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#Ayurvedic approach for wound healing....

Views shared by several ayurveda professionals and non-ayurveda people in discussion group:
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Next topic for discussion: #Ayurvedic approach for wound healing....
Dr. Bhaskar B Nymathi:  Classically Jaathyadhi grutha works very well on Gambheera vrana , even taila also vrana prakshaalanartha Trifala jala help full {Kashaaya rasa sthambaka}Property.
Dr.Sandeep Saluja: We should possibly be looking at different kinds of wounds separately.Superficial, deep, infected, fractures with associated tendon and ligament injuries, isolated ligament injuries etc.
Vd. Pulkit D. Patel: jatyadighrut, yashsad bhasma, neema patra kwatha is very useful for pus. triphala guggalu gives vary good result.
Dr.Sandeep Saluja: For fractures and associated tendon injuries?
Vd. Pulkit D. Patel: for fractures gandhataila and aabhaguggalu and laksha good result. In bleeding wound honey with jatyadi ghrut gives good result with vang bhasma.
USA Gary Yuen: Is this of external wounds? Caraka Ci 25.6 distinguishes two. Internal come from a disorder of dosha, and that could mean they can be avoided, while external are accidental.
Dr.Yogesh Gorakhnath Patil:  त्रिफळा गुग्गुळ , जात्यादि तैल , मधु /old honey above 1 year
USA Gary Yuen: Many therapies like milk, animal fat and other things in Caraka.
śvadaṃṣṭrādi ghṛta: this butter is supreme. Caraka Cikitsasthana 11.49
Vd. Gurumahantesh:  But the management of vrana includes..Vrana prakshalan - Vrana dhupan - And local application of taila/ghruta. Along with that treat with internal medicines
Dr Premsukh: Astamurti rasayan 100mg, rajat bhasma 100mg, mukta sukti pisti 250mg, kaisoor gugulu 2tab with varunadi kwath…Specially in osteomyelitis, ch. non healing wound…In ayurved  2 forms are described in wound healing. vrana shodhana and vrana ropan..According to symptoms and stage of wound kashya, varti, kalka etc are used
Anand Javeri: For cuts, bruises & burns, I think application of aloevera works.
Ayulink: For the management of external wounds - three points are important to consider.
1. Prevention from other infection
2. Prevention from sepsis
3. Support to cell rejuvenation or cellular structure growth or building new cells
(Vran ropana)
Pl suggest herbs or formulas in these aspects.
 Which herbs are good for vran prakashlana - shodhana (kind of cleaning - washing and dressing), vran dhupana (preventing from other infections - kind of antibiotic, antiseptic effect), and then vran ropana (healing or promoting cellular growth). Samudrashosh (argeria speciosa Lin) is very powerful in cell growth. One leading - very senior Allopath dermatologist has developed a patent product Mayaderm ointment from this herb.
Dr.Sandeep Saluja: Any clinical trials on samudrashosh?
Dr. Supratim Bir: Yashthimadhu+honey locally works in non healing wounds like bed shore. We used to practise a lot in our housesraff days. Before d lepa wash can be done with NS or triphala kwath
Vd. Ekta D. Patel: Panchvalkal kwatha is useful for vrna prkshalan & jatyadi for vrnaropan.
Vd. Nisha Thakkar: Panchtikta ghrita guggulu also give good result in wound
Vd. Ekta D. Patel: During treatment pt should strikly avoid junk food etc.
Ayulink: Internal use or external?
Vd. Dhruti Kagrana: Neem patra( leaves), Bhrungraja(Eclipta alba) Lepa(paste) are also beneficial for wound healing..
Bunty Gandhi: Wound healing : Best is nimbadi kulk . Other choices are washing with panchvalkav,triphala kwath,  Applying jatyadi Tailam is quite good. Internal Medicines - panchtikta ghrit guggul, guggulutiktam ghritam , haridra khanda..avleha, neem twak kwath…Gandhak rasakan for sometime to avoid possibility of reoccurring.
USA Gary Yuen: foods that make the body strong should help healing. Grains, red rice, millet, barle,y wheat- gavedukha, legumes- moong, chana, rajma, chori, urad, vegetables, fruits, nuts, walnuts, almonds seeds, sesame flax etc, chosen with dosha and need to reduce or strengthen should be excellent. Internal use of guduchi,manjishtha, shilajhit, chyawanprash, amalaki, bhringaraj, ashwagandha, tulsi, brahmi, mandukaparni etc likely will help immune system.
Bunty Gandhi: Its beneficial in sandhiashthimajja gata Mishra kuashtha so it helps certainty even in deepest skin problems
Vd. Pankaj Chhayani: For dushta vrana :- Do shodhana with nimba kwath, katupatol kwath,vasa kwathetc.After shodhana, do ropana karma with Kashaya dravyasa like panchavalkal kwatha.Sometimes jaulaka also helps.
USA Gary Yuen: I think if one followed an ayurvedic diet, the body should be strong enough to fight any disease. If that is a wound that is caused from a strong disorder of dosha, best cure is same for many things: food.
Dr. Supratim Bir: Skin conditions r not always ahar related, vihar also cause skin conditions like varicose
USA Gary Yuen: I do not say all skin problems are from a disorder of dosha and that there are not other causes, but a disorder of dosha and a weak body makes disease more possible. In the case of varicose, if it is localized vata, there could be multiple causes yet if vata is elsewhere or showed earlier signs, like years before varicose appeared, maybe it could have been prevented. If some conditions take many years to appear, they appear elsewhere as other signs and direct observation and adjustment of lifestyle can prevent many things.Endogenous wounds and lesions come from a congenital disorder of dosha. - Caraka Cikit 25.6
Dr. Supratim Bir: All disorders result from doshik imbalance. But some times Nidan may b external.
Dr. Rachana Mumbai: While treating wound we should give raktashodhak aushadi, pitta shamak aushadi internally.For prakshalan we use trifala kwath, panchavalkal kwath .To check the growth of germs or to controll koth we can use Rasa sindoor, that can have an action similar to antibiotic.For vrana ropana jatyadi tail, jivantyadi yamak, Vajrak tail helps to controll koth and has vran ropan properties also. Vrajak tail varti in small sinuses gives very good results. Generally we use hydrogen peroxide & betadine solution for cleaning the wound.But for vrana ropan strictly ayurved preparations
USA Gary Yuen: There seems to be a habit to treat conditions with herbs. While they help and maybe often needed, I am trying to say dosha imbalance can take many years to become severe and many conditions could have been prevented. And without treating dosha, other same dosha disorders could later appear. Many seem to treat only one condition instead of all imbalances to prevent future disease. The philosophy of ayurveda such as the beginning chapters of sutrasthana are supposed to teach health that comes from the heavens. Divine health.
Dr. Supratim Bir: @Dr. Rachana- In ayurveda microbes are not given that much importance right !
Dr. Jyoti Yagnik: Wound praxala. :  Warm water only.  Use karanj.+ amala+yastimadhu+ haldi+nimb powder  mix with ghee or honey or water
USA Gary Yuen: śvadaṃṣṭrādi ghṛta in Cikitsasthana 11.49. Is this available? Caraka calls it supreme. Cleansing strengthening, can it be used for all skin wounds?
Dr. Supratim Bir: As we can find ama as main pathology for any condition. Microbes r a factor for maintaining a healthy inner environment or in other words doshik equilibrium.Human microbiome project reveals alot of great Ayurveda. Those were unknown to d fraternity…fecal microbiota transplants nothing but our niruha vasti concept.Shaped or wrapped in modern tech..Now non communicable ds loa s a challenge not d communicable ds. So anti microbial therapy loosing it's importance gradually
That's for why d world s inclined towards AYUSH
Dr. Rachana Mumbai: Yes, sir u r correct, but the way we have learnt, we have developed this kind of thinking concept.Trying to think totally ayurved, ayulink is helping me in my process.Thanks to all the experts
USA Gary Yuen: Also for vayu conditions or would that be weakness or something else?
Dr. J. T. Contractor: Ghabajariyu ( don't know botanical name, Dr Minocharsha pl torch on it) it's small flowering plant like sun flower but very small like coat button center yellow outer circle small small white petals, found on road sides near fields, the leave of this plant if squeezed with hand & applied on any wound gets cleared without infection
USA Gary Yuen: I am asking if ama is main pathology for all conditions as you say or if in vayu, could there be other causes without ama?
Dr. Supratim Bir: Vayu s d ruler of creation so as of our body. Other doshas r like president and d army chief. But ama s like intruders or bagis. There intensity direct influence d doshs. I tried in my way to explain. Usually Or in most of d cases-Ama s d factor
Dr. Uday H. Hanagal: Vataja condition-- Degeneration pathology, Pittaja condition-- Inflamatory pathology, Kaphaja condition-- Obstructive pathology
Dr. Nitish Dubey:
male 60 year Hypertensive with copd..No diabetes
Dr. J. T. Contractor: This seems acute cellulitis
Vd. Gurumahantesh: Necrotizing fascitis
Dr. Nitish Dubey:
Pt was suffering from pedal odemaAnd after a trauma a wound created. Any one gave him monocef 500 od only × 10 day with no wound care. So what to do in this condition?? Vayu prakop Nidan 1) Dhatukshya2) Avaran
Dr. Bhadresh Naik: Vatrakta-Uttan,Gambhir. Coreleted with,Dvt,Tao..Non healing ulcer.Treat according to vatrakta. Not even polycythemia vera..Scleroderma…Mastoiditis…Can correlate with vatrkta..I have done lot of work on this disease
Vd. Hardik bhatt: Pls give photos of ghabajariyu.
Dr. J. T. Contractor:
Dr. Bhaskar B Nymathi:
Dr. J. T. Contractor: Yes exactly this is the flower plant.
Shri Minoo parabia: Gha Bajariyu is Typha angustata. Let us see some of the ethnic regimens.As Dr. Contractor suggested Tridax leaves are most favourite among tribes. Leaves are crushed and applied on bleeding  wounds, bruises, athlets foot, whitlaw and insect bites. Effect is instantaneous. Since sticky, remains at a place. All green leaves have chlorophyll-a phenolic, natural protector from secondary infection…Argyreia also referred to by Dr. Prerakbhai, is favourite for hastening the suppuration and rupture the boils without any surgical intervention. Spirit-alcoholic extract has a long shelf life and can be applied on emerging boils.Leaves of Vinchhudo-Martynia annua also gives similar effect.
Dr. Shital Anandjiwala : worked on panchvalka (pv) for her doctoral thesis. Surprisingly none of the ingredients showed positive results in vitro. It was remarkable in vivo Beauty of pv is, it can be used internally too. So in ulcers and colitis, it is being used with great success. Abha, kaishor and panchtikta have been found excellent in hastening the healing process.
Shri Minoo parabia: Typha inflorescence have minute flowers in couple of millions in a packed state. People pluck the inflorescence and keep in a cloth bag or in a tin box. On drying flowers look like cotton. Highly absorbant. Helps in blood clotting. Gha is the gujarat word for a wound. Inflorescence look like Bajra inflorescence hence named as ghabajaro. Normally found in water logged soil. Leaves used for thatching huts. L.pomoea biloba or I.pescaprae is a seashore creeper. Leaves on crushing turns sticky black. Useful in gangrene as well as filariasis.
Dr Dipak Shirude:  Long ago, one of my patient, who is teacher in pharmacy, made a tincture or something like that from this wild plant called as "Ram ful" here in Marathi region. That tincture was amazingly effective not only in wounds but in some infected skin lesions too.
Dr. Arvind Shahane: Panchgun oil also very useful
Vd. Rupa Raval: Dipping wound in neem kvath aids fast healing
Vd. Shraddha Gawade: Neem kalka application on wound
Dr Jayesh Patel: Rohini churn with honey is also very effective in wound.
Vd. Shraddha Gawade: Vranavarti dhupana is very useful. But right now I don't have contents of vranavarti . But we r using different kinds of varti's very frequently. Ex 1.apasmarhar dhumvarti 2.Vranavarti 3.Vaman pashyat dhumvarti
Dr Feroz Khan: One old man was always used Leaves of aghada with some salt  for old wound he applied on wound he called it chhanni phoda (wound) the wound having small-small hole all around it.He got best result.but he never revealed it.but I came to know any how found useful in wound.
Dr. Vipin Pandey: kotmuchyadi oil also use for wound heal
Dr. Pravin Tirmare: Yes it gives best result
Vd. Piyush Prajapati: Vranantak Gugulu..
Vd. Gurumahantesh: Contents?
Vd. Piyush Prajapati: I have used two master medicines
1. Panchtikta Ghruta Gugulu
2. Vranantak Gugulu
Vd. Gurumahantesh: I have used PTGG that's very fine in wound healing. vrana dhupana also one should keep in mind in view of any infections.
Dr. Ravindra Upadhyay: Internally  Gandhi Rasayan tab+ Arogyavardhini 500 mg tds with lukewarm water. Avoid curds + DIVASWAP.
Dr. Tukaram Shinde: त्रिफला quath for व्रनधावाण
Vd. Piyush Prajapati: Wash part of wound by using decoction of Panchvalkal.. Then apply Panch tikta ghruta .If it is around to heal,u can let it b open Or wound is too much open,keep ghruta on Gause piece and bandage it.  Day after that, again open it, wash it by Decoction of Panchvalkal, and then apply Ghruta. U can use ghruta (Plain cow ghee or sat dhauta ghruta when wound is because of burning. )U can also usE Triphala dhruta.. Sometimes Triphala decoction is not helpful bcz of its improper quantity mixture. panchvalkal or Nimbadi Decoction is all tie best. When u want lekhan karma of toxins by application of Ghruta,u can use Panchtikta Gugulu Ghruta.  (Not in all type of wounds)
Dr. S. K. Rai: Flesh of aloevera meshed with jatyadi tailam provides fast healing.
Dr. Ravindra Upadhyay: For wound healing. Trifla Guggul 2  tds, Arogyavardhini 2 tds, application of jatyadi oil, SHATADHAUTA GHRUTA, ..Cleansing of the wound with  potassium permanganate / panchavalkal kwatha.
Dr. Bhadresh Naik:.For wounds healing,Panchtikta gugulu,Radona tablet,Triphala gugulu,Yastimadhu,Jatyadi tail apply every hourly,Mangistadi kashay.  Updrav of vatrakta leads to Non healing ulcer.
Dr. Madhuri Patil Chaudhari: Wound healing, if pus is present, Internally Sukshma Triphala tabs to correct internal acidic or Saamaj condition of body. Sukshma Triphala facilitates Natural process of wound healing esp. if pus is present. or wet/ oozing wounds.
Dr. Lalit Kansal: for wound healing  mulathi churan  with desi ghee aplly locally .
Dr. Sanjay Londhe: Shukshama triphala, Jatyadi tail, Ropanasathi.
Dr Jaydeep: Mandookparni- centella asciatica is drug of choice for calcitrant non- healing wound as it induces collagen formation and epithelialization.
Ayulink: I am using Cutis powder - a patent medicine - combination of Pushpanjan Powder, Shuddh Tankan Powder, Shuddh Gandhak Powder, Neem and Ajwain (Thymol) Oil.for antiseptic - anti biotic purpse, in wound healing. Also I have seen that with this preparation, wound healing is faster. Reason I dont know.
Dr. Ravindra Upadhyay: Prerakbhai Pushpanjan Powder easily available everywhere ? If not Pl let us know
Ayulink:- its readymade mixed - patent product available in the market...under the name "CUTIS POWDER" - good for dusting. I think pushpanjan means zinc oxide…Zinc, tankan, gandhak and neem - all together very good for anti-septic, antibiotic purpose.
Dr. J. T. Contractor: Dehydrated Aloevera fine mess powder is also good for dusting on wet wound to dry faster
Vd. Rupa Raval: Dhara with yashtimadhu kvath is very good for healing
Dr. Kiran Parihar: Wound Healing. Trifla guuglu, saptviasnti guuglu, trifla yasti swarn garik yoga. L/a yasti ghee.
Vd. Manhar Prajapati:
Dr. Hardikchandra Kalal: "Jatyadi is the best wound healing, I think it is prabhav of jatyadi tail in vrana chikitsa."
Dr. Chirag: Wound healing can be aggravated by the use of honey with different ingredients like salt with honey or curcumin with honey.I have heard from my elderly that it works best and have also seen many villagers applying honey and dry cowdung cake powder. And believe me it works best than antibiotics. Just we have to take care of bandaging and cleanliness etc.
Vd.  Mahavir Vora: Combination of ghandak rasayan and saptavishanti gugulu bid after meals have given excellent result in non healing wound of burn cases  and seen one case of non healing wound after Snake bite  which was not healed after one year.
Canada Nitin Shah: Many a times in dusta vrana first need to wound debridement with pratisharaniya kshara and it follows vrana ropana.
Dr Sandeep Madaan: Same like we do with H2O2?
Dr. Nitish Dubey: In my college ipd we use jatyadi tail for packing n dressing. triphla kwath for irrigation.
Dr. Jayshree Y. Mahajan: In shiv charitra I recently read Shivaji Maharaj had many puran ghrit wells for soldiers wound for fast recovery is there any buddy has experienced dressing with puran grit or honey
Dr. Nitish Dubey: I think wound debridment is very necessary in secondary wound or infected wound. Is there any diffrence in treatment for acute and chronic wound??
Vd. Sandeep J. Prasad: We should not forget miracles of haridra in wound.
Dr. Nitish Dubey: one point i want to share - There r some systemic conditions which we have to consider—Malnutrition,Diabetes ,Drugs like steroids,Obesity,Shock,immunodeficiency,Renal failure.
Some local condition,Wound infection,Necrosis,foreign bodies,Wound hypoperfusion nd hypoxia,Repeat trauma,Irradiated tissue,neoplasm,nd so on...
Dr. Jaya Sambhus: Yes puran ghrut is best for any wound . I m using 5 yrs old ghrut n having nice results in bed sore , traumatic wound , In uttan varn of pittaj prakruti pt virgin coconut oil is also good
Dr. J. T. Contractor: Diabetis shouldn't be taken for granted while treating wound is rightly said
Dr Kusum Pawse: What should be used for wounds caused by dog bite?
Vd. Rupa Raval: Yes, my experience,  long before I was working within one hospital, even though it was surgical hospital we use nimb kvath hot bath following dressing applying Honey and it always  works in diabetic ulcers and post snake bite ulcers.
Shri Minoo parabia: For wound same but take special care for tetanus and possible rabies.
Dr. Nitish Dubey: Any wound from animal bite must be wash by tap water properly.
Brazil Anália Meirelles: If is a wound from a venomous animal?
Slovenia Anoop S. Anand: is a chinese product which we can correlate with Ayurveda.This product is routinely used in Kuwait for dressing of amputation cases and diabetic foot cases in Kuwait Government hospitals
Dr. Sharmila Kulkarni: For Wound healing, even Parnaphuti is a good option it's bryophyte.
Dr. Shantanandkumar: Washing with triphala Kwath and apply honey for wounds it is also best
Dr. Sharmila Kulkarni: In Marathi we call it पानफुटी.
Shri Minoo parabia: Yes panfuty kalanchoe is called zakhme hayat in unani. Excellent healer Also called Bryophyllum pinnata.
Canada Nitin Shah: Wound cleaning with Sitafal leaves decoction. While doing my PG at Jamnagar one of my colleague did the detailed study and found quite helpful in secondary wound healing by promoting collagen tissues
Dr.Sandeep Saluja: How is sitafal leaves decoction made?Is it for topical use?Is zakhme hayat also for topical use?
Shri Minoo parabia: Yes for topical use. Kalanchoe leaves are also given orally on renal calculate.Contains crassulacean acid.Vatpatri pashanbhed also belongs to the same family
Dr. Mrugeshkumar Patel: I use tandadjanibhai's ras in internal 50ml BDS venomous  snake bite wound excellent results.
Dr.Purnima Patil: Shankhjeerak churna with trifala churna equal amount to be mixed with double of that goghrit.Good results in bed sores
Dr. Jyoti Ashok: What is tandadjanibhai's ras??
Vd. Rupa Raval: I think it mean Amaranthus , tandaljo or tandalja bhaji
Dr. Surbala Badgaiyan: For wound marigold flower leaf paste is vry effective.
Ghrita with honey is also good remedy n durwa drug paste with til tail also good
Dr. Hardikchandra Kalal: Which are pathya - apathy for vrana ??
Dr. Bhaskar B Nymathi:
Vd. Dhruti Kagrana: In charaka samhita:-लवणाम्ल कटूष्णानि विदाहीनि गुरूणि च|वर्जयेदन्नपानानि व्रणी मैथुनमेव च||९७||नातिशीत गुरु स्निग्धमविदाहि यथाव्रणम्|अन्नपानं व्रणहितं हितं चास्वपनं दिवा||९८||….
The patient having ulcer avoid such ingredients of food and drinks which are
• Lavana – saline• Amla – sour,• Katu – pungent,• Ushna – hot, Vidahin (whichcause burning sensation) and• Guru – heavy ..He should also avoid sexual intercourse.Depending upon the nature of [the Doshas in the causation of], the ulcer, the patient should take food and drinks which are not too cold, too heavy, too unctuous and drinks which are not too cold, too heavy, too unctuous and vidahin (which cause burning sensation) he should not sleep during the day time. [97 – 98]
Dr. Suyog Kulkarni: I have very good experience of Vrana ropana oil on diabetic &  varicose wounds…Along with oral medicines.
Dr. Sharmila Kulkarni: I have used Parnafuti in nonhealing surgical wounds. even post episiotomy nonhealing wound.
USA Gary Yuen: Are there particular herbs that can be used in any type of wound formula? Such as manjishtha?
Dr. Amal JP:
Dr. Rajendra Joshi: Go for plastic surgery…
…After plastic surgery
Dr. Ujwala Said: For such kind of wounds debridement and cleaning is done used jatayadi calendula ointment useful. For bedsores jatayadi ointment useful..Oxum solution also useful
Vd. Rupa Raval: For this wound, hot bath with nimb or yashtimadhu kvath following debridement and dressing with honey or jatyadi tailam is useful.. Dr. Vd. Ajayraj V. Bal: What's the age of patient - viper bite?
Dr. P. A. Deshpande: For non healing wounds of vericose ulcers, diabetic neuropathy, post surgical wounds, bed sores and even breast cancer, bone cancer are very well managed and cured by oxygen plus ozone treatment. In non healing wounds there is short supply of oxygen and blood supply also. As a result infection is not controlled and may convert to gangrene. Oxygen plus ozone bagging enhanses oxygen supply with deep penetration in deep cavities around the wound. Blood circulation is also accelerated with oxygen - ozone pressure. Clean the wound with wheat grass juice or any other antise-antiseptic solution apply panchgavya ghrita and insert polybag over the affected part. Insert ozone oxygen tube upto the bottom of the bag. Close the upper end tightly with Velcro strip. Put the oxygen ozone tube with a flow of 10-15 lt per min. Bag inflats with pressure. The mixture of oxygen ozone penetrates deep into the wound and purifies. It kills bacteria also. Do it for 30-60 min. every day till healing. Generally it takes 4-6 weeks but may take longer time in diabetic conditions. Photographs given. The above photo shows process of bagging. For prevention of bed sore very simple process helps a lot . Use rubber mat having grill on the bed. Apply 4 oxygen tubes at the centre of each mat and cover it with bed sheet. Let the patient sleep on it. Very minimum portion comes in contact with body with good comfort, which does not allow body contact parts to increase the temperature. Bed sore is the effect of continuous rise of regional temperature leading to infection and ulcers. For curing bed sore also this system is also useful. Psoriasis patient have very good relief by using this system. Photographs given below.

Dr ujwala:- Sir can this be use in initial stage and routine for bedsores patient..U suggest which ointment?Oxygen tubes if we don't use will do cause daily cylinders costly..Oxygen flow is to be kept just 200  cc per minute. This is for healing  for prevention  instead of oxygen  simple air pump which is used for a quarium   can also  give desired effect. For bed ridden pts use is from beginning  to prevent.  For pts having  bed sore  oxygen is better. One jumbo  cylinder  can give  service for 4 / 5 days. U can stop  also periodically.  As regards  ointment  I use past…Paste of wheat grass  juice and panchagavya grut. U can use any ointment u will get result. bcz  there is no ruse of regional temp. and wound gets aeriation preventing from decomposition.
Dr. Madhuri Patil Chaudhari: Kled is to be controlled for healing in diabetics, kled.causes inderance , rukshan by ozone therapy
Vd. Krutika Suhas Chaudhary: Honey, yashti, haridr, .kumari are best remedies for it
Dr Bhagyashri Panchal: Haridra is best wound healing agent
Dr Ganesh pawara.: ropan tail...
Vd. Vishal Rajparia: Prakshalana with triphala kwath.Madhu sarpi for local application..
Prof. Siddharth Panchal: For the cellular growth on wounds i have experience of using Shorea robusta .. it's found as very good healing agent..
Vd. Krutika Suhas Chaudhary: For vranadhodhana tankana, nimba, panchavalkala,triphala.Vranadhupam...all rakshoghn drvay  like jatamansi, sarshap etc. One we can differentiate Shudhdha, dushta vrana etc.
Dr. Sujata Vaidya: Wound  Healing with enhanced IgG from whole Cow colostrum. Reimmugen plus soft laser therapy for 5 sessions done in 15 days…Ayurveda expands on "inner strength and rejuvenation at cellular level...Now dry. Chronic acute diabetes. 2 cardiac incidences. Age 74. Over weight. Alcoholic.
Dr Bhagyashri Panchal: In our clg,  very used to apply jatyadi tail in place of betadine in allopathy.. It gives very good result in would healing
Dr. Sujith Shetty: Application of Ghee + Honey+ Eranda taila in equal quantity beneficial in wound healing...Along with triphala prakshalana
Dr. vikram delhi: Jatyadi ghritam is wonderful..
Vd. Rajal shukla: Trifala haridra mixture gives very good results ropankarm
Dr. Komal: Jatyadi ghrt n jatyadi taila..Also shatdhout ghrt is very gud
Vd. Komal Kalavadiya: Karpur with ghee use after vran praxan n we also use jatyadi ghrit.
End of discuission.

Compilation courtesy by: Vd. Dhruti Kagrana

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