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How to treat bradycardia?

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How to treat bradycardia?

- If it is due to ccf then dashmool kashay and arjunarista combination gives quick result...
- According me pt have no complain than not do any thing we must follow the basic health sutra..samadosha samagnich....
- Bredycardia may be due to   aamdosh then pt has to take sunth kalimirch erandsneh if it's due to shock tension then aswagandha, Arjunarisht base treatment
- Bradycardia, which is basically due to disturbed electric signals. Electrolyte imbalance,  pitta, hypothyroidism could be the reasons.  Severe condition may lead to unconsciousness.
- Yes pittashamak and vaat shamak remedies coupled with Sanjeevani vati, Gokshuradi guggulu, punarnava, popped rice with fennel could help.
- In severe faints, put a pinch of peeplimool churna on tongue to see miraculous awakening.
- Take 1/2 glass of warm water in the night, add 4 flowers of "Aakda". Keep for whole night. In the morning boil it for 3 min. Filter & make 3 part. Give to the person having Bredycardia for 3 times empty stomach. Akda means Ark ( clarotropis procera)
- In pathological condition, i think Hritpatri has action like digoxin. Hritpatri should be work as ionotropic.. Nuxvomica can also useful in bradycardia...

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