani: Hypersensitivity means exaggerated immune response... Allergy is a type of hypersensitivity... Actually real meaning of hypersensitivity is - any tissue damaging immune reaction..there are four types of hypersensitivity , first three are antibody mediated hypersensitivity and fourth is cell mediated hypersensitivity....hypersensitivity is broad term mainly include allergy and autoimmunity... Allergy is caused by hypersensitivity of immune system....allergen are always ……Foreign, while there are other types of hypersensitivity where allergns are not foreign..example for autoimmunity where self tissue become immunogenic and immune response become exaggerated  against immunogenic tissue, called autoimmune disease.. So this condition of autoimmunity is called type 2 hypersensitivity..
Pulastya Vora: The tuber of fresh ginger has moisture I.e. Aadrata from which it is known as Adrak while when it becomes dry  - the condition is called Sushkta from which term coined is Sunthi
Vd. Hardik bhatt: A body shows a reaction on a special substance is like allergy ...It may be due to low immunity….To react allergy we have to fight 3 ways .. 1. To protect 2. Improve immunity 3. Remove extra aamdosh or toxins which r already in body ... By panchkarm o by medicine or by diet regimen
Dr. Sheetal Sumra: One patient walked in @clinic, Age 54 yr Old, She complains of DOE, Wheezing sound. Dryness in nose..  Currently she is on steroids…Since 6yrs….She has allergy of pigeon……I have started her with snehan, swedan, Nasya, Yoga, In 3sitting wheezing sound has reduced…
IPR Chhayaben: My brother had dust allergy which was solved by eating fresh ginger regularly with salt n lemon
Dr. Nikhil Baxi: sheetapitta relieved by eating ginger.
Dr. Pulastya Vora: Allergy and inflammation are reactions of our body against harmful substances. So they are not diseases but warnings given by our body. It is known as Prati (against or anti) Urjata (energy) or Praturjata. By this warnings body tries to tell us two things (1) we are come across with something which is harmful or dangerous to our life. (2) our body is not yet prepared to accept the substance or situation or body is yet to find out the process to detoxify (shodhan) the substance before it does any harm. So consider that it is a God-gifted time or God-sent opportunity to adjust to situation or substance. It may happen that after sometime you may accommodate your self with situation or substance which today you are unable to cope up. So do not be anxious or depressed. Take the situation lightly and try to understand your body.
Dr. Rachana Mumbai: I have come across patients with allergy due to aam. My mother has allergy both skin and rhinitis….As my mother i know the reason of accumulation of aam the reason is she used to fast a lot and after 10 days of fasting or even 40days of fasting very next moment she used to have normal food and start with chapati ….Which is very very wrong .........And in such cases i feel,  shodhan and particularly vaman will be beneficial. Comments awaited
Bharat dave: I have a allergy of lemon(limbu) i can not take single drop of lemon…Vomit all the food after taken lemon please give me the advise what i have to do? I always avoid food with lemon and never think about lemon juce
Vd. Pankaj Chhayani: Allergy is an individual's sensitivity to an foreign substance that is usually harmless..when allergy cause tissue damage ,its called type 1 tissue damaging allergic hypersensitivity.. There are 4 types of hypersensitivity
There are two types of type 1 hypersensitivity.  1) localised type 1 hypersensitivity----allergic rhinitis, allergic conjunctivitis, allergic angio oedema, hay fever, skin- hives, food allergy   2) generalized type 1 hypersensitivityanaphylactic shock, urticaria, respiratory distress...
Diagnostic test for allergy:
1) skin prick test  2) RAST- radio allegro immuno sorbent test …… ATOPY:- familial tendency to make IGE more frequently against the common environmental substances which in most population is non atopy, father mother son all are allergic to particular allergen.. …..THYMUS:- thymus plays important role in education of lymphocytes... Tolerance or intolerance of lymphocytes against various allergens depends on education of lymphocytes in thymus during childhood... Recent studies suggest that diverse populations of regulatory T cells play an important role in regulating T helper type 2 responses to allergen. Thymus is active during various immune modulators regimens of ayurveda can play important role in developing good immunity during childhood..
Ayurveda concept of allergy:-
In Ayurveda allergy is described as Asatmaya(incompatible- increasing discomfort)... There are four types of asatmaya:   1. rutu(season) asatmaya: its generally observed that pts with rhinitis have maximum presentation of signs and symptoms in rainy and spring seasons......2⃣ Desha(country/habitat) asatmaya: though living in the same environment conditions, some people remains healthy while only few of them will be allergic to certain things..example for some people develop asthma/ acidity in coastal area while some remain healthy. Traveller diarrhoea is also example of this treatment of acidity, Kashyapa has mentioned leaving of anupa (coastal) Desha as a ultimate option of treatment…..3⃣ Roga (disease)asatmaya: Sour and fermented items increase problem of urticaria. …4⃣ oaka(Naturally) asatmaya: its depend on prakriti of individual...cold is not comfortable for kapha prakriti...
VIRUDDHA AHARA(unwholesome diet) :
Viruddha ahara may give rise to many chemical reactions in our body, which can't be visualized. It may be affecting the cellular body built and its chemical constituents..
Management of allergy in ayurveda:
Prakruta kapha(physiological kapha) is considered as Bala(immunity), while vikruta kapha (pathological kapha) is considered as mala(cause of disease)- ojas is also play important role in built of immunity. This ojas is type of kapha(cha.sha.7) which manifest during embryological life and its responsible for innate immunity(sahaj bala) in ayurveda , to develop sahaj bala(innate immunity) one should focus on healthy conception.
To develop yuktikruta bala (acquired immunity) , one should focus on normal development of children. As childhood is stage of kapha, one should focus increase prakruta kapha by various regimens like exercise ,consuming. Chyavanprasha (बालानां च अंगवधँनानां-    promote normal development of child),suvarna prasha etc.. …..Still one suffer from allergy in adulthood, various kamya rasayana should be used as rasayana drugs are immuno modulator.
Hay fever-  Nasya, pippali
respiratory allergy- Chyavana prasha, Shirisha, triphala, vasa, bhallataka, Vacha, honey
allergy related to eye triphala
food allergy- vidanga, shunthi, pippali,kutaja.
skin allergy- bhring raja, tuvaraka, yastimadhu,Grapes,  daily abhyanaga...
- Dr.Pankaj (assistant professor)
Colombia Dr. Sandra Milena Galvis: excellent explanation . thanks…A modern explanation of the concept is syndrome permeability of the intestinal mucosa
Vd. Pankaj Chhayani: Day by day various types of immunization are Ayurveda ,research should be done on effects of immunization on immunity(specially allergy).. 1⃣In first group ,only ayurvedic immuno modulator such as chyavana prasha, suvarnaprasha, Brahma rasayana should be given to children……2⃣ in second group only various  modern immunization should be given…….3 in third group, both ayurveda and modern immunization should be given……Then effects on immunity(allergy related problems in childhood/ adulthood) in all three group should be checked……..Allergens are some one like poison in characteristic of ashukari.. There are some drugs which are vyavayi and have good effects of anti allergen. Maricha (piper nigrum)and vacha (calamus)are such type of drugs having very good effects against food and respiratory allergy...Shirish(albizzia lebbeck) is considered as Vishaghna dravya(anti poison) which is also very good in allergic respiratory problems..
Vd. Hardik J. Patel- MD: Haridrakhand avaleh in skin allergy and respiratory allergy
Colombia Dr. Sandra Milena Galvis: In Colombia we do not have permission to Ayurvedic medicines. All we handle it with food and some therapies. What do you think of intolencia gluten that is different from celiac disease? And his relationship with certain allergies
Vd. Pankaj Chhayani: The first characteristic of ama is Pichchhilata(sticky ness). Gluten is also derived from glu means stickyness. So indigestion of gluten leads production of ama which is sticky. Trikatu will be drug of choice in gluten sensitivity…….If there is Ayurveda medicine is not allowed,u can use in food too.
In India people , gluten is main contain in diet..but along with gluten containing articles, we use many spicy herbs in daily diet which are antagonist to gluten...
Dr. Ravindra Upadhyay: Use of. Roasted. Cuminseeds i e Jeera useful in. G I problems, it helps to overcome stickiness of the stool. removal of. Ama. should be consumed in. powder form.
Dr. Pulastya Vora: Continuing discussion on allergy; it is said that one man's medicine may be another's poison. For e.g. one can digest raw milk; one after boiling while another after adding dry ginger or pippalimool. So do not compare yourself with others. It is said that each and every patient is a separate textbook of medicine. So consider that how unique your body constituent is! Read your body as textbook of medicine or develop a separate area in brain as AID- Allergy Investigation Department and aid your body to find out what pitches you as allergen. As soon as you get a clue discuss with your doctor.
Vd. Pulkit D. Patel: in ayurveda there are some contents …..shitapitta (urticaria)….udarda(giant urticaria)……kotha(roseola)……have same lakshana as like allergy… ayurveda aama is responsible for this deases……. dhatvagnimandhya is responsible for aama formation .have purvaroopa like:-pipasa, aruchi, dehasada, anga gaurava, rakta lochanta,  roopa like: varti dansata sansthana, shotha, kandu, chardi, vidah, jwara
Vd Pranjlin Kavar: My daughter was having a severe allergic reaction to milk and all types of milk products by birth. She get cure by powder of dry date and air roots of ficus religiosa ( pipado in Gujarati).
 Germany Rabia: A 4 months old daughter of friend of mine has very bad rashes on stomach, face, lower abdominal. It should be allergic??What it can be.. Mother is not eating pitta inducing food anymore
Usa Vaduvur S. Narayan: Allergies to pigeons is well documented in allopathic medical literature.  Treatment is not very effective
 Vd. Pankaj Chhayani: Most common genetic defect is lactase many people living with lactase deficiency, mill is not suitable for them, on consuming milk they get abdominal cramps, bloating, and diarrhoea, in ayurveda we called it Mrudu Koshtha...its known as milk allergy (actually its genetic defect)in lay man term... In this case boiling milk should be given with ginger...People living with pigeons should take nasya daily..and consume Chyavanprasha to boost immunity
Dr. Kumar S. K. : In any type of allergy related to poisonous or non poisonous immediate remedy is 1betel leaf+1tsf of pepper+1tsf of crystal salt, crush all these and give orally 1 pinch every 10 min..we have tried in many animal species and pts.

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