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Trigeminal nuralgia and Facial palsy

Views shared by several ayurveda professionals and non-ayurveda people in discussion group:
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Sub.: Trigeminal nuralgia and Facial palsy
Group 2:
Vd. Hardik Bhatt:
Bruhan nasya like ashwagandha ghrit , kshir bala oil are very useful for facial palsy..Upanah sveda with udad flour + ajwain ...

Group 3:
Parabia Sir:
Trigeminal neuralgia.
I have a successful result.
Mix Spondygo and Jyotismati tail 250+10 ml respectively.  5ml orally twice a day.
Brihatchintamani ras, Erand prash avaleh, Aswagandha churna for  2 months

Group 4:
Vd. Rajal Shukla:
Treatment for Trigeminal Neuralgia:
·       Nasya with Anu tail
·       Shigru-patra soup everyday
·       Akangvir ras 1-0-1 with rasnasaptak Kwath
·       Aswagandha +Brahmi tablet
·       Flexovin tablet combination of gugal, Nagod, Punarnava, Erandmool, Rasna, Bhavna with Dashmool kwath. .....good result in Trigeminal neuralgia
Group 6:
Vd. Pankaj Chhayani:
For trigeminal neuralgia, Jaulakavacharana and agnikarma are effective... Orally yoga of hingu(hingvastaka, hingukarpur vati) are effective... Facial palsy can be seen with hemiplegia or only facial palsy thats Bell's palsy and Ramsay hunt syndrome...there is pain in bells palsy and ramsay hunt syndrome(facial nerve passes through middle ear canal and  inflammation in middle ear canal cause pain in face as well as behind ear)... Exposure to cold cause viral infection and subsequently bells palsy, so avoidance of cold during winter is preventive measure... Ramsay hunt syndrome is herpes of facial bells palsy all measure should be  done that decrease inflammation, while in ramsay hunt syndrome anti viral and jaulakavacharana are effective. Paxaghata chikitsa in facial palsy with hemiplegia
In most cases of bells palsy , it recovers without medicine(only by physiotherapy, abhyanga , swedana)...steroid is given in allopathy as antiinflammatory... Axitarpana for wide palpebral fissure.. Kaval gandush for weakness of muscles of facial expression...and also navana nasya, murdh taila etc as per ardita chikitsa..
For Ramsay hunt syndrome, i have seen one pt who got very good releif in pain by Jauloka. No more pt have seen... But in this case , treatment should be done as per herpes thats vata pita shamaka upachara, jauloka...there is burning pain so agnikarma is not advisable..
Facial palsy with hemiplegia where pathology in CNS is severe condition than above two conditions where pathology in PNS. Virechana followed by Basti, snehapana, nasya, shirobasti, orally vata nashak treatment in acute condition give good result
Vd. Sunil Suthar:
As i have also one best experience in bell's palsy !
Before few months ago One pt professionally as saint and whole doing holy works so dts why he retend all natural urges dts why he felt abd.heaviness and flatuance ! Also didnt get proper sleep !
So all vayu vardhak nidan he took and got effected with bells palsy ,
I have started maha vat vidhvans ras,
-          Yograj guggulu
-          Maha rasnadi kwath
-          Erand bhrishta haritaki
-          Til tailam for gargles and  advise physio therapy
Within 2 months awesome result found ! In between those days i also added ekangveer ras
-          Case was Completely cured

Vd. Mehul Sanghani:
In acute case a pt.from upleta came dhoraji for treatment of ardit..diagnosis was psychological factors…suffered from ardit – facial paralysis. Sesame oil gargle..anu oil nashya,  maharashnadi kwath, erandbhrust haritaki..same treatment  I Vd. Suthar suggest.  Additionally given jatamnsi , brahmi parsikyavani,  for a week…follow up exam after15 days…symptoms disappeared.

Vd. Bhavesh Thakkar: Mehulbhai i hv tried ksheerbala oil nasya. It also works wonder.

Vd. Mehul Sanghani: case of Trigi.neuralgia - dentist removed 4 teeth, but pain didn’t relived….dashmul oil nashya, maharashnadikwath, Bru.vatchintamani, castor oil, khurasani ajvain, ashwagandh + godanti + ajmodadi  gave me good result in 6 months.

Vd. Bhavesh Thakkar:  I believe Erand bhrust harde/ rasnadi/ ajmodadi/ yograj etc should be given first to achieve niramavastha. Later vat shamak chikitsa

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