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Is there any ayurveda treatment for GB stone?

Views shared by several ayurveda professionals and non-ayurveda people in discussion group:
Is there any ayurveda treatment for GB stone?

Group 2:
Vd. Hardik bhatt:
Gall bladder stone mate 1. Ekhra no kshar 2gm daily with warm water twice . 2. Shiva kshar pachan churn bed time 3. Aarogyavardhini vati 1 daily twice 2 tb..4. Shankhvati jamya pachi.... Diet :- week ma 2 days only fruits and green salad .. No any other cooked items .. And avoid milk and milk products ..

Vd. Ketan bhimani:
Katuki is the best drug of choice as pitta virechak in GBStone problem

Vd. Jyotsnaben Raval:
I have treated some cases of gall stonewith following medicines .

1, Aarogyavardhini tab .
2, Faltrikadi quath
3 Kumaariaasav
4 Swadidtha virechan
anybody can try these.really avery surprising results found

Still we are open for more inputs. Pl post yr input on GB stone treatment. Thnx

Parabia sir:
We're using Gallstone churna based on Ashmarihar guti coupled with olive oil and lemon.

Vd Jagruti patel-usa:
This is cure for multiple gallstones? And if how long the treatment should be given? And what is medicine to subside pain that comes along with stones.

Vd. Prerak shah:
Actually I have tried with oil Snehapan and then tivra virechan in few cases. There was success in some cases and failure in some cases. But even a small success is encouraging for me. Need to get written consent from patient to get treatment as indoor patient and all permission for emergency treatment in modern hospital. I also keep ready gastro-entro surgeon on call for that day.
My most successful case is - 21mm GB stone was removed.  I do have pre and post sonography reports.

Vd. Piyush prajapati:
I have used Arogyavardhini ras + kumari + trikatu - 1 gm in morning after bath and at night at time of sleep with Godhruta
Faltrikadi kwath bd
Nityand ras bd
Kalyanak sneh at night at time of sleep alternate day..
previously it was 9mm After 1month its 6mm.. but pain was removed so after that patient not come to me.
Only one patient i have still ..

Vd. Tejal Prajapati: Hello docs...Give me suggest about gall stone..
Which aayurved medicine is use for gall stone..My  brother has a history of 12mm stone in gall bladder ..Is this cure by aayurved medicine.???/
+91 96191 06371: Gopitta.. hvnt used but..references found.....Gallstones from cows gall bladder.
Dr. Jinal Thakkar: Narikel lavana.....Combined with paashanbhed and yavakshar and Arogya wardhini
Vd. Tejal Prajapati: Dose??
Dr. J. T. Contractor: Stop Ghee(ghrut), oil,.....Use only olive oil to stop increase gall stone further,if ajwain (ajmod)
Surat Vd Mukul Patel: If any one has proofs of any treatment which is effective in gall stones pl post
Dr. J. T. Contractor: Stop Ghee(ghrut), oil, Use only olive oil to stop increase gall stone further,if ajwain (ajmod) leaves3-4 thrice daily chewed may slowly reduce the size as its not an actual stone but its a fat(cholesterol) melts slowly, else best way to get rid is surgery. Long ago a Parsi gentleman (retired Cornel) narrated his experience, no other proof or reference!
Shri Minoo parabia: Olive oil 20ml + 5 drops Jyotismati + 5ml fresh lemon juice  give at empty stomach in the morning ......Gallstone churna 5g twice a day. Arogyavardhini 2x2, Is it single or multiple? Size of lith?

Dr. Bhadresh Naik: According to samprapti and rogshtan gallbladder is pitta sthan so we can give pittshamak dravya……….It's make different or not……If obstruction due to stone advised surgery only…
Bunty Gandhi: Expert Vaidhyas...What abt role of kutki in gallbladder stone ? Its being pittashamak, can help in it.

Shri Minoo parabia: Yes. Picrorrhiza must be considered. Found good on ascites and on liver affections. Eager to learn more about.

Dr. Rajeshkumar Radadiya: Which treatment for gall grandpa has 7 mm gall stone without cholicistitis….
Dr. Ravindra Upadhyay: guduchighanvti with. kumari. asav

Vd. Vishal Patel: Suvarna soothshekhar is also useful in gall stone

Vd. Vishal Patel: Avipattikar churna at night for anuloman.  Aarogyavardhani vati has also good results as it contain tamra and kutaki with both having bhedan property.

Dr. Ravindra Upadhyay: gallstone can. be treated while treating. liver,  Agni. it is lithogenic. bile causing. gall stones in the long run. all these pts have decreased appetite, constipation, hyperacidity, hence rightly Dr Rajesh suggested. Avipattikar. Churna

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