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Uses of Basil (Tulsi) for health management according to #Ayurveda....

Views shared by several ayurveda professionals and non-ayurveda people in discussion group:

All views shared here are only for knowledge. This information doesn’t have any scientific validation. Various doctors and non-medicos have shared their views and experiences in this discussion. Please do not try any of the suggestions described here, without prior consult from your regular, qualified doctor. Dr. Prerak Shah and no other person is responsible for any unwanted effects, side effects or contra-indications in your health. Thank you.

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Next topic for discussion: Uses of Basil (Tulsi) for health management according to #Ayurveda....
Dr Premsukh: Improve immunity and effective in  kasa, swas.
Canada Nitin Shah: Increases the adaptation and used as an adaptogen and immuno modulator
Vd. Dhruti Kagrana: According to bhavprakash:-Tulsi . Two types:- Shukla & Krishna. Both are same property.
Tridosha :-–Vatahara, Kaphahara & Pittavirdhdhikar.
Major chemical constituents:Bornyl acete, cadinene, camphene, Camphor, Carvacrol, b-Caryophellene, Eugenol, Eugenol, methyl ether, Humelene, Methyl chavicol, Limonene etc.(Reference: Illustrated Dravyaguna Vijnana, Vol. II, by Dr JLN Shastry)
LVG Shriram Gandhi: Tulsi is good antioxidant and it has anticancerous property also.
Dr. Gaurav Makan: Tulsi is antioxidant, used for Roga pratirodhak shamta and is also helpful in allergic conditions. Tulsi leaves dried and powdered mixed with neem leaves powder (dried) is used as blood purifier.
Dr.Sandeep Saluja: In animal experiments it has shown to have analgesic and anxiolytic properties. Has that been the clinical experience?
USA Dr. Archana Vardhan: Tulsi swaras+ guduchi swaras+ neem leaves swaras. When taken together helps in building immunity for cancer patients
Vd. sandeep Ahirkar: In Netraroga - Pakshmashata~ A copper vessels is impregnated with paste of pushpa kasis mixed with Tulasi juice and left for 10 days afterwords that paste is collected and used as Anjana ~reference( A.H. 9/20 Uttarsthan)
Vd. Pulkit D. Patel: tulasi use in swasa- kasa normally.
Dr. Shyamsundar Raithatha: Tulsi is rich source of  Vitamin K.
Canada Nitin Shah: Tulsi+black pepper+Brahmi is used for intermittent fever.
Vd. Tapan: Tulsiswaras in new born
First month one drop daily
Second month 2 drops daily
Third month 3 drops daily
12 th months 12 drops daily
Proves to be a immumbooster and protector. It's Rasayana hanse helps in installing Dhatus in the new born.
Satyen: Can anybody please guide us which classical formulations contains tulsi?
Dr Sandeep kakuste Nandurbar: Surasadi tail, Surasadi kashay, sahcharadi tail, Nimbadi lepa. Classical form
Vd. Dhruti Kagrana: Sarangdhara samhita. Tulsi swarasa with maricha churna  use in visamajawara.
Germany Helga Fuchs: One tulsileaf daily is best protector during panchagni in Yoga. Yogi sitting in deep Meditation all day, with no food or water in the middle of 4 fires, 5th Agni is Sun in the 5th year of sadana. Sadana Start with one fire in front in the first year. Here we can see the power of tulsi. And doctors should have tulsiplant near to him by work. And common we can put one leaf in masala Tea.
Dr Feroz Khan: Two tsf. tulsi swarasa 1/2 gm turmeric powder & some sugar 1/4 tea spoon. Mix it eat .very effective in cough.
Dr. Uday H. Hanagal: Tulsi contains Organic Parada, Kapha,Vata hara, Krimihara (Kills micro organisms), Purifies the air(increases oxygen level), Greenish is Rama Tulsi & Green with blackish is Krishna Tulsi, Lakshmidevi always stay in Tulsi, It is one of  the Holy plant, That's why Vo ghar, aangan hi nahi jahaa Tulsi nahi rahati aur  uski Poojaa nahi hoti.
Dr Feroz Khan: Again tulsi swaras 1/2 cup plus 1/2 cup of adrak ras (ginger) & 1cup honey mix it use often in cough , commen cold , sour throat, hoarseness of voice , tonsilitis etc.Very good anubhut result.
Vd. Prerak Shah: Can we please be specific for the methods of use? How to prepare? How to apply? How much? And how to administer? How many times in a day?
Dr Feroz Khan: In Quran Tulsi is called Rehan & called the plant of heaven.
Vd. Prerak Shah: Let's take one by one part of tulsi.... e.g leaves, manjar (flowers), Panchang etc.
Vd. Prerak Shah: Fresh Tulsi juice can be applied locally on skin problems like itching/ eczema - after application wash/ clean  it after 30 min. - once day application is sufficient.
Dr Feroz Khan: tulsi beej 1gm with milk  is effective in dhatu durbalta. Its panchang is used in vatvyadhi.
Vd. Prerak Shah: Yes. Tulsi beej (manjar) is known aphrodisiac. But how to incorporate in practice?
Slovenia Anoop S. Anand: In Kerala there is a tradition of making decoction of Tulasi leaves, Ginger, Palm jaggery, Jeera, Turmeric and Black pepper for common cold.People call it kashayam.Its not vaidyas but almost every household knows of this remedy.
Dr Jaydeep: Is tulsi beej and takmariya same thing?
Dr Feroz Khan: Tulsi is very effective in malarial fever.Used with kali mirch. Tulsi swaras is used for wound healing in village.
Slovenia Anoop S. Anand: I just found out from somewhere. Tulsi juice drinking along with honey for a period of six months helps to expel the Kidney stone (calcium oxalate) via urinary tract. Tulsi acts like as a detoxifier thereby reduces the level of uric acid in the body. It also prevents the formation of calcium oxalate in the kidney. Calcium oxalate and uric acid compounds are responsible for the formation of Kidney Stone. Since holy basil has painkiller effect, it also reduces the impact of pain that causes due to stone in the kidney. Thus, Holy Basil can be used as home remedy treatment to expel kidney stone yet it takes time to show desire effect.
Vd. Prerak Shah: No. I don't think so. Both are different
Dr. Uday H. Hanagal: Dhoopana with dry Panchanga of Tulsi is very effective to control all mosquitoes.
Vd. Hardik J. Patel- MD: Takamariya means may be akalakaro. Yes,both are different
Dr. J. T. Contractor: 'Tulsi'  KOI NAHI TUJSI
This is true for this medicinal plants vale, orally, externally, atmospherically, economically, socially & religiously it is positioned as high as an angle on earth.
Medically even allopathy & homeopathy has accepted the value, we can write a volume separately as M'teenth-The Best Of Basil, derivatives of Basil has multiple applications in dermatological uses, lungs diseases from bronchitis to asthma, stomach disease, you name the disease the name Basil appears,
USA has tried to patent it !!!
Slovenia Anoop S. Anand: Effect of Tulsi on hormones and sperm count
An experimental evaluation on male albino rats has revealed decrease in sperm count. Follicle Stimulating Hormone and Leutinizing hormones, with an increase in testosterone levels. (research)
So, do men seeking conception should avoid Tulsi? They may not avoid it totally. They can have, say, Tulsi tea once or twice a week. But men having low sperm count and such other infertility problems may avoid regular use of Tulsi.
In ancient times, young child -Bramhachari pupils were given a leaf of Tulsi, each day, in the morning, which would help them follow stringent Brahmacharya.
For those with excessive sexual urge and excessive masturbation habits, it is advisable for them to chew and eat a leaf of Tulsi each day, in the morning, before food. Even a small paste of its root is administered for the same purpose.
Vd. Sachin Kadlag: Tulasi leaves  fresh swarasa (prepared without water) two to four drops  to be poured  in each nostril as nasyakarma in pratishyayajanya shirashula (headache)  , pain relieves in 2 minutes. Self experience as well as advising to patients.
During examination carry Tulasi leaves with you or whoever is giving exam.  Keep it in mouth , while writing exam papers , you will remember easily whatever you have learnt.  As Tulasi reduces kapha , hence aavarana of kapha and tama dosha is relieved and we remain fresh and don't become allergic.
Dr. Shruthi Arun: Even tulsi swarasa Nasya + shunti swarasa- 3 drops in each nostrils help in treating sinusitis
Dr. Arvind Shahane: Tulsi is laghu ruksh katu tikta katu vipak n ushna virya
 Vd. Sachin Kadlag: Tulasi plant should be as abundant as possible in our living areas as well as working areas. 
Tulasi plant gives ozone O3 (other plants give oxygen O2)  . Hence they are more helpful and traditionally we plant in front of our homes and worse that in morning so that we come in contact with ozonized air , feel fresh to begin a day with enthusiasm. 
If we are sorrounded by abundant Tulasi plants,  mosquitoes do not come.  Hence,  preventing diseases and disturbances caused by mosquitoes.
Dr. Bhavesh Modh:
Vd. Khyati Jariwala: Tulsi is very effective in lowering high cholesterol levels...
Dr. Arvind Shahane: Kafvat shamak, pittavardhak, dipan, pachan, anuloman, hradhya(hradyottejak),raktashodhak, kafghna, swedjanan, jwarghna, kushthaghna, krumighna
Vd. Sachin Kadlag: If tulasi leaves are to be used , we should  take from such tulasi plants where flowering is not occurred.  Such leaves are more viryavan (potent) for medicinal use.
Dr. Arvind Shahane: Beej : Snigdh, pichchhil, shitvirya, mutral, balya, desentry, mutrakruchchha, bastishoth, stone, jananendriy and mutrasansthan.
Vd. Rupa Raval: One name if tulasi is bhootaghni means it kills harmful microcosm
Dr. Meghdoot Satvekar:
USA Irene CCA: Tulsi is regular basil? or is some special basil from India?
Dr. Meghdoot Satvekar: Basil is called as Tulsi in marathi / hindi .
Dr. Dipa Mehta: In throat infection tusli leaves, sunthi, maricha, saindhav, phudina leaves, hingu boiled with water and take 3 to 4 time or as per severity. Very useful home remedie.
Dr. Shruthi Arun: Tulsi in OBG issues:
- It relief from issues like excessive labour pain,
- helps in treating abnormal bleeding during menstruation,
- van tulsi paste  helps in case  of kikkisa
- It improves the quality of breast milk when taken along with maize leaves + ashwagandha + honey for 7 days following delivery
- leucorrhea can be completely cured by tulsi juice+ rice water
- In case of amenorrhea tulsi seeds+ black seasame seeds+tender shoots of cotton plant + jaggery
Dr. Meghdoot Satvekar: The combination of Tulsi, Ginger are
Useful for  cough and cold-  take the decoction of basil, ginger, black pepper with honey three times a day.
The  basil leaves + onion juice and ginger juice are used for dry cough.
In the symptoms of  high fever  take the mixture of basil leaves,  powder of ginger and powder of long pepper 3 times .
Canada Nitin Shah: It promotes sanctinity in the mind. It's name is ocimum sanctum
Slovenia Anoop S. Anand: Is Basil(Tulasi) the same as Basilica(Spice Basil) which is used in Europe as a Spice..but when i tasted didnt taste like Tulasi
Canada Nitin Shah: Culinary basil is different than holy basil- tulsi
Vd. Pankaj Chhayani:  Tulsi juice applying local is very effective in urticaria.
Dr. Suyog Kulkarni: We dry tulsi leaves along with other herbs like lemon grass , ginger , black pepper etc & boil them in water. This decoction is used for steaming in common cold. Also used to do steaming before nasya . Same decoction with little Jaggery can be also taken internally.
Dr. Suyog Kulkarni: Cloth soaked in tulsi juice & kept around umbilicus reduces fever effectively , specially in small kids.
Vd. Prerak Shah: In Gujarati also we call Tulsi.
Vd. Tanuja Gokhale: Tulsi is Sanskrit name so most commonly found with same name across India.
Basil has almost 15 culinary varieties.. like Thai, Italian, Mexican etc.. The one used in Ayurveda for making medicines is Oscimum sanctum.
Culinary basil varieties also can be used in treatment by studying the traditional usage n properties.
Vd. Prerak Shah: There are so claimed  five kinds of tulsi in the market products - like tulsi ark. Is it true? Are all five species available?
Vd. Tanuja Gokhale: I hv seen Krushna Tulasi, Ram tulasi, Karpoor Tulasi. I had these varieties in my garden, now only Indian basil - Ram tulasi is what I hv now.
South Africa Tamlyn: @drprerak...i had heard of 4 varieties only sir...
Vd. Tanuja Gokhale: These plants I had procured from regular nursery.
Dr Jaydeep: I don't thik they use all 5 varieties sir.  Only 2 types of essential oil of tulsi- available . So they must be using one or two .
Dr. Himanshu Kanzariya: Pito marich churnen tulsi patrajo ras . Tulsee + marich kwath is highly effective in pratisyay.
Dr. J. T. Contractor: Big tulsi is also called Dmro
Vd. Prerak Shah: About five kind of Tulsi, I have always doubt. But now there are so many companies selling extract of five tulsi and. Claiming very high abt it.
Dr Jaydeep: Most of these companies are multi level marketing - Can't trust must about quality. And price is also much high because of their marketing strategy.
Vd. Ekta D. Patel: Types of tulsi-1-ram tulsi 2-krushna tulsi 3-kapoor tulsi 4-Damro 5-.........????? If it right?????
Dr. J. T. Contractor: Can we find an honest cottage industry which can distill basil oil for us we can avail the genuine quality with a GMP product mark only for our Grp ( over 600 members) for the Benefit of patients,
Dr. Bhavesh Modh:
most people are familiar with the sweet basil varieties used in Italian cuisine, but many different types of basil are used in Asian cooking as well. What are the varieties of basil? The following is a list of types of basil.
A List of Basil Types :- Lettuce Leaf Basil , Dark Opal Basil, Lemon Basil , Licorice Basil , Cinnamon Basil , French Basil , American Basil , Egyptian Basil , Bush Basil , Thai Basil , Red Basil , Genovese  Basil , Magical Michael Basil,  Holy Basil , Nufar Basil , Purple Ruffles Basil, Red Rubin Basil , Siam Queen Basil , Spicy Globe Basil , Sweet Dani Basil , Lime Basil , Christmas Basil , Superbo Basil , Queenette Basil, Napoletano Basil , Serata Basil , Blue Spice Basil , Osmin Purple Basil, Fino Verde Basil , Marseille Basil, Minette Basil, Minimum Basil , Queen Of Sheba Basil , Fine Verde Basil , Greek Dwarf Basil , Prao Ka Basil
As you can see, the list of basil types is long. Why not plant a few types of basil for cooking in your herb garden this year? See what these basil types can do to add flavor and fragrance to your salads, stews and other items on your dinner menu.
Australia Vd. Neerja Ahuja: Wow the variety! I have four of them at home. So which one is then ram tulsi n which one is Shyam tulsi?
Vd. Tanuja Gokhale: Most of the listed are culinary as well as cultivars ie hybrid varieties.
Vd. Prerak Shah: I know ram tulsi - with big leaves, Shyam tulsi - little dark in colour, looks little black and leaves are small in size. And Van tulsi - which founds in forest. But I have no idea of other two....which are part of five tulsi.
Vd. Tanuja Gokhale: As per the discussion we can atleast confirm of  4 -  Ram, Shyam, Karpoor n Van tulasi. 5th we need to ascertain.
Vd. Ekta D. Patel: Damro-big tulsi-have a nice fregrance..& big leaves then all..
Dr. J. T. Contractor: Damro has high medicinal value
Dr Sandeep kakuste Nandurbar: Is it true sir,if tulsi swaras taken after Rajodarshan for 3 days, it acts as Gatbhanirodhak
Dr. Bhavesh Modh: डमरो = મરવો (Holy plant of some  Muslim community  & MAHESHWARI Community in kutch ) = તકમરીયા
This plant🌿 far away  snakes 🐍
Vd. Tanuja Gokhale: मरवा Marva is different variety. Not of Tulsi i guess.
Vd. Tanuja Gokhale: Tulasini jaat no means basil family I guess.
Dr. Uday H. Hanagal: I used to see Rama & Krishna Tulasi in cities & villages other 2 r 3 varities r in farmer field & jungle.
Dr.Sandeep Saluja: If one was to prescribe a tulsi preparation with predominantly tulsi alone which one would be prescribed and in what dose
USA Dr. Archana Vardhan: Takmariya or sabza is refereed to as basil seeds only..
Dr Feroz Khan: Sabza is somewhat differrent thing from Tulsi. its seeds are big in size than Tulsi.
Dr Jayesh Patel:
Anand Javeri: Damro is considered holy in JAINS.  It is fragrant in nature, and not just snakes, but also other insects keep away from it.
Dr. Bhavesh Modh: रामतुलसी = ocimum gratissimum = रानतुलसी  ( जंगल मे होती है, मराठी ) तुलसी कुल का सबसे बड़ा पौधा है इसकी काष्ठ  से माला के गुरीये बनते है सो नाम आया रामतुलसी 
Ocimum Sanctum  के दो भेद है कृष्ण तुलसी  जिसके पते जामुनी होते है  और स्वेततुलसी  जो सामान्य  है हर जगह  मील जाती है  इसको ही कपूर यानी श्वेत  तुलसी कहते है
According to Vd.Bapalal  origanum marjoram  is DAMRO  it's  sanskrit names are फणिज्जकमरूबकः मंजरीक
Shri Minoo parabia: Damro is Ocimum basilicum.. Fudino is Mentha viridis.
Dumro has an aroma akin to Cinnamon.
Fudino is minti. Both has several cultivars.
Dr. Amal JP: Tulasi swarasadi taila told in sahasra yoga is very beneficial in puri nasal , Dushta jalasruti,  sinusitis,  cold sneezing etc
Dr. Shantanandkumar: Tulasi is one of the best medicine for kapha. Juice of its 1/2 tea spoon &3-4drops of honey is very useful in cough for infants.
Shri Minoo parabia: Tukmaria are from Ocimum americanum and O.canum. Tulsi seeds are bigger in size, also soaks water and are cooling . Roots of Tulsi are aphrodisiac, says Kirtikar and Basu. It is recommended to keep a piece of root in mouth during inter course. Ocimum kilimandsjaricum has very strong mint smell. Plectranthus is cultivated for extracting menthol. They are all essential drying/crystalline oils.
Dr. Anjana Prakash: Ingredient in vilwaadi gulika,manasamitravataka,.. Tulsi swarasa along with honey is good for lepana in spiderbite. In case of poisonous bites apply paste of tulsipatra, tulsipuspa, haridra, punarnava in equal qty n take 6 gm of it orally 3 times per day for 1 week
Shri Minoo parabia: In fact on topical injury or bites any leafy paste is good. Chlorophyll is a phenolic compound, antiseptic.
Dr. Chetan Mehta:
Shri Minoo parabia: Ocimum sanctum now O.tenuiflorum. is tulsi
Dr. Ravindra Upadhyay: Sponges soaked in Tulsiswaras mixed with cold water and kept below naval region above bladder for 5 minutes, has been found very effective in hyperpyrexia. I personally tried during my practicing yrs. Pt with 106°F temp was could be relived by lowering temp by frequently changing the soaked sponge. It is advisable to keep the sponge on the bladder rather than on the forehead.
Dr. Sheetal Sumra: Tulsi is a great diuretic.. Tulsi reduce uric acid in blood.  Juice of tulsi leaves with honey for 3montb or so help to wash out kidney stones
Brazil Keli Paratana Sao Paulo:
Dr. Chetan Mehta: For Uric acid.. have you got result ? Pl.share your experience with laboratory findings before and after.
Dr. P. A. Deshpande: Dr Ravindra Upadhyay   very good tips   I suggest to keep Ice pack instead  frequent change.
Dr. Ravindra Upadhyay: Frequent use of  basil juice mixed with cold water  I have experienced way back in 1986 when my son was having 105°F temp, not responding to oral Antipyretics ( Ayurvedic), medications, the reason was Acute Follicular Tonsillitis. No doubt the temp could be brought down    within 30 minutes. N. B.  The above suggestion was given by Respected  Vd Ramesh Nanal from  Mumbai. It has been repeatedly used in many cases. When it is SAM  JWARA,   MILK AND MILK PREPARATIONS MUST BE AVOIDED STRICTLY, AS MILK CAN NOT BE DIGESTED AS LONG AS SAMATA OR THE TOXICITY IS NOT OVERCOME.  There was recurrence in temp after 24 hrs. as the pt  had not passed stools, he was administered  GLYCERINE  SUPPOSITORY. HE PASSED STOOLS IN 30 minutes f/ B decrease in temp to normal.  Till today not required Tonsillectomy. Friends this experience was shared with ref to  Tulsiswaras and its unique experience.
Dr. Pritish Naik: Y particular basti area?
Dr. Ravindra Upadhyay: Basti area is preferred as it helps in  anuloman. ie proactive to vayu pitta and  kafa.  As long as anuloman was not achieved temp persisted.
Dr. Uday H. Hanagal: Main region for Jvara is Aama, it covers Pachakagni in Jvara, To remove this Aavarana (Bandhana) & Vatanulomana Usna, Teekshna Pichu etc (depends on the type of Jvara) r helpful.
Dr. Uday H. Hanagal: Line of trt. of Jvara is --Aadi Langhana, Pachana, Deepena, Madhye Shamana, Ante Virechana.
Dr. Ravindra Upadhyay: Treat the JWARA not the  FEVER.
Dr. Shyamsundar Raithatha: Wt is the difference between the two ?
Dr. Ravindra Upadhyay: Treating jwara is considering  Agni. But treating  fever is symptomatic relief only. We have to treat the cause not the disease. Bringing down temp only is not the treatment, treating the cause is  the prerequisite of any treatment.
Dr. Dilip Pithiya: Tulsi kalk Vishamjvarghan
Dr. Madhuri Patil Chaudhari: Jirna Pratishayay, heavy congestion,  upper resp. tract,  Shirovirechanarth  Dmapan nasya. Dried and powdered tulasi leaves if vacha, sunth is too tiksna for pitta-pradhan prakruti patients.
Dr. Ravindra Upadhyay: For  the treatment of any disease, unless detoxification is done, longterm desirous results are not obtd,
Dr. Madhuri Patil Chaudhari: yes. Shodhan if possible, 1st line of tt.
Vd. Prerak Shah: Can anybody give more details about use of tulsi for  fumigation (dhoopa)? In which condition? How long? And also pl let us know more about use of its root.
Dr. Madhuri Patil Chaudhari: Dmapan nasya is blowing powder of dravya in2 nasal cavity.
Dr. Ravindra Upadhyay: Shodhan or cleansing is done only after the Langhan ie fasting, deepanam .. the weak digestive fire, pachan, ie converting them into liquifying stage, then removal. This is the rt approach for stopping the recurrence of the disease.
Dr. Ravindra Upadhyay: Dhoopan will liquify the doshas and enable easy removal from the body.
Mr. Ram Vala: Procedure of tulsi dhoopa? How long? how much?
Dr. Madhuri Patil Chaudhari: for Dmapan nasya maxi. 1gm powder of Tulsi Leaves only,. is used where  rikshan is desired.
Dr. Uday H. Hanagal: In  Kaphaja, Pittaja Pratishyaya Snigdhata is more both having Snigdha guna, In this condition Dhmapana nasya is helpful to dry the Kapha, like this avasthanusara we can treat.
Vd. Prerak Shah: It's not dhmapan, I wish to discuss Dhoopa. = fumigation, air purifier. And what abt the use of tulsi root?
Dr. Suyog Kulkarni: @Prerakji , Not exactly dhoopan , but I use dried tulsi leaves (alongwith other herbs ) for boiling into water & taking that steam in Pratishyay . Its very effective, clears of the nostrils , sinuses.
Dr. Bhaskar B Nymathi:
As Tulsi is one of best Antiinflammatory use in Dhoopana karma & Main Prayojya anga of Tulsi is Patra(Leaf) but we may use Root also.
Satyen: Kapha Vinashini – balances Kapha dosha, useful to relieve excess sputum production, Krumidosha, Krumihara – Anti microbial. Tulsi plant is one of the best anti viral herbs of Ayurveda., Ruchikrut – improves taste, relieves anorexia, Agnivardhini, Vahni Deepani – improves digestion strength, Tuvara – astringent, Tikta – bitter, Hrudya – acts as cardiac tonic, congenial for heart, useful to relieve cholesterol deposition in blood vessels., Dahavardhini – increases burning sensation, Shwasahara – useful in treatment of asthma and chronic respiratory disorders., Kasahara – useful in cough and cold, Hidhmahara – useful in repeated hiccups, Vamihara – relieves vomiting, Parshvaruk – relieves pain in flanks, Kushta – useful in skin diseases with pain and itchiness, Visha – anti toxic, Kruchra –relieves difficulty in urination, Ashma – useful in kidney and bladder stones, Druk – useful in infectious eye disorders, Bhutahara – useful in psychiatric disorders. As per Bhavaprakasha, both white and black varieties have similar qualities
Vd. Prerak Shah: Pl elaborate more abt this- how to use it for Dhoopana karma and which kind of inflammatory condition. Thnx.
Tulsi with milk is not ideal: Milk consumed soon after, or along with Tulsi is a bad food combination. Tulsi being hot and milk being coolant, this combination may cause skin disorders. (Reference: Charaka Sutrasthana 26)
Ayurvedic medicines with Tulasi –
Vilwadi Gulika – Famous antiviral medicine of Ayurveda
Tribhuvan Kirti Ras tablet – Tulasi leaf juice extract is used to triturate herbs. – Used in treating fever.
Manasamitra Vatakam – Used in depression, lack of sleep, psychiatric disorders
Maha Jwarankush Ras – used in fever
Muktadi Mahanjan – A collyrium – Kajal preparation used in eye disorders
Mukta Panchamrit Ras – used in fever with cold, cough
Vd. Kinshuk Hirpara: Pharmacological Effects – In traditional Ayurvedic system of medicine,several medicinal properties have been attributed to this plant.
Recent pharmacological studies have established the anabolic, hypoglycemic , smooth muscle relaxant, cardiac depressant, antifertility, adaptogenic and immunomodulator properties of this plant.
Antimicrobial effects – Essential oil of Tulsi have antibacterial, antifungal and antiviral properties. It inhibites the growth of E coli, B.anthracis, M.tuberculosis etc. It's antitubercular activity is one-tenth the potency of streptomycin and one-fourth that of isoniazid.
Preperations containing Tulsi extract significantly shorten the course of  illness, clinical symptoms and the biochemical parameters in patients with viral hepatitis and viral encephalitis.
Antimalarial effects – Essential oil of Tulsi has been reported to possess 100% larvicidal activity against the Culex mosquitoes. Trials have shown excellent antimalarial activity of Tulsi. It's extracts have marked incecticidal activity against mosquitoes.It's repellant action lasts for about two hours
Antiallergic and Immuno-modulator effects - Essential oil of  Tulsi was found to have anti-allergic properties. When administered to laboratory animals, the compound was found to inhibit mast cell degranulation and histamine release in the presence of allergen. These studies reveal the potential role of Ocimum sanctum extracts in the management of immunological disorders including allergies and asthma. (Ref
I personally believe tulsi decoction can beat any viral or bacterial inf.
Method of making tulsi decoction :- 1 cup water, 7 to 8 leaves tulsi, 1 spoon jiggery, 1 piece of cardomom ..Boil the mixture for 3 min ..3 times a day if infection is severe.
 Dr. Dilip Pithiya: Any use of Tulsi  in  Manovikar??
Canada Nitin Shah: Tulsi is proven as an adaptogen means enhanced the response time any kind of stressors
Vd. Kinshuk Hirpara: psychotherapeutic properties of tulsi have been explored in various animal experiments that reveal that tulsi has anti-anxiety and anti-depressant properties, with effects comparable to diazepam and antidepressants drugs. Animal studies further reveal that tulsi enhances memory and cognitive function (Ref
Dr. Jaya Sambhus: I use tulasi + jatamansi + vacha doopan for wet eczema , oozing wounds , specially diabetic wound . Its helps to keep wound dry n faster healing
Dr. Bhaskar B Nymathi: Tulsi in Dhoopana karma as Antiinflammatory(कृमिघ्न)
On base of नि,करवीरादि वर्ग ४६. Mention as तुलसी कृमिदोषं निहन्त्येषां|
कै नि, ओषधि वर्ग Mention as तुलसी कासहिध्मावमिकृमीन्.
कृमिघ्न here we take it as both आभ्यन्तर(internal medicaments) & बाह्यज कृमि{Dhoopanaartha}.
In RTI *पीनस* along with other कासघ्न द्रव्या {हरिद्राetc} mix तुलसी act as antiinflammatory .
Vd. sandeep Ahirkar: psychotherapeutic properties of tulsi have been explored in various animal experiments that reveal that tulsi has anti-anxiety and anti-depressant properties,with effects comparable to diazepam and antidepressants drugs. Animal studies further reveal that tulsi enhances memory and cognitive function (Ref
Dr. Jaya Sambhus: When students came before exam with full of anxiety n confusion . I always advise them to keep tulasi in plant in study room it improves confidence, memory, ..
Dr. J. T. Contractor: Wonderful suggestion by Dr Kinsuk, varieties of tulsi plants in psychiatrist's consulting room can ease & make psychic patients cure very comfortably, fast & much relaxed, for animal can't say, but zoo curators can try make elephants cool during the season when it's on heat( sexually)!by the help of tulsi plant extract
Dr. Uday H. Hanagal: Dhoopana (Pumigation)----Take equal quantity of Tulsi, Nimba, Vidanga, Bhumyamalaki Powder mixtogether, take medium quantity of this & pore it on the heated stick pieces r cow dung it works wonder to control the mosquitoes, In healing wound to control the infection wash the wound with Panchavalkala Kashaya dry it with cotton cloth then this Dhoopana can be taken.
Dr. Bhaskar B Nymathi:
Tulasi infront of  House it is mentally assurance that there is no disturbances of Graha  roga. Here our psychological confidence works indirectly. In worship and Teertham we are get its benefits.
Vd. Dhruti Nirav Bhatt: Tulsi, Brahmi, Bilva churna gives good result in hyperactive gives calmness. Tulsi, mint, blackpepper powder, turmeric, ginger and saindhav make dicoction .its very benificial in cold –caugh. Tulsi is jantughna so grow more plants in surroundings may useful to protect from mosquitoes
Dr. Bhaskar B Nymathi: Sir I say Effect on Graha roga psychological confidence in mind . As Tulasi have its religious believes.
Dr. Mrugeshkumar Patel:
Achararya says krimidosha nihanyatatesha ....
Compilation courtesy : Vd. Dhruti Kagrana

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