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Potatoes : Is there any negative / positive effect on body according to ayurveda?

Views shared by several ayurveda professionals and non-ayurveda people in discussion group:

Potatoes : Is there any negative / positive effect on body according to ayurveda?

Dr. Harendrabhai:
Potato with skin is rich source of potassium , Megnasium and carbohydrates.
Good for under weight person.
High glycemic index so best to avoid for diabetics.

Vd. Kunal Manek;
Actually I haven't seen any disease caused by potato. So I personally don't find anything wrong in eating potatoes. Just to have it according to your body Constitution.

Parabia sir:
Potatoes were introduced to india somewhere in 17th century. Not indian crop at all. Now many such crops have become common India like papaya and peanut.
Potatoes  are full of starch like our cereals,  nutritive, cheap and tasty too. Yes individualistic experience about digestibility or flatulent property holds true for any other food too. In general I have nothing against Potato. By large elderly people avoid taking potatoes at night as not easy to digest. So eat during day time! Smashed potatoes with little cream salt and bkack pepper is food of choice for sicks. If one has to build opinion on Ayurvedic basis it requires thorough research.
As for the pesticides they are akways spread on aerial parts therefore tubers are least affected. But than cabbage flowers okra bananas grapes strawberry are actually being bathed in pesticides. Beware of them!
During famines in past potatoes have saved millions.

Vd. Manhar:
Two types of potatoes one is read highly chemical use druning plantation its use in packing wefer etc...second is white having less chemical

Parabia sir:
Actually more than 20 potato varieties are under cultivation. Kufri near Simla has the potato research institute.
In fact green ones are with chlorophyll and not fit for eating.
Red ones are virus affected and not fit for eating.

Potatoes,  onions,  garlic,  apple,  ajwain are very rich in aniciline.  Equally good.  But potatoes should be eaten with skin.
I may be wrong but this is what I have aquired.
Nivruttiben :
For diabetes, if someone is scared about potatoes due to carbohydrate,  eat with skin and before cooking keep cut potato slice in salted water for 10 to 15 minutes.

Vd Prerak shah:
Boiled potato skin is used for the external treatment of knee joint pain - arthritis. Heard or read this thing. But not practiced. 

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