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Abdominal obesity...an #ayurvedic view…

shared by several ayurveda professionals and non-ayurveda people in discussion group:

All views shared here are only for knowledge. This information doesn’t have any scientific validation. Various doctors and non-medicos have shared their views and experiences in this discussion. Please do not try any of the suggestions described here, without prior consult from your regular, qualified doctor. Dr. Prerak Shah and no other person is responsible for any unwanted effects, side effects or contra-indications in your health. Thank you.

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Next topic for discussion: Abdominal obesity...an  #ayurvedic view…

Dr Kusum Pawse: isabgol can be taken before food for weight loss
Dr. Chirag C. Chauhan: I suggest morning exercise for weight loss and healthy life....I   got the results on it
Dr. Ravindra Upadhyay: Ideal will be Amala & Sooryanamaskaar
Dr. Chirag C. Chauhan: Why should we prescribe medicine for weight loss ..Suggest best advice as per ayurveda. ..lots of in Swasthvruta
Dr. Ravindra Upadhyay: Yogabhyas will help to overcome craving and over eating.
USA Gary Yuen: Crysannthemum tea is good as rasayana, for liver and eyes. Hibiscus is excellent though I'm not sure what Ayurveda says. Mandukaparni and jatamamsi also excellent i believe.
Caraka mentions gavedukha for weight loss. Works very well. Better than yava.
Dr. Ghanshyam Varsa: ab-exercises-chart.pdf • 1 page <attached>
USA Gary Yuen: Bhringarj also might be good general rasayana tea.
Dr. Ghanshyam Varsa: Utthanpadasan is very effective yoga in abdominal obesity
Dr Kusum Pawse: Yog and suryanamaskar really helps for weight loss if done regularly
USA Gary Yuen: Many yoga teachers mention standing poses best for weight loss.
Dr. Muanpuii: Vrikshamla (garcinia cambogia) is also reducing fat accumulation in the body
Dr Kusum Pawse: Kokum water is also used for weight loss.
Dr Ashi Vaidhya: In obesity firstly I used to take the whole routine of the patient after then ask for the addition whether it is coffee or tea or cold drink make the patients diet according to ayurveda diet i.e. Satvik diet cut tea coffee or cold drink I used to take 45 min session of therapeutic yog in the morning along with yogic kriya  followed by aarogyavardhini vati ayur slim of Himalaya with 12to13 glass of water every day gives excellent results
Dr Dinesh Kacha: Hydro citric acid 60% Garcenia extract is good for apittite supration in weight loss , Dose 1 gm before meal
Dr. J. T. Contractor: Weight gain problem seems genetic, hereditary, I observed food style of thin or even skinny people, they eat good many chapatis, rice, vegetables dal oily fried foods in big quantity irrespective of timetable! Yet they don't put on weight, it's surprisingly true. Their body metabolism is fast, some of them found with only tummy out, probably swelling of liver, certainly no fats !
On the contrary fat people seen eating less, yet body bulges, apart from thyroxine imbalance, their tests are normal, secondly people loosing weight by diet & other holistic methods undoubtedly reduce good amount of weight like those of cinema actors, but after a short span they increase weight with double the speed they were reducing it earlier the funda' phenomena yet to be studied classically well. I think it's not only the diet or food habits, it must be the other hormones apart from thyroxine, along with the role of the quality enzymes, family history, working or business, environment & customs, staying on hill side etc are also affecting factors!
Dr. Chirag Vaghela: रस निमित्तमेव स्थौल्य काश्य च
Dr Kusum Pawse: Rebound weight gain is because while dieting they do not take carbs. When glucose storage reduces they crave for that … Some people have very good metabolism .and some do not. BMR can be increased by exercise.
Dr Ashi Vaidhya: Ya all these depends on bmr
Dr Kusum Pawse: Agni is BMR?
Dr. Ravindra Upadhyay: Defined as an agency converting complex food into simpler food by heat.
Slovenia Anoop S. Anand: Agni can be correlated to BMR..If Agni is good BMR is good
Vd. Prerak Shah: Sir, Agni can be defined as bio-chemical converters.
Dr. Madhuri Patil Chaudhari: AGNI-  Awareness Governing Nutritional Intelligence -dr. vasant lad.
Agni is Basic mahabhut which is the only entity that converts one form of energy into another. when this conversion process is impaired dis-ease happens, kick starting eatiology. Thats why Kayachikitsa is essentially a chikitsa for restoration of function of AGNI(KAY).
BMR or other tests are just some of measuring tools for functionality of agni. Ayurved has a list starting from Samata( free radicals) signs and symptoms,  Purvrupa etc.
Vd. Rahul Botadara: Agni divide all mahabhut
USA Gary Yuen: I don't believe weight gain is genetic. Dosha is psychological and while difficult to change, possible and according to Caraka, perhaps tridoshic is the proof of lack of imbalance.
Dr. Pravin Tirmare: Narsimha churna in charak samhita is best for reducing abdominal obesity
Dr.Sandeep Saluja: It would be good if instead of just saying something is good,esteemed members can also justify it.
If one says a particular churan or something is good then also say what is the principal component which could be responsible for the good effect and whether any adverse effects are noted.
Mr. Rahul Pujari: I am in the process of losing excess weight that was put on just not due to bad eating habits and lack of exercise but also really horrible panic syndrome and anxiety… I personally don't it's possible to lose weight just in one spot…. Otherwise known as spot reduction….However holistic weight loss cab be achieved.  I have lost 12 kgs so far.  Few dietary constrains,  such as avoiding white rice,  sodas,  ciggrrates,  alcohol and getting sound sleep
Dr.Sandeep Saluja: Fat on the tummy is most correlated with cardiovascular risk and risk for diabetes.
Vd. Dakshaben Patel: Lekhniya powder's massage is very useful to reduced abdominal fat ….Asthapan basti of Dashmool and varunadi kadha also give good result
Devesh Kumar: Udavartan with koalkulathadi  churna is beneficial for tummy fat
Dr. Prerak Shah: With lekhan herbs - powder massage and lekhan basties as prescribed by charak we do spot fat reduction programs..You can specifically rescue fat from your desired body part, e.g. Stomach, thighs, hips, chest etc..Subject to that kind of obesity is not connected with any major endocrine disorder or not associated with side effect of any medicine or diseases.
Dr. Jaya Sambhus:Vaitaran basti is useful for central obesity as well as general obesity.
Dr. Prerak Shah: That is good info. I was knowing vaitarani basti for aamavata. Thnx
Dr. Tukaram Shinde:Sneh virechan
Dr. P. A. Deshpande: Treatment on specific part of body for reduction of fat is.essential from health point of view.. There is good demand from multi media sector.  Following treatment is used by me. Concentrated wheat grass juice is applied topically , then its oil , again juice, then paste of w.g.juice . Meshed two boiled potato mixed with two tea spoon of powder made from  black pepper ,lovang , chinomon  drye ginger   . Potato paste is covered by poly sheet  and wrapped with cotton. Heating pad is kept above and treatment is given for hour.  The fat melts from cavities without weakening muscles  in  three to four weeks area reduction is four to five cm's. Reduction without wakness is advantage. The potato paste spices and wheat grass juice disingigrste fst easily and drained out through excreta.
Dr Jaydeep: As far as modern, non-invasive, safe modalities are concerned for excesse localised fat reduction.... I have been using cavitation therapy, cryolipolysis, ems,lipo -laser and RF and having satisfactory results along with ayurvedic medications.
Dr. Jayshree Y. Mahajan: any one  know about smoothy made up of apple lime juice  cinnamon pudina and palak(spinach).. I have Hurd by my patient.
Mr. Ram Vala: I even read some where on internet Kapalbhati pranayam and deep breathing helps to reduce. I don't know its scientific base or how it works. Can anyone explain who know this?
Shri Minoo parabia: I think our shake is smoothy in US-Canada. Just mix, grind and drink without filtering.  juice is a food of choice for dieters.
Dr. Jaya Sambhus: Any green vegetable + banana + apple + ginger + cardamon + Cinnamon + rock salt
All above mix in mixer and drink
This is smoothy. My in-laws used this for 2 months and it works
Dr Kusum Pawse: Is it replacement for breakfast? Or when to drink this smoothie
Dr. Jaya Sambhus: Yes mam it's replacement of breakfast. Drink empty stomach.
Dr. Tukaram Shinde: Empty stomach drinking secretion acid is large quantity
Vd. Rupa Raval: Water therapy_ drinking water empty stomach, do not drink cold water or any cold drink with food, just sip small amount of water during meal, make sure drink water only one and half hour after having food, eat only when you are really hungry.
Practice yoga poses like shashank asana, sarvanga asana and vajrasana
Dr. Chirag: Ginseng locally is best for weight loss locally. Lekhniya Basti is also helpful. Giving swedana over a local area is useful after applying vathar aushadha siddha oils or lavana tailam.Strict Lavana or kshar restrictions followed in food leads to inch reduction in particular area. But b careful for hypotensive tendency of d patient.
Vd. Piyush Prajapati: Every patient has different mechanism for Obecity..
I have so many patients' trial and results even from 98 kg in past and now 63 kg..Constant Vaitaran Vasti can increase Vaat dosha.. bcz it removes much more toxins..So use of Vaitaran Vasti is limited.. Dasmool or Varunadi or lekhaniya kwath Asthapan vasti is good.. Mostly 2 types of Obecity..1. In which Kaph is pradhan bcz of Laziness or less hard work.. This Kaph dosha makes Agni decrease.. so metabolism and digestion will b inactive.. so day by day weight increase.. today mostly childhood obecity is like this type of obecity..
2. In which vaat and pitta is disturbed.. Bcz of causes that increase Vaat dosha,it increases. So Agni becomes too fast..
This Vaat also cause Asthixay.. so Calcium loss occurs .. hairloss too..(Thyrodism)..Asthi dhatu become less. Bcz of this metabolism Asthiagni can not  convert Medadhatu to Asthidhatu.. so day by day,Meda becomes more and more and Asthidhatu becomes less and less. ..This type of patient has obecity with lack of calcium,joint pain,thyrodism or else..
Dr. Madhuri Patil Chaudhari: 👌👍 Medorog is to be differentiated from Atisthaulya, Obesity- as symptom of vyadhi and obesity becoz of Medvruddhi. Treatmet differes..lack of protein and liver insufficiency also cause abdominal obesity dispraportionate to overall body..Swedan is best if only medvruddhi. Pramehj obesity  swedan contraindicated
Dr. Tukaram Shinde: Meddhatwagni kam hone ke karan se bhi obesty hoti hai
Dr. Madhuri Patil Chaudhari: Dhatushaithilya in aging process may precipitate Visual obesity. Snehan best treatment… with Bala oil.
USA Gary Yuen: Modern foods are very different from ancient ayurvedic habits. Following a proper diet like Caraka recommending eating once per day for good digestion, choosing foods according to dosha, and eating only as needed, one can avoid obesity.
Dr. Tukaram Shinde: Follow dincharya becaus vaghbhat said
vyayamvidhi , udavertan , abhyang..अभ्यन्ग use til तैल ..resulting medharan
Dr. Madhuri Patil Chaudhari: guggul is best  medohar, but has to be used judiciously. Triphala Guggul best in all kinds of obesity. along with exercises to induce natural swedan and appropriate diet.
USA Gary Yuen: Common salt has an unnatural ratio of sodium to other minerals that could cause water retention. Shilajhit likely helps as well as black salt and rock salt.
Dr. Prerak Shah: Practically abhyantar…Snehpan with medicated oil, followed by virechan is good for general weight reduction. But can't say particularly for abdomen
USA Gary Yuen: There is nothing better than under eating for losing weight. - Caraka Su 25.40..Under eating with mainly moong dal and gavedukha, i can loose more than 1 kg everyday…Some say each half kg of fat can provide enough energy for one day, with fasting as well as under eating in the correct way, the body will consume fat.
Dr. Ravindra Upadhyay: Kapalbhati prabayam definitely corrects metabolism. Overcomes Dhatwagnimandya and reduces obesity
USA Gary Yuen: Caraka also mentions alcohol made of barley, as well as honey with water.
Vd Daxa Patel: Lekhniya powder's massage is very useful to reduced abdominal fat
Asthapan basti of Dashmool and varunadi kadha also give good result
Dr. Nikhil Baxi: Vyoshadi saktu mentioned in ashtang Hrudaya sutrastha is useful in obesity. i tried it in my clinic.
Dr. Prerak Shah: Lekhan basti and udavratna are common approaches.
Usa Dr. Vaduvur S. Narayan: Yes, please..Thanks..
Germany Rabia: I have personally experienced reduction of abdominal fat post pregnancy
With this plan…3 days abhayanga,10 days Udarvartana, ,then 1 day virechana,next day sheerodhara and,last 2 days of abhayanga days 
With 4 tablets a day varunadi kashayam.. Diet was:First 4 days  normal vegetarian diet.Next 4 days salad and raw diet with one time soup in the day…Next 5 days only liquid diet juices and soups every 2 hour…Then virechana just soup for dinner .Next day soup diet and only boiled veggies Last 2 days normal cooked vegetarian food .. Exercise plan was ..Two times yoga a day..Lost 5.5 kgs and mostly abdominal fat
Dr. Kirtika Brahmbhatt: Surya namaskar& kapalbhati
Vd.Atul Ambadkar: Yes want to active again sir…For its locally medicated  oil massage(Lavan tel) after then Udavartan-Dry gentle rubbing with churna(may be  medohar;Trifala/ any suitable as per pt's prakruti.Then Local steam of Dashmool prooved effective.In yoga perpective
*Agnisaar kriya
*uddiyan bandh,Practices under supervision yoga trainer also helpful to remove excess abd. fat.
Prof. Siddharth Panchal: Which taila is most suitable for muscular development and rejuvenation of damaged muscles. Abhiyanga.
Baroda Arti parimal: Hot water with black pepper and lemon after food or coriander jeera tea before meal
Dr. Prerak Shah: Where can we found good quality lavan oil?
Baroda Arti parimal: Kullath kadha twice a day
Vd.Atul Ambadkar: Lavan tailam oil to help in reducing the problem of obesity | Lavana tailam can reduce the size of belly by burning fats… Lavana Tailam has no side effects and proves effective within three months… ‘Lavana Tailam’ has a kind of salt known as ‘Rock Salt’ that helps in removing the extra water inside the body and strengthens the muscles. Other medicinal elements present in this product will burn extra fats and makes the person to regain the proper body shape within three months. Using this Lavana Tailam regularly will help in reducing the obesity.

Vd. Vishal Rajparia: Udvartan with harde churna/triphala churn/gram flour on particular fatty part of body..Swedana
Dr. Kirtika Brahmbhatt: Chew two or three cloves of garlic every morning, and drink a glass of lemon water after that..Avoid sugary substances
Vd. Vishal Rajparia: This is my point of thinking that i am presenting in front of all members.
# basically we need to remove the fat from fatty portion of body.
#we can do this by giving medicine having opposite guna than fat
#so we can use laghu,ruksha,ushna and lekhaniya guna
#now we can introduce the medicine to that particular part by local application.
#now we have best mediator taila which can take the gunas of medicine with it
#but taila is having tottaly opposite guna , from the gunas that we need to pacify the fat
#so i am thinking that if we can add laghu ruksha and lekhaniya guna containing medicine in madhya(alcohol).which already having laghu ,ruksha,ushna and lekhaniya  guna than it will be very benificial
#opinions of all members is frankly invited
#this is my point of view so it is possible to have misunderstanding if u find that so plz correct it
Vd. Suhas Chaudhari: Ushnodak paan , udavartan with yav & kulatth churna before baath, brisk walk at empty stomach
Vd. Vishal Rajparia: 👍.. Modification in life style should be done
More sedantry life style increases the chanses of abdominal obesity
Vd.Atul Ambadkar: Also diet control is also important thing.
Today era's most of dietecian advise to little after many intervals in a day.
But such way eating counts'Adhyashan' & result to 'Ajeerna' this may create the situation of agni-vaishyam.Which is responsible for creating false hunger...Outcomes improper digestion..l.e.
Mand dhatvagni of med dhatu which ultimately get deposited to fatty parts..(Described as 'स्फिक्-स्तन-उदरलंबनम्')..So this cause also to be considered i/c abdominal obesity.
Dr. Bhavin Vachani Surat, Ref. Dr. Hemant K Shah: I have one pt for abd obesity...2inches loose in 1month..with..panchasakar churna at night with warm water...obolim cap 2-2..(ayurvedic patant product)but I wanna try lavan tail too..so plz suggest me ..that how can I get it best?
Dr. Sujata Vaidya: Abdominal girth can grow for numerous reasons ranging from genetic body structure.. hormonal imbalance... nutritional imbalance and deficiency.... liver disease... gas...and these are not day deposits…I have treated abdominal day with teaching stress relief.. proper deep sleep and few stretches to relax back… By changing mind set... removing greed... and hording habit... it helps reduce heaviness that is preserved in abdominal bloating.
Vd. Khyati Jariwala: Pranayaams r very much effective in central obesity.
One can also give lekhaniya aushadhi according to pt prakruti...
Mr. Ram Vala: Whic pranayam? And how it works?
Dr. Dayanand Bothre: A person who overeat particularly at late night develop a central obesity..If we ask patients to cut down the night meal it will help in to reduce central obesity
Dr. Madhuri Patil Chaudhari: psychological setup also tends get body into a habit of ' To hoard fat as a form of energy.'  Letting Go is very hard to learn in such setup.  So Yoga advocates 'Pratyahar' and subjudication of 'Ahankar.'
Slovenia Anoop S. Anand: 1. Isabgol to fill up the stomach and reduce the food intake as well as support as bulk laxative
2. Garcinia to suppress hunger,reduce sweet carving, improve metabolism
3. Aloe vera,Amla, Bottle gourd juice etc to provide nourishment while reducing weight
4. Carrots,Beetroot, Cucumbers,Corriander,Parsley, Onion , Ginger can be had as salads
Dr Kusum Pawse: Also fibre rich cereals  with bran and legumes with husk; fibre rich fruits like apple pear papaya help to increase metabolism.
Dr. Jayshree Y. Mahajan: very true so meditation and bramhi can also used additional
Dr. J. T. Contractor: I shall be pleased if I get more details information about Lekhaniya powder,
Vd. Pankaj Chhayani: परिश्रममिताहारौ भुगतावश्विनीसुतौ !
तावनाद्त्यं नैवाहं वैधमन्यं समाश्रये !!Exercise and controlled diet are the two Ashwinikumaras (Physicians of Gods) on earth: i dare not disrespect them, lest I land up in a doctor's clinic…Nowadays people using remote control to switch off fan etc...There is severe imbalance between storage and spend energy…Our belly is unlimited storage of fat....The above verse is perfect for reduction of abdomen fat...There are lot of medicines, though Determination of patient is most important in reducing fat...
Dr. Madhuri Patil Chaudhari: lekhaniya means that which roughens or खर  guna of vayu. example karanj, marich, triphala, kshar, salts
Dr. Pritish Naik: It includes the lekhaniya gana in charak
Deepak Tamboli: What should be the treatment for a person who is overweight from the age of 12 with normal to light diet?thyroid tests are normal
Vd. Devang patel: Pathyapathya and exercise are most important for treatment of obesity....  And mostly there will be kapha and vat dosha involvement for that guru but aptarpana ahar which are given in classics are useful and we can also use lekhniya dravya but lekhniya dravya should not given more duration because it increases rukshta in body which increase Vata Dosha
Vd. Devang patel: Is anyone have idea or rationale about ghee ?? Some of vaidhya reduces weight by ghee….And also is BMI and sthaulya are related??? Or we should follow sthaulya lakshana???
Vd. Sachin Kadlag: My personal experience , I  consumed almost 1 litre of cow ghee in 7 days  followed by evening diet only,  and drinking warm water throughout the day. I lost 2 kgs in those 7 days
 Dr. Madhuri Patil Chaudhari: yes. ghee in proper procedure increases agni esp. dhatvagni but pathyapathya must b followed also proper sneh pachan to be achieved with Pramathi dravya
Vd. Pankaj Chhayani: Ghee gives satisfaction, so person can't feel hungry for long time after consuming ghee...While kurkure doesn't give satisfaction, and person crave for more and more...Trupti(satisfaction) is most characteristic of Aahar which is not seen in today's food
Dr. Jaya Sambhus: In my observation there r 2 type of obesity 1.- santarpanjanya 2.- apatarpanjanya …In first type kaphakar ahar vihar disturb agni n dhatvagni ..And in 2nd type vatkar ahar vihar disturb agni n dhatvagni ..So in 2nd case ghrutpan works awesome. Sometime I use til tail also
Dr. Madhuri Patil Chaudhari: aptarpanjanya obesity or is it obesity causing aptarpan like in vataj prameh
Satyen: For reducing fat,  only medicine cannot come for help.  regular exercise,  deficit in calories is most important.
USA Gary Yuen: It is recommended to regularly eat shastika, rice (red best), moong, salt, amalaki, barley porridge, water, ghee, milk, and honey. Everyday, one looks to nourish oneself in products that maintain good health and thus assures an effective prevention of troubles. - Caraka Su 5.12..If everyone followed that advice and modified as needed according to dosha, most disease and problems such as obesity could be avoided. When everyone wants some herb or quick fix without changing their habits, and even some doctors do not practice all the wisdom of Caraka, how can they truly help others? So many are looking for help for a specific condition, yet diet is the primary way to ensure health and best to help avoid all conditions.
Dr. Prerak Shah: Ok. Let's conclude this subject.       
Compilation courtesy : Vd. Kinshuk Hirpara

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