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PCOD or PCOS and #Ayurveda approach

Views shared by several ayurveda professionals and non-ayurveda people in discussion group:

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Next topic for discussion: PCOD or PCOS and #Ayurveda approach

120: According to the Ayurveda Shastra these r Granthi Aartava.
Dosha- Vata, Kaphaja.
727: Kachnar gugglu & vrunadi kwath is useful - compair with granthi..
408: When the deranged vata etc. vitiates the mamsa, shonita and meda mixed up with Kapha; thus they produce circular, raised and knotted inflammatory swelling called ‘Granthi’. This type of glandular swelling has been compared with the modern terminology ‘cyst’ which means an abnormal closed epithelium- lined cavity in the body, containing liquid or semisolid material.
In PCOS, development of follicles has been arrested at one or any level and remained as it is. The cysts are follicles at varying stages of maturation and atresia. So, these cysts are not destined to ovum. Thus, this pathology is compared with granthibhuta artava dushti i.e. cyst, as in PCOS, the follicles becomes cysts instead of developing up to mature ovum.
 Ayurvedic treatment is by applying a multi-pronged approach towards –
– correcting the hormonal imbalance,
– treatment to obesity and avoiding high cholesterol levels,
– treatment to insulin resistance.
 May be not directly. but sex can be a fat burner(those who dont exercise otherwise)..obesity  has also been linked to pcos
Ashokarisht, Kumaryasav, Sukumaran Kashayam, Sukumaran Ghrit can be given
453: In pcod Ras vaha strotas and artav vaha strotas are affected So, treatment should be act on both this strotas
243: Kanchnar guggulu, Ashokarishta gives good result in PCOS
Varuna- Crataeva nurvala– helps to clear the channels and reduces the size of the cyst.
Hareetaki- Terminalia chebula –Due to laxative effect it reduces the body morbidity and contributes significantly.
Pippali- Long pepper-Piper longum –Being a potent rejuvenator,carminative and free radical scavenging agent curbs the pathology in a significant manner.
Bilva- Aegle marmelos-Reduces the size of the growth by its potent digestive effect.
Agnimantha- Premna integrifolia- like Bilva it acts as digestive.
Guduchi- Tinospora indica-Due to rejuvenative effect and bitter principles it imparts its benefits in breaking the patho-physiology.
Punarnava- Boerrhavia diffusa-diuretic benefits and smoothening effect reduces the size of the growths.
Chitraka- Plumbago zeylanica- potent digestive and carminative.
Shunthi- Ginger – quick penetrative and digestive.
Anjani- Memycylon indicum-proven efficacy in reducing the cysts and breaking the pathology.
 Chitrakadi vati – used in Ayurvedic treatment of anorexia and indigestion. It improves digestion power. It is one of the widely used Ayurvedic tablet, Varunadi kwatha – Useful in reducing the size of cyst and obesity management, Panchakola choorna, Arogyavardhini vati, Triphala guggulu, Varunadi louha, Phalatrikadi kashaya, Punarnavadi kashaya, Navayasa louha, Navakarshika guggulu are useful.
The management approach to PCOS should concentrate on:
Treating agnimandya at jataragni and dhatwagni level (Deepana-carminatives and Pachana-digestives)
Alleviating sroto avarodha-Samshodhana purificatory therapies based upon the grade of doshic vitiation and site of affliction) followed with (free radical scavenging agents-rasayana drugs)
Regularization of apana vata(vatakaphahara madicaments)
901: Very true.. Cause and sign and symptoms of raktapit clearly mention ati sram, Atitap, Atijal pravuti  bleeding occur.
135: Kanasatahwadi kwatha...ref sahasrayoga give good results in pcos
559: Taking this into consideration I have learnt the use of Rasa paachak yoga in pcod and seen it to be very effective. I also use laghu malini vasant in pcod gives good results. Have also used chandraprabhavati effectively. I find pcod to be vaat kaphaj.. Agnimandya arunshika keshpatan sthaulya are prominent!!
And In most cases.Vishamashan and samashan are the two most commonest hetus. It has been termed as a lifestyle disorder. And the change in lifestyle these days is the food habit. And lack of activity.Combines with the rest of the hetus
 044: Pcod:- Sthan: vat, Dosh: kapha vat
- tikta kashay ras medicine like gudmar etc, lekhaniya drug also useful in pcod, vaman , Basti also very useful in pcod. First yogbastikram nd then matrabasti for 1 or 2 month.
168: Eating gavedukha instead of barley, rice or wheat is possibly the fastest way to reduce kapha.
947: I used kanchar gugul ,kumaryasav ,chandraprabha vati . N got excellent results in many pts..
559: Gavedhukanna karshaniyanam sreshtham
660: PCOD is mainly due to rasavaha stroto dushti..due to the lifestyle, lack of exircise, fast food, junk food, recurrent intake of hormonal pills and so i think it is mainly found in urban areas. Also hybrid food is main causative agent as it is directly related to beej.
299: I have a patient who has PCOS diagnosis n wants to get pregnant now. She is changing diet and lifestyle, taking aloe Vera . Any recommendations? Eating gavedukha instead of barley, rice or wheat is possibly the fastest way to reduce kapha. What is gavedukha?
320: In PCOS insulin desturbance  mamajak ghanvati useful.
482: There is a book on PCOD. The PCOD THYROID BOOK Author : Rujuta Diwekar.Very simple language.
988: In pcod, uttar basti with phala ghrita works wonderfully
964: Really. I had been using all these with very little results. No change in cysts even after 3 to 6 months of treatment. Which company and in what dosage you prescribe
753: Kuberskash vati is very very effective in pcos. According to cause vaman n basti have great result in pcos
947: I used Kanchar gugul my pharma made . Kumaryaaav (dhootpapaeshwar) . Chandraprabhavati (dishant pharama).
Also add gomutra haritaki (dishant pharma). Kanchar 1 tds or 2 bd , Cp 1 tds , Kumaryasav 10 ml tds.
886: Rajaswala parichaya palan nahi karne se PCOD ka1 karan hai, Mansik strees tension , Jirna jwar.
vyadhi pratenic t/t: Shatawari+shankh+amruta satwa, Kuberaksh wati, Falgrut. In panchakarma - Dhashmul sahachar bassti
Bilwa +Badar patra pottali swed
457: This pt. is treated with Yakrut Rasayan and Shothamrut for 2.5 months. Pt cured completly
939: What is yakrut rasayan and shothamruth. Please elaborate
168: Coix lacryma. A grain like rice millet barley wheat etc. With boar and honey to lose weight. caraka Su 2.25. Or Su 25.40: nothing better for losing weight than a diet with gavedukha. Works great. Yava can help prevent increase in kapha but gavedukha works great for reducing.
299: Botanical name plz
901: Which type of yoni vyapad related with pcod???
509: If pcod not treated on time and not taken care there is chances of ovarian failure
416: M2 tone n, Hyponyd (Charak Pharma ) Also use full
509: Hyponyd tablet useful in irregular menses
243: Kuberaksha vati is of what company?
439: 1-Gomutra haritaki churn with ikshurak khar 2- varunadi ghreet or kwath or gorakhmundi kwath 3-surabhi jal
120: Pls give details about Aavarana in Granthi Aartava (Pcod, Pcos), According to the Aavarana how the trtt changes.
092: A 30 yr old female having delayed peroids ny 2 to 3 months, she is diagnosed as having PCOD. We underwent 2-3 cycles of follicular study to notice the rupture of follicle but twice there was no rupture. she is under my treatment . She is on
varunadi kwath 30ml twice, Pushpadhanwa rasa 2tds, M2tone 2tds. Should i add hyponid to this prescription?
Last time during discussion someone mentiined that shirodhara helps to regularize hpo axis. So, i have advised shirodhara
252: Regularising menstruation is very important.kapha medo hara as well as arthava janaka treatment. Vamana is very effective. Kanasathahwadi kashayam,chiravilwadi kashayam, kumaryasavam,punarnavasavam etc can be given. Lifestyle modifications are needed. Kumari swarasa in empty stomach is good
678: PCOD  is a result of production of immatured  or weak follicles . It is a hormonal imbalance. Such pts have hyper acidity , and constipation .this results in many complications like delayed cycle, insufficient discharge or heavy discharge  Application of castor oil topically on abdomen, cold therapy for 4  / 6 six hours, orally wheat grass juice aloevers juice at empty stomach. Uttarbasti of aloe Vera juice. ./ wg juice total 50 ml plus soaked cotton plug in panchgavya ghrut. In vaginal cavity for one hour at evening  and  for constipation 1/2 litre lukewarm water with triphala powder is useful. Matra basti for ten days . Pranayam and yogasan is must. At my place I am using ozone therapy and Kati snan with ozone and vaginal flushing with oxegen is used. Mainly restoration of health condition gyenic organs is a aim . Good success rate .
457: Uttarbasti of shatapushpa oil on 7, 8,& 9th day of menstrual cycle for 3 consecutive Cycles
371: Deshpande sir how much quantity of juice(?) used in uttarbasti?
678: For Uttar basti total  quantity should not be more than 50 ml. Wheat grass juice 30 ml and aloe Vera 20ml..
 371: As per my knowledge uterine capacity is 3cc... So any body having idea about quantity of uttarbasti oil? Plz give suggestions
348: For Uttar basti,bi insert around 5 cc oil. Around 2_3cc come out immediately. Give headlow position so more oil retains inside
Vd. Prerak Shah: We are discussing abt PCOD / PCOS. So pl stick to that subject. Just FYI, uttarbasti oil matra is 2 to 5 ml.
And the function of ovary is suppressed or diminished, like to produce ovum.
Dr. Vishal Rajparia: Pcod is also one major reason for obesity in females .Where ovary becomes like having multiple cysts on it. Polycystic ovarian syndrome or polycystic ovarian disease
Dr. pankaj Chhayani: I have found good results of Gudaharitaki in PCOD
213: Acc. to Ayurved can be corelated with Karnini Yonivyapad??
348: I have not found good results of UB in such cases. Plus can't be given in virgins.
678: The capacity is subjective  being flexible . It also depends how u administer  I  insert  RT8  No in cavity with lubrication  then apply cotton plug soaked in juice tightly in horizontal position then inject juice through inj syringe. Slowly keeping proper pressure not to leak. .the purpose of uttarbadti is to medicate vaginal cavity cirviz. Uterus to overies  cyst is disintigrated  by natural method. This is done for seven days
348: I prefer to give Yoga basti post menstuation. I have come across many pts with vaginal infection with pichudhara n post UB. So, I ve stopped doing that, Sir.
611: Rajah pravartani vati is also useful in pcos
348: I do it with Insemination canula. Vatanulomana n Raja pravartan chikitsa helps in such pts. Obesity, hair loss, Hirsutism are the complaint s, patient come up with Raising BMR with good cardio exercise n high protein diet is advisable
Vd. Prerak Shah: As everybody knows I do not practice gynec, but several Ayurvedic gynaecologists refer patients of PCOS or PCOD to me for PK treatments. Nobody asked me for Uttarbasti. Most doctors ask me to go with virechankarma and then 8-10 basties. In some cases, we prefer to go with Nasya too. I can say that annually 20-25 positive results I see in my practice with pre and post USG reports.
678: Infection after  UB has reasons . If  cervix is injured or if cavity is not cleaned before UB.
Vd. Prerak Shah: After PK, Ayurvedic gynec provides shaman chikitsa for about 6-18 months.
348: Sir, I ve data of 637 cases .  I sincerely don't feel UB has any role in this. I use  Hingu kalpa with Chandra prabha, Arogya vardhini, Kanchanar guggulu.
858: Chandransu Ras ; chandraprabhavati ; arogyavardhini ; kanchnargugal ; faldhrut or trifaladhrut ; pelvic massage with maha Narayan tail or castor oil  or Tal Tel. & swedan process gives good result.
348: Shatavari doesn't have any role also,. Generally it is given or pts take it on their own. This drug worsens the problem as it raises prolactin levels as everyone knows it is Galactogogue. Usually pt responds in 3-4 months. But in Hirsutism you may have to continue this for 6 months to 1 year. Adrak  juice with ghee Nasya, taken early morning is very beneficial. I give it to some resistant cases which don't respond to above treatment
Watch for ovarian volume and ovulatory cycles when you r treating along with clinical symptoms.
040: Tab amycordial 2 TDS , Aarogya vardhini vati, Chandraprabha vati , Kanchnaar gugglu , Varunadi Kashay have good results.
348: I also give Udarbasti or Udar dhara followed by Swedan. Starting Kumari asav at menarch  can be a preventive. I am still working on this and try togather data. Some pts come up with begin with I give Raktastambak kashay..Charakokt
469: Very lbw baby or child of an eclamptic mother may suffer from metabolic diseases like diabetes or pcos and difficult to treat.
Dr. pankaj Chhayani: 3 gm haritaki churna and 3 gm gud
Vd. Priti Patel:I found successful results with  1)Kanchnara guggul,  2)dashmool kwath and 3) rajh pravartini vati.
408: How about uttarabasti with Mahatriphaladi ghrit or Any tridoshahar medications...or internal use of Sukumaran ghrita has also found satisfactory results...PCOD required vata kaphahar treatment but many a times signs of vitiated pitta are also seen like excessive body heat, acne, heartburn etc..what is your take on it..
862: we have got result with vaman -matra basti for 2 months
Kanchnar guggulu, shilajit vati, triphka kwath , medopachak, chandraparabha vati. pt is unmarried so cant given uttar basti ! Usg report normal plus she lost extra weight 20kgs !
521: In initial stage pt have excess body wt and delayed menses so I usually start with aloevera juice empty stomach vijaysar and combination of Krishna til jaggery and dried ginger with anupan of panchkol kwath. In later stage I add kanchnar gug  and varunadi kashayam. No: of yogic postures like butterfly, bhujangasana, padmasana, kapal bhati and surya namaskar are also advised.
168: Anyone think adding flax oil to uttar basti might help? Hippocrates mentions it in a work on women. I forgot why, might have related to the uterus closing or drying.
611: Ashokarishta  can also b used in pcod
168: Some mentioned guggulu. Any reason it might not be part of what's used first or in all cases?
Dr. pankaj Chhayani: Guda= jaggery
769: "Shatpushpa tail nasya " . Trikatu + ajvayan 2 gm tds( dose can be change according ayu parameters). Successful treatment.
Vd Minoo Parabia: Ashokarishta, lodhrasav and Devdarvyadi kadha proved very useful.  Better the freshly decocted kadha.
004: Granthil Artav Yog from Ashtang Hriday
Gokshur Trikatu Kutaj. Also helpful
735: Patha kutaj Gokshur OR Patha kutaj trikatu is also used as *'trikantak'* is taken as gokshur or as trikatu by some.
Dr. Nikhil Bakshi: Five common Ayurvedic medicines that help in the management of PCOS:
Shatavari (Asparagus racemosus):- Shatavari helps in promoting normal development of ovarian follicles, regulates menstrual cycle and revitalizes the female reproductive system. Shatavari also helps in combating the hyperinsulinemia- i.e. high levels of insulin, mainly due to its phytoestrogen (natural plant based estrogen).
Guduchi (Tinospora Cordifolia):-Guduchi is a powerful anti- inflammatory herb. Chronic inflammation in tissues is the root cause for insulin imbalance and ovarian cysts. Guduchi helps in revitalizing all the body tissues and boosts metabolism naturally. It also helps in lowering insulin resistance.
Shatapushpa (Foeniculum vulgare):- Fennel seeds also known as shatapushpa in Sanskrit are a good supplement for PCOS. They are rich source of phytoestrogens. Phytoestrogens in fennel, helps in reducing insulin resistance and in bringing down the inflammation in PCOS. Phytoestrogens are also believed to help reduce the cellular imbalance which leads to metabolic disturbances in PCOS.
Triphala :- A mixture of three fruits- Amalaki (Emblica officinalis), Haritaki (Terminalia chebula) and Bibhitaki (Terminalia bellerica) blended in it; Triphala is one of the most popular Ayurvedic classical formulations! It is a rich source of vitamin C- a powerful natural antioxidant that helps in reducing inflammation by scavenging free radicals. Triphala helps in cleansing and detoxifying your system and hence is best taken prior to taking any other Ayurvedic medicines.
Aloe Vera- Kumari (Aloe barbadensis):- Aloe vera is yet another Ayurvedic herb that is extremely beneficial in treating PCOS. It helps in regularizing the menstrual cycles, promotes normal mestruation and normalizes ovarian hormonal imbalance.
The Organ and System responsible for Reproduction in the female is called आर्त्तव वह स्रोतस. This channel is responsible for the nourishment and enables the functional action of carrying the Ovum to the Uterus. All the three Doshas play important role and distinctive roles in the processes behind the Female reproduction which includes the Ovarian Cycle and the Menstrual Cycle.                                                                                  Apana Vayu is also responsible for the movement of menses during Menstruation and the energy behind the downward movement of the baby through the birth canal during Labour.                                                                                                  
Pathophysiology of PCOS as per Ayurveda.                                                          
Ayurveda classifies PCOS as a Kapha Disorder.                                                                    * Vata is responsible for Follicular movement, Ovulation and movement of Ova into Fallopian Tube.                                       * Ayurveda believes that Hormonal changes during the Menstrual Cycle are governed by Pitta.                                                                                       * Kapha's  गुरु, शीत, श्लक्षण, and  सहंत गुण nourish the development of the tissues that form and support the Reproductive System including the nurturing energy that supporting the growth of the Follicle during the Ovarian Cycle.                                                                                                                              * PCOS is due to Kapha blocking Vata and Pitta, hence movement is obstructed and the transformation process is suppressed.  According to Ayurveda in PCOS, Rasa Dhatu ( Lymph and Plasma ), Meda Dhatu ( Adipose Tissue ) and Artavavaha Strotas ( Female Reproductive System ) are disturbed due to Aggravation of Kapha.   In Women's the उपधातु  of Rasa Dhatu is Rajah (रज - Menstrual Fluid). The Menstrual Fluid will also take on the quality of Kapha which will in turn begin to block Apana Vayu in Artavavaha Srotas.( the channel that supports the functional action of the Menstrual Fluid ).                                   
Ayurvedic Concept of Ovarian Cyst formation in PCOS.                                      The Organs of Artavavaha Srotas are affected by the गुरु and श्लक्षण गुण of Kapha and Ama creates Srotas ( Channel ) Dusti in Artavavaha Srotas. This leads to stagnation (Sanga ) of Apana Vayu in Artavavaha Srotas. This stagnation hampers free flow of Vata and Pitta. The reduced flow hampers the functioning of Hormones. These accumulated Doshas are expressed as cysts in the ovaries.
985: Amapachan,sadyo virechan followed by kanchnar guggulu,Amruth , dashmoolaristha, ashokaristha and kumariasava gives very good results with yoga for waist
168: It doesn't seem like one of the main herbs used, but in chinese medicine, at least some are using gavedukha. Seems one the best kapha herbs that is also a food. Maybe many future uses to be studied.
416: Sir what is gavedukha
678: It is sawar or maize  naturally grown in forest.
168: Mentioned only a few times in Caraka. Used to be food and somewhere else said it was cultivated before rice.
Vd Minoo Parabia: It grows in road side ditches and other water logged marshlands.
 168: Has stimulating effect on uterus and caution during pregnancy. "Due to high content of unsaturated fatty acid and extremely low levels of heavy metal and toxic residues."
 Vd Minoo Parabia: Fruits look like shining oval pearls. Also used to make rosaries.
422: I think Pranayama is also important. Vasant Lad said in a women's health last seminar about kapalbhati daily helps a lot with PCOD
168: Worth also looking at cause. caraka first mentions food as cause of most disease then lists others. Bhuta Vidya likely helpful but more difficult if patients are not used to it.
936: Sir Bhuta Vaidhya is helpful in PCOD?
168: If dosha has a psychological cause, i think yes. I'm not sure how much it is practiced today, but Caraka seems to see mind as important in health and cause of disease. Many other older medicines too. Today, many want a quick fix and might not even change diet, another of the main causes.The spirit (where sattva dominates), the Self in the individual (atman), and the body constitute the defining triad of the living being.- Caraka Su 1.46. All three parts important or maybe equal I think. caraka Su 28.7 list of factors of those that can't resist disease. Weak spirit is last in list.
215: My sadguru uses vardhman elaychi (cardamom) prayog in pcod with all above discussed classical yogs
 Vd. Prerak Shah: That's elaborate this prayog..
215: 1St day 4 cardamom + 100ml milk and 100 m water khsirpak consume empty stomach. Incresase 1 ela every day upto 21 ela then dicrease one by one upto 4 ela. My sadguru says ovary has resemblance with cardamom by yat pinde tat brhmande nyay. So its works well
Vd. Prerak Shah: Really this is new to know...friends, pl share your views on this.
215: Those who are not getting good result with medicine can use this prayog with medicines. We can do more research on this .
Helga Fuchs: Ayurveda for ever, what is khsirpak please? Kshir is milk, but what is Pak? The mixed Ela, milk and water? Interesting. I know treatment like that for 21 days up and back with milk and pippali for bronchiale disorders. To do with cardamon for ovary seems to be good.
Vd. Prerak Shah: yes...kshirpak is a preparation...added milk + water and then boil till water part gets evaporated.This seems similar to pippali kshirpak, but here in place of pippali he has suggested Ela (Cardemom).
215: Bruhat ela is kaf vat samak. Vrushya,vran and vasti shodhak tikt ras. So it works. Kshir paak is totally different from kwath
735: So the cardamom used here is Big Black cardamom n not the small green or yellow
Helga Fuchs: Black is strongest I think
308: Mentioned in sharangadhar sanhita, ch.8  sniffing  cardamum  useful  during labourpain.So, It's  may be work on uterus & ovaries.
Vd.Piyush Prajapati: Same as well,lasun xirpak is also used. 2 type of pcos. One is kaphaj pitta and second is kaphaj vaat. Kaphaj pitta is little difficult to solve out bcz of opposing treatment. But it's easy to treat when it is kaphaj vaat
776: And also share about bhut chikitsa in pcos useful or not.
Dr. Bhaskar B Nymathi:
Sthula/Bruhad ela
Amomum sublatum
Vd. Tanuja Gokhale: So, ela is Elaichi, but Badi Elaichi is to be used as suggested above.
Germany Helga Fuchs: Badi Elachi is Brown or Black Eladi? Bruhad is Brown?
Vd. Tanuja Gokhale: Bruhad in Sanskrit, english meaning is big.We get 2 varieties in Cardamom - 1.small is green. 2. big is black.
Dr. Bhadresh Naik: Patients on oral contraceptive. If pcos. No weight lost, Even x rays may indicate…
Go for ct abdomen, Colonoscopy, Biopsy…To rule out Tb, Thrombosis, Colitis Into sucpention Diverticulitis.
Dr. Ravindra Upadhyay: Pts without contraceptive also found to have PCOS. I have come across a few pts unmarried, not on oral contraceptives, having PCOS. Simple history of irregular menses, ^ in wt, obesity indicates pcos
Dr. Suyog Kulkarni: I practice weight loss along with other practice. I have observed reversal of PCOS effectively with weight loss.
Australia Vd. Neerja Ahuja: My patient is not obese, has PCOS, has facial hair. Now wants to get pregnant. She has been taking triphala, Kumari n shatavari for some time. Diet changed to more sattvic now. Any other things that can be done?
Shrikalp Deshpande: May be in PCOS due to Obesity,
Facial hairs, Irregular menses etc. Metform is Rx
Shrikalp Deshpande: Triphala is good
Vd. Pritam Bharat Veer: For pcod chandraprabha vati kumari asaw is good. Chandraprabha regulates harmonal problems
Dr. Hemlata Negi: Pcod. Kanchnaar is Gud with kumaryasav.
Dr. Yogin Patel: One should do USG on 3 Rd day of mensis for pcod,  plz seniors,  highlight this also.
Dr. Jaya Sambhus: Pcod is major pbm in my area. 7 out of 10 girls r suffering. One Rx pattern is not working for everyone.
Pcod with obesity - Chitrakadi vati , gomutra haritaki, raspachak, medopachak , latakaranj ghan vati , cp , kanyalohadi vati , varunadi kashay , kumari asav . In panchkarma vaitaran basti. Ashok + Bala kshirpak is nice for hormonal imbalance.
Dr. S. P. Deshpande: PCOS or PCOD is also a result of behavioural deficiency. . Like use of very tight clothing which prevents aspiration and respiration through skin and use of polymer in inner garments. This increase in internal temperature may cause harmonal imbalance. But I am not sure.
Dr. Anup Torane: Drug of choice like allopathy in pco is kuberaksh vati (vidyanand pharma), chandraprabha vati, lushunadi vati, chitrakadi vati, rasapachak+ medpachak + nagkeshar + devdar+ gudmar+ triphala+ hajarlyahud bhasm, varunad kwath.
If dominance of kapha first snehpurvak vaman (ghrut according to lakshan) mahatikt ghrut for kapha dominance
-on nxt cycle  anuvasan with sahacharadi tail  then hingutrigunadi tailam
-niruh with triphala kanchanar kwath gomutra+apamarg kshar+ saindhav+madhu+ sheh
 Vd. Dhruti Nirav Bhatt: My drugs of choice are Varanasi kwath and Dashmool kwath, Rajahpravartani vati, Nastpushpantak Ras, Trikatu with warm water, Erandbhrist haritaki. I suggest one tbs Shatpushpa churna with cow ghee or warm water. Yogasan like Uttanpadasan, Pavanmuktasan, sarvangasan, Pranayam. Diet has also important role.
Vd. Pritam Bharat Veer: Absolutely raj is updhatu of Rasa dhatu. So when ras dhatu chikitsa given in pt ultimately raj pravartan becomes normal. Raspachak and drugs acting on ras dhatu like Narayni Manjistha can be given .Along with it we can give kanchnar guggul. Anti inflammatory action.
Tilak raj Gujrani :For PCOD Use of turmeric oral in moderate to high doses wnd at the same time local application in the form of Ubtan at least weekly on whole body and on face 2-3 times a week.for conception, some additional medicines.
 Dr. Chirag: PCOD is a kapha-vataj samprapti . So, with obesity (73-75%) v can associate it with kaphaj pradhan n in other vataj pradhan. It mostly starts with rasa dushti. Rasa dushti is not only bcz of food variations but even of psychological stress. Dushta rasa produces Mala pradhan dhatus and updhatus which contributes to formation of cysts. Even d symptoms of hirsutism and acnes can be associated with rasa-mala avivek condition of the particular body. In kaphaj pradhan samprapti panchkarma importantly virechan n basti plays best role.
In my practice I hav used curcuma Longa in different combinations like vardhaman prayog or with sneha pan or with jaggery etc and hav got an excellent results even on hirsutism.
Even for the local application v hav used powder of manjistha, haldi and harde for hirsutism . While in vataj pradhan it is more of anuvasana basti hingutrigunadi tail am and proper diet.
Compilation courtesy: Vd. Kinshuk Hirpara and Vd. Dhruti Kagrana

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