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Understanding and management of Stammering ( गदगदत्व) with #ayurveda....

Views shared by several ayurveda professionals and non-ayurveda people in discussion group:
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Next topic for discussion: Understanding and management of Stammering ( गदगदत्व) with #ayurveda
Vd. Dhruti Kagrana: Shushruta described Stammering in Nidan sthan- vatavyadhi.
In stammering Kapha with vayu obstructed sabdavahi dhamni(
Dr. Uday H. Hanagal:
Udaana Vata Praakruta Karma - Uraha Sthaanam Udaanasya Naasa Naabhi Galaascharyet, Vaak Pravruttihi Prayatnorjaabala Varna Smruti Kriyaaha.
 In Stammering We see Person Can't speak continuously & properly, So this is Vikruti of Udaana Vaata. (A.H. Sutrasthaana).
Dr. Suyog Kulkarni: According to Allopathy , stammering has strong psychological base. Do we have any such reference in Ayurved ?
Dr. Madhuri Patil Chaudhari: Vata dosh (Aakash +Vayu) itself is psychosomatic in natur. So, Udan and Pran vayu.
Dr. Supratim Bir: Prana-udan axis is involved mainly.
Dr. Bhadresh Naik: Causative factor:- Kidney disease, Heart disease, High blood pressure, Anemia, Antimalarial drugs-Quinine.
Dr. J. T. Contractor: Stammering observed so far on particular letters like B,F,L,M,P,R T,V,W. The first letter if lips/tongue touching then stammers, it does not seem to be psychological but must be connected with muscles of tongue & lips with controlling nerves I suppose, I observed many times that stammering is mostly in some particular conditions like fellow. if is nervous,scared,very happy or sad, may be seasons also are main concern, some cases if an edible oil massaged muscles come to normalcy to some extent, if dealt with love to remove fear I think case can improve to great position.
Dr. Mrugeshkumar Patel:

Dr. Jinal Thakkar: Udaan vayu vikruti is the root cause of stammering as we spoke on previous topic vaat and nervous connection here we can see connection of vaat with muscles as well.
Also we need to check Bodhak kapha as vitiation of it may also lead to avrodhatmak pravrutti of udaan. In case of vaat vitiation nasya with anu thail or shadbindu thail helps.In case of kapha vitiation use of vacha etc sangyasthaapak gana helps
Vd. Dhruti Kagrana:

In Bhavprakash madhyamkhanda :-
T/t of Stammering
Sarswata ghruta, Kalyanaja avleha.
Nasya, kavala, Gandush are also beneficial.
Dr. Mrugeshkumar Patel: Apply vachachura on toung. Tab Mental , shadbindutail nasya , gandusdhàn with sesam oil are effective.
LVG Shriram Gandhi: Common people use Akkalgara root with honey for stammering .
Dr. Dayanand Bothre: Rubbing of Akarkara churn on tongue also show good results in stammering
Dr. Madhuri Patil Chaudhari: Vacha with honey lehya.
Dr Jayesh Patel: Use Kalyanak churn (chakradatt) - gives excellent result.
Vd. Dhruti Nirav Bhatt: Sarswit ghrit and Akalkkara gives good result,
Suvarnaprashan has also effective result.
Vd.  Mahavir Vora: Use of naladadi ghrit from avp kottakal is usefull ref saharastrayog shangra
Vd. Binal Jagani: Brahmi ghrit nasya and vacha churna locally apply on tongue and gandush with vachha and saidhav siddh water.
Exercise with speaking words and sentence.
Dr. Bhadresh Naik: Massage on junction of tongue. Upper palate- Put Cadbury chocolate on upper palate and ask to test with tip of tongue is best line of treatment
Dr. Madhuri Patil Chaudhari: speech therapy if no known pathological cause. Recital of Sanskrit shlokas that are tongue twister. the habit of stuttering gets corrected by habit of toungue-twisting shlok recitals with proper pronunciation and tone of sound. works best in children around 5-10 yrs age.
Dr. Jaya Sambhus: Chanting ramraksha is good for stammering
Vd. Amol Hingmire: Kalyanak leha applying on tounge.
Vd. Hardik bhatt, Idar:
Ram rameti rameti rame rame manorame .. Sahastr nam tattulyam ram nam varanane ...
Chanting this mantr in pregnancy .. The child's speech is very sweet  and clear. Kashay  ras yukt dravya gandush is good for gadgadtva
Dr. Malathi Arjun: Vacha suvarnam rubbed on tongue.
Dr. Sheetal Sumra: Akalkara churna for jivha pratisaran.
 Madi fal rasayan.  3spoon twice with 3spoon of water. Bruhatavatachintamani ras 10tab +guduchi satav 5gm+glucose powder 10gm - mix it make 30 pudi (packet) have it at rasayan Kal with honey and adrak swaras. Rasayan Kal is at 6.
Dr. Rajesh k Nikam: May I know fr which purpose madifal rasaynam is used
Dr. Sheetal Sumra: Vata shamak purpose.
Panchaindravardhak Tailam for Nasya 3drops in each nostrils
Dr. Rajesh k Nikam: Bt it's more  acts as an appetizer as per my knowledge.
Dr. Sheetal Sumra: Exactly...  Due to that our vata get dushit.
USA Gary Yuen: Besides brahmi, maybe other nervines would show some effect? Mandukaparni and jatamansi?
Dr. Jyoti Ashok: What is akkalkara?
Vd Tushar Trivedi MD: Akarakarabh in Sanskrit. Latin name : Anacyclus Pyrethrum.
Shri Minoo parabia: True. What we get in Gujarat is Spillanthus acmella - Marethi.
Gaurav Vashi: We all know the healing qualities that honey has. To cure stuttering take 1 table spoon honey and 1 teaspoon salt. Mix them well and rub it to the tongue.
Dr. Neha P. Bhatt: jyotishmati tailam 2-3 drops intake in early morning,
Dr. Bhavesh Modh: आवृत्य वायुः सकफो धमनीः शब्दवाहिनीः ।             नरान्करोत्यक्रियकान्मूकः मिन्मिनगदगदान् ।।So,  Treatment of  कफ आवृत  वात
Vd.  Mahavir Vora: For avaruta vath best drug lasunadi vati can we try it for stammering ?
Dr. Suhel Dalal: Lasunadi Vatu best drug for kafavrut vaat
Dr. Pravin Tirmare: How could we recognise kafavrut vata ?
Dr. Sanjay Londhe: Kapikachu beej for sublingual for every 20 min at least till sym reduce. Jotismati  Are useful in stammering cases
USA Gary Yuen: Astanga Hrdyam mention sneezing and yawning as vata. Agree. Maybe not immediate treatments but think similar treatments used with herbs might help. Snehakarma (oleation therapy) and svedakarma (sudation therapy). Vatahara ahara sevana (vata reducing diet)
Compilation courtesy : Vd. Kinshuk Hirpara

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