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Hair fall - dandruff - Ayurveda view

Views shared by several ayurveda professionals and non-ayurveda people in discussion group:

Hair fall - dandruff  - Ayurveda view
Group 1:
Ananad Zaveri:

Dr. Dipam Tripathi:
[9/19/2015, 7:07 PM] Dipam tripathi: Hairfall is as same as tree rout....when wind (vaat) is too much and pitt is too much that sun exposure is much and wayer is less then tree is going to die.....same way oir body have much vaat and pitta so hair fall is there....
So treat ment have many aspect
1. Control vata and pitta
2. Nutrition is must
3. Hair is 'mal' of asthi there for strength asthivah srotas its give good result of Hairfall
....and asthi and vata sthan
4. In today era.....we know advertising is very imp roll of cosmetics use...beware of ayurveda told that head..ear and in oil massage every day...but today all people not put oil in the hair....
5. Stress is a big roll in hair fall ....for that yoga and meditation is giving better result to remove stress So
*1. Hair massage or shirodhara
*2. Nasya
*3. Asthi poshak
*4. Vatpitta shamak drug
*5. Remove stress....
There is a full remedy for Hairfall i think.....and i do...

Dr. Arti Parimal:
For dandruff lemon gel is very useful. Just apply on a scalp massage for 15 minutes and wash with water only

Parabia Sir:
Dandruff is a fungus. Spreads from scalp to the neck and affects even ears and back. MM KWATH is basic with Arkadi tail for topical application. Ca and Fe deficiency be taken care of. Nasya helps a lot completing the treatment. Continuous hair wash with neem kwath for a month helps

Jamanbhai Malaviya:
Also helpful
-          Karanj pan
-          Neem pan
-          Ark pan
-          Kutaj pan
-          Sitafali pan thick kwath
Keep up in scalp, And wash out with good shampoo, Three time in a week

Mr. Kiran Patel:
How to make Neem kwath?

Parabia Sir:
Neem leaves 500g boil with 10 litres of water for 10 minutes. Let it cool down. Strain and use water for washing hair.

Vd. Mukesh Pandya – Russia:
I am seeing from two days no vaidya responding about hair fall and dandruff.
The reason for this symptoms is
●Digestive system
●stress & tension
●kafa & pitta imbalance
Remedy for this
●Kafa & pitta specifying diet
●every alternative day apply combination of tail keep for night, wash in the morning.
Gunjadi tail + neemb tail + dhatur patradi tail equal praposnal for 5 to 7 min
In the morning half hrs before clinging the head apply lemon juice in the head. Wash head with the help of fresh lassi.

Vd. Dinesh Pandya – USA:
@ Dr.Mukesh Pandya...above all you suggested. ....i would like to add to your recommendation  ,that is Nasya. for Paitik ...pathology Ghee and for Kafaj pathology ...Til tail nasya.

Vd. Avni Vyas:
we can use shuddh gandhak mixed with narikel (coconut)  tail for external application

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Views shared by several Ayurveda professionals and non-Ayurveda people in discussion group: Disclaimer: All views shared here are onl...