Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Why monkeys eat red shoe flowers (jasud) a lot.

Views shared by several ayurveda doctors in discussion group:

Sub.:  Why monkeys eat red shoe flowers (jasud or Hibiscus) a lot.  What properties of jasud prompts them?

- It is a myth Or reality i dont know But jasud can lead to ovulation failure and can control Population. At the same time i wonder what the contraceptive method was being used by Lord  RAMA that instead of living 13 yrs. In vanvas they were not having child. Was it jasud? It is ancient truth that rama was not having child for 13 yrs. He might have learned this from monkeys or vanvasis.
- As we see whole ramayan there are so many things about Gynecology. Ram was born after treatment to dasrath and putreshti yagna. And birth of sita was also different.
-  Japakusum as a herbal contraceptive drug already work is published

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