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Pippali (Lindi pipar) or piper longum…. the miracle #ayurveda herb

Views shared by several ayurveda professionals and non-ayurveda people in discussion group:
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Today's topic for discussion:  Pippali (Lindi pipar) or piper longum…. the miracle #ayurveda herb

Vd. Manhar Prajapati: I tried in hypothyroid… pt conceived after many years of marriage

Dr Dipak Shirude: Some patients suffering from recurrent URTI ( i.e. pranvah strotas vyadhi ) were treated satisfactorily with vardhamaan pippali Rasayan as well as chausashti pippali ..Pippali is widely used in various kalpas and have wonderful role on Agnee !! Pippalimul was used by me for sleep . stress etc disorders related to brain activities ... Nowadays I do not use choornas hence not used as before ...

Vd. Hardik bhatt: Vardhman pippli prayog I have used in bronchitis and platelet count disorder (thrombocytopenia)…

Vd. Ajay Pithiya: Vardhman pippali in shitpitta is best

Vd. Mahesh Akani: Laghu pipali prayog means daily 3 no with milk & water boil it & takes for 3 months I got very good result in paediatric KSHAY क्षय .

Vd. Pankaj Chhayani: Pippali has no nutritional value, it works on Agni.. Pippali is very good aam its used in condition of Ama, and almost all auto immune disorders..

Vd. Manhar Prajapati: Shante agne mriyate...when agni balance than all is well...

Vd. Pankaj Chhayani:  Got extra ordinary results in Aamavat, sjogren…..
Pippali and jaggery are very Good in condition of also useful in vardhamankrama in vatarakta

Vd. Prerak Shah: Pippali + ghee - very good vajikaran

Vd. Pankaj Chhayani: Pippali is yogwahi, pippali is imp content of trikatu. Trikatu is ingredient of many many ayurveda preparation. Yes sir pippali is very good Vrishya..pippali is good where Oligospermia is due to rasa ksaya…In ancient time, I think pippali is important herb of dietary article. So why charaka has described it in Annapana adhyaya... Further charak deny to use it (also alkali and salt) for long time in viman sthana. But for treatment purpose it can be pippali is aapatbhadra-it can cause beneficial effect as well as harmful effect very quickly…Its Yogavagi- mean good Carrier for other herbs when its used with in combination….For vajikarana pippali should be used with anupan of milk and ghee…For kaphaj vyadhi, it should used with honey

Dr. Hardik- MD: Pippali has anushnshit virya and madhur vipaka so we can use pippali in all kind of auto immune disorder like rheumatoid arthritis, nephritic syndrome, cirrhosis of liver, sjogran syndrome, renal tubular acidosis etc. In our ayurveda we can take immunity as Prakrit kafa (bala) so in auto immunity disorder, immunity (bala) is bhransh(misguide) from its work. So in all kind of bala bhransha condition we can give rasayana therapy. So pippali is one of them rasayan dravya. So in this condition best way of pippali is used by vradhman prayoga with dugdha…Pippali is choice of drug for charak in sadhya vaman in javara, svasa, chardi roga

Vd. Bhavesh Thakkar: Nice interpretation..

Vd. Dhruti Kagrana: Other benefits of Pippali
-Cleanses the blood  -Increases digestion,Treats Manda Agni  -Treats skin disorders -Reduces Vata Nervous System disorders (anxiety, fear, worry, etc) -Enhances the memory and intellect (medhya) -Useful in epilepsy,headache..

Vd. Kinshuk Hirpara: 
Anticancer activity -à The alcohol extract of P. longum (10 mg/dose/animal) and piperine (1.14 mg/dose/animal) inhibits solid tumor development in mice induced with Dalton's lymphoma ascites cells and increases the life span of mice. Piperine was also found to be cytotoxic towards Dalton's lymphoma ascites and Ehrlich ascites carcinoma cells at 250 μg/mL [22 and 23].

Antioxidant activity-àP. longum exhibits promising antioxidant potential against free radical-induced oxidative damage. Petroleum ether extract of the root and piperine from roots of P. longum Linn. decrease lipid peroxide levels and maintain glutathione content, demonstrating antioxidant activity [24].

Hepatoprotective activity- àThe plant fruit extract was assessed in rodents for its hepatoprotective action against carbon tetrachloride-induced acute, chronic reversible and irreversible damage using morphological, biochemical, and histopathological parameters. The extract stimulates regeneration by restricting fibrosis, but offers no protection against acute damage or against cirrhosis. Piperine was found to protect against tertiary butyl hydroperoxide-induced and carbon tetrachloride-induced hepatotoxicity by reducing lipid peroxidation in vitro and in vivo [25 and 26].

 Anti-inflammatory activity - -àA marked anti-inflammatory activity of P. longum fruit decoction has been reported using carrageenaninduced rat edema
Courtesy science direct. Com

Dr. Priti Vikas Agrawal: Gud imformations

Dr. Kiritbhai G.: Please, does pippali work on COPD?

Vd. Prerak Shah: Dr. Kiritbhai, I have good no of patients of COPD. I don't see more response of pippali in that cases. COPD is more Vata disease for me. It's vey ffern oditn from asthma or kapha disorder.

Dr. Kiritbhai G.: I want to know perfect drug for COPD

Vd. Prerak Shah: I don't have drug. I do Panchkarma. And it's beneficial. COPD can't be cured as it is not reversible condition, that's what I have heard.
Dr. vikram delhi: But Sir, Vata disorders are easy to manage n reverse, at least initially.. Anyone have tried Vardhman Pippali..

Vd. Mukesh Mehta: One who don't have good sleep can take pipperi churna with GUD - jaggary

Vd Pranjlin Kavar: Pipperimul churna also gives good result in anovulation.

Vd. Kalpesh Makvana - Surat: I got results in vitiligo with vardhman pipali

Vd Daxa Patel: Pippalimul churna and pippar churna both are very useful for women in sutika rogas and as postnetal care

Dr. Prakash B N Bangaluru: Pippali is advised in ksheerapaka form (not kashaya). The study done at our lab showed more active components in ksheerpaka than in kashaya.

Dr. Dipa Mehta: Pippali kshirpaka is very useful for metabolic disorders. It act as deepan and pachan…..It is useful in thyroid

Vd. Milan Prajapati: My one friend had successfully completed thesis on pipali and aamvata. He got excellent result in aamvata by the use of vardhman pipali prayog in 30 patients

Vd. Tushar Trivedi: I found Pippali very useful in Allergic rhinitis and bronchial asthma...useful in any condition emerged due to Aam dosha....

Dr. Lokesh Mehta: Pippali is excellent bioenhancer .  I have used it in asthma as ksheer pak  with good results. It can be given where there is Ra's dhatu kshay

Vd. Rupa Raval: If we use pippali as a one drug for long period because of its snigdha guna and ushna guna it will become couse of tridoshvardhana

Vd. Jignesh Thakkar: अथः त्रीणि द्रव्याणि न प्रयोज्य महतानी पिप्पली क्षार लवणं इति।  Continuous use of pippali for long duration is not good according to ayurveda.
Vardhman pippali prayog may be a good option for fatty infiltration in always i have few things in mind as theory i never got chance to treat patient of fatty infiltration in liver by vardhman pippali.

Vd. Neha Dipam Tripathi: Vardhaman pipali also used in any kafaj diseases
In hypothyroidism , jirn pratishyay, Sotha

Dr. Rajnish MP: In all avrodha-janya diseases  pippali churn can be used according to doshi with anupan of ghrut or honey.

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Views shared by several Ayurveda professionals and non-Ayurveda people in discussion group: Disclaimer: All views shared here are onl...